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Incendiary materials in war - Deputychairman - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Other people, apparently, have been talking to Finn about him. He ought to be flattered, because it seems that he comes recommended by his co-workers. /You should fuck Poe Dameron/, they say. /Everyone’s slept with him - he’s great in bed, he’ll make you breakfast, and he won’t make it weird afterwards!/

Which is absolutely a service he can offer Finn. He can. He’s an adult and he’s going to have to, because if he wasn’t offering that, he should have said so up front and not let Finn come back to his room on false pretences.
fic  slash  fandom:starwars  pairing:poe/finn  rating:nc-17  length:15000-35000  firsttime  angst  pining  oblivious 
october 2018 by zimaya
tell me, get my shit together - paperclipbitch - Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
“I thought we were actively avoiding each other after the Trandosha Shitshow,” Han says.

“We’re actively avoiding each other after the Iridonia Shitshow,” Lando corrects him, “the Trandosha Shitshow is That Which We Do Not Speak Of.”
fic  slash  fandom:starwars  pairing:lando/han  rating:pg-13  length:5000-15000  author:paperclipbitch  humor 
june 2018 by zimaya
no, but really: why wasn't anakin made a crechemaster?
Fandom collectively fixes much tragedy with a simple job change. (Hard to read thanks to tumblr's formatting, but adorbs.)
fix-it  meta  fic  fandom:starwars  fluff  family 
july 2017 by zimaya
Always Near - afrai - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
"Baze is on security detail on a luxury Hutt transport when he meets the worst sex slave in the galaxy. Weirdly, not actually an AU."
fandom:starwars  pairing:baze/chirrut  fic  slash  pining  cuddling  slave!fic  dirty.talk  rating:nc-17  length:5000-15000  humor 
march 2017 by zimaya
Didn't Know How Lost I Was
"Finn hasn't taken his suppressors since he escaped the First Order, and he doesn't know what's happening to his changing body. Poe helps. Then Finn wants him to help Rey too."
fandom:starwars  fic  slash  het  threesome  rating:nc-17  pining  oblivious  pwp  virgin  practice!sex  pairing:poe/finn/rey  length:5000-15000 
april 2016 by zimaya
Lost in Translation
"Obi-Wan gets a diplomatic word in edgewise and acquires a gift meant for Qui-Gon."
fic  slash  humor  crack  angst  fandom:starwars  pairing:qui-gon/obi-wan  slave!fic  aliensmadethemdoit  rating:r  length:5000-15000  pining  oblivious  firsttime  [x]MadeThemDoIt 
september 2011 by zimaya
The Dark Side
//"You're not a very good Jedi, are you?" the Sith Lord [Sheppard] said.
"Oh, excuse me, I am an *excellent* Jedi," Rodney said.//
au  crossover  fic  slash  author:astolat  humor  crack  fandom:sga  fandom:starwars  firsttime  angst  pairing:mckay/sheppard  dubcon  length:5000-15000 
december 2009 by zimaya
Riding the Wheel of If
Insanely epic Star Wars fiction. Obi-Wan accidentally knocks himself between dimensions, and now he's hopping through alternate universes, trying to find a home and maybe a little inner peace. Meanwhile, he saves bunches of people and winds up paired with even more people. (I've seen the concept borrowed in several other fandoms, and it's always been fun. Capital 'E' Epic, these things.)
au  slash  fic  het  fandom:starwars  angst  rating:nc-17  dark  threesome  dubcon  selfcest  modern!au  true.love  length:65000+  hurt/comfort  pairing:qui-gon/obi-wan 
december 2009 by zimaya

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