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The Latest Dream I Ever Dreamed on the Cold Hill’s Side by acaramelmacchiato
The Hobbit, Bard/Thranduil. Bard, whose town was lately burnt down by a dragon, find himself oppressed by Thranduil's peculiar ideas of romance.
"Bard of Laketown! Here comes the beloved father of the Elves of the Northern Wood, Thranduil, Son of Oropher, King of the Woodland Realm and Master of the Eryn Lasgalen Appellation, Slayer of the Spawn of Ungoliant, who fought with Gil-Galad at Dagorlad! Stand back outside and open up within!"
So Bard got out of bed.
"Good morning," said Thranduil, who was standing inside almost as soon as the door was open, clad in gemstones and the white pelts of northern minks. "I thought we might go for a walk."
Bard looked at the straight lines of elves outside; pursuivants, officers and heralds of arms, followed by the royal guard’s halberdiers and cavalry.
"I need to find a shirt," he said.
* "This is why I sojourn here," https://archiveofourown.org/works/3212987 "The continued adventures of Bard and Thranduil, recently married-to-each-other nonsingle dads. Bard gets sued. Thranduil tries to help." // Dwarves are ruiners.
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