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Bloody Nature by Basingstoke
Doctor Who, Martha/9th. Miss Martha Jones of London, a visiting nurse in the hire of the Communist Party local in Wales, catches the eye of John Smith, a war-vet dock-worker everyone calls Johnny Big Ears (because they are), but then the Great Strike intervenes -- as do the aliens. // 9K, an out-of-sequence Family of Blood AU, where the 9th Doctor meets Martha first, and both wind up in post-WWI Wales via the 10th Doctor storyline. Could've sworn I'd saved this last time I read it. It's sad, and charming, and nostalgic by turns, up to the end, where deaths and business as usual resume. Never finished watching this set of DW episodes; simply couldn't get past how cruelly dismissive they were to Martha. I'd view this as a fixit fic of sorts.
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