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Captain Planet by tsukinofaerii
Marvel Ultimates, Steve/Tony. Tony recommends that Despairing-In-All-Things-America!Steve take a mental health break and get some counseling. Thor and Sam step up to the plate, armed with imperiled rainforests and a bong. // Woobie Steve is fine, but Dirty Hippie Steve is the best. Eco-terrorist nudists Thor and Sam are also amazeballs. (How can this be? A happy Ultimates fic? :)
fanfic  Avengers  slash  pair:TonyStark/SteveRogers  ref:angst  ref:hippies  ref:pot  ref:first-time  au:tsukinofaerii  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Ultimates 
february 2014 by zhena
The One Where They're Antiglobalization Protestors by sapote3
SGA, McKay/Sheppard, teamfic.
SGA, John/Rodney + team. John's dropout, counterculture, protester lifestyle, and the fellow travelers he links up with along the way. // John wobbles btwn righteousness and adrenaline highs; I read this ages ago, and I still rather like it. Anyhoo, educational for when one is planning a protest.
(Orig. post: http://sapote3.livejournal.com/29039.html)
fanfic  SGA  slash  pair:JohnSheppard/RodneyMcKay  AU  ref:non-SF  ref:teamfic  ref:hippies  ref:protestors  au:sapote3  au:sapote  fandom:SGA 
march 2008 by zhena

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