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Lock & Key - sablier_bloque - The Witcher (TV)
/“Geralt, it’s not what it looks like.”

“Really?” he asked. He clenched his jaw before offering a sharp, mirthless smile. “Because it looks like you got caught fucking the mayor’s wife, and now I’m not getting paid!”

“Well,” he laughed nervously, looking anywhere but up. “When you put it that way.”/

In which Jaskier suggests a chastity device to prove himself a worthy travel companion, and of course, gives Geralt the key.
fic  slash  fandom:thewitcher  pairing:geralt/jaskier  rating:nc-17  sextoys  d/s  orgasm.denial  angst  size.kink  masturbation  dirty.talk  scent.kink  pwp  pining  length:5000-15000 
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an opiate; helpmate - yeats - Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types
"Geralt," Jaskier says, displaying what he feels is admirable restraint, "if you don't stick your cock inside me this very instant, I will tear out your fucking hair."
fic  slash  fandom:thewitcher  pairing:geralt/jaskier  rating:nc-17  length:2000-5000  pwp  size.kink  dirty.talk  scent.kink  marking 
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Local Virgin Gets Deflowered by her Boss and her Boss's Secret Wife Click Thru to See More - Chapter 1 - acernor - 人渣反派自救系统 - 墨香铜臭 | The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù
“Zhangmen Shijie,” Shen Qingqiu says, drawing Yue Qingyuan closer to herself by the curve of her waist, fingers slipping against the smooth fabric of her belt. Yue Qingyuan shudders slightly; Shen Qingqiu can barely make out the outline of her nipples through the fine cloth of her sect leader robes. “Take this off, I’ll give you what you need,” Shen Qingqiu says, voice low.

“What are you doing!” Liu Qingge yelps, jerking in place on the other side of the small cavern. She stands, fists tight at her side, as though torn between jumping over to fling Shen Qingqiu away from Yue Qingyuan or throwing herself away from them. There’s nowhere really to go, though; the cavern sealed itself when the trap was set off.

“Don’t be such a prude,” Shen Qingqiu sneers. “We’ll all die if we don’t cure this poison.”
fic  femslash  threesome  sexpollen  dirty.talk  virgin  breathplay  masturbation  [x]MadeThemDoIt  fandom:scumvillain  pairing:yueqingyuan/originalshenqingqiu  pairing:misc  rating:nc-17  length:5000-15000 
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If You Love Me, Let Me Know - Titans_R_Us - 人渣反派自救系统 - 墨香铜臭 | The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù
When Demon Lord Luo Binghe saves Shen Yuan, everyone thinks he's just going to become another of Binghe's conquests. That once he joins the harem he will become a forgotten and faceless beauty. Just another flower in the emperor's garden.

They're wrong.
fic  slash  fandom:scumvillain  pairing:originalluobinghe/shenqingqiu  rating:nc-17  length:5000-15000  firsttime  dirty.talk  pining  possessive  marriage 
november 2019 by zimaya
Reunited - acernor - 人渣反派自救系统 - 墨香铜臭 | The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù
Shen Yuan transmigrates into the body of resident scum villain Shen Qingqiu and starts immediately sucking up to his apprentice- the protagonist- Luo Binghe. But in a masterful stroke of genius, just before he would be forced to push Luo Binghe into the Abyss, Shen Qingqiu fakes his own death and retires to a life of relaxation!

Bye bye, cultivator world drama! Luo Binghe obsession with Shen Qingqiu: avoided! Shen Yuan: out!

Luo Binghe, meanwhile, falls into the Abyss anyway and comes out as the stallion protagonist he was always meant to be- ruthless, conquering, womanizing, and hot as fuck.

Good thing Shen Yuan will never see him again and doesn't have to worry about all that! Yes they will definitely never meet again! Definitely not ever! HahahahahahaHA
fandom:scumvillain  fic  slash  author:acernor  pairing:originalluobinghe/shenqingqiu  dubcon  dirty.talk  [x]MadeThemDoIt  firsttime  humor  rating:nc-17  length:5000-15000 
october 2019 by zimaya
That Kind of Girl - lightgetsin - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
I couldn’t believe he’d done that. That was definitely not the sort of thing nice guys did to their girlfriends. Then again, John Marcone was not a nice guy, exhibit 5000.

And I was not his girlfriend.
fic  het  slash  fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:dresden/marcone  rating:nc-17  length:5000-15000  pwp  genderswap/sexswap  dirty.talk  roughsex  author:lightgetsin 
october 2019 by zimaya
How to Rumple Those Sheets - Titans_R_Us - 人渣反派自救系统 - 墨香铜臭 | The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù
Based on 'He Was Made For Untidy Rooms and Rumpled Beds' because Luo Binghe isn't the only one who's thirsty.

Happens post-abyss where Luo Binghe snaps in a 'different' way when they reunite in Jinlan City.
au  fic  slash  fandom:scumvillain  pairing:luobinghe/shenqingqiu  rating:nc-17  length:2000-5000  dubcon  wall!sex  dirty.talk  praisekink 
september 2019 by zimaya
Tapping the Icebox - Sath, acernor - 人渣反派自救系统 - 墨香铜臭 | The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù
“Sometimes when Luo Binghe and Shen Qingqiu make love-” Shang Qinghua thinks of the right way to phrase it, drawing on his extensive experience- “Shen Qingqiu’s heavenly pillar descends to Luo Binghe’s ravine, if you understand me,” he says, moving his eyebrows in a way that is meant to convey deep meaning.

Mobei-Jun does not make an expression of understanding, but he’s watching Shang Qinghua very, very closely.

“Shang Qinghua,” he says. “You want to be inside me?”
fic  slash  fandom:scumvillain  pairing:mobei-jun/shangqinghua  pairing:luobinghe/shenqingqiu  rating:nc-17  length:5000-15000  voyeurism  humor  dirty.talk  author:acernor 
september 2019 by zimaya
Dual Cultivation or Date - acernor - 人渣反派自救系统 - 墨香铜臭 | The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù
“Shizun said I made you feel so good,” Luo Binghe says, “that I could fuck you any time I wanted.”

Liu Qingge stops breathing for a second.

“What,” he blurts out.

Shen Qingqiu could tell he’d been into it?!

((Sequel to "Dual Cultivation or Die."))
fic  slash  fandom:scumvillain  pairing:luobinghe/shenqingqiu  pairing:luobinghe/shenqingqiu/liuqingge  pairing:luobinghe/liuqingge  threesome  d/s  bondage  voyeurism  exhibitionism  hate!sex  praisekink  rating:nc-17  length:65k-100k  author:acernor  sadomasochism  dirty.talk  hurt/comfort  pairing:liuqingge/shenqingqiu  possessive 
september 2019 by zimaya
Princess Steve - Squeakyshroom - Stranger Things (TV 2016)
Billy smirks at him, white teeth glinting: “Finish up, why don’t you? You’re making me regret choosing you to cheat off, King Steve-”

“Don’t. Call. Me. That.”

“Okay....” Billy says, mock sweet. “How about... princess?”

(Or: Steve doesn't know if he hates or loves the pet names; all he knows is that Billy confuses him.)
fic  slash  fandom:strangerthings  pairing:billy/steve  rating:nc-17  length:15000-35000  dirty.talk  firsttime  car!sex  dominate.me! 
august 2019 by zimaya
Love the Sinner - annundriel - Supernatural
Confession is supposed to be good for the soul. Father Castiel is beginning to have his doubts.
fic  slash  fandom:spn  pairing:dean/castiel  rating:nc-17  length:<2000  dirty.talk  au  masturbation 
july 2019 by zimaya
Downfall - idiopathicsmile - Good Omens (TV)
From the kinkmeme: "rape fantasy, Aziraphale might have fantasized a fair amount about Crowley tempting him quite forcefully, with lots of talk about how he'll be tainted, how he'll Fall just like he did so long ago. When they get together post-Apocalypse, Aziraphale shares his fantasies with Crowley and he's happy to indulge them."

Established relationship, feat. consent, negotiation, safewords, and cuddling after.
humor  fluff  fic  slash  dirty.talk  fandom:goodomens  pairing:aziraphale/crowley  rating:nc-17  established.relationship  length:2000-5000  roleplay  dubcon  noncon  cuddling 
july 2019 by zimaya
Four-Letter Words - idiopathicsmile - Good Omens (TV)
Prompt: "humiliation kink by way of compliment, Aziraphale gets Crowley hot and bothered by accusing him of goodness."

It’s a chilly day in November of 1987, and Aziraphale badly wants a drink.
fic  slash  fandom:goodomens  pairing:aziraphale/crowley  rating:r  length:2000-5000  dirty.talk  praisekink  ds 
june 2019 by zimaya
You Don't Have To Say It - Catchclaw - Venom (Movie 2018)
If there’s one thing Eddie's learned about Venom these past few months, it’s that the thing is a jealous bitch. As for what Venom's learned about him, well--
fic  slash  fandom:venom  rating:nc-17  length:<2000  pairing:eddie/venom  tentacle.sex  possessive  firsttime  dirty.talk 
november 2018 by zimaya
won't you get me (right where the hurt is) - notcaycepollard - Captain America (Movies)
It's just an innocuous comment, that's how it starts.

He's not even sure why he says it; it's too much, entirely, pushing things too far, but— “It's not—one and done, you know? I got, uh. Stamina.”

“Stamina,” Bucky repeats, flat. “Uh huh.” And then he's throwing back the rest of his drink, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, turning to Steve and squaring his jaw all challenge. “How many times?”


“Yeah. How many times. In one go.”

“I—” Steve starts, flushing so hot he feels like he must be a beacon in the bar, shining through the grey-out. Bucky's still looking at him, curious, and something else under it, something Steve can't place. “Four,” he says, compulsively too-honest in the face of Bucky’s gaze, and Bucky's eyes widen.
fic  slash  fandom:captainamerica  pairing:steve/bucky  rating:nc-17  length:5000-15000  voyeurism  exhibitionism  pwp  dominate.me!  dirty.talk  masturbation 
october 2018 by zimaya
Love Across the Multiverse - Sineala - Marvel (Comics)
Mojo presents: Love Across the Multiverse! In tonight's episode, a battle-hardened supersoldier finds himself drawn to his handsome, genius teammate! It's an agonizing duel between his long-held beliefs and the secret passions of his heart! Will true love conquer all? There's only one way to find out! Don't miss the highlight of the season!

(Viewer discretion is advised. Mojoworld residents who do not vote for their favorite participants of the season will be summarily sent to the arena. All hail Mojo.)
aliensmadethemdoit  angst  dubcon  fic  slash  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  rating:nc-17  dirty.talk  exhibitionism  voyeurism  author:sineala  firsttime  length:15000-35000  [x]MadeThemDoIt 
june 2018 by zimaya
Highest Bidder - Brenda - Captain America (Movies)
/"Bidding will start at $5,000, ladies and gentlemen. $5,000 for an evening spent in the charming company of one of the most eligible bachelors in all of New York. The winning bidder will be chauffeured to Mr. Barnes' private yacht, where you'll both share a meal exquisitely prepared by his own personal chef, and a sunset cruise around the harbor. Who says romance is dead." The MC smiled, looking like nothing so much as a very hungry shark.

"$50,000!" Steve called, shocking everyone in the room – and himself – into silence.

The MC blinked. His perfect, plastic smile melted right off his face. "Uh...could you...I'm sorry, what was that?"/
fic  slash  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  au  pairing:steve/bucky  length:2000-5000  rating:r  dirty.talk  modern!au 
november 2017 by zimaya
Catechism - manic_intent - The Avengers (2012)
"Inspired by fanart seen on tumblr, this is an End of Days story, with all the Avengers as Archangels. Tony had always known that he was a special snowflake. He just hadn't realized exactly how special."
au  fandom:avengers  fic  slash  pairing:steve/tony  pairing:thor/loki  wing!fic  possessive  dirty.talk  rating:nc-17  length:35000-65000  author:manic_intent 
august 2017 by zimaya
Casual Encounters - MoreThanSlightly (cadignan) - Captain America (Movies)
/“You have never once been careful in your entire life.” Bucky huffs out a laugh. He looks away. “Maybe I’m offended you didn’t think to ask me.” He says it like a joke, but he can’t bring himself to laugh again.

“Bucky,” Steve says, scandalized. “You’re my friend. I’m not gonna use you to experiment sexually.”/
angst  au  fandom:captainamerica  fic  slash  firsttime  dominate.me!  dirty.talk  rating:nc-17  massage  pining  oblivious  humor  miscommunication  pairing:steve/bucky  length:65000+  masturbation 
june 2017 by zimaya
Come on and Get Your Kicks - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Marvel Cinematic Universe
/"At the end of the day, you just want to be my pretty little girl, is that it?"

Steve surged up to wrap his arms around Tony, kissing him with the kind of filthy fervor that Steve usually reserved for you could have died or I haven't had an orgasm in 36 hours.

So, all right then. Hypothesis confirmed./
fic  slash  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  rating:nc-17  length:5000-15000  author:dsudis  crossdressing  dirty.talk  fluff  established.relationship  fandom:mcu 
may 2017 by zimaya
Always Near - afrai - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
"Baze is on security detail on a luxury Hutt transport when he meets the worst sex slave in the galaxy. Weirdly, not actually an AU."
fandom:starwars  pairing:baze/chirrut  fic  slash  pining  cuddling  slave!fic  dirty.talk  rating:nc-17  length:5000-15000  humor 
march 2017 by zimaya
Don't Look too Closely (all the angles are oblique) - shaenie
/“I’m removing Captain Rogers from this base, but not from active duty. I want him as SHIELD’s liaison to Stark Industries first and foremost. He’ll report directly to me,” Fury says. “As it is, your identity as Captain America is not public knowledge and it will remain that way until I say otherwise. That said, if you think you can get Tony Stark to work with you if you disclose that information, you have permission to do so.”/

Lovely series, starting with "In the Springtime of his Voodoo," that follows Steve as SHIELD/Army liaison to Stark Industries. Tony has a proposition--he'll sign the SHIELD contracts (that Steve recommends) if Steve lets Tony have his way with him. Steve agrees, and everybody wins.

(I tagged for the whole series--it starts out with a smidge of dubcon and a hint of d/s and gets progressively more filthy as the series progresses. What is not to love, I ask you?)
au  d/s  fandom:avengers  fic  slash  pairing:steve/tony  rating:nc-17  length:65000+  length:5000-15000  length:15000-35000  dominate.me!  dubcon  dirty.talk  identity.porn  firsttime  bondage  breathplay  sextoys  spanking  established.relationship  author:shaenie 
july 2016 by zimaya
Good to the Last Drop
"aka the juicebox fic. In which Arthur's ass is magic and Eames likes sticking his tongue into small, tight holes."
author:jibrailis  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  length:15000-35000  rating:nc-17  established.relationship  orgasm.denial  crack  dirty.talk  fic  slash 
july 2016 by zimaya
Close Range Surveillance
/"The world's not ending. Any more," came through the wall to Harry's left.

That was Eggsy's voice, breathless and a touch smug, and apparently carrying on the other side of the orgasm conversation, which was enough to undo any and all calmness that the blue walls might have managed to achieve for Harry./
fandom:kingsman  fic  het  slash  rating:nc-17  length:5000-15000  voyeurism  pegging  pairing:eggsy/tilde  pairing:harry/eggsy  dirty.talk  sextoys  masturbation 
may 2015 by zimaya
Kiss and Tell
"Tony Stark has a date. But first he has to explain to his CEO that he picked up a guy at a porn shoot."

Sequel to "Steve and Tony Make a Porno." [http://archiveofourown.org/works/712126]
author:uraneia  fandom:avengers  fic  slash  pairing:steve/tony  rating:nc-17  length:5000-15000  firsttime  virgin  humor  fluff  au  dirty.talk 
march 2014 by zimaya
Steve and Tony Make a Porno
"Steve needs to make some quick cash to cover his mom's TB treatment and hospital stay. Bucky convinces him to try porn. Steve's not sure he'll be able to go through with it... until he meets Tony, the guy he's supposed to do his screen test with."
au  fandom:avengers  author:uraneia  fic  slash  firsttime  pairing:steve/tony  length:5000-15000  rating:nc-17  porn  pwp  virgin  dirty.talk 
march 2014 by zimaya
Gordian Knot (Of Sex)
"Losing his virginity was hard enough when Lydia Martin was his sole focus. Now there are werewolves involved and this is way crazier. For one, there are a lot more dicks involved. (To be fair, in some of his fantasies, Lydia Martin had an impressive rubber cock.) Either way, Stiles doesn't know why he thought getting rid of his pesky virginity was going to be *easier* with Derek involved—the guy is practically allergic to doing *anything* the easy way and that includes Stiles. Being done. Because he's easy. What."
fic  knotting  slash  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:nc-17  voyeurism  exhibitionism  dirty.talk  underage  size.kink  marking  sextoys  virgin  length:5000-15000  masturbation 
april 2013 by zimaya
Dressed to Impress
"Tony Stark is not at all prepared for the sight of Steve Rogers in vintage military dress."
d/s  fic  rating:nc-17  slash  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  dominate.me!  dirty.talk  established.relationship  length:5000-15000  clothing!kink 
march 2013 by zimaya
Knotting Expectations
"Stiles gets an eyeful and suddenly getting up close and personal to a werewolf is all he can think of."
fandom:teenwolf  knotting  pairing:derek/stiles  dominate.me!  fic  slash  dubcon  length:5000-15000  dirty.talk 
october 2012 by zimaya
needs must
" When Grammy needs an upgrade in care, Mike knows that the usual one-off gig as a paid submissive won't be enough. He takes a job he's been refusing for a while - a long-term, full-time contract.

He expects his client to be a sadistic asshole. He expects not to like it. He's wrong on both counts."

(A WIP I followed happily for months that finished at last, as well as the reason Suits is on my To-Watch list.)
au  d/s  fandom:suits  pairing:mike/harvey  rating:nc-17  length:65000+  dominate.me!  slash  fic  spanking  dirty.talk  angst  bondage  possessive  sextoys  prostitution  drugs 
september 2012 by zimaya
Dirty Little Prince (Grind Grind Grind)
"Loki. Masturbating... sort of. In a room full of bemused Avengers." (Perhaps the first gen fic I've ever rated R. Not really Loki/Tony, it's just that Tony really can't help himself when it comes to flirting. And strange alien masturbation gets filed under 'nonstandard genitalia' because idek.)
crack  fic  gen  rating:r  fandom:avengers  length:2000-5000  pairing:loki/tony  dirty.talk  nonstandard.genitalia  exhibitionism  humor  masturbation 
july 2012 by zimaya
10 Things I Hate About You
"It's amazing how Steve and Tony could screw up something as simple as hate-sex.

Alternatively: Love and hate may be two sides of the same coin, but moving from one to the other is far more complex than we really give people credit for."
fic  slash  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  pairing:clint/natasha  pairing:tony/clint  angst  dirty.talk  firsttime  hate!sex  rating:nc-17  length:15000-35000 
july 2012 by zimaya
Like Rolling Thunder
"Loki may be the one who is able to weave words together, but everyone likes listening to Thor."
fic  slash  dirty.talk  voice.kink  fandom:thor  pairing:thor/loki  rating:nc-17  length:<2000  pwp 
june 2012 by zimaya
Not Necessarily the Best Policy
"Arthur has a lot of feelings, mostly about Eames' penis. Yusuf's accidental truth drug helpfully illuminates them."
fandom:inception  fic  slash  pairing:arthur/eames  established.relationship  rating:nc-17  dirty.talk  humor  length:5000-15000 
june 2012 by zimaya
No Qualifications Needed
"It isn't that Tony doesn't like Bruce. He just happens to also have a few fantasies about the other guy."
fandom:avengers  fic  slash  established.relationship  pairing:tony/bruce  length:2000-5000  rating:nc-17  dirty.talk  size.kink 
june 2012 by zimaya
Experiments And Controls
"Whatever this is between them, maybe it could work." (Bruce is always in control, and Tony is anything but.)
fic  slash  fandom:avengers  pairing:tony/bruce  length:2000-5000  breathplay  dominate.me!  dirty.talk  d/s  rating:nc-17 
may 2012 by zimaya
Emergency Pants
/"Were you worried?" Tony says. "That's sweet. That is always so adorable when the big guy worries about me."/ (Written for a prompt requesting post-battle adrenaline and rough sex. Which this contains. :D)
fic  slash  fandom:avengers  pairing:tony/bruce  rating:nc-17  length:2000-5000  breathplay  dominate.me!  dirty.talk 
may 2012 by zimaya
A Cure For Boredom
"They'd never talked about sex in the year they'd known each other. Well, that wasn't quite correct: Sherlock had never said a word about sex; John had bemoaned his personal dearth of it on many occasions." (It's important to do things systematically.)
fic  slash  dominate.me!  d/s  fandom:sherlock  pairing:holmes/watson  length:65000+  rating:nc-17  bondage  dirty.talk  sextoys  angst  threesome  het  voyeurism  exhibitionism  pining  sciencemadethemdoit  masturbation  [x]MadeThemDoIt 
may 2012 by zimaya
Mirror, Mirror
"Sherlock likes to bring home his dates for John to enjoy. When he brings home a gorgeous actor named Benedict Cumberbatch from the National Theatre, John gets a performance he didn't even have to buy a ticket for."
crack  author:pennydreadful  fic  slash  fandom:sherlock  rating:nc-17  pairing:holmes/watson  length:5000-15000  threesome  voyeurism  exhibitionism  dominate.me!  dirty.talk  rpf 
may 2012 by zimaya
Aggressive Mimicry (Sherlock/Moriarty)
(Followed by 'Mutual Parasitism.') BDSM AU. /"I could always let him go," Moriarty says, face darkening -- still sore about Sherlock's rejection of his 'Jim from IT' persona, Sherlock notices with a spark of interest and, yes, he can use that./ (Sherlock uses Moriarty's orientation against him, but is taken back by how he enjoys it. Sub!Sherlock, Dom!Moriarty.)
fic  slash  fandom:sherlock  length:15000-35000  rating:nc-17  dubcon  noncon  dominate.me!  d/s  knifeplay  author:etothepii  sadomasochism  au  dirty.talk  angst  phone.sex  dark  pairing:sherlock/jim 
april 2012 by zimaya
The Inherent Fallacy of a Slippery Slope
"It was the ice that was to blame for it all, John knew that for certain. Just took a small patch of it, one, to change the tone of John's life." (John's trying to be patient and wait for Sherlock to be ready for more.)
fic  slash  fandom:sherlock  rating:nc-17  pairing:holmes/watson  length:5000-15000  dirty.talk  established.relationship  firsttime  author:keelywolfe 
march 2012 by zimaya
Sherlock gets a burn in a delicate area, and John spends a week tending to him. And his arse.
fic  slash  firsttime  pining  oblivious  fandom:sherlock  pairing:holmes/watson  length:2000-5000  rating:nc-17  dirty.talk 
february 2012 by zimaya
Untitled ('schoolboy' Sherlock)
"Sherlock Holmes is the brattiest boy in the school: won’t listen, won’t do as he’s told, lounges at the back of the class, all curled lip, insolent eyes and sarcastic comments until even calm, rather weary, jumper wearing Mr Watson snaps and sends him to the head master.

The Headmaster: stern, firm but fair Captain Watson might the one person who makes Sherlock a little bit nervous and he’s had about enough of Sherlock’s bad behaviour - if Sherlock is going to act like a naughty boy, he’ll be treated like a naughty boy and he is given a sound over the knee spanking which continues no matter how much he squeals and struggles.
Only when Sherlock is pink, gasping and, outwardly at least, repentant is he released and sent to Doctor Watson – the school medical officer.

Dr Watson is kind and concerned, although his gentle hands on Sherlock’s hot, sore skin do nothing to quell the flood of confusing sensations. Sherlock finds himself quite moved and when pressed confesses his erotic, confusing feelings centring for the most part on Mr Watson his long suffering form tutor.

By the time Doctor Watson’s finished with him, Sherlock is thoroughly aroused and rather chastised and goes to find Mr Watson to ‘apologise’ for his bad behaviour which, being Sherlock, he does in a way which neither Cpt nor Dr Watson foresaw..."
fandom:sherlock  fic  slash  roleplay  rating:nc-17  dirty.talk  teacher/student  dubcon  spanking  orgasm.denial  pairing:holmes/watson  length:2000-5000 
february 2012 by zimaya
The Art Of Seduction
"/Sherlock ran a website called The Science Of Seduction, on which he gave advice on the best ways to get laid, wrote blog entries detailing the results of his various sexual 'experiments' and generally contributed to the stereotype of 'every gay man is a sex-mad playboy'. John avoided the thing like the plague./
AU in which Sherlock treats sex like he does crime in canon. Inspired by Queer As Folk UK, but it very quickly went its own way."
au  fic  pining  fandom:sherlock  length:65000+  angst  rating:nc-17  pairing:holmes/watson  oblivious  jealousy  protective  cuddling  dirty.talk  firsttime  hurt/comfort  voice.kink 
january 2012 by zimaya
Late Night Phone Call
"Arthur usually finds blatant fishing for compliments extremely irritating, but in Eames’ case he is reluctantly charmed. In fact, he writes the phrase “reluctantly charmed” into the Eames notebook the moment the words occur to him because they so perfectly encapsulate his entire situation." Arthur works at an insomniacs helpline, and Eames calls in.
au  fandom:inception  fic  slash  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  dirty.talk  phone.sex  length:5000-15000  angst  masturbation 
december 2011 by zimaya
//It's not a timeshare. Whatever it is, it isn't that. Because John is not some sort of holiday home in the south of France to be fought over by brothers who took the phrase 'sibling rivalry' and turned it into the plot of a Russian novel. One that's full of murder and betrayal and disguises. Where everyone dies at the end.

But neither Sherlock nor Mycroft seem to approve of the word 'boundary.'//
fic  slash  threesome  established.relationship  fandom:sherlock  rating:nc-17  pairing:holmes/watson  pairing:john/mycroft  pairing:sherlock/john/mycroft  dirty.talk 
november 2011 by zimaya
much in common
"Kink meme fill. Knotting, and neither Alex nor Hank know what's coming."
pwp  rating:nc-17  fic  slash  established.relationship  knotting  fandom:x-men  pairing:hank/alex  length:2000-5000  dirty.talk  angst 
november 2011 by zimaya
9 Insane Conversations with Sherlock Holmes
"Sherlock is conducting a vulgarity experiment. Everyone gets to suffer for science, especially John." (Incredibly, foully vulgar!)
fic  het  slash  rating:r  pairing:holmes/watson  length:2000-5000  fandom:sherlock  humor  dirty.talk 
october 2011 by zimaya
I'd Take a Bullet
"When backed into a corner, McCoy had to make a deal with Christopher Pike, Commandant of Cadets at the Imperial Academy. If Kirk had been there, he might have been able to tell McCoy that was a mistake. Kirk, at least, had taken some tactics courses. McCoy must stumble through the consequences of his deal and strike a dangerous balance between the suspicions of two powerful men."
angst  bondage  fic  slash  knifeplay  mirrorverse  rating:nc-17  pairing:kirk/mccoy  public!sex  length:15000-35000  fandom:startrek  established.relationship  author:brighteyed-jill  possessive  threesome  pairing:pike/mccoy  pairing:pike/kirk  pairing:pike/mccoy/kirk  dominate.me!  dirty.talk 
august 2011 by zimaya
Table for Three
(Sequel to "Wingman" and "Twelve Days.") "Sexual frustration turns Jim’s mind into a five-credit porno theater. Jim turns a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner into a quiet but dirty semi-public negotiation. Bones and a special third party turn Jim into an almost passive object for their pleasure (and Jim’s). Then there’s a brief heart-to-heart. The End."
d/s  fic  slash  series  dominate.me!  threesome  pairing:kirk/mccoy  length:5000-15000  holiday!fic  angst  author:savoytruffle  rating:nc-17  dirty.talk  fandom:startrek 
august 2011 by zimaya
Under Surveillance
"Jim thinks he knows exactly how Bones blows off steam but an extended stay in sickbay (and a bit of spying) prove his assumptions wrong."
pwp  slash  voyeurism  author:withthepilot  fic  rating:nc-17  fandom:startrek  pairing:kirk/mccoy  length:5000-15000  dirty.talk 
august 2011 by zimaya
Tell Me Your Kinks
NCIS episode coda, written just for the opportunity for roleplay pwp.
fic  roleplay  pwp  slash  fandom:ncis  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo  length:2000-5000  rating:nc-17  public!sex  dirty.talk  dominate.me!  wall!sex 
july 2011 by zimaya
Pavlov's Bell
"It doesn't surprise Arthur when he hears, eventually, that they've developed a reputation for fighting like cats and dogs—since, in a sense, they are those things." Werewolf!Eames and catboy!Arthur.
For smut, see the first story. For angst, see the sequel. For forcing the author to write the adorableness that is werewolf kittens, see the third part.
au  fic  fandom:inception  slash  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  angst  fluff  length:5000-15000  scent.kink  ponfarr  dirty.talk  mpreg 
july 2011 by zimaya
Dirt·y –adjective (dirtier, dirtiest)
For the prompt: "Dear, sweet, kind John has an unbelievably filthy mouth during sex. Like, make-a-sailor-blush, hardcore porno, even-the-devil-is-impressed, filthy mouth. Immediately after orgasm he turns back into dear, sweet, kind John. Sherlock is shocked/aroused."
pwp  slash  fic  humor  fandom:sherlock  rating:nc-17  firsttime  length:2000-5000  pairing:holmes/watson  dominate.me!  dirty.talk 
july 2011 by zimaya
NCIS Gibbs/DiNozzo PWP
The author was inspired after a conversation led to her friend saying, “I would love to see Gibbs in his basement, sanding down the dildo ...”
pwp  slash  fic  voyeurism  exhibitionism  rating:nc-17  fandom:ncis  length:2000-5000  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo  sextoys  dominate.me!  dirty.talk  masturbation 
july 2011 by zimaya
Filthy Deadly
"Arthur spends so much time putting across an adult, professional and masculine persona. But when he and Eames are alone, he just wants Eames to tell him what a good girl he is, and how much Eames loves his wet little pussy. He gets off on knowing Eames likes how slutty and eager he is." A kink prompter requests feminizing talk.
fic  pwp  slash  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  length:2000-5000  rating:nc-17  dirty.talk  size.kink  established.relationship  angst 
july 2011 by zimaya
The Trouble With Truth Serum...
Prompt: "During an experiment, Sherlock accidentally develops a truth serum. He doesn't realize that that's what it is until after he injected it into his blood stream."
fic  firsttime  slash  fandom:sherlock  length:2000-5000  rating:nc-17  dirty.talk  dominate.me!  drugs  pairing:holmes/watson 
july 2011 by zimaya
Focal Point [Man]
"Eames is focused, Arthur is distracting." Yusuf has a compound to help a dreamer focus and keep the projections at bay. Arthur bets he can crack Eames.
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  slash  humor  length:<2000  dirty.talk 
june 2011 by zimaya
"The first time they have sex, Sherlock doesn't even take off his coat."
pwp  fic  slash  author:entangled_now  wall!sex  clothing!kink  firsttime  fandom:sherlock  pairing:holmes/watson  rating:nc-17  length:<2000  dominate.me!  dirty.talk 
june 2011 by zimaya
Untitled (Athur + Eames + dirty talk)
"Eames teases Arthur with descriptions of past sexual encounters. Descriptions get more and more graphic as Arthur also joins in oneupmanship." And then it really starts to get dirty.
fic  slash  firsttime  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  dirty.talk  bondage  length:2000-5000  rating:nc-17  masturbation 
june 2011 by zimaya
"Revenge is sweet." This is like a glorious PWP that grew a little plot. The Joker has Lex chained down and has given Superman some inhibition-reducing kryptonite. He's expecting a bloodbath. That is of course not what happens. (And then, and then, in the *Oval Office,* hells yes.)
slash  fic  author:astolat  crack  humor  au  fandom:dcu  pairing:clark/lex  rating:nc-17  firsttime  fandom:smallville  sexpollen  dubcon  dominate.me!  dirty.talk  length:5000-15000  oblivious  bondage  marking 
april 2011 by zimaya
If Life's a Journey, Let's Walk It Together
"A shared fantasy of Neal had become common currency in their bedroom; when Neal came to work with Peter, it was almost impossible to sustain."
fic  het  slash  fandom:whitecollar  author:toestastegood  dirty.talk  pairing:neal/peter/elizabeth  angst  rating:nc-17  threesome  length:5000-15000 
march 2011 by zimaya
Take What's Yours and I'll Take Mine
//"You see nothing odd about this? We're in your dream, in some kind of headmaster's office, and you're wearing a school uniform."//
fandom:inception  pwp  author:recrudescence  fic  slash  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  spanking  teacher/student  established.relationship  roleplay  dirty.talk  dominate.me!  length:5000-15000 
march 2011 by zimaya
Underneath This Heel of Mine
//"I suppose," said Eames, "that you're going to tell me this is not what it looks like." And that was how he learned that Arthur could run almost as fast in heels as he could out of them.//
fandom:inception  rating:nc-17  slash  author:recrudescence  pairing:arthur/eames  fic  crossdressing  length:2000-5000  dirty.talk 
march 2011 by zimaya
Numbers Aren't Right
//Sampling a new compound has never, ever caused Arthur to do anything as rash as waking up and declaring, "Your lips were made for fellatio."//
pwp  fandom:inception  fic  pairing:arthur/eames  author:recrudescence  slash  rating:nc-17  length:2000-5000  dubcon  dirty.talk 
march 2011 by zimaya
Let the Poets Pipe of Love
Harry is a virgin, Draco is a hooker, but when they get together they have nothing but fun, or sex, or maybe fights--well, something like that. ((I wish Del could use strikethrough text!))
angst  fic  slash  fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc-17  au  virgin  prostitution  firsttime  length:5000-15000  bondage  dirty.talk  dominate.me!  proxy!sex 
march 2011 by zimaya
Under the Influence
Tony's been slipped something that's left him horny and without inhibitions. Gibbs doesn't stand a chance.
slash  fandom:ncis  pwp  fic  drugs  dominate.me!  dirty.talk  sexpollen  pining  firsttime  rating:nc-17  length:2000-5000  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo 
march 2011 by zimaya
Gibbs and DiNozzo, empty parking garage, and fucking against a wall.
slash  fic  pwp  fandom:ncis  angst  pairing:gibbs/dinozzo  rating:nc-17  length:<2000  dominate.me!  dirty.talk  public!sex  wall!sex 
march 2011 by zimaya
Untitled (Arthur can't help it)
For the prompt: "Arthur and Eames talk on the phone quite often before every job, needing to make sure they have everything right. Arthur cant stand it and secretly and very quietly jerks off to the sound of Eames voice whenever they have a phone conversation. Bonus points if Eames catches on and plays along after a while!"
fic  slash  pwp  pairing:arthur/eames  fandom:inception  rating:nc-17  length:2000-5000  phone.sex  dirty.talk 
march 2011 by zimaya
The Experiment
"Arthur likes being in control of every aspect of his life . . . except when it comes to sex." When a dream takes Arthur and Eames a bit deep into Arthur's subconscious, Eames discovers Arthur's rape fantasies. (Second fill, though the first one is just dandy.)
fandom:inception  fic  noncon  pairing:arthur/eames  pwp  slash  d/s  dubcon  rating:nc-17  length:2000-5000  dominate.me!  bondage  dirty.talk 
march 2011 by zimaya
How Do You Talk to a Point Man
"After all this time, Arthur has too much pride to simply *ask* Eames to have sex with him. A story in which the job isn't always glamourous, Cobb thinks Arthur makes poor life decisions, and Eames steals everything (including, maybe, Arthur's heart)."
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  slash  humor  rating:nc-17  fluff  firsttime  dirty.talk  length:5000-15000  author:eleveninches 
february 2011 by zimaya
Coming Home
'“Colonel John Sheppard knew, from the moment he first met Dr Rodney McKay, that the man would be trouble.” This novel-length story is a prequel to "General & Dr Sheppard" telling the story of how the AU John and Rodney first got together.'
au  slash  d/s  angst  author:xanthe  fic  fandom:sga  rating:nc-17  pairing:mckay/sheppard  sextoys  spanking  marking  firsttime  true.love  hurt/comfort  seduction  sadomasochism  shower!sex  pining  oblivious  possessive  protective  bondage  cuddling  length:65000+  dominate.me!  dirty.talk  wall!sex 
february 2011 by zimaya
General and Dr. Sheppard
"An accident with Ancient technology sucks a John and Rodney from an alternate universe onto Atlantis – and they have very different ideas about sex, marriage and relationships." Xanthe's BDSM-verse story.
au  slash  author:xanthe  series  d/s  fic  marking  spanking  bondage  pining  oblivious  firsttime  established.relationship  fandom:sga  pairing:mckay/sheppard  angst  action/adventure  fluff  possessive  protective  cuddling  dirty.talk  dominate.me!  voyeurism  sadomasochism  seduction  sextoys  hurt/comfort  length:65000+ 
february 2011 by zimaya
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