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Sleeping Beauty by Deepdarkwaters
Kingsman, Harry/Eggsy, Daisy. "Eggsy's called off on an emergency mission after his mum's already gone to work and the only person available to babysit on such short notice is Harry." Harry deals with a minature version of Eggsy, basically. // 7.8K. Kidfic fluff, but all right, with some smut on the side.
"Listen," he tells Daisy, folding up like a concertina to sit cross-legged on the living room rug beside her, "it's far too late for elevenses and far too early for lunch, but time is a man-made construct and really doesn't mean a thing, so let's eat biscuits."
"Eggsy likes these," she informs him. "He eats them like this--" and she grabs one from the decorative little plate and shoves it sideways into her mouth, pressing her cheeks out from within so she looks like Wallace and Gromit. "He can put a Wagon Wheel in his mouth. A whole one. And it don't even break."
The impressive size of Eggsy's mouth and his interest in stuffing things into it is not information Harry needed to hear from a three year old, but now it's there and he's not sure he'll ever get away from it.
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