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Harry Potter and the Incredibly Organized Personal Assistant by megyal
Harry Potter, Harry/Draco. "Harry Potter's new assistant is snarkily organized." // 2.6K. Harry is having issues. His friends decide to hire him an assistant. A compact, not very complicated summary of what most appreciate with this pairing. Fluff.
"Apart from us," here, she motioned to herself and Ron, "he's one of the few persons who will never fawn over you. You know you hate the fawning."
[...]Harry grumbled. "And yes, I do hate the fawning."
"And he can tell you when you're being stupid," Hermione pointed out.
"I think that will be my very favourite part," Malfoy said wistfully. "You're stupid, Potter."
"Right," Harry said dryly and then sighed. "Fine, he's hired."
fanfic  HarryPotter  slash  pair:HarryPotter/DracoMalfoy  ref:postcanon  ref:PTSD  ref:humor  refpricklypair  ref:secretary  via:templemarker  au:megyal  fandom:HarryPotter 
29 days ago by zhena
The Owl Who Came for Christmas by dracogotgame
Harry Potter, Harry/Draco. "Draco has a debt to pay off, no matter what Potter thinks. And he has a Very Good Idea to go along with it. Things don't go as planned." // 17.7K. It's not really stalking if your intentions are good? Or something like that. An 8th year common dorm fic with seekrit Animagus!Draco in this one. Light angst, mainly fluff, zero smut.
fanfic  HarryPotter  slash  pair:HarryPotter/DracoMalfoy  ref:postcanon  ref:eighth-year  ref:xmas  ref:animal-transform  ref:PTSD  ref:angst  ref:enemyslash  via:templemarker  au:dracogotgame  fandom:HarryPotter 
29 days ago by zhena
The Breath at Your Shoulder by Dorinda
The Sting, Henry/Johnny. Johnny won't discuss his persistent nightmares, but they're becoming a wedge issue over time. // 2.7K. Henry POV. Short, quiet story about coming to terms with a particular brand of guilt.
fanfic  TheSting  slash  pair:HenryGondorff/JohnnyHooker  yuletide  yuletide2019  ref:crime  ref:miscommunication  ref:H/C  ref:PTSD  ref:first-time  au:Dorinda  fandom:TheSting 
7 weeks ago by zhena
Ici Tout Finit Bien by Northland
Nine Coaches Waiting, Linda/Raoul. "Another drive up into the heights; another new home for me at the end of it." // 2.7K. Linda and Raoul with Phillipe in tow pick a lot of grapes in Provence and try to get over the Gothic Suspense lifestyle. I<3U Mary Stewart.
fanfic  NineCoachesWaiting  MaryStewart  het  gen  pair:LindaMartin/RaoulDeValmy  yuletide  yuletide2017  ref:pastiche  ref:postcanon  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:PTSD  ref:families  ref:farming  au:Northland  fandom:MiscBooks 
8 weeks ago by zhena
Let Him Lead Me to the Banquet by harryromper
Harry Potter, Harry/Draco. Draco's been hosting exclusive gourmet dinners for charity at his private muggle farm. Harry, who's perfecting his hermit techniques in London, refuses to schmooze and won't respond to the invitations. // 16K. Huh, I've got zero interest in frou-frou foodie stuff, but this had sufficient reno chat to keep me interested. Was a lot more readable than I thought it would be. Smut free.
fanfic  HarryPotter  slash  pair:HarryPotter/DracoMalfoy  ref:EWE  ref:PTSD  ref:food  ref:renovations  ref:molasses  ref:domestic  via:teneagles  au:harryromper  fandom:HarryPotter 
january 2019 by zhena
The Course of Honour by Avoliot
(Novel) "When Jainan arrived on Iskat to represent his home planet in a diplomatic marriage to Imperial Prince Taam, he was naïve enough to hope the match would work. Taam knew better. Five years later, his confidence shattered, Jainan is released when Taam dies in an accident, only to be faced with another marriage to help salvage his treaty. Jainan understands how the real world works now; but Prince Kiem - the cheerful, scandal-prone darling of the Iskat celebrity magazines - keeps breaking all the rules he's learned." // 118K (29 chapters). Not a fanfic. Long original SF/romance with royalty, arranged marriage, past abusive relationship, slo burn, pining galore, a melange of tropiness, and very readable. A lot of plot points rest on people not telling each other things they need to know so the frustration level gets teeth-gnashingly high at points.

* "And Now a Short Speech," https://archiveofourown.org/works/13080075 "A Transcript of His Highness Prince Kiem’s Speech to Graduating Class Seven Students, Braska Prime School, 36:12:7" // 1.6K. So eventually he does make it to the elementary school. Featuring a lot of "Who would win, Batman or the Terminator?" type questions from the audience...
origific  slash  ref:SF  ref:plot  ref:marriage-of-convenience  ref:first-time  ref:miscommunication  ref:angst  ref:pining  ref:molasses  ref:huddling-for-warmth  ref:PTSD  ref:competence  via:norwich36  au:avoliot  fandom:Original 
january 2019 by zhena
Muckraker! by orphan
Venom, Eddie/Venom. "After the probe crash, Eddie's getting his life back together. Sort of. So what if his new beat writing PR puff pieces for Silicon Valley startups isn't exactly glamorous? And so what if every time he closes his eyes, he dreams of the distant stars, and the bottom of a smooth black hole, one that used to be filled with teeth?" Eddie uncovers grisly deaths that could be homicides targeting the homeless, which could be related to a local start-up. He decides to investigate ... which leads to another discovery. // 33K. Novel length, investigation plot, and it's pretty engrossing. (There is a sex scene, but it's not the entire point of the fic. Finally.)
fanfic  via:epaulettes  Venom  pair:EddieBrock/Venom  ref:casefic  ref:plot  ref:angst  ref:PTSD  ref:H/C  ref:alien-wtf  au:orphan  fandom:Venom 
november 2018 by zhena
The Kakashi Mission by JBMcDragon
Naruto, Iruka/Kakashi. Because Iruka is a patient, well-liked teacher Tsunade assigns him the mission of befriending the village's most insane ninja, who she refuses to clear to rejoin ANBU until he's been minimally socialized. After further acquaintance with the subject, Iruka isn't certain he, or anyone else, is up to the task. // 70-80K? Olde skool, alternating POVs; Rin Lives!, so a mild AU. This version of Kakashi doesn't necessarily contradict canon and maxes out the strange scale: bad case of OCD, unaddressed childhood traumas, severe paranoia, no concept of friendship, and a trollish sense of humor. Interesting tho. Note that the flashback of Kakashi's father's suicide is one of the most disturbing scenes I've ever read. The links inside the fic to the final chapters go to the cut versions; you have to return to the main index for links to the porny versions. (NB, if the site disappears, the fic's also on the Wayback Machine - checked it.)
Most people, upon meeting Iruka, thought him to be a very pleasant and polite man. And he was. However, much like Gai was the most melodramatic man in Konoha, and Sasuke had been the most brooding teenager in Konoha, Iruka had the worst temper in Konoha. But unless one had taught Iruka, or Iruka had taught them, there was no way of knowing this.
Kakashi had done neither of those things.
Iruka was working hard to control said temper. "Kakashi," he said quietly, in a voice all his students knew meant they were a hair's breadth from dying and now would be a good time to either offer mangos or start making a hasty retreat, "did you hit me over the head, knock me out, and bring me here?"
Kakashi, who didn't know that tone of voice, and didn't keep mangos in his apartment anyway, only smiled behind his mask. "Actually, I hit a nerve cluster. It's for dinner."
"Why would you kidnap someone after they've already said they don't want to have dinner with you?" Iruka roared, twisting out of the rope and flying to his feet. "You stupid, arrogant, conceited, stupid--"
"You already said that," Kakashi said, backpedaling.
"Doubly stupid!" Iruka yelled. "Take me home! Now!" He supposed he actually could get home on his own, but it was the principle of the thing.
"But..." Kakashi looked truly confused. At least as confused as someone could be while wearing a mask, and with only one eye showing. "Dinner." He pointed at the little table.
The little table that had sharp chopsticks on it.

* "Skin," http://tentative.net/JBMcDragon/library/dojo/skin.html Iruka and Genma get drunk, for logical reasons. // <1K, Iruka POV, set somewhere in the middle.
* "All about Sex," http://tentative.net/JBMcDragon/Hidden_Village/allaboutsex.html <1K, Iruka POV. Left to his own devices at Kakashi's place, Iruka investigates Icha Icha Paradise.
* "Safely Home," http://tentative.net/JBMcDragon/Hidden_Village/safelyhome.html Kakashi POV. Kakashi returns from a mission and works on his issues on Iruka's bod. // ~1K, PWP.

* "Former Lives, https://jbmcdragon.livejournal.com/286024.html After Iruka tries to kill Naruto -- for no reason he can even articulate -- once he's cleared for hostile jutsu, he gets worked over by the interrogations division and assigned an ANBU guard: Kakashi. Then things get weird. // ~20K, full-length followup fic (directly after "Safely Home"), wherein it is revealed that Kakashi isn't the only one with deep-seated mental health issues: "normal teacher Iruka" has his own peculiarities. This is a fairly intense whump fic, complete with torture, injuries, and hospitalizations. One thing that interests me in these fics is the overwhelming business-like practicality of everyone -- Iruka's penalty is based on how much it might upset Naruto, who's considered to be extremely valuable for the village.
fanfic  Naruto  slash  pair:KakashiHatake/IrukaUmino  ref:angst  ref:ptsd  ref:humor-noir  ref:mental-illness  ref:awkward  ref:miscommunication  ref:molasses  ref:dubcon  ref:first-time  ref:h/c  ref:possession  ref:torture  ref:oldschool  via:exclamations  au:JBMcDragon  fandom:Naruto 
september 2018 by zhena
The Night War by praximeter (Zimario)
Captain America, gen. A series of meta fics featuring Bucky Barnes. The first one is a diary/field journal by Barnes posthumously published as a memoir. The others are post-war newspaper articles about members of his family. There are also a set of character podfics.
* "The Night War: 60th Anniversary Edition," https://archiveofourown.org/works/11314224 "In 1947, Master Sergeant James B. Barnes's surviving field journals were posthumously published as the classic war memoir The Night War. Now a high school history classroom mainstay and required reading at West Point, this highly anticipated 60th Anniversary Edition presents the original, unedited text alongside detailed historical notes that provide important context to the extraordinary wartime heroics of Captain America and the Howling Commandos."
//109+K. Takes a while to read, but pretty engrossing. Tons of OCs, provides a backstory for Bucky plus has all the Howling Commandos content that I'd wanted the movie to have; expands on their operations against Hydra and role in Allied propaganda. Labeled as a pairing fic, but it's solidly gen. (In retrospect, I guess that "F.L." entry is supposed to be hinting that Bucky's gate swings both ways. But who knows?) Anyway, good read. My usual problem with these types of fics is that they're faux-RL publications that typically skip RL editing. This one's not awful in that respect.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  gen  pair:SteveRogers|BuckyBarnes  ref:meta  ref:epistolary  ref:angst  ref:PTSD  ref:WWII  ref:historical  via:epaulettes  au:praximeter  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
august 2018 by zhena
Family Placement by notlucy
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, historical AU. After his mother dies, sixteen-year-old Steve Rogers joins an orphan train from NYC to points West, willing to work hard on a Catholic family's farm to save up to make his own land claim. But it's not until the end of the line in Kansas when a surly (and atheist) farmer with a bum arm from the war picks up his contract, desperate enough for a farmhand to take whoever's left. // 88K, filled with 1880s farming and pining on prairie. Doesn't go overboard on the Steve maladies for a pleasant change. The shipping moves sloooow, but gets quite porny thereafter, with a fair topping of religious angst. Background Sam/Natasha. HEA.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  AU  ref:historical  ref:angst  ref:PTSD  ref:molasses  ref:pining  ref:UST  ref:huddling-for-warmth  ref:miscommunication  ref:goats  ref:farmer  ref:farming  via:norwich36  au:notlucy  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
july 2018 by zhena
Occupational Hazard by aloneintherain
Spider-man, gen. Peter's having trouble sleeping and keeping everything together. He figures out how to let other people help. // 10K. Sort of an afterschool special fic, but more interesting and really IC for everyone, esp. Tony Stark and MJ (wonderfully weird).
fanfic  Spiderman  gen  ref:PTSD  ref:angst  ref:humor  ref:banter  au:aloneintherain  fandom:Spiderman 
june 2018 by zhena
Pick Up the Pieces And Go On by LtLJ
Guardians of the Galaxy/Avengers, gen. "Tony and Nebula, on Titan, after the end." // 1.8K. Two strangers tentatively collect themselves. Not a ship fic but set in a ship.
fanfic  Avengers  GotG  gen  pair:TonyStark|Nebula  ref:xover  ref:angst  ref:ptsd  au:ltlj  fandom:Avengers  fandom:GotG  via:endeniem 
may 2018 by zhena
Hell's Kitchen Movie Club by Alex de Campi
Defenders/Avengers, gen. The Punisher and the Winter Soldier sit on a crappy couch and watch crappy movies. Because. // 4 parts posted, links at the bottom, last updated 12/17. (n.b., for this one, to embiggen click the magnifying glass icon)
fanfic  fanart  CaptainAmerica  gen  pair:BuckyBarnes|FrankCastle  ref:humor  ref:ptsd  ref:comics  au:AlexDeCampi  fandom:CaptainAmerica  fandom:MiscMarvel 
may 2018 by zhena
Team Dynamics, Family, and Other Things That Will Hurt You by pistol
Losers, Cougar/Jensen. I've read this one a couple of times. It starts out so interesting, with basic training and all, but eventually it just ... derails, then I'll remember why I didn't bookmark it the last few times. So. Future reference.
How Jake Jensen fell in with the Losers.

Spatz: No longer on AO3, but I found all of the parts on Wayback Machine:
1 - https://web.archive.org/web/20120214193527/http://archiveofourown.org:80/works/332652
2 - https://web.archive.org/web/20130925033941/http://archiveofourown.org/works/318050?view_full_work=true
3 - https://web.archive.org/web/20121006004606/http://archiveofourown.org:80/works/527033?view_adult=true
fanfic  Losers  slash  ref:precanon  ref:teamfic  ref:pining  ref:H/C  ref:ptsd  au:pistol  fandom:Losers  via:spatz  pair:JakeJensen/CougarAlvarez 
march 2018 by zhena
cascades. by orange_crushed
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. Steve, who'd been thought to be blown up in the Arctic, was discovered to be alive in the 1950s when he began to make ghostly manifestations on beaches along the East Coast. After Steve's coaxed back into our dimension, Peggy and Howard are working on how to make his stay permanent when a foiled assassination attempt on Peggy reveals a conspiracy and offers a new piece toward solving Steve's puzzle. // 152K (!). Odd premise of Steve being, basically, Dr. Manhattan (sans time travel) and drifting about like a lost soul until the problem of Bucky restores purpose to his life. Also features return of some Howlies, and comics version of Bucky's memory cure. Was legit worried how some of the problems in this fic were going to be solved, but author manages! Pretty engrossing, imho.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:fork  ref:ancient-device  ref:PTSD  ref:amnesia  ref:first-time  au:orange_crushed  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
february 2018 by zhena
From What Seemed Like a Ruin by rohkeutta
Captain America, Steve/Bucky (genish). "When Barnes stumbles into a small town in Maine at summer's end, he's been running a long time and doesn't expect to stay. But as weeks pass, he starts wondering whether all this time he hasn't been running away from, but towards something - the kindness of strangers, quiet fields, and a curious, yellow-eyed goshawk." // 25K. Could be summed up as hobo Bucky hangs out, learns falconry. The fictional trope of everyone in tiny towns knowing everyone else and being kind to strangers is pure fantasy but a nice one. If only. HEA, no CA:CW, some solo Sam, no smut. Alby_mangroves art.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  gen  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:fork  ref:PTSD  ref:angst  ref:pining  ref:falconry  via:as_lld_again  au:rohkeutta  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
november 2017 by zhena
Winter Wheat, Sunflower Peat by newsbypostcard
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, AU. "In the dead of the night, a man pulls over for a hitchhiker." Kansas farmer Grant Stevens picks up a hitcher who as it turns out is an army vet with a double-plus bad case of PTSD. One Denny's meal later, he's offering Bugs Moran a job. But both of them are holding back some vital information. // Fork AU, where Steve never joins SHIELD, and the chips fell accordingly. Oh man, I love farm AUs, even with totally inept farmers like these guys... Mild smut.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  AU  ref:fork  ref:molasses  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:farming  ref:PTSD  ref:amnesia  via:hazel  au:newsbypostcard  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
november 2017 by zhena
A Field Guide to Common Birds in New York City by Toft
Person of Interest, John/Harold. "In which John acquires a Tumblr, a therapist, and an interest in birdwatching." // 15K. John POV. Accurate summary. That is, he slowly gets in touch with (the concept of) his feelings via (accidental) therapist and hobby (sort of). A fairly low-stress, slo-mo, gently humorous sidle up to a relationship. No weird, egregious fannish junk to set off my Tumblr loathing; it's used really well in this fic, as part of the extended birding metaphor. John enduring surveillance as a Model Who Smolders Too Much made me laugh.
An actual thing: https://nycbirdman.tumblr.com/
fanfic  Person-of-Interest  slash  pair:HaroldFinch/JohnReese  ref:PTSD  ref:therapy  ref:molasses  ref:borb  ref:undercover  ref:unreliable-narrator  ref:humor  au:toft  au:toft_froggy  fandom:PersonofInterest 
october 2017 by zhena
Short Change Heroes by Febricant and csoru
Generation Kill, Brad/Ray. Ray, jobless, aimless owner of a latent meta gene, agrees to a dubious government program, that turns out not to be government after all. A shot to the head in Afghanistan sets him loose to rid himself of captors and look up an acquaintance who's been ignoring him. // 65K. Marvel Deadpool fusion AU. Torture, gore, asphyxiation, mutilation, buckets of blood -- a fucked-up curtain fic. Weird ... and weirdly readable, up to a point. The whole abusive sex/self-harm marathon goes far too long; it really is a relief when the fic finally(!) hares off in a different (but just as gory) direction.
fanfic  GenerationKill  slash  pair:Brad/Ray  ref:fusionfic  ref:ptsd  ref:torture  ref:gore  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:banter  ref:bad-fucking-language  ref:ouch  au:febricant  au:csoru  fandom:GenerationKill 
january 2017 by zhena
It Takes an Ocean Not to Break by napricot
Captain America, T'Challa/Bucky. T'Challa (POV) lets Avengers on the lam stick around, works on various government things and his own issues, and helps out with Bucky's periodic thawing and de-triggering therapy -- and also slowly realizes he has the hots for him. // 40K, very readable, some smut. As it's T'Challa POV, a lot what everyone else is doing remains a mystery. No Shuri, presumably as she's not been introduced in MCU yet. Thought it would avoid evoking Marvel's creepyass Gaddafi thing with the Dora Milaje until I got to toward the end...I dunno.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:T'Challa/BuckyBarnes  ref:postcanon  ref:H/C  ref:PTSd  ref:UST  ref:molasses  ref:first-time  au:napriot  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
october 2016 by zhena
Such Great Heights by softlyforgotten
Harry Potter, Harry/Draco. Harry, who is an aimless and kinda slutty postwar mess, has been living among the Gryffindor Commune (in an increasingly hostile Grimmauld Place) while occasionally helping chase down Death Eaters. One day he follows a lead in rural Wales and falls over Draco Malfoy, who's been working a low-paying Muggle job to support his hiding parents and the ailing Gringotts dragon. // 93K. Yet another Magical Pet-Pal fic. Long, messy, complicated. Harry POV throughout, frustrating as he's oblivious to there being something decidedly askew about his view of events and his own motivations. So not an enjoyable read exactly, but fairly engrossing. Draco remains a rather rude asshole as well (which I prefer).
fanfic  HarryPotter  slash  pair:HarryPotter/DracoMalfoy  ref:postcanon  ref:EWE  ref:poly  ref:miscommunication  ref:stalking  ref:first-time  ref:critter-fic  ref:PTSD  au:softlyforgotten  fandom:HarryPotter 
september 2016 by zhena
I Could Walk Out, But I Won't by napricot
Captain America, gen(ish). "'Bucky started the car, and that was it: the Sam and Bucky Road Trip of Sadness and Maybe Bonding was officially happening. Sam hoped they could get through it without killing each other, or anyone else.' In which Sam is not as okay as he'd like to think, and Bucky's more well-adjusted than expected. // 27K, ignores CW. Bucky more or less invites himself along on the two-week roadtrip that Sam (POV) is taking to a funeral in Oregon. Mainly it's a Sam introspection fic, where he deals with stress and his own stuff while evading everyone's worrying about him. Some minor background Steve/Bucky content, but it's not the point. Nothing like an exciting fic, but readable in a relaxed sort of way.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  gen  char:SamWilson  ref:noncompliant  ref:PTSD  ref:roadtrip  ref:bros  au:napricot  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
august 2016 by zhena
Anybody Else by dementordelta
Harry Potter, Harry/Snape. Snape requests Harry's help in translating an alchemical text that he believes is written in Parseltongue. // 28K. Postcanon but written before DH. Research casefic that seques into porn with ptsd elements. But also side humor as Harry contends with the weird gratitude presents people have given him that are scattered around his home.
fanfic  HarryPotter  slash  pair:HarryPotter/SeverusSnape  ref:EWE  ref:noncompliant  ref:casefic  ref:first-time  ref:ptsd  ref:angst  ref:humor  via:zimaya  au:dementordelta  fandom:HarryPotter 
august 2016 by zhena
Works No Longer in Progress: Bucky Recovery Fic by Alex51324
Captain America, gen. Steve and Sam finally catch up to Bucky, but he has major memory problems that don't have easy resolutions. Tony and Bruce and their issues join the unofficial recovery team. // 36K of abandoned fic (written pre-Ultron). Slightly different take on the usual themes, and good character interactions. Too bad this one won't ever be finished, but what's here is fairly engrossing with a few notes at the end on where it would have finished.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  gen  pair:SteveRogers|BuckyBarnes  ref:ptsd  ref:amnesia  ref:miscommunication  au:Alex51324  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
july 2016 by zhena
Matched Set by astolat
Harry Potter, Harry/Draco. Harry returns to Hogwarts for a final year alone -- except for, oddly enough, Draco Malfoy. They both discover that their dicks are opposite ends of the size spectrum, and wander into a mildly kinky, deeply weird relationship. // Harry POV. Wistful, fin-de-siecle exhaustion that lends itself to fucking one another, fixing masonry, and avoiding everyone else. Lots of smut and an entertaining visit to the forest.
fanfic  HarryPotter  slash  pair:HarryPotter/DracoMalfoy  ref:EWE  ref:ptsd  ref:size  ref:domestic  via:templemarker  au:astolat  fandom:HarryPotter 
june 2016 by zhena
Remade by Leviarty
Captain America, Bucky/T'Challa. "The road to recovery was long and exhausting and sometimes felt like he wasn't recovering at all." Bucky in Wakanda, working on his issues. T'Challa likewise. // PWP, Bucky POV. Here, Bucky gets himself frozen for a bit to throw Steve off the case. Sparring leads to sexy teims.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:T'Challa/BuckyBarnes  ref:postcanon  ref:fork  ref:ptsd  ref:bffs-to-lovers  au:leviarty  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
may 2016 by zhena
Happy Meal by flippyspoon
Captain America, gen. "Sam Wilson is not Bucky Barnes' friend. Bucky Barnes is a friend of a friend. Sam Wilson is totally not Bucky Barnes' friend." On the Roadtrip, Sam deals with megameal orders, phone games, and brooding supersoldiers. // Fandom continues to deal with this movie's weird unficability. This one's not a bad shot. Sam seems to be the default POV now.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  gen  ref:roadtrip  ref:angst  ref:humor  ref:ptsd  via:norwich36  au:flippyspoon  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
may 2016 by zhena
Ready for Flight by kvikindi
Star Wars, Poe/others. "Poe guesses he’s a little fucked-up now, more than before. He certainly has a lot of nightmares. He tries to take it in stride. It doesn’t really surprise him. What had he expected? (Dead, he thinks. You expected to be dead.)" Poe, grounded, brooding it out, working through the trauma of his life, waiting for Finn to wake up. // Oddly pretty fic, various force musings.
fanfic  StarWars  pair:PoeDameron/Finn  ref:angst  ref:backstory  ref:H/C  ref:PTSD  via:SomebodyOwens  au:kvikindi  fandom:StarWars 
march 2016 by zhena
The Needle and the Killing Done by spitandvinegar
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, Bucky/OCs. Bucky slips his leash in 70s NYC, makes a friend, becomes a junky, screws dudes for money, eventually gets recollected. // Rather depressing, ~experimental type fic, past relationship with Steve.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  pair:BuckyBarnes/OCs  ref:backstory  ref:precanon  ref:ptsd  ref:amnesia  ref:sexworker  ref:drugs  ref:noncon  au:spitandvinegar  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
january 2016 by zhena
We Can Work Out the Rest by onethingconstant
Captain America/Jessica Jones, gen. "Jessica Jones gets a new client. One who comes with a metal arm, a duffel bag full of cash, and a surprising willingness to believe in the possibility of mind control. Oh, and a lot of questions about Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes." // 7.5K. Casefic. Not bad, nothing too exciting, set up to fit btwn JJ series and CW movie. (Probably should skip the awkward TMI notes tho.)
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  JessicaJones  gen  ref:fixit  ref:amnesia  ref:PTSD  au:onthingconstant  fandom:CaptainAmerica  fandom:MiscMarvel 
december 2015 by zhena
On the Uses and Disadvantages of Living Among Spectres by kvikindi
Rivers of London, gen. "Nightingale and his ghosts." // Nightingale POV, a stream of conscious type fic with Thomas reflecting on his continuing existence with occasional ghostly encounters. Pretty but rather sad.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  ref:backstory  ref:PTSD  ref:angst  au:kvikindi  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
november 2015 by zhena
A Little Honey & A Little Sun by kvikindi
Captain America, Steve/Bucky gen(ish). "Bucky decides to become a pacifist beekeeper in upstate New York. aka: The Emotionally Repressed Bee Farm Love Story." // Bucky has moved on, found a decent way to deal with life, and left Steve behind. Steve (POV) can't accept that; but he's still foundering w/o even realizing it, even while trying to be all things to all people. I need more of this one.
'fanfic  via:sophia_sol  Avengers  gen  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:postcanon  ref:PTSD  ref:unreliable-narrator  ref:pining  ref:angst  ref:domestic  ref:farming  ref:best-of-rec  au:kvikindi  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
june 2015 by zhena
Sparked Up Like a Book of Matches by Sena
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. Steve senses he's being stalked. Which he is. So then Bucky moves into the tower with him, and eventually they have sex, and eventually Bucky's on the team as well. // Recall curiously little about this fic other than how much it resembled a tidily organized fanon trope dump. Pretty much everything in this fic I've read before elsewhere in a fic or a tumblr rant. So nothing original or exciting, but I didn't hate reading it. Comics-fanon version of Clint rather than MCU quiverfull. Did a search...this was the fic with the Little Audrey joke in it; haven't heard one of those since I was a kid.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:postcanon  ref:stalking  ref:PTSD  ref:amnesia 
june 2015 by zhena
Teumessian Fox by onvavoir
Captain America/Daredevil. Matt picks up an unusual guy in a bar, and a good time turns into a succession of good times until Matt's curiosity wins out, and he decides to find out who he's been sleeping with. // Matt POV. WIP-ish: a set of v. short fics that could just as easily have been one fic, but surprisingly readable, fairly porny until the last few when the one-night stands turn into legal reprsentation. Evidently ongoing.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  Daredevil  slash  pair:MattMurdock/BuckyBarnes  ref:xover  ref:gaybar  ref:ptsd  ref:angst  au:onvavoir  fandom:Daredevil  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
may 2015 by zhena
Deep in This Anatomy, Buried by Alcibiades
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. "Bucky's relationship with Steve was fairly simple. His relationship with technology - in particular, one specific piece of technology - was a little bit more difficult to explain." Steve and Bucky (POV) are living together and having lots and lots of sex in a Tower apartment. Once in a while JARVIS saves the recordings from the bedroom for Bucky. // 72K! No real plot, but it's readable all the same, as a domestic, curtainficcy relationshippy sort of deal. Bucky makes friends, sorts out his issues. Nothing much really happens, there's some angst, some resolution to angst, lots of h/c, tons of smut, why not?
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:curtainfic  ref:domestic  ref:h/c  ref:PTSD  au:alcibiades  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
january 2015 by zhena
This, You Protect by owlet
Captain America, gen. Bucky, whose thought processes have split into Barnes (soldier) and "mission" (Bucky), follows Steve around in a covert fashion, and ends up squatting in the building across the street from Steve's apartment, beating up mobsters for the other residents. // I guess it's not a bad idea per se, but it's disturbing in the way many of these CA fics are. Current fanfic writers appear to be oblivious to how jarring their syntax patterns and vocabulary are for anyone who doesn't spend much time on Tumblr or similar sites. Adult males in fanfic now sound as though they're teetering on the verge of fashion, crafting, shipping, and social justice. (They just ridiculously so can't fucking even, etc.) No one in the 1940s spoke that way. Hell, no one five years ago spoke that way. eta: wow, that was a long bitch session. must have been in a bad mood.
Team-Building Exercizes, http://archiveofourown.org/works/3456710
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  gen  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:postcanon  ref:ptsd  ref:stalking  ref:humor  au:owlet  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
january 2015 by zhena
Cleave by trinityofone
Captain America/Dark Materials, AU. Natasha had warned them, but Steve (and Alva) and Sam (and Shani) are astonished when they finally catch up with the Winter Soldier and discover that he really doesn't have a daemon -- and that now he has only one goal: relocate Bucky Barnes's daemon, which hasn't been seen since WWII. // 14K, fusion fic. Pretty readable (though it's been making me nuts that fandom seems to believe there's an "e" in "smooths"), doable with fanfic-AU-only knowledge of HDM. Struck me as an interesting variation on the theme, unlike the previous MCU/HDMs I've breezed through. Also unlike other WS fics, doesn't dwell on amnesia issues. (Prev. SGA and SPN au.)
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  HisDarkMaterials  slash  gen  ref:WS  ref:postcanon  ref:ptsd  ref:plot  ref:established  ref:backstory  ref:angst  ref:fusionfic  ref:xover  au:trinityofone  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica  fandom:HisDarkMaterials 
november 2014 by zhena
Rate of Recidivism by alcibiades
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. Bucky shows up at Steve's door, and they live in Brooklyn while Bucky learns how to be a person again. Later there are Avengers and press difficulties and a dire Hydra plot to be foiled. // ~93K! in 19 chapters. Second-person Bucky POV. In most respects, more of the same (typical 'recovery' type fic), but with lots of porn, a few noncon flashbacks, HEA. It's long, involved, sometimes mildly gory, and has better SPAG than usual, but a few O_o; fumbles (e.g., au evidently doesn't know what "indiscriminate" means). The Dire Plot is rather iffy; it's never made clear whether they're messily bumping off random victims of said plot or active agents. Also not sure whence all the northern Africa stuff when the base turns out to be right outside the city. (In other words, a fic this long needs to reward your patience with a more critical beta.) Otherwise, pretty readable.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:WS  ref:2nd-person  ref:postcanon  ref:amnesia  ref:PTSD  ref:curtainfic  ref:domestic  ref:first-time  ref:plot  ref:noncon  ref:backstory  au:alcibiades  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
november 2014 by zhena
Fluff by MoreThanSlightly (cadignan)
Captain America/Avengers, Steve/Bucky, etc. "Frithrkottr," Jane says. She takes a deep breath and tucks some errant strands of hair behind her ear. "It’s furry. Kitten-sized." The one where the Asgardian sex-tribble gets loose in the tower. // 15K. Read this one before, but IIRC it was only one chapter at the time; now there's porn as well. It's okay and nonchallenging, background het pairs, not enough ADL to qualify as a curtainfic. Accurate title is accurate.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:WS  ref:postcanon  ref:ptsd  ref:first-time  ref:sexpollen  au:morethanslightly  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
september 2014 by zhena
What If We Love Like Fools? by IndigoNight
Captain America, Sam/Sam, Sam/Bucky, Sam/Bucky/Steve. So Steve takes it upon himself to nobly hare off to NYC to be an Avenger, leaving Sam (POV) behind in DC to "live his life." Then one night he finds the Winter Soldier camping on his front stoop--and it's not long before he's moved in, complete with cat. // 30K. Ton of typos and SPAG errors. But, that aside, it's an UST-fest, with Sam wavering in the middle of two different, slowly building relationships, neither aware of the other. Cuts off at the end w/o any real resolution. Also has that 'hanging out in a skyscraper watching movies, playing games, and eating junk food' arrangement featured in nearly all the fics; I'll never grok the appeal of living like overaged teenagers in an upscale version of the parents' basement.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  Avengers  slash  pair:SteveRogers/SamWilson  pair:SamWilson/BuckyBarnes  pair:SteveRogers/SamWilson/BuckyBarnes  ref:postcanon  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:UST  ref:pining  ref:molasses  ref:miscommunication  ref:triangle  ref:ptsd  ref:amnesia  au:indigonight  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
september 2014 by zhena
Baby You Should Stick Around by Febricant, neenya
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. Steve and Bucky end up raising Bucky's six-year-old clone, discovered in a lab. // Kidfic, in which everyone's issues collide. Not as bad as it sounds. (finished).
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:postcanon  ref:ptsd  ref:kidfic  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:established  au:febricant  au:neenya  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
september 2014 by zhena
Greetings to the New Brunette by victoria_p (musesfool)
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. Steve finds a baby during an op taking down an AIM lab. Bucky, who's been uncommunicative and surly up to that point, steps up and wants to keep it. This is not the sort of hobby for him Sam had been recommending. // As kidfics and curtain fics go, it's not too bad, with a nice side order of marriage of convenience leading where these things usually go. So in that respect, readable fluff.

But. But. The OFC mom here is out of sight, out of mind. Steve basically walks off with her baby, and the mother gets no name, no family, no backstory -- not even an obit in the paper. Why was she in that lab? An employee? A volunteer vet? A random victim off the street? No one in this fic cares enough to wonder or even give her a funeral. I get that depressing stuff weighs down a fluffy first-time domesticity fic, but if that's the case, starting off with a corpse wasn't the way to go. Not the first time I've encountered a Disposable Babymaker in fanfic.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:WS  ref:postcanon  ref:curtainfic  ref:domestic  ref:kidfic  ref:ptsd  ref:marriage-of-convenience  au:musesfool  au:victoria_p  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
july 2014 by zhena
"The Kids Aren't All Right" by Christine Everhart (vanityfair.com) by samdonne
Iron Man, gen. "'It’s been 'a hell of a year' since industrialist Tony Stark owned up to his alter ego in a move that stunned observers and longtime aides alike. With the US facing unprecedented homegrown suicide attacks, Iron Man's contribution to national security is more than ever under scrutiny. As she follows Stark during a year of crisis, exclusively for 'Vanity Fair,' Christine Everhart explores the many contradictions of the man behind the mask, uncovers tales of personal loyalty, patriotism gone awry and corporate betrayal, and asks whether Iron Man is the embodiment of an outdated American fantasy—a self-made, unilateral, technological solution to hopelessly complex problems—and whether he can survive the violent encounter with reality." // Meta fic. Article pastiche formatted to look like the real thing, as written by a canon character. Excellent fic set at some point after the second movie. Background plot involving a national terrorism crisis with suicide bombers following an Israeli incursion into Iran and a McCain presidency showing in a rather subtle way the impact of Iron Man on a world not unlike this one. It's also interesting how it ignores characters like Happy and JARVIS; it *would* be difficult to peg them as individually important from an outside POV. Orig. links post here: http://samdonne.livejournal.com/81116.html Missed this one the first time around as I wasn't paying much attention to mcu fandom at the time (see also obsession_inc's noir fic "Concession," which nudged me into finally watching these movies :P). [eta: Rest of the fanfic is fairly unreadable however. Plus that sga fanfic I loathed, back when. :/ ]
fanfic  IronMan  gen  char:ChristineEverhart  ref:meta  ref:pastiche  ref:epistolary  ref:backstory  ref:missing-scene  ref:outsiderPOV  ref:in-world  ref:angst  au:samdonne  au:M  fandom:IronMan  ref:ptsd 
july 2014 by zhena
The Sound Below Sound by Dorinda
LotR, Legolas/Gimli. "When the Grey Company escapes from the Paths of the Dead with an army of ghosts at their heels, Legolas believes that everyone who entered the Dark Door has emerged again unharmed. He's wrong. Some wounds cannot be seen." // 36K. Gimli freaked the fuck out on the Paths, unnoticed by anyone; it totally upended his view of the world and himself. As Legolas (POV) puts everything he has into figuring out what's wrong with Gimli during their crazy-long ride to Pelargir, while ghosts dog their heels, he comes to a few realizations about elves, dwarves, and his relationship with Gimli. Pretty, but, wow, requires patience because it is the sloooowest of slo-mo romances.
fanfic  LotR  slash  pair:Gimli/Legolas  ref:missing-scene  ref:ptsd  ref:roadtrip  ref:angst  ref:miscommunication  ref:molasses  ref:pastiche  au:Dorinda  fandom:LotR 
july 2014 by zhena
The Bucky Barnes Guide to Household Management by CryptoHomoRocker
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. "Steve doesn't even notice at first, is the thing." As Bucky Barnes slowly goes domestic goddess on Steve's messy life, it prompts Steve into an epiphany about their relationship all along. // Curtain fic, obviously. I ... liked this one more than I expected I would. Sweet w/o inducing cavities. No smut. Except I don't think he'd use Pledge; it'd be paste wax all the way. /stickler
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:WS  ref:postcanon  ref:curtainfic  ref:domestic  ref:amnesia  ref:ptsd  au:CryptoHomoRocker  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
july 2014 by zhena
The Right Way to Fall by Taste_is_Sweet
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. When Steve's finally tabled his search for Bucky and must return to NYC, Sam goes back to his own life and work -- and promptly stumbles over a lurking Bucky by accident. Without telling Steve, he embarks on a slow process of luring feral Bucky in from the cold, which turns out more complicated than even he'd anticipated, especially after Tony Stark decides to help. // (41K) Weird, I know I've read half of this before. Maybe it wasn't posted complete? Dunno. Anyway, fairly worthwhile. Largely Sam POV, truckload of h/c, no slash content per se until the very end. Some attempts to fold in BW comic canon, which I always like. [Heh. My ~process: "So, fanfic, you've piled on the complications. How you gonna deal now? Time for the Cosmic Cube?" Story: "No no no! ... Well, not quite." Me: Oh. *headdesk*] (But the AoS xover followups are fairly pointless. Pass.)
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  pair:NatashaRomanova/BuckyBarnes  ref:WS  ref:amnesia  ref:backstory  ref:angst  ref:ptsd  ref:multiples  ref:h/c  au:Taste-Is-Sweet  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
july 2014 by zhena
Trigger Finger by Deastar
Avengers, Clint/Natasha. Directly after the Avengers movie, Clint's accidentally injures himself and is grounded pending psych clearance; Natasha self-appoints as his keeper. She uses her downtime to reconstruct her life-as-usual and teach self-defense classes to their new crop of potential leverage-hostages; he uses his to patch together his messed-up head. // Pre-phase 2 (including AoS). Alternating Clint and Natasha POVs. Mostly gen: they're not in a relationship per se beyond the work-spouses deal, and only after they've sorted out their respective issues, do they decide to give it a go. The majority of the fic is both of them slowly getting to know their new Avenger-related coworkers. Grown-up and readable.
"I’m teaching a self-defense class here at SHIELD. Ms. Potts, Dr. Foster, Ms. Lewis." Natasha pauses slightly. "Dr. Banner." She lets him chew on that for a minute, and then says, "I’d appreciate your help with it."
"They benched you to babysit me." Clint’s mouth tightens. "Shit, Tasha – I don’t need—"
"I’d appreciate your help," she repeats, cutting him off without hesitation.
fanfic  Avengers  het  ClintBarton/NatashaRomanova    ref:backstory  ref:angst  ref:ptsd  ref:teamfic  ref:first-time  via:exclamations  au:Deastar  fandom:Avengers 
june 2014 by zhena
Post-Recovery Social Cues: An Adventure in Not Breaking People's Wrists by Morgan-Leigh
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. Sam makes a list of what is and is not socially acceptable. Steve adds additional reading materials. // On fcking tumblr. Humor, but a v.v. uncomfortable kind. No surprise, same aus as that movie thing.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:WS  ref:amnesia  ref:PTSD  ref:humor  au:morgan-leigh  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica  au:febricant 
may 2014 by zhena
It Still Moves by kvikindi
Captain America, gen. "Bucky, cut loose, is an object in motion." Bucky POV, second-person, dissociated free-association line. After he's been collected by Steve and Sam, a recapture attempt is made -- and goes badly. // Experimental narrative and formatting. Interesting! See also Febricant's "Boom Crack."
gen  via:exclamations  fanfic  CaptainAmerica  pair:SteveRogers|BuckyBarnes  ref:WS  ref:postcanon  ref:PTSD  ref:amnesia  ref:h/c  ref:2nd-person  ref:experimental-fic  au:kvikindi  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
may 2014 by zhena
Steve Rogers' American Captain
Captain America, gen. Comic. Steve POV. Steve's (less-than) fun adventures with PTSD and modern life as recounted by the man himself via indy diary comic. // In comics canon, Steve's actually a comic book artist; in MCU canon, he's an artist as well, so this works doubly well. I wish I'd known about this sooner; on the other hand, I'd have had to wait for installments rather than reading most in one go. It's thoroughly awesome. The art style reminds me of Jules Feiffer.

[http://www.dailydot.com/geek/american-captain-interview-robyn-kenealy/ My favorite MCU flick to date = Cap 1. So article writer dismissing it as cheesy = grr. But hey, interview. So there's that.]

ETA: Original pages have been deleted w/o explanation. See wayback machine link instead.
fanart  CaptainAmerica  gen  ref:comics  ref:PTSD  ref:angst  ref:humor  ref:epistolary  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica  au:Robyn 
may 2014 by zhena
You Were Standing There by thebrotherswinchester
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, Sam/Natasha, AU. "Bucky accidentally breaks into the wrong house while drunk. The wrong house happens to belong to Steve Rogers." Suburban Beltway condo yuppies: Bucky is Natasha's traumatized vet buddy, and Steve is the artist next-door. // Heh. SPN writer? The fandom that moved in and set up housekeeping in the Land of the Curtain Fic. A genre I happen to love...
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  het  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  pair:NatashaRomanova/SamWilson  AU  ref:WS  ref:PTSD  ref:curtainfic  ref:domestic  ref:first-time  ref:pining  ref:yuppies  au:thebrotherswinchester  fandom:CaptainAmerica  fandom:Avengers 
may 2014 by zhena
Memorabilia by ipoiledi
Captain America (1), Steve/Bucky. "You know," says Buck, considering, "When I first shipped out, I realized pretty quick that all the guys had something from their girls back home. Letters, handkerchiefs, pictures ... you gonna give me something to look at?" // PWP. Bucky, a filched camera, and Steve Rogers: pinup boy.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:PWP  ref:ptsd  ref:h/c  au:ipoiledi  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
may 2014 by zhena
Make Up Words to Songs You Used to Know by non-sequential
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. AUish. Steve and Bucky, working for SHIELD, head off nefarious plans for what turns out to be flowers of sexiness. Misunderstandings result. // Sort of a 616/MCU mishmash because it was started long before Cap2, so everyone's working for SHIELD here. (And apparently Bucky is based on Dean Winchester, judging from his dialog.) This one seems to have misplaced its own plot; stick with sex pollen bits only. Once the weird breakfast-with-Pepper part starts, bail STAT.
Orig.: http://stevebucky-fest.dreamwidth.org/307.html?thread=35379
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:616  ref:sexpollen  ref:miscommunication  ref:PTSD  ref:angst  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica  au:non-sequential 
may 2014 by zhena
The Ones Who Wait by OddityBoddity
Captain America, gen. "As soon as they trust him enough to let him out of Stark Tower, Bucky goes looking for a gym." // Not a ship fic. Just Bucky interacting (and not) on his own with people. It's oddly sweet.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  gen  ref:WS  ref:PTSD  ref:postcanon  au:OddityBoddity  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
may 2014 by zhena
And We Are Finally Home by springsoldier
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, Sam/Natasha, Natasha/Bucky (past). "The Winter Soldier shows up in Sam's kitchen, one morning. He deals with it." // Another of those 'Bucky shows up covertly; Sam covertly counsels' fics, but this one is a pleasure to read as it's far heavier on the hopeful than the aaaangst, and both Sam (POV) and Natasha are awesomesauce. It makes a few mild gestures toward 616 reconciliation, which I liked.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  slash  het  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  pair:NatashaRomanova/SamWilson  pair:NatashaRomanova/BuckyBarnes  pair:SamWilson|BuckyBarnes  ref:WS  ref:postcanon  ref:PTSD  ref:amnesia  ref:616  ref:curtainfic  ref:domestic  au:springsoldier  fandom:Avengers  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
may 2014 by zhena
Shoes for His Feet by kindkit
Lord Peter (Sayers), Peter/Bunter genish. "In 1919, Bunter takes up the position of valet to Lord Peter and finds his master so traumatized that he can't even put on a pair of shoes." // I.e., Bunter deals with Peter's shellshock in the less than helpful setting of Duke's Denver. This fanfic addresses so many issues, including why Peter reacted so differently from Bunter to similar circumstances (and Peter's canon aversion to giving orders), and why Bunter stays in Peter's orbit malgre the class divide. So few fics for this pairing, and all one-sided in this particular fic.
fanfic  Lord-Peter  gen  slash  pair:PeterWimsey/MervynBunter  ref:ptsd  ref:backstory  ref:pining  ref:angst  ref:WWI  ref:UST  ref:unrequited  au:kindkit  fandom:LordPeter 
march 2014 by zhena
Buttons and Bayonets: A Small History of the Great War by kindkit
Lord Peter Wimsey series (Sayers), Peter/Bunter. Major Wimsey and Sgt. Bunter meet and survive the Great War together. Series of consecutive vignettes during and immediately after the war. // Holy cow. Peter/Bunter is an incredibly rare pair, and this fic is so worthwhile. The trench incident is canon; the fallout extrapolated from seems entirely reasonable. (I.e., much as I love Harriet, it's equally clear that Something Is There with Peter and Bunter, and it's been a shame that hardly anyone will touch it.)
fanfic  Lord-Peter  slash  pair:PeterWimsey/MervynBunter  yuletide  yuletide2013  ref:WWI  ref:angst  ref:backstory  ref:ptsd  au:kindkit  fandom:LordPeter 
january 2014 by zhena
Green Ice by Adina
Jeeves and Wooster/Lord Peter Wimsey, gen. Bertie is not the only invitee to Aunt Agatha's latest house party. Flimsy Wimsey and the Attenburys and their emeralds round out the ensemble. // Finished AO3 version (of unfinished Yuletide story), which cleverly crosses over two canons via a valid take on the usual Wooster non compos mentis. It has beta-ish issues, but the overall idea compensates.

* Armistice, https://archiveofourown.org/works/9844472
Short followup: Bertie's peculiar approach to November 11th and a minor dustup at the Bellona Club.
fanfic  Lord-Peter  gen  pair:Jeeves/Wooster  xover  ref:pastiche  ref:casefic  ref:ptsd  ref:WWI  au:adina  fandom:LordPeter  fandom:PGWodehouse  Jeeves-and-Wooster  Sayers  Wodehouse 
march 2013 by zhena
The Distant Hum of Engines by thankyouturtle
Lord Peter Wimsey, Viscount St. George. After St. George is discharged in less than optimum shape; Peter invites him to Talboys for some spy work. // This is actually a fix-it fic, considering that DLS had him killed in WWII. And I like that in this fic he's finally found something resembling a purpose. ETA: Evidently unbetaed: One character, Hilary Thorpe from "Nine Tailors," changes names halfway thru -- confusing!
fanfic  Lord-Peter  gen  yuletide2012  ref:spies  ref:PTSD  ref:WWII  ref:fixit  au:thanyouturtle  fandom:LordPeter 
january 2013 by zhena
Don't You Shake Alone by Dira Sudis (dsudis)
Generation Kill, Brad/Nate. On leave from his Royal Marines stint, Brad (POV) drops in unannounced to visit Nate in Washington DC; the two had had a tentative, if unspoken understanding when they'd left Iraq, but then Nate had returned to his girlfriend and seemingly dropped Brad like a bad habit. Now Brad discovers that Nate's not living alone: he has a very small roommate named Linus, and a very huge case of PTSD. // 62K of kidfic? I don't like kidfic for the sake thereof, but this one actually does work. It's engrossing and mildly suspenseful, and seems IC given the situation. Brad slowly sorts Nate out in the limited time he has, and Nate comes to grips with being a single father, having Brad back on hand, and getting his head back together. Ray also pops up, in a very Ray way.
"The Frame You Made," http://archiveofourown.org/works/1903968 Brad is back for Linus's first christmas, and Cory stops by as well.
fanfic  GenerationKill  slash  AU  ref:postcanon  ref:ptsd  ref:first-time  ref:kidfic  au:DiraSudis  au:dsudis  fandom:GenerationKill  pair:Brad/Nate 
july 2012 by zhena
Give My Regards to Soul and Romance by gdgdbaby
Generation Kill, Brad/Ray. Set of three consecutive fics: "Ray is oblivious, brad is repressed, and it all ends in blowjobs, basically."
* "The Kids Are All Right," http://archiveofourown.org/works/363900 Gen. Brad POV. Back from Iraq, Ray's obviously a mess. Brad hauls him out on a road trip, where they stop in to see various Bravos, and Brad silently unfucks Ray's brain.
* "We Are All Going Forward," http://archiveofourown.org/works/369887 Gen, Ray POV. Back from the Royal Marines, Brad spends his libo hanging out with Ray in Missouri, tagging along to the health club and band gigs. Ray is baffled but amenable.
* "And Take My Waking Slow," http://archiveofourown.org/works/372181 Brad/Ray. Brad shows up where Ray's now living in California and announces that he's ready to leave the Corps. Ray knows better -- but doesn't know everything Brad's been thinking.
Excellent character voices, lots of canon shoutouts, believable situations. So good.
fanfic  GenerationKill  type:gen  type:slash  pair:Brad/Ray  ref:series  ref:postcanon  ref:ptsd  ref:pining  ref:roadtrip  ref:first-time  au:gdgdbaby  fandom:GenerationKill 
may 2012 by zhena
Concession by obsession_inc
Iron Man (movieverse), gen. While the media is in a frenzy over the search for Tony Stark, who went down over the Pacific, Christine Everhart is investigating the disappearance of his assistant Virginia Potts; no one else appears to have noticed that she'd gone missing some time before. // Mystery with dense, twisty plot. Also creepy. (Last person in fandom to read this? Maybe. Looked up after reading description in a journal article: http://journal.transformativeworks.org/index.php/twc/article/view/286/236 )
fanfic  IronMan  gen  AU  ouch  ref:casefic  ref:mystery  ref:ptsd  ref:outsiderPOV  ref:in-world  au:obsession_inc  fandom:IronMan  ref:angst  ref:meta  char:ChristineEverhart 
may 2012 by zhena
Shining on the Quay by topaz119
"Shining on the Quay," http://archiveofourown.org/works/271638
Star Trek Reboot, Kirk/Pike. Christopher Pike goes into rehab, and his most persistent visitor is the new captain of the Enterprise. // Long and awesome, and thoroughly convinced me of the rightness of this pairing. (OH! Now it's a series.)
Linked: "So Screwed," Kirk/OMC,
a prequel fic, where Kirk picks up random older dudes in bars until he figures out what he's really after.
"Starlit Wave," http://archiveofourown.org/works/7897141 Kirk/Pike. Christopher takes the long trip to Yorktown, worried the whole way that a 20-month absence hasn't made Jim's heart grow fonder.
fanfic  StarTrekReboot  slash  ref:plot  ref:ptsd  ref:first-time  ref:established  au:topaz119  pair:JameKirk/ChristopherPike  fandom:StarTrek 
january 2012 by zhena

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