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Small Favors - susiecarter - DC Extended Universe
Bruce doesn't exactly intend to start doing nice things for Clark. But once he has, he can't stop—and maybe Clark doesn't want him to try.
fic  slash  fandom:dcu  pairing:clark/bruce  rating:pg-13  length:2000-5000  fluff  pining  oblivious 
9 weeks ago by zimaya
Epic Misunderstanding - rivkat - Smallville
For jackycomelately: something on the aftermath of Doomsday killing Clark; Lex having to step in and help the Justice League when Wonder Woman asks.

((The Justice League is convinced Clark and Lex had secretly been in a relationship, and nothing Lex says after Clark's (apparent) death gets them to stop treating him like a widower.))
fic  slash  firsttime  humor  fandom:smallville  fandom:dcu  pairing:clark/lex  rating:r  length:2000-5000  author:rivkat 
january 2019 by zimaya
Lost in Translation - rivkat - Smallville
Your soulmate’s name is written on your arm. Reading it is one thing. Understanding it is another.
fandom:smallville  pairing:clark/lex  fic  slash  soulmates  rating:pg-13  author:rivkat  length:5000-15000  au  fandom:dcu 
january 2019 by zimaya
I Would I Might Forget That I Am I - susiecarter - DC Extended Universe
Clark Kent woke up, ate breakfast, went to work—the same way he did every day. Ordinary.

Except for the part where Superman hadn't been seen in at least a week and nobody knew why, Lois was acting kind of weird, and Bruce Wayne was insisting that Clark was the only reporter he'd allow to run a feature on the crashed alien ship in the park, since Wayne Enterprises had been granted control of the site. And the way Clark felt every time Wayne looked at him a little too long definitely wasn't helping.

But it was fine. Clark was normal, there was nothing wrong with him, and everything was fine.
fic  slash  fandom:dcu  pairing:clark/bruce  rating:pg-13  amnesia!fic  pining  length:15000-35000 
january 2019 by zimaya
The Dawn Will Break Before You - thepartyresponsible - Marvel Cinematic Universe
“Okay, heartbreaker,” he says, “how much to put the tires back on the car?”

Jason rolls his eyes and gestures at him with the lug wrench. “Why don’t I just beat you up and steal your money? Is this the first time you’ve been to a bad part of town? Don’t show me your wallet, asshole. Come on.”

The man heaves a heavy, aggrieved sigh and starts pulling out bills. “Five hundred?” He tries. “Six? We can go to an ATM.”

“You are mugging yourself,” Jason says, oddly impressed. “Holy shit.”

((Tony Stark/Jason Todd))
crossover  slash  fic  rating:r  fandom:mcu  fandom:dcu  length:5000-15000  au  angst  pining  oblivious  cuddling  pairing:misc 
june 2018 by zimaya
run to the river (dive in) - Anonymous - Man of Steel (2013)
"MoS AU: With one successful fishing season already under his belt, Clark's finally getting comfortable on the 'Debbie Sue.' He just wishes this guy Dixon hadn't signed on with them, because the way he watches Clark is really starting to give Clark the creeps.

(Or: Bruce goes undercover looking for enhanced individuals before BvS instead of after—and finds one.)"
fic  slash  fandom:dcu  pairing:clark/bruce  rating:r  identity.porn  au  length:5000-15000 
august 2017 by zimaya
An Innocent Cicisbeo - Mithen - DCU (Comics)
"Clark Kent fled a loveless marriage and remade himself into Kal Starr, male escort and gem of the beau monde. Now his latest client is infamous fop and pink of the ton, Bruce Wayne, Earl of Gotham--and his estranged husband! When Bruce fails to recognize him, Kal struggles to keep from becoming entangled once more with the man who spurned his affection, both to protect his secret double life as a crime-fighter on the foggy streets of London--and his heart."
au  fic  slash  fandom:dcu  pairing:clark/bruce  rating:r  length:15000-35000  author:mithen  period.fic  pining  identity.porn  marriage  prostitution 
august 2017 by zimaya
be yourself my ally - imperfectcircle - Wonder Woman (2017)
/“That’s all very flattering,” Etta says when Diana has finally run out of steam, “but surely you have more qualified candidates than me?”

“You are of the world of men.” Diana looks a little embarrassed. “But not a man.”

-- Diana and Etta go back to Themyscira./
fic  femslash  fandom:dcu  rating:pg  pairing:misc  length:15000-35000  fake.relationship  fluff  hurt/comfort 
august 2017 by zimaya
Silver-Blue - Mithen - DCU - Comicverse
When Clark goes into "Kryptonian heat," Bruce is resigned to doing his duty.
fic  slash  fandom:dcu  pairing:clark/bruce  rating:r  length:2000-5000  author:mithen  heat  firsttime  humor 
august 2017 by zimaya
Four Men Sleeping in a Double Bed - Mithen - DCU - Comicverse
"Clark has a crush on Batman. Superman is smitten with Bruce. Batman thinks Clark is adorable. Bruce is head over heels for Superman. Two love triangles intersect as could only happen in superhero comics."
author:mithen  fic  slash  rating:pg-13  length:<2000  fandom:dcu  pairing:clark/bruce  identity.porn 
august 2017 by zimaya
Leap of Faith - Mithen - Batman (Movies - Nolan)
"When Clark Kent arrives in Gotham after the events of The Dark Knight, he is determined to uncover the truth about the events of those dark days--and prove Batman's innocence. However, certain pieces of the puzzle remain baffling to him, like one playboy billionaire."
fandom:dcu  slash  fic  pairing:clark/bruce  rating:pg-13  length:15000-35000  author:mithen  angst  identity.porn 
august 2017 by zimaya
Dilectus Meus Mihi... - Mithen - DCU Animated
"Clark Kent has lost all his memories of being Superman, and Bruce Wayne must retrain him in the use of his powers. But his super-powered identity isn't all he's forgotten..."
fic  slash  angst  amnesia!fic  fandom:dcu  pairing:clark/bruce  rating:pg-13  length:5000-15000 
july 2017 by zimaya
tell all the truth (but tell it slant) - susiecarter - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
"It takes a while for Batman and Superman to work things out, once Clark comes back from the dead. Pretending to date each other in order to explain why Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are in the same place so often? Doesn't help as much as you might think."

(I am hella here for this.)
fic  slash  fandom:dcu  pairing:clark/bruce  rating:r  length:15000-35000  fake.relationship  pining  miscommunication 
june 2017 by zimaya
Sex, Lies, and Space Stations - KittyAugust (KittyAug) - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
/Clark gets kidnapped, taken into a distant solar system and tied to Lex Luthor. Getting out is just the start, and getting home might bring more than anyone bargained for./
fic  slash  firsttime  fandom:dcu  pairing:clark/lex  fandom:smallville  length:5000-15000  rating:nc-17  crossover  identity.porn  au 
march 2017 by zimaya
we’ll be together (eventually, in time) - Laroyena - Batman
"Dick Grayson has heard his soul-words spoken hundreds of times.

Or: the one where Dick and Bruce are soulmates, and they spend most of their time over the years pretending they're not."
angst  fandom:dcu  rating:nc-17  pairing:bruce/dick  fic  slash  pining  length:15000-35000  soulmates 
december 2016 by zimaya
leave them stunned and stuttering
"Coming out as a billionaire playboy to your group of superhero friends is harder than Tony makes it out to be.

Or: Further glimpses of the ever-exasperating life of Bruce Wayne, childhood best friend of Tony Stark."

(Rather adorable crossover!)
crossover  fic  gen  slash  fandom:avengers  fandom:dcu  rating:pg-13  length:5000-15000  angst 
august 2016 by zimaya
Bat Soup, Or: How Bruce Wayne Made Friends With Pleasure Before Business
/“I suppose that finding out the nice Kansas boy is as strong as five hundred Batmans isn’t doing your mood any favors,” says Alfred./

Bruce is fascinated and puzzled in turns by Clark, because who is actually that /nice/? But if Clark turns out to be some kind of supervillain, he'd rather find out later.
fandom:dcu  rating:nc-17  fic  slash  pairing:clark/bruce  length:15000-35000  dominate.me!  bondage  identity.porn 
july 2016 by zimaya
Empty Graves
"Time travelers who plan to kill Superman never account for Martha Kent in their plans. She may not be the World's Finest, but she's a mother with a shotgun, and all told that might be scarier."
fic  gen  fandom:dcu  family  time.travel  rating:pg-13  length:5000-15000 
april 2016 by zimaya
Ties That Bind (Batman, Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson)
"The worst part is, it might not actually be the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to him." While trying to infiltrate a sex-slave ring, Dick Grayson gets captured and put up on the block. Luckily, Bruce shows up.
fic  slash  author:thehoyden  fandom:dcu  rating:nc-17  humor  sexpollen  drugs  pairing:bruce/dick  length:2000-5000 
july 2011 by zimaya
Embracing Destiny
"As a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st century, a teenaged Clark learns a stunning secret about his own future: he and someone called "Batman" will be legendary lovers."

Alt link: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/superman_batman/works/125504
slash  fic  angst  rating:r  true.love  fandom:dcu  length:5000-15000  pairing:clark/bruce  pining  oblivious  time.travel  author:mithen 
june 2011 by zimaya
Moving On
"What you do when there are no more worlds to conquer." Lex is bored.
slash  fic  crossover  au  humor  author:astolat  fandom:smallville  crack  pairing:clark/lex  fandom:dcu  length:15000-35000 
may 2011 by zimaya
Reconcilable Differences
Astolat mixes some DC Universe into the Smallville-verse. Namely, the actual, canon, test-tube baby of Superman and Lex Luthor, Kon. Sometimes canon has the best crack. So this is 40k words of Luthor stepping up to help parent his and Clark's teenage son. Awesomeness.
slash  fic  au  kidfic  crossover  author:astolat  fandom:smallville  angst  fandom:dcu  pining  oblivious  length:35000-65000  action/adventure  family  rating:nc-17 
april 2011 by zimaya
"Revenge is sweet." This is like a glorious PWP that grew a little plot. The Joker has Lex chained down and has given Superman some inhibition-reducing kryptonite. He's expecting a bloodbath. That is of course not what happens. (And then, and then, in the *Oval Office,* hells yes.)
slash  fic  author:astolat  crack  humor  au  fandom:dcu  pairing:clark/lex  rating:nc-17  firsttime  fandom:smallville  sexpollen  dubcon  dominate.me!  dirty.talk  length:5000-15000  oblivious  bondage  marking 
april 2011 by zimaya

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