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Not Enough to Feel the Lack by restlesslikeme
It, Eddie/Richie. "More than 10 years after leaving Derry as fast as his legs could carry him, Richie is back in town promoting his rising career in comedy. A death in the family has brought an old friend back, too. Or: Richie and Eddie get a few weeks of the sweet summer romance they (and we) deserved." // 21.5K. Richie POV. Set in the in-between period, so no weird menaces crop up. Just relationship drama and a little smut.

* "See Tomorrow Past Tonight," https://archiveofourown.org/works/21388375 "After the Losers defeat Pennywise, Eddie goes home to California with Richie. Now what?" Eddie wakes up in the hospital. Then on to California but eventually back to New York. // 5.5K. Eddie POV, light angsties. (Smut free.)

* "Forget the Invitations (Marry Me), https://archiveofourown.org/works/21154760 When Richie decides they need a vacation from their own upcoming wedding, Eddie ... agrees, for once. "Richie and Eddie are getting married; The Losers Club gets a well deserved tropical vacation." // 16K. An unschoompy, charming wedding fic. I'm into it.
fanfic  It  slash  pair:RichieTozier/EddieKaspbrak  ref:backstory  ref:fork  ref:fixit  ref:angst  ref:pining  ref:amnesia  ref:bedsharing  ref:first-time  ref:wedding  ref:humor  ref:established  via:as_lld_again  au:restlesslikeme  fandom:IT 
25 days ago by zhena
Blooded Crown by astolat
Witcher, Geralt/Emhyr. Emhyr seduces Geralt by convincing him there's a conspiracy to off Ciri. Which unfortunately turns out to be true. Geralt joins the counterplot. // 24K, Geralt POV. Machiavellian tropy political plotting for the whole family ... plus a fair amount of murder and smut.
fanfic  Witcher  slash  pair:Geralt/Emhyr  ref:postcanon  ref:politics  ref:pretendcouple  ref:sextoys  ref:conspiracy  ref:ouch  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:domestic  ref:kidfic  ref:angst  ref:families  au:astolat  fandom:Witcher 
6 weeks ago by zhena
And My Heart Starts by torakowalski
God's Own Country, Gheorghe/Johnny. "A year has passed and Johnny and Gheorghe are slowly making their own traditions." // 3.4K. Lovely ongoing slices-of-life fic, where Johnny must face the daily battle of not being an utter goober in love. And mostly fails. Really excellent take on his clogged-up-with-feelings, inarticulate self.
fanfic  GodsOwnCountry  slash  pair:JohnnySaxby/GheorgheIonescu  ref:yuletide2019  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:farming  ref:woobie  au:torakowalski  fandom:GodsOwnCountry 
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The Future's Going to Break Through by nieded
Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley. Remy, a new botany grad student at South Downs University, is assigned as a TA to her advisor, Dr. Crowley. Her semester becomes deeply weird as a result. // 10.6K, outside POV. Fun fic with the basic premise that Crowley goes professoring in his retirement from demoning, but is still as vaguely demonic as ever -- and how that plays out to a student who's forced to have regular contact with him.

* "No Good Will Come from Being Untrue," https://archiveofourown.org/works/21208805 Second semester, featuring Remy's research proposal, more interpersonal drama with the History Department crew, plus mysterious professors. // 13K, Remy POV again. More fun with college and the same outside POV.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  het  gen  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:southdowns  ref:outsiderPOV  ref:humor  ref:college  ref:academia  via:sophia_sol  au:nieded  fandom:GoodOmens 
november 2019 by zhena
The Start of All Things by foreveralive_foreverforward
U.S. Politics, Peter/Chasten. Chasten before, after, around, and through meeting his mayor. // 11K. A series of long vignettes, fairly well written. (I am definitely going to hell for diving in immediately to find fanfic, but it's there to be found. So whatever.)
fanfic  Political-RPS  RPS  slash  pair:PeteButtigieg/ChastenGlezman  ref:backstory  ref:wholesome  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:established  ref:locked  au:foreveralive_foreverforward  fandom:Political-RPS 
october 2019 by zhena
Longest Way Round by Chastened
U.S. Politics, Pete/Chasten. "Mayor Pete Buttigieg is headlining a historic long-shot campaign for president. But he's not the only one working hard to ensure that he wins the most important election in American history...no matter what it takes." // 12K, WIP. Wholesome yet lowkey Machiavellian Midwesterners, inveigled in a presidential primary. I'm here for that, even though frankly the basic premise of the characters seems improbable (a gay mayor from Indiana? orly?). But hey, fanfic, and very well written otherwise. Also featuring Lis Smith as the Political Operative Who Swears A Lot.
fanfic  RPS  Political-RPS  slash  pair:PeteButtigieg/ChastenGlezman  ref:WIP  ref:humor  ref:angst  ref:domestic  ref:established  ref:wholesome  au:Chastened  fandom:Political-RPS 
october 2019 by zhena
The Gift by rfsmiley
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "Crowley is stunned when, out of the blue, Aziraphale has a proposal. Yes, that kind." // 1.3K. Crowley POV, and a new area for them to be failcakes. Short, touching fic (better than it sounds like it'd be).
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:humor  ref:angst  ref:courting  ref:established  au:rfsmiley  fandom:GoodOmens 
july 2019 by zhena
By Any Other Name by rosenritter
Good Omens, gen-ish. "Long ago, the Archangel Raphael disappeared from Heaven. For ages, angels could only guess what had happened to him. Some believed he Fell, cast down to Hell when the rebellion came. Others believed he was destroyed during the war. Still others believed he was out alone in the depths of the universe, completing a secret mission from God Herself. The truth is much, much sillier than all of that." // 2K. No one noticed he was gone; no one recognized him when he turned up. Aziraphale becomes the patron of passive aggression. I love the idea, though the execution is a bit meh.
fandom  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:established  ref:humor  ref:mistakenID  ref:miscommunication  ref:backstory  via:as_lld_again  au:rosenritter  fandom:GoodOmens 
july 2019 by zhena
Like a Japanese Game Show by irishmizzy
Generation Kill, Brad/Ray. "Ray is a better symbol of home than anything else Brad can think of, which is probably an even bigger problem than the amnesia." After a training accident, Brad wakes up in the hospital missing the past three years. And apparently Ray's still living in his house and has volunteered himself to get Brad back up to speed. // 16.8K. Wow, this is pretty excellent Brad/Ray, with full on IC obnoxiousness from both.
“It’s 2010,” Brad complains as he eases his way into the waiting wheelchair, Ray dropping a plastic bag of his belongings on his lap before shouldering a second bag of Brad’s things. A nurse starts to push him down the hall, Ray leading the way. “I left recon. And for some reason, you’re still my roommate.”
“I know.” When Ray turns around, his smile stretches all the way across his face. Brad feels his stomach dip; he blames it on the massive head trauma. “You’re truly blessed.”
The nurse pushing Brad’s wheelchair tries to muffle her laugh. She does a terrible job.
fanfic  GenerationKill  slash  pair:Brad/Ray  ref:postcanon  ref:amnesia  ref:H/C  ref:banter  ref:established  ref:domestic  via:silviakundera  au:irishmizzy  fandom:GenerationKill 
april 2019 by zhena
Learning the Language by Allemande
DS9, Bashir/Garak, series 39K.
* Learning the Language, https://archiveofourown.org/works/753560 "Bashir works as a Doctor on Cardassia, learns Kardasi and learns something about his past along the way." // 13K. Another likable take on post-canon Cardassia, rebuilding efforts and courting. (No smut, here or in sequels.)

* "Facing the Past," https://archiveofourown.org/works/754718 "Bashir accompanies the Cardassian delegation to DS9, meets a few old friends as well as a threat to all of them." // 9.5K. Where "old friends" includes Kira and Ezri, and there's various political doings.

* "Stop the Press," https://archiveofourown.org/works/985157 "Bashir and Garak travel to Earth, where their relationship is discovered and revealed by the press." // 16K. Where celebrity gossip journos fixate on the new Cardassian Interim Ambassador's salacious secret, doing an end-run on Julian's tentative plans to gradually introduce his parents to both Garak and their relationship. (And the public at large also have An Opinion on the matter...) I've read this a couple of times; don't know why I've never saved it.
fanfic  DS9  slash  gen  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:series  ref:postcanon  ref:Cardassia  ref:molasses  ref:courting  ref:established  via:templemarker  au:allemande  fandom:DS9 
april 2019 by zhena
Crash and Carry by neveralarch
Transformers, Starscream/Everyone. "Starscream may or may not be satisfied with Megatron's skill in interfacing. Megatron may or may not need some tips. Skywarp is certainly offering." // 18K. Multiple unreliable POVS, evil self-absorbed space robot sex comedy of errors. Wherein Skywarp takes it upon himself to remedy Starscream's unsatisfactory sexyteims with Megatron via an instructional session with the latter, featuring Thundercracker as everyone's resigned test subject.
Starscream surveyed his quarters and sighed with satisfaction. Everyone was exactly where they should be. Megatron tied hand and foot to the chair. Thundercracker tied hand and foot to the berth. Skywarp suspended upside-down from the ceiling. It was perfect.
"This is the worst orgy ever," complained Skywarp as he swung pendulously, chains clattering.
"It's the only orgy you're getting," said Starscream. "Shut up and enjoy it."
fanfic  Transformers  slash  pair:Skywarp/Starscream/Thundercracker  pair:Megatron/Skywarp/Thundercracker  pair:Megatron/Starscream  pair:Megatron/Starscream/Skywarp/Thundercracker  ref:robots  ref:humor  ref:poly  ref:alien-wtf  ref:voyeurism  ref:established  ref:unreliable-narrator  via:Harpijka  au:neveralarch  fandom:Transformers 
march 2019 by zhena
War Bride by rageprufrock
Naruto, Iruka/Kakashi. "Of all the people who could be acting weird about Naruto getting married, Iruka really hadn't anticipated Kakashi." // 6K. Misunderstanding with HEA fic. Nothing exceptional, but hey, new Kakairu so whatever. (I never boarded the Naruto/Hinata train, but all that's background traffic and ignorable.)
fanfic  Naruto  slash  pair:KakashiHatake/IrukaUmino  ref:oblivious  ref:miscommunication  ref:established  via:popular  au:pru  au:rageprufrock  fandom:Naruto 
february 2019 by zhena
Le beau au bois dormant by Xparrot
Guardian, Zhao Yunlan/Shen Wei. "When Shen Wei falls victim to a mysterious Dixing attack, the SID is on the case, and Zhao Yunlan is going to save him, no matter what." //36K. Casefic that handwaves the series ending (as all right-thinking people do), so all the major characters are involved, and it goes from there. As an unexpected plot twist about midpoint, which was cool.
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  slash  pair:ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei  ref:established  ref:casefic  ref:curse  ref:angst  ref:fixit  au:xparrot  fandom:Guardian 
january 2019 by zhena
Artisan by Quite an Irregular Thing (Purna)
God's Own Country, Johnny/Gheorghe. "A farm is hard work. Saving one will take a little luck too." First the cheese, now the knitters. Johnny's tugged along in the wake of Gheorghe's charm offensive. // 3.7K. Johnny POV, various bumps in the road, but ultimately HEA.
“Fuck,” Johnny bellowed, shaking his hand out to ease the sting. He was trying to get a better look at the injury when all of a sudden Gheorghe was there, a gentle hand on Johnny’s wrist. Gheorghe tugged him closer, examined the angry red mark on Johnny’s pinched hand.
Gheorghe lifted his head, and gave Johnny a look. He said, all gentle like, “You said you read the instructions. The lattice wall can pinch when it’s opened up.”
“Stupid yurt,” Johnny grumbled. “Who stays in a fucking tent in fucking Yorkshire?”
“People who’ll pay us a lot of money for the privilege,” Gheorghe said evenly.
fanfic  GodsOwnCountry  slash  pair:JohnnySaxby/GheorgheIonescu  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:farming  ref:ouch  au:purna  fandom:GodsOwnCountry 
january 2019 by zhena
But We Can Do This So Much Better by Philipa_Moss
God's Own Country, Johnny/Gheorghe. "'How can I convince you?' Gheorghe asked. 'That I am staying.'" Gheorghe goes back to Romania for a few weeks to see his family. Johnny, meanwhile, silently loses his shit. // 5.4K. Gheorghe POV. As Johnny and his abandonment issues reach new heights of inarticulate, painful awkwardness. Wow, this is such a good fic.
fanfic  GodsOwnCountry  slash  pair:JohnnySaxby/GheorgheIonescu  ref:angst  ref:awkward  ref:established  ref:postcanon  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:farming  ref:H/C  via:shadowkeeper  au:Phillipa_Moss  fandom:GodsOwnCountry 
january 2019 by zhena
Nice and Quiet by deepdarkwaters
God's Own Country, Johnny/Gheorghe. Johnny's in A Mood, Gheorghe knows exactly how to nudge him out of it. // 1.6K. Nothing much happens, just a nice domestic slice about Gheorghe melding into the fam.
fanfic  GodsOwnCountry  slash  pair:JohnnySaxby/GheorgheIonescu  yuletide  2018  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:farming  via:shadowkeeper  au:deepdarkwaters  fandom:GodsOwnCountry 
december 2018 by zhena
A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy by Tangerine
X-Factor, Rictor/Shatterstar. "Summoned to Beverly Hills by Monet on their day off, Rictor, Banshee, Monet, and Shatterstar work to solve the case before it becomes a murder." That is, Monet wants to buy a house in a swanky part of town; the owner, a former clairvoyant, assures her someone's due to be murdered in it during her houseparty. //5K. Rictor POV, set during the heyday of X-Factor, so he's still kind of sour about everything but Shatterstar. Such a nifty fanfic for them, and I really enjoyed it. (Knocking off Star as some offhand visual joke was why I fucking loathed Deadpool 2.)
Julio snorted. "Despite what Madrox may think, we're not actually living in a noir film."
"The internet assures me I have all the qualifications for an homme fatale," Star said, his voice a warm murmur in Julio's ear. Julio kept his eyes fixed forward, scanning the crowd. He took another drink as Star continued, "I have clearly come in your life to seduce you and disrupt your existence."
"So that makes me, what, the doomed anti-hero in a spiral to his own destruction?"
"Not if I can help it," Star replied, thumb stroking over Julio's hairline, "though seduction is inevitable."
fanfic  X-Factor  slash  gen  pair:Shatterstar/Rictor  yuletide2018  ref:plot  ref:casefic  ref:mystery  ref:established  ref:canonpair  ref:humor  au:tangerine  fandom:X-Factor 
december 2018 by zhena
Red Wine Celebration by GloriousGoblinQueen
Saiyuki/Gaiden, Kenren/Tenpou, Hakkai/Gojou. "Kenren gets Tenpou something special for his birthday. A little over 500 years later, something similar occurs." //2K. Succinct summary. Nothing really exciting, but still Gaiden fic for a fave pairing. Ambiguously sad as these things tend to be.
fanfic  Saiyuki  SaiyukiGaiden  slash  pair:TenpouGensui/KenrenTaishou  pair:ChoHakkai/ShaGojyou  yuletide2018  ref:established  ref:reincarnation  au:GloriousGoblinQueen  fandom:Saiyuki 
december 2018 by zhena
Future Forged by kyrilu
Guardian, ZhaoYunlan(Kunlun)/ShenWei. "Masquerading as Kunlun, Zhao Yunlan sets out on a mission to recover the stolen Hallows alongside the young Shen Wei. Along the way, he discovers new abilities, forges new bonds, unearths old histories, and learns that the universe goes beyond his wildest imagination." // 30K. Twisty, complicated fixit fic where Yunlan spends about a year in the past, and joins up with a mountaintop sage and some warriors in hatching a plan to retake the holy tools from the rebels -- while building a relationship with Shen Wei while he's at it. A fandom where you can have simultaneous first-times and established. :D
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  slash  pair:ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei  AU  ref:fork  ref:fixit  ref:plot  ref:timetravel  ref:pining  ref:UST  ref:domestic  ref:roadtrip  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:magic  au:kyrilu  fandom:Guardian 
november 2018 by zhena
Another Way to Get to Know You by middlecyclone
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane/Sara. One day Sara wakes up in Shane's body -- and her own body starts to shriek in a decidedly un-Shane-like manner. She untangles a mysterious three-way swap via inspiration from Harry Potter fanfic. // 8K, Sara POV. PWP in the sense of there being no real explanation (nor any real need of one) -- just an excuse for weird sexyteims. Tho this sort of thing can get tough to read/follow, this one was fairly well done. Oddly, it doesn't spend any time on the 'wow, so this my dick' you expect from a female POV chara. :P
“So you want in on this,” Shane interrupts. “That’s what you’re saying.”
Ryan flushes. “Well, yeah. I have always wanted to fuck a clone of myself.”
“Hey!” Sara says excitedly. “Twins!” She holds her hand out for a high five. Ryan slaps her palm eagerly.
“You guys are weird,” Shane says.
“What,” Ryan snorts, “like you’ve never thought about it?”
“I did kind of think I would be in my own body when it happened,” Sara admits, “but I guess this works too.”
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  het  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej/SaraRubin  ref:PWP  ref:bodyswap  ref:threesome  ref:poly  ref:established  ref:first-time  au:middlecyclone  fandom:Buzzfeed 
october 2018 by zhena
Seeing Home by kyrilu
Guardian, Zhao/Shen, gen(ish). "This love of ten thousand years." Shen contemplates his Pendant of Pining and its meanings. //1K. Shen POV, series of vignettes.
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  slash  gen  pair:ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei  ref:backstory  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:pining  ref:domestic  ref:vignettes  au:kyrilu  fandom:Guardian 
october 2018 by zhena
What Follows after Rain by kyrilu
Guardian, Shen/Zhao & Da Qing. "Da Qing and Shen Wei have a conversation about Zhao Yunlan, and a past memory is revisited." // 2.7K. Cool genish backstory fic about Zhao's turbulent teens and his crappy relationship with Zhao Xinchi and with Da Qing trying to intercede on both sides.
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  pair:ZhaoYunlan  pair:ZhaoYunlan|DaQing  pair:ShenWei|DaQing  ref:precanon  ref:backstory  ref:domestic  ref:established  ref:families  au:kyrilu  fandom:Guardian 
october 2018 by zhena
Black Cloak Reversed by kyrilu
Guardian, Shen/Zhao. "Chief Zhao is a little too friendly with the Black-Cloaked Envoy. The members of the SID worry that he's being emotionally disloyal to Professor Shen." // 2.6K. Here, Zhao keeps hitting hard on the Black-Robed Dude; one day he starts showing some interest back -- much to the outrage of everyone, who promptly throw their sympathies and support 100% behind the professor, which is v.v. sweet of them. (I am also OK with fics that are less canon fixit than just "fuck off, canon.")
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  slash  pair:ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei  ref:established  ref:disguise  ref:humor  ref:miscommunication  ref:domestic  au:kyrilu  fandom:Guardian 
october 2018 by zhena
A Sign Undoubtful of a Dear England by couldaughter
Rivers of London/Hot Fuzz, gen(ish). Peter leaves behind Nightingale and a couple of apprentices to go liaise on "something hinky in Gloucestershire," specifically a murder in Sandford, a former Village of the Year. // 16K, casefic. Mainly a decent excuse to trot out some Danny/Nick and various other characters from the movie in a rather laid-back fashion (plus background Peter/Nightingale). Dunno that the movie's necessary for reading it as it's all Peter POV, and here he doesn't know them either. (Also fic might as well have gone the gen route as the shipping isn't that prominent.)
fanfic  HotFuzz  Rivers-of-London  slash  gen  pair:NicholasAngel/DannyButterman  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:postcanon  ref:xover  ref:casefic  ref:plot  ref:established  au:couldaughter  fandom:RiversOfLondon  fandom:MiscFilms 
october 2018 by zhena
Didn't Know I Would Feel It by Xparrot
Guardian, Zhao/Shen. "'So you’re okay with it?' Zhao asked finally. 'Me going out with her tonight?' Shen Wei blinked at him. 'Why wouldn’t I be okay with it?'" // 7K. Set mid-canon, a couple of idiots trying out a new domestic situation with an ongoing series of cases in the background. Sweet.
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  slash  pair:ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei  ref:established  ref:pining  ref:miscommunication  ref:casefic  via:esther_a  au:xparrot  fandom:Guardian 
october 2018 by zhena
Descent by Maldoror_Chant
Naruto, Kakashi/Guy. Kakashi's genin are apprenticed out, and Konoha is running short on jounin, so he accepts an ANBU mission to aid a Suna hunter nin. Guy's not willing to let him go alone. // 11K. Casefic of the really violent kind, complete with ninken. Kakashi POV (who turns out to be somewhat unreliable).
fanfic  Naruto  slash  gen  pair:KakashiHatake/GuyMaito  ref:established  ref:casefic  ref:h/c  au:maldoror_chant  fandom:Naruto 
october 2018 by zhena
Hunter's Moon by Maldoror_Chant
Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka. "Ninja live and die for their village. Ninja follow orders. Ninja hurt and kill those they are ordered to hurt and kill, including other ninja. Ninja will hunt friends and loved ones if ordered to." Iruka must make it across the village before Kakashi kills him. // 10.6K. Another of those fics that works out the full implications of the canon, and in a pretty interesting way. A lot of epithets to ignore in this one though. Really good for competency kink w/o exceeding the canon skill set as well.
fanfic  Naruto  slash  pair:KakashiHatake/IrukaUmino  ref:angst  ref:h/c  ref:established  au:maldoror_chant  fandom:Naruto 
october 2018 by zhena
A Perfect Piece of Ass, Like Every Californian by beethechange
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Shane/Sara/Ryan. For Shane's birthday, Sara gets him a fun present they can both enjoy. // 25.7K (total), PWP. Wasn't entirely sure how I'd take to this threesome variation, but it's OK. Mildly funny, is not filled with Deep Discussions (thank ghu), and contains a Rube Goldberg joke (always a plus). Chapter 3 is all Ryan POV on the shenanigans.
“Happy birthday, Shane,” Sara says. “I got you a Ryan.”
“Th—thanks?” Shane says. He looks at Ryan and Ryan just looks back, weirdly impassive, giving nothing away. “But I’m pretty sure I already have a Ryan in this model. What’s the return policy?”
“Not like this, you don’t,” she says, raising her eyebrows meaningfully. Out of the corner of his eye Shane can see Ryan bring his hand to his mouth, stifling a snicker that he turns into a cough. Oh, he thinks.
Oh shit.
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  het  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej/SaraRubin  ref:PWP  ref:threesome  ref:poly  ref:established  ref:first-time  ref:voyeurism  au:beethechange  fandom:Buzzfeed 
september 2018 by zhena
"If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It" Does Not Apply to Every Situation by TheseusInTheMaze
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane. Ryan's turned on by Shane's big hands, and Shane's willing to oblige him. // 5.5K, PWP. The one with the fisting fail and the crab facts inter alia. Oddly, not the first fic I've marked with crab content, but doesn't feature the more pertinent coconut crabs, and a crab fact is repeated. /too pedantic about porn
via:templemarker  fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  ref:PWP  ref:established  ref:humor  au:TheseusInTheMaze  fandom:Buzzfeed 
september 2018 by zhena
Breaking and Entering by pentapus, tucuxi
Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka. "Kakashi notices an intruder in Iruka's apartment, and finds rather more than he bargained for." // 16.6K. Casefic, after a fashion. Subtle, rather neat fic that focuses on Konoha's uncertain relationship with the new Mizukage's administration in Mist; the pairing is in the background. (I'm also not entirely persuaded in this context that they're after the wrong person, given one of the anime eps; I like that sort of ambiguity.) Pentapus art up top.
fanfic  Naruto  gen  slash  pair:KakashiHatake/IrukaUmino  ref:casefic  ref:politics  ref:spies  ref:established  au:tucuxi  au:pentapus  fandom:Naruto 
august 2018 by zhena
Needs by paxnirvana
Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka. Iruka doesn't know him very well but lets Kakashi pick him up in a bar one night. A one-night stand multiplies into several of them, and Iruka starts thinking maybe that's not enough for him. // 25.6K. Iruka POV, a v.v. long, v.v. readable PWP with feelings.
fanfic  Naruto  slash  pair:KakashiHatake/IrukaUmino  ref:PWP  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:fuckbuddies  au:paxnirvana  fandom:Naruto 
august 2018 by zhena
Wide as the Sky by Persiflager
God's Own Country, Gheorghe/Johnny. "Gheorghe stays and they make a life (and cheese)." // <1K, but it's a shiny little HEA gem.
fanfic  GodsOwnCountry  slash  pair:JohnnySaxby/GheorgheIonescu  ref:established  ref:farming  ref:postcanon  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  via:sunrayravine  au:Persiflager  fandom:GodsOwnCountry 
july 2018 by zhena
Ghosts Can't Pick Up Power Drills (probably) by anarchetypal
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane. Ryan refuses to have sex where a dude was murdered with a power drill. // ~1K. Short, fun, bantery, IC.
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  slash  RPS  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  ref:established  ref:humor  ref:banter  au:anarchetypal  fandom:Buzzfeed 
july 2018 by zhena
Negatized by thingswithwings
Community, Troy/Abed. "The Inspector is famously thought of as asexual; the Anti-Inspector is . . . not. Abed likes to play both roles." When Inspector Spacetime gets negatized, Constable Reggie must contend with the Anti-Inspector's evil desires. // 2.4K, Imaginary noncon. :D
fanfic  Community  slash  pair:AbedNadir/TroyBarnes  ref:roleplay  ref:noncon  ref:enemysex  ref:enemyslash  ref:humor  ref:established  au:thingswithwings  fandom:Community 
june 2018 by zhena
Catching Bullets in Our Teeth by anothercover
Avengers, Clint/Laura, Clint/Natasha, Natasha/Bucky. "Retirement, it turns out, is not a thing that Clint is adjusting to very well. Or, you know, at all. It didn't occur to him that when he dropped the team, it would mean he'd lose Natasha, too." // 77.6K. Natasha/Clint alternating POVs. It's readable? Most Hawkeye fics are still running with the Fraction version; this one tackles all the WTF AoU family issues head on, wallows in them, then works them out to a divorce conclusion. Pretty obvious in reading that it began before a lot of more recent MCU; the later coverage of those movies is a bit clumsy, but not too bad. 100% het herein. With strict AoU canon, there's simply no way Clint comes off as anything but an asshole, imho; that's doubly the case here, imho again. But I like Natasha fics...
fanfic  Avengers  het  pair:ClintBarton/NatashaRomanoff  pair:ClintBarton/LauraBarton  pair:NatashaRomanova/BuckyBarnes  ref:AoU  ref:established  ref:first-time  ref:angst  ref:infidelity  ref:H/C  ref:families  au:anothercover  fandom:Avengers 
june 2018 by zhena
Targeted Persuasion by galwednesday
Iron Man, Tony/Rhodey, AU-ish. Rhodey loses all patience with Tony's attempts to set him up with a suitable beard for his presidential run, so he hauls Tony off to be his future First Husband. // 2K. IM3+ only. This one's great because it's Rhodey steamrolling Tony rather than vice versa.
fanfic  IronMan  slash  pair:TonyStark/JamesRhodes  ref:fork  ref:established  ref:humor  ref:marriage  via:sophia_sol  au:galwednesday  fandom:IronMan 
june 2018 by zhena
The Jeopardy and Jazz Affair by PR Zed (przed)
Captain America/Man from UNCLE, Natasha/Bucky, Steve/Bucky, Natasha/Bucky/Steve. "Romanoff, Bukonin and Rogers are the best field agents in Alexander Waverly's United Network Command for Law and Enforcement. But even the best can make mistakes. So, when Bukonin is snatched by Hydra, it's up to Romanoff and Rogers to rescue him. And for both of them, the stakes are so much more than professional." // 13K. Natasha POV throughout. Not really a case fic. Evidently a melange of the TV show and the more recent movie (which I've not seen), a team with Steve as an American agent, Bucky as a Russian agent, and Natasha as ... I'm not sure, tbh. Mostly German, part Russian? Something like that. I like the idea of it, and it's not too long, but it plods a bit.
fanfic  ManFromUNCLE  CaptainAmerica  het  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  pair:NatashaRomanova/BuckyBarnes  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes/NatashaRomanova  ref:fusionfic  ref:xover  ref:spies  ref:H/C  ref:poly  ref:established  au:przed  fandom:CaptainAmerica  fandom:MUNCLE 
may 2018 by zhena
Full Metal Sasquatch by newsbypostcard
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. William (a hairy, paranoid, unemployed Brooklyn hipster) is baffled yet reluctantly impressed by the popularity of the cat memes and boring food photos his friend Karen (a natty executive assistant) keeps posting on Instagram. He starts his own account in hopes a hobby will help alleviate his aggressive pining after his long-distance boyfriend, Patrick (an American art student in Paris), whom he hasn't seen in three years. Meanwhile, ever since Captain America started to open carry a gun, he's been accused of supporting a conservative political agenda... // 20.7K: "(Bucky!Cap, doing his best.)" 100% Bucky POV. His hardcore dedication to removing Steve from the grid is sadness, and his getting swept up in spite of himself with a tiny taste of Instafame is endearing. So, so much pining here. Good times.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  AU  ref:fork  ref:established  ref:plot  ref:humor  ref:undercover  ref:pining  ref:Internet  via:norwich36  au:newsbypostcard  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
may 2018 by zhena
Daddy by shittershutter
Deadpool, Wade/Nathan. When Nathan's fucking Wade, he's not thinking about Other Things. And neither is Wade. // <1K. Straight up PWP, not esp. kinky. I wonder if I'll need a "cyberdick" tag...
fanfic  Cable-and-Deadpool  slash  pair:Cable/Deadpool  pair:WadeWilson/NathanSummers  ref:PWP  ref:angst  ref:established  ref:movieverse  au:shittershutter  fandom:Cable&Deadpool 
may 2018 by zhena
Scenes from a Disaster Zone by wobblycompetencies
Deep Space Nine, Bashir/Garak. On Cardassia, Garak's manning a work crew (and managing impressions) while Julian's working in a clinic in the southern provinces when a dust storm hits then Julian goes incommunicado. // 6.8K. Domestic fic, complete with getting to know their shipping-crate neighbors, mildly angsty, v. good.
fanfic  via:hatinjacket  DS9  slash  gen  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:postcanon  ref:H/C  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:established  ref:angst  ref:culture  au:wobblycompetencies  fandom:DS9 
may 2018 by zhena
Post-Canon Cardassia by bmouse
Deep Space Nine, Garak/Bashir. Unconnected fics, but I've connected them! And arranged them in a (tentative) reading order. Set in postwar Cardassia, with multiple POVs, covering the reconstruction period of Garak's rising influence and Julian's hopeful immigration and eventual clearance as a medical professional -- and a gradual courtship of diffident roommates. They're all low-drama, smut-free explorations a distinctive reptilian culture where stealth, indirectness, and subtlety are prized. (And I keep thinking about that image of Cardassians at the beach, lol.)

* Hail, Old Comrade, https://archiveofourown.org/works/988035 "Kira visits Garak on Cardassia." // <1K, gen. Garak winning over the masses, one delinquent at a time...

* The Harvest Season, https://archiveofourown.org/works/1580114 "On Cardassia even the flowers have secrets." // <1K. Garak POV, Bashir POV. Garak surviving post-war, Julian finding him.

* Not Quite Boston, https://archiveofourown.org/works/2525825 "Julian Bashir's post-war platonic 'Boston marriage' plan has a bit of a flaw." // 1K. Now Julian's moved in with his BFF! However.

* A Long-Term Plot, https://archiveofourown.org/works/859567 "How long do people live? In your family?" Julian asks. // <1K. An actual relationship conversation...

* Equivalent Exchange, https://archiveofourown.org/works/1008440 "So apparently to become a Cardassian citizen, one must have a molar extracted. Julian's not looking forward to it..." // 1.3K. No dental horror per se. A pretty, gentle fic about Julian earning his way into the medical establishment (with a tiny, quiet aside highlighting the diff. btwn ordinary kid Julian and his augmented afters).

* The Inconsequential Matter of the Feet, https://archiveofourown.org/works/1041696 "He had never once seen Garak wear open-toed shoes while on the station, which in hindsight was clearly deliberate." // 1.4K, Julian's meditations on foot claws, society, and reconstruction.

* Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus, https://archiveofourown.org/works/1104063 // <1K. Sunning Cardassians make excellent lounges, Julian finds.

* Another Line of Work Presents Itself, https://archiveofourown.org/works/1987704 "While wandering around a sun-warmed small town in central Cardassia Julian Bashir finds exactly what he was looking for. And a refreshing drink." // 3K. Julian POV. Spies gonna spy, official and nonofficial both. Part of this one is an outside POV, and it's hilarious.

* Little White Lies, https://archiveofourown.org/works/2128455 //9K. A series of laid-back ficlets, many set in the post-canon universe. These are lovely, and several are outside POV.

* Nine Years On, https://archiveofourown.org/works/2396348 "Elim Garak never imagined a future where he'd have to shave his husband for summer. Luckily, that's the one he's got. A glimpse into a little ritual between an old married couple." // 1.6K of co-grooming, Garak POV.
fanfic  DS9  gen  slash  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:postcanon  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:molasses  ref:pining  ref:bffs-to-lovers  ref:established  ref:politics  ref:spies  ref:outsiderPOV  ref:amnesia  ref:vignettes  via:the_electriclady  au:bmouse  fandom:DS9  ref:xeno 
may 2018 by zhena
Under a Golden January Sun by newsbypostcard
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. Bucky gets rewired in Wakanda, Steve pines from afar until, after long months, Bucky gives him a call. // 17K of not much happening aside from industrial levels of interiority and mutual long-distance pining. However, this fic gives exceptional Shuri, which I'll likely want to read again. (Has a depressing sequel w/ A3 spoilers.)
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:pining  via:as_lld_again  au:newsbypostcard  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
may 2018 by zhena
Impediments by Cord Smithee
Man from Uncle, Napoleon/Illya, Illya/OFM, Napoleon/OFC. Sequel to "Leather." Illya is seeing a married guy on the side, and Napoleon is slowly losing his cool over it. // 17K. Casefic, after a fashion. Also porny comme tout, including fisting and a riff on the "Last Tango" butter thing, oddly enough.
fanfic  ManFromUNCLE  slash  pair:Napoleon/Illya  ref:casefic  ref:spies  ref:established  ref:infidelity  ref:honeypot  ref:mindcontrol  ref:jealousy  ref:fisting  au:CordSmithee  fandom:MUNCLE 
april 2018 by zhena
Save This Dance by Xparrot
Man from UNCLE, Napoleon/Illya. "Trouble on an assignment has Illya considering his newly changed relationship with Napoleon." That is, Napoleon gets hospitalized, and Illya gets v.v. tense. // 10K of uncertainty and ~manly restraint and piiiining. And eventually H/C(ish).
fanfic  ManFromUNCLE  slash  pair:NapoleonSolo/IllyaKuryakin  ref:established  ref:angst  ref:H/C  ref:pining  au:Xparrot  fandom:MUNCLE  via:spellczech 
april 2018 by zhena
In Vain the Am'rous Flute and Soft Guitar by Garonne
Lewis, Lewis/Hathaway. "Dr Hobson persuades Lewis and Hathaway to attend the annual Oxford Baroque Orchestra's Christmas concert, with unforeseen results. Casefic." // 11K, multiple POVs. A few murders accompanied by historical conductor trivia. An odd variation on established -- several years of protracted awkwardness and USTing after a one-night roll. Not the worst, but more second tier.
fanfic  Lewis  slash  pair:RobbieLewis/JamesHathaway  ref:established  ref:pining  ref:miscommunication  via:healingmirth  au:garonne  fandom:Lewis  via:helenthesecond 
april 2018 by zhena
You Know I'd Quench That Thirst by napricot
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Peggy, Steve/Bucky/Peggy, Steve/the USO Tour. After the serum, Steve, whose sexual experience amounted to Bucky-Once-In-a-While, has a raging libido with no help but his hand until the USO comes to his rescue. Bucky and Peggy are willing to assist with his "medical condition," but after he's revived his life's filled with fail: everyone's too in awe of the icon to fuck him. So that's other reason he's desperate to find Bucky. // 38K. Goofy, fun idea, and some bits are legit hilarious with a side order of angsty woobie. Probably the best Peggy/Bucky threesome I've hit so far. But. Later it seems to wobble about in a goal-less way, aside from ticking off a checklist of fanon issues to cover. Also loaded with jarringly anachronistic phrasings / dialogue, like constantly hitting mental speed bumps for me. Ergo ambivalent: maybe reread, maybe not.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  pair:SteveRogers/PeggyCarter  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes/PeggyCarter  pair:SteveRogers/USOTour  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:first-time  ref:humor  ref:Internet  au:napricot  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
march 2018 by zhena
Outside the World Seems a Violent Place by LaVoileBlanche
Class, Charlie/Matteusz, Miss Quill, Ram/April, etc. Set of ep-related Class fics, including a post-canon sort-of fix-it. // 6K total, set of plot-free fics with weird, overly long titles. But hey, Class fic. I was never sold on Ram/April to begin with, so leaving that one aside.
fanfic  Class  slash  het  gen  pair:CharlieSmith/MatteuszAndrzejewski  pair:CharlieSmith|MissQuill  ref:established  ref:ep-tag  ref:angst  ref:teenagers  ref:alien-wtf  ref:fixit  au:LaVoileBlanche  fandom:DoctorWho 
february 2018 by zhena
And We'll Talk in Present Tenses by lamardeuse
Lewis, Lewis/Hathaway. Lewis has been helping on weekends with his daughter's house reno; then she recruits Hathaway as well. When the two arrive in Manchester, they discover that Lyn and her SO believe they're a couple. // 16K, Lewis POV. Read this before! Details have been jossed, but overall it's a sweet, likable pretend-couple outing with the usual progression and HEA. (I need to tag the DIY fics. I love this stuff...)

* Cause for Celebration," http://archiveofourown.org/works/289503 // 2K, Robbie's birthday, and special plans.

* "In the Family," http://archiveofourown.org/works/336063 // <1K. The granddaughter's birthday.
fanfic  Lewis  slash  pair:RobbieLewis/JamesHathaway  ref:pretendcouple  ref:pining  ref:UST  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:domestic  ref:DIY  au:lamardeuse  fandom:Lewis 
february 2018 by zhena
Undersell, Overcommit by silentwalrus
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. "Steve goes so hard for Bucky that he becomes a licensed, practicing massage therapist." // 10K. So Bucky has pain issues, so Steve gets his GED then goes to professional school then starts buying scented candles then sets up his own clinic. While Bucky lurks and grumps and silently disapproves of everything in the background. Weirdly charming fic by same author as that oddity with the spaceship.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:established  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:humor  au:silentwalrus  fandom:CaptainAmerica  via:talitha78 
january 2018 by zhena
Sex Hexed by Airawyn
Blood and Smoke, Tony/Lee. "Tony and Lee just want some man-on-man time but things keep going wrong." // 3.6K. Gently funny sex failure, over and over. I have saved so many fics for this series I've never read...
fanfic  Blood-and-Smoke  slash  pair:TonyFoster/LeeNicholas  yuletide  yuletide2014  ref:curse  ref:humor  ref:supernatural  ref:magic  ref:established  au:airawyn  fandom:BloodAndSmoke 
december 2017 by zhena
Nee, hontou wa kimochi yokunai n desho!? by aaamooo chiyoko
Yuri on Ice, Yuri/Victor, DJ. When bad sex is involved, naturally Yuri can't just let it go. Victor is more than willing to be surprised. // English scanslation. I don't recall ever reading another doujinshi quite like this one. It's in character, and has a plot (sort of), and lets both characters be a bit idiotic. Mildish embarrassment squick.
fanfic  fanart  Yuri-on-Ice  slash  ref:DJ  ref:badsex  ref:established  ref:postcanon  ref:miscommunication  ref:humor  au:chiyoko  fandom:Yuri_on_Ice 
august 2017 by zhena
Out Of Bounds by icarus
SGA, John/Rodney, AU. "John's a rebellious figure skater who after twelve years of competition has one last shot. Rodney's the former World Champion, shattered by defeat who can make it happen. But first...." // 220K. Labeled as WIP, but seems finished to me. Very long, very detailed figure skating AU set in Toronto in the late '90s, goal: giving John his final shot at U.S. nationals. Pretty engrossing, plotty, and all the characters take turns being annoying, but they make up for it later...
Original locked AO3 link (http://archiveofourown.org/works/5960/chapters/7583) has no fic; the bad coding on the offsite version (strikethru over last part text) can be countered by keeping cursor away from text. (SGA AUs I haven't read! Guess I moved on too soon. :)
fanfic  SGA  slash  pair:JohnSheppard/RodneyMcKay  AU  ref:skating  ref:humor  ref:angst  ref:plot  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:domestic  au:icarus  fandom:SGA 
april 2017 by zhena
Psmith, Sailor by aurilly
Psmith, Psmith/Mike. "Mike and Psmith are stranded during the bank's annual yachting trip." // ~1K, cute paring vignette.
fanfic  Psmith  slash  pair:RupertPsmith/MikeJackson  ref:vignette  ref:established  au:aurilly  fandom:PGWodehouse  fandom:Psmith 
april 2017 by zhena
Killing It by dawnstruck
Naruto, Sasuke/Naruto. "A year after Jiraiya's death, a new 'Icha Icha' volume gets published. Self-declared Number One Fan, Hokage Hatake Kakashi, grows suspicious, but keeps buying them anyway." // 16K. Could def use a stiff proofing itself, but fun anyway. Kakashi POV. I dunno how to tag this. Also dunno where my old Naruto bookmarks are squirreled away.
fanfic  Naruto  slash  pair:NarutoUzumaki/SasukeUchida  ref:established  au:dawnstruck  fandom:Naruto 
march 2017 by zhena
Make and Mend by littlerhymes
My Beautiful Laundrette, Omar/Johnny. "Moving in together is Omar's idea." // 2.5K. Minor coming out to relatives, minor getting on with it, a bit of miscommunication, a bit of revisiting the past courtesy Omar as usual. Should have known there'd be major curtain fics for this movie if I just looked. :D
fanfic  MyBeautifulLaundrette  slash  pair:OmarAli/JohnnyBurfoot  yuletide  yuletide2013  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:miscommunication  au:littlerhymes  fandom:MiscFilms 
march 2017 by zhena
Big Plans and Badgers by shinobi93
My Beautiful Laundrette, Omar/Johnny. "Underwhelming revelations and awkward conversations, or, Omar and Johnny find out they're not as subtle as they think." // 2K. In the interests of !business!, naturally, Omar decides they must clue in the greater family. Heh.
fanfic  MyBeautifulLaundrette  slash  pair:OmarAli/JohnnyBurfoot  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:comingout  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  au:shinobi93  fandom:MiscFilms 
march 2017 by zhena
Maintenance & Repairs by Philipa_Moss
My Beautiful Laundrette, Omar/Johnny. "It's September 2005, the washing machine is broken, and it's time to talk about that moment they don't talk about." // 1.7K. Aw. Umpteen years down the road, with them still being pushy versus nonconfrontational.
Johnny was the only person Omar had ever met to smirk nervously. It was only one of his range of smirks, but it was one of the most affecting. "Maybe," said Johnny, with a perfect specimen of said smirk.
"Better out than in," said Omar, and then spent a few seconds lost in thought trying to figure out which family member he'd inadvertently quoted. "Not that I’d know anything about that."
fanfic  MyBeautifulLaundrette  slash  pair:OmarAli/JohnnyBurfoot  yuletide  yuletide2016  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  au:Philipa_Moss  fandom:MiscFilms 
march 2017 by zhena
In Flesh and Bone by csoru
Yuri on Ice, Yuri/Otabek (Victor/Yuuri). "After recovering from an injury that cut his previous season short, Yuri makes a comeback with a new coach, a new country of residence, and a relationship upgrade. Still: perfection takes effort." Yuri lives in Hatetsu with (retired) Victor as his coach and maintains a (very) long-distance relationship over the next few years with Otabek, who has moved to St. Petersburg to be coached by Yakov. // 32K. Long, meandering, realistic-type fic with Yuri dealing with prickly adolescent feelings, career, injuries, and an unchecked growth spurt. Readable but casual masochism gets difficult (all H, no C) if you're not esp. into that sort of thing. Also skips any canon (e.g., Yurio's cat, Yuuko-the-SMS-buddy) that doesn't fit with the angsties. (V/Y strictly background.)
fanfic  Yuri-on-Ice  slash  pair:YuriPlisetsky/OtabekAltin  ref:angst  ref:teenagers  ref:LDR  ref:first-time  ref:established  au:csoru  fandom:Yuri_on_Ice 
march 2017 by zhena
Beeton But Unbowed by Executrix
Maurice, Alec/Maurice. Twice a week Maurice stays over at his club, but he spends his night elsewhere. // 2K. Hmm. Postcanon curtainfic in London with Alec as a mechanic and Maurice (POV) continuing as a stockbroker. The au clearly regards this as HEA, and it does seem IC, but I'm conflicted about this notion of carrying on indefinitely as though the supposed love of your life is your dodgy mistress?
fanfic  Maurice  slash  pair:MauriceHall/AlecSudder  yuletide  yuletide2016  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:curtainfic  ref:domestic  au:executrix  fandom:MiscBooks 
january 2017 by zhena
Never Stop until the Grave by Naraht
Yuri on Ice, Victor/YuriK. "Back in St Petersburg, Victor attempts to combine coaching Yuuri with preparing for his own return to competition. The spirit is willing but the flesh may be weak." // Victor POV. 18K of humorless introspection, mild angst, and narcissism, but it all looks good on him? Interesting underlying premise is that Victor quietly contracts/pays Yakov to coach both himself and Yuri sans ever informing Yuri. Seems IC. Sort of HEA.
fanfic  Yuri-on-Ice  slash  pair:YuriKatsuki/VictorNikiforov  ref:postcanon  ref:angst  ref:established  au:naraht  fandom:Yuri_On_Ice 
january 2017 by zhena
Longevity by lightgetsin
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. Peter takes care of his dad, Thomas takes care of the Folly, both take care of the apprentices, and somewhere in there, a relationship finally, tentatively gets off the ground. // 16.5K aftermath-type, slice-of-life, curtain fic. It's pretty, rather sad in parts, sometimes funny. May or may not have HT spoilers (dunno yet, dammit), some supporting character death. Another ex-Dresden ficcer moving on.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:postcanon  ref:angst  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  au:lightgetsin  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
december 2016 by zhena
Dulce Domum (sweetly at home) by concernedlily
Kingsman, Harry/Eggsy. "We've had an agent under deep cover in South America, this last six months. We thought he might have been killed, earlier this week, but I've been told he's made contact." After Eggsy's recovered and goes into recovery, Harry/Arthur waits him out. // 13.5K. Another slowish mover that focuses on psychological sorts of things with large helpings of sex. Seems like I'm going to cave in and watch this movie.
fanfic  Kingsman  slash  pair:HarryHart/EggsyUnwin  ref:postcanon  ref:h/c  ref:established  au:concernedlily  fandom:Kingsman 
august 2016 by zhena
Legends & Legatees by Fahye
Kingsman, het, slash.
* "Close Range Surveillance," Eggsy/Tilde. While Eggsy's in the process of being rewarded by a princess, Harry wakes up in the cell next door -- and hears everything. // 5.5K. Pegging fic.
* "Hold Courage to Your Chest," Eggsy/Harry. Eggsy, now Galahad, and Lancelot continue their training and are paired up as agents, now in pursuit of a new world-menacing villain. Meanwhile Eggsy's screwing his boss. 46K.
// So the second one has a plot of sorts (though it's never resolved in the sense of catching the bad guy ... it just sort of tables that). There are a lot of sex scenes -- to the point of maybe too many. The agent and agency stuff's quite fun and interesting though, plus some looking into post-V-Day complications.
fanfic  Kingsman  het  slash  fandom:kingsman  pairing:harry/eggsy  pairing:eggsy/tilde  voyeurism  via:as_lld_again  pair:EggsyUnwin/PrincessTilde  pair:HarryHart/EggsyUnwin  ref:postcanon  ref:voyeurism  ref:pegging  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:spies  ref:plot  au:fahye 
august 2016 by zhena
The Way Out Is the Way Down by Speranza
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. Steve and Bucky in Wakanda. Steve plans a prison break, various postcanon things. // 18K. It's all right, I guess. /shrug
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:postcanon  ref:fixit  ref:h/c  ref:established  au:Speranza  au:cesperanza  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
july 2016 by zhena
A Few Years Later by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, Peter/Nightingale. Series of fics set after Peter has finished his apprenticeship and become an inspector himself. The Folly has four new apprentices, Abigail included. The first set of fics are variations on the get-together theme (sort of a romance CYOA), then the rest of the fics follow on from that with assorted cases and vignettes. Fun stuff.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:postcanon  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:magic  ref:series  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
july 2016 by zhena
Fight Like a Flamingo by misura
The Rundown, Beck/Travis. Beck agrees to learn what Travis calls his "fighting style." // OK, I was amused. Travis does sound like that...
fanfic  Rundown  slash  pair:Beck/TravisWalker  ref:humor  ref:established  au:misura  fandom:TheRundown 
july 2016 by zhena
Psmith Giantslayer by Selden
Psmith/Narnia, gen(ish). "Or, how the glorious Affair of the Motor Car on the Senate House Roof became the rather more alarming Affair of the Enormous Giants." Psmith and Mike enlist a new acquaintence, Edward Ppevensie, in a quest involving vengeance and motorcars, which ultimately involves more Ppevensies and magic. // 9K. Psmith fic I've not read yet! And it's enormously entertaining and mixes really well with the Narnia crew. P/M content as well, but it's background to the main plot. (Psmith's thing is never explained; Mike taking it in stride makes it more fun than irritating, I guess.) Locked fic, login required.
fanfic  Psmith  Narnia  gen  slash  pair:RupertPsmith/MikeJackson  ref:xover  ref:plot  ref:magic  ref:college  ref:established  ref:jealousy  ref:locked  au:selden  via:sophia_sol  fandom:PGWodehouse  fandom:Psmith  fandom:MiscYA 
june 2016 by zhena
Pirate Trouble by roseveare
Haven, Nathan/Duke. Nathan's a lot kinkier than Duke, but even he has his limits. When Duke and assorted bystanders get troubled into an actual pirate crew, complete with tall-ship, swords, and rum, and Nate gets dragged along as their pissed-off plunder. // 23K. Noncon (public rape scene). Pretty entertaining; unlike the pirate ep, this time actual pirates.
fandom  Haven  slash  pair:DukeCrocker/NathanWuornos  ref:established  ref:casefic  ref:curse  ref:pirates  ref:noncon  ref:dubcon  au:roseveare  fandom:Haven 
june 2016 by zhena
Still and Again by luxover
Hockey RPS, Flyers, Claude/Danny. "Claude gets hit a little too hard and forgets all about Danny and their soul bond."// 54K. Brioux, set during Flyers heyday. In the ordinary way, I'm not fond of soulbond junk, but this one's not bad. Here, after a bad thump Claude believes he's 18 and playing for the Olympiques, leaving a fair amount of time is unaccounted for. Stir in NHL and soulbond stuff and marriage and kids in the meantime, and plentiful angst therefor. (Seems like he recovers from the concussion aspects a bit too quicky, considering, but needs must where plot drives.)
fanfic  HockeyRPS  slash  pair:DannyBriere/ClaudeGiroux  ref:Brioux  ref:Flyers  ref:soulbond  ref:amnesia  ref:established  ref:kidfic  ref:angst  au:luxover  fandom:HockeyRPS 
may 2016 by zhena
The Gradual Deflowering of Comrade Psmith by surexit
Psmith, Mike/Psmith. Rupert Psmith takes Comrade Mike Jackson to task for not living up to progressive ideals -- to wit, bumping their relationship to the next level, as Psmith has no clue what he's doing. // Three short fics wherein Mike slooowly shows Psmith how its done. Cute. :)
fanfic  Psmith  slash  pair:RupertPsmith/MikeJackson  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:virginity  ref:humor  via:theodosia21  au:surexit  fandom:Psmith  fandom:PGWodehouse 
may 2016 by zhena
A Thousand Colors of Water by Deputychairman
Due South, RayV/Stella, Fraser/RayK. RayV is trying to track down Fraser for best-man duties in Florida. He and Stella's ex have disappeared into the wilds of Canada, but Ray's persistent. // Read this before. Not a lot to it, other than there's a wedding, people hang out, and schoomp, but it stands up to a reread.
fanfic  Due-South  het  slash  gen  pair:Vecchio/StellaKowalski  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:post-cotw  ref:Canada  ref:awkward  ref:wedding  ref:established  au:Deputychairman  fandom:DueSouth 
january 2016 by zhena
A Cure for this Insanity Called Love by Skitz_phenom
Blood and Smoke, Tony/Lee. "Nothing in Tony's life seems to go the way he plans. Why should this particular day be any different. Though... he'd like it if, just this once, he didn't need to break out the catnip-vodka cocktails (at least not until the reception)." // 13K. Wedding interruptus fic. Needs much sterner beta, and fumbles with juggling too many charas, but it's a cool idea and readable.
fanfic  Blood-and-Smoke  slash  pair:TonyFoster/LeeNicholas  yuletide  yuletide2015  ref:wedding  ref:humor  ref:supernatural  ref:magic  ref:established  au:Skitz_phenom  fandom:BloodAndSmoke 
december 2015 by zhena
Don't It Always Seem To Go by torakowalski
Blood and Smoke, Tony/Lee. Tony is missing. His apartment is spotlessly clean. Ergo, something is terribly wrong. // Lee gets to meet everyone -- sort of, briefly, in passing. An outsider POV character who's left out of everything is pretty frustrating. There are a lot of small things here to like, but it's basically a side vignette from a larger story we don't get to read.
fanfic  Blood-and-Smoke  slash  pair:TonyFoster/LeeNicholas  ref:established  ref:kidnapping  ref:humor  ref:angst  ref:magic  ref:supernatural  au:torakowalski  fandom:BloodAndSmoke 
december 2015 by zhena
On Location by Gray Shadows (the_afterlight)
Blood and Smoke, Lee/Tony. "While shooting a movie on a Caribbean island, Lee wakes up to a snow-covered world. With Tony four hours behind and a continent away, can he handle it on his own?" // More a vignette, but fun, mildly humorous.
fanfic  Blood-and-Smoke  slash  pair:TonyFoster/LeeNicholas  yuletide  yuletide2015  ref:established  ref:magic  ref:humor  ref:supernatural  au:gray-shadows  fandom:BloodAndSmoke 
december 2015 by zhena
After the Boys of Summer Have Gone by pene
Shelter, Zach/Shaun. "Building a life and settling in after summer is over." // Leisurely, cool fic about Zach and Shaun settling into a life in LA with Cody, and eventually the compromises with Jeannie. It's an excellent coda for the movie (tho it could use another beta run for character names, anachronistic Skyping, and the abruptly dropped bit about Jeannie's new boyfriend).
yuletide  slash  via:proteinscollide  fanfic  Shelter  pair:Zach/Shaun  yuletide2015  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:curtainfic  ref:domestic  ref:kidfic  ref:roadtrip  au:pene  fandom:Shelter 
december 2015 by zhena
Figuring It Out by lonelywalker
Breakfast with Scot, Eric/Sam. "Figure skating, proposals, raising a teenage boy... The list of things Eric doesn't know anything about just keeps getting longer." When Scot tells Eric that Sam secretly wants to get married, it sends him into a tailspin. // Aw. Family fic, rather sweet and mostly angst-free.
fanfic  Breakfast-with-Scot  slash  pair:EricMcNally/SamMiller  yuletide  yuletide2015  ref:hockey  ref:established  ref:humor  ref:postcanon  au:lonelywalker  fandom:MiscFilms  fandom:6Degrees 
december 2015 by zhena
An Ever-Fixed Mark by KiaraSayre
Brooklyn 99, Holt/Kevin. "The road to renewing their vows." The captain and his husband decide to get married...again. The Nine-Nine decides to help.
"Yet with recent shifts in legislation, and with an official wedding coming up, it may be time to at least consider the option of offspring."
A slight smile twinges Kevin's lips. "Offspring? Did you say it like that to Sergeant Jeffords?"
After a moment, Raymond admits, "Yes."
("Maybe you should say kids," Terry said.
"That doesn't imply the familial relationship the way that 'offspring' does," Raymond replied.
"Yeah, but it also implies less that you're going to eat the weak ones for sustenance.")
fanfic  Brooklyn99  slash  gen  pair:RaymondHolt/KevinCozner  yuletide  yuletide2015  ref:humor  ref:fluff  ref:established  au:KiaraSayre  fandom:Brooklyn99 
december 2015 by zhena
The Rummy Affair of the Brinkley Ball by Culumacilinte
Wodehouse, Jeeves and Wooster, Bertie/Jeeves, Madeline/Honoria. Madeline calls upon Bertie (well, Jeeves) to come to a ball and save her and Honoria from scrutiny. An elaborate plot ensues. // LOL. Extremely Wooster-ish dialogue and situations, satisfyingly convoluted plot, and Jeeves never drops out of shimmer mode (i.e., no "Bertie and Reg" to be found here).
fanfic  Jeeves-and-Wooster  Wodehouse  slash  femslash  pair:Jeeves/Wooster  pair:MadelineBassett/HonoriaGlossop  ref:plot  ref:humor  ref:pastiche  ref:established  au:Culumacilinte  fandom:PGWodehouse 
december 2015 by zhena
The Lawyer All the Wickedness by poisonivory
Spider-Gwen/Daredevil, Matt/Foggy. "Matt Murdock is the Kingpin's right-hand man and a stain on New York City's legal system. Whatever he wants from Foggy, it can't be anything good. So why can't Foggy stay away?" // Foggy POV. Awesome^2. Evil Matt slimes his supercilious way into DA Foggy's affections. Very UST, so smut. I kinda love the threat-or-flirt murkiness here. A few drop-ins from Gwen as well.

* "All the Weakness of Mankind," http://archiveofourown.org/works/6150610 Matt/Foggy. Sequel! Foggy finds himself caught up in a strange, clandestine relationship with Murdock, who's still working for Fisk. Then Captain Castle gets threatening, and a new vigilante starts to appear at night. (Sooo smut.)

* "A Little Life," http://archiveofourown.org/works/13294479 Gen (Matt/Foggy). Gwen's dad nags her into a summer internship at the DA's office. Where Murderdock has just started working. (Gwen POV) // I enjoy everything about these fics, up to and including the vague air of menace hanging over the Gwen and Murdock interactions being tipped by that sudden appearance of the ratty tee-shirt and avocado underwear.
fanfic  Spider-Gwen  Daredevil  slash  pair:MattMurdock/FoggyNelson  ref:65  ref:enemyslash  ref:enemysex  ref:dubcon  ref:first-time  ref:UST  ref:established  ref:fuckbuddies  ref:stalking  au:poisonivory  fandom:Daredevil  fandom:MiscMarvel 
september 2015 by zhena
The Smallest Things by tinsnip
DS9, Garak/Bashir. Bashir (POV) launches into an exchange of mail with Garak, who is on Caradassia, about literature, that eventually focuses on one especial book recommendation. // As usual, what they're discussing on the surface is related to the actual topic of interest. I love that sort of thing. I'd read another letter-exchange fic years back, and I thought this was it at first; nope, different fic. I don't get the whole Cure lyrics thing, but it's ignorable. Mildly angsty, cuts off before any sexy teims ensue.

* "Mint Car," http://archiveofourown.org/works/816009 Fluffy follow-up fic, Garak POV, in which they try being in an established relationship for a few days. Fairly angst-free, nothing explicit.
fanfic  DS9  slash  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:postcanon  ref:epistolary  ref:alien-wtf  ref:bffs-to-lovers  ref:banter  ref:established  au:tinsnip  fandom:DS9 
july 2015 by zhena
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