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Don't You Shake Alone by Dira Sudis (dsudis)
Generation Kill, Brad/Nate. On leave from his Royal Marines stint, Brad (POV) drops in unannounced to visit Nate in Washington DC; the two had had a tentative, if unspoken understanding when they'd left Iraq, but then Nate had returned to his girlfriend and seemingly dropped Brad like a bad habit. Now Brad discovers that Nate's not living alone: he has a very small roommate named Linus, and a very huge case of PTSD. // 62K of kidfic? I don't like kidfic for the sake thereof, but this one actually does work. It's engrossing and mildly suspenseful, and seems IC given the situation. Brad slowly sorts Nate out in the limited time he has, and Nate comes to grips with being a single father, having Brad back on hand, and getting his head back together. Ray also pops up, in a very Ray way.
"The Frame You Made," http://archiveofourown.org/works/1903968 Brad is back for Linus's first christmas, and Cory stops by as well.
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