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Want You in My Room by beethechange
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Shane/Ryan, college AU. During his frat's first kegger of the quarter, Ryan spots some rando bro holding up a wall across the room and boom, plans to "climb that dude like a tree." Unfortunately his flirting game ("This house is super haunted!") is wasted on That Dude, who seems the opposite of interested. Fate intervenes: they're signed up for the same history course. // 13K, Ryan POV. Fun, fun jock/nerd AU, with various Buzzfeeders as college peeps, and Ryan being Ryan in any setting.
"So I was thinking, what about a short-form video that was sort of, like, poking fun of some crazy history story? I was thinking a panel of a few people to talk through the story, and maybe some cool graphics or animations.”
“How short form?”
“Fifteen, maybe twenty minutes? Something we can stick on YouTube so we won’t have to pay for a platform or distribution, and that we can make by December without driving ourselves crazy. History’s basically just storytelling, so the trick is to choose a story that’s inherently sort of bugfuck insane.”
“Like President Ben Franklin’s weird sex cult thing.”
“You know about—-oh, hang on,” Shane leans forward in his chair, tenting his fingers together like he’s about to interrogate Ryan. His eyes are beseeching. “Ryan. Ryan, please tell me you know Ben Franklin wasn’t a president.”
“Then why’s he on the hundred dollar bill? Why’s it all about the Benjamins, huh, Shane? See, I know things.”
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  AU  ref:college  ref:humor  ref:pining  ref:opposites  ref:bffs-to-lovers  ref:first-time  au:beethechange  fandom:Buzzfeed 
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Anywhere You Want to Go by Aria
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. Crowley persuades Aziraphale that a holiday in a cottage away from London, near the beach is now called for and gets no argument. // 10K. Aziraphale POV. Comfy, slow progression of napping to picnicking to handholding to kissing ... to smut. Read this before and wasn't impressed by the lack of anything in particular happening, but belatedly I'm recalling that sometimes this is precisely what I want from fanfic.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:postcanon  ref:cottage  ref:molasses  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:first-time  au:aria  fandom:GoodOmens 
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But I Haven't Thought of You Lately at All by beethechange
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane. "In 2026, seven years after the end of Buzzfeed Unsolved, a guy walks into a bar." // 10K. Shane POV. Both have long since moved on to other jobs when they accidentally meet again in a bar and neither is in a relationship right now, so ... drunk and horny in New Orleans.
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  ref:postcanon  ref:first-time  ref:pining  au:beethechange  fandom:Buzzfeed 
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Begin the Begin, Over and Over by beethechange
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane. "Shane only agrees to be handcuffed to Ryan for a video because he can put up with anything for twenty-four hours. That’s the funny thing about time loops, though—they don’t always adhere to the parameters set by clickbait videos." // 33K. In this one, Shane's puddling along in the office while Ryan's off independent contracting until he's hauled in to participate in one of those "handcuffed together" videos. At which point, for Shane, time begins looping a la Groundhog's Day. Fic skips past the utter tedium of most fics with this trope (it doesn't get bogged down in repetitive details) and manages to stay an interesting pine-a-thon.
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  AU  ref:postcanon  ref:angst  ref:groundhogday  ref:timetravel  ref:pining  ref:oblivious  ref:handcuffs  ref:amnesia  ref:fixit  ref:first-time  au:beethechange  fandom:Buzzfeed 
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The Weight of Well Tailored Clothes by reserve
Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley. "After the crêpes, Crowley helps Aziraphale get his clothing back. Then he helps a bit more." // 5K. Gratitude and rimming and amazingly pornographic.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:precanon  ref:historical  ref:first-time  ref:PWP  via:zimaya  au:reserve  fandom:GoodOmens  via:elise.grey 
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An Answer to Prayer by Jupiter_Ash
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "Prayers can be answered in a multitude of different ways. When it came to a certain cottage in the South Downs though, no one had expected it to be answered by the squealing wheels of a classic Bentley and Queen's 'Princes of the Universe.' All Karen wanted to do was sell a house." // 3.8K. Mainly an outside POV, but later not. A cottage is conveniently for sale when two peculiar people happen to be looking for one.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:postcanon  ref:cottage  ref:outsiderPOV  via:epaulettes  fandom:GoodOmens 
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You, Soft and Only by thehoyden
Good Omens, Browley/Aziraphale. "He hadn’t expected a sudden lapful of angel. 'Very sorry about this,' Aziraphale said, and kissed him." Multiple encounters over, multiple instances of ... assisting. // 9.4K. Crowley POV. Wherein the Arrangement not only extends to kissing as subterfuge, but also marriage of convenience and genderswapping and smut, all rolled into one handy fic.
fanfic  GoodOmens  het  femslash  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:recanon  ref:historical  ref:pretendcouple  ref:marriage-of-convenience  ref:genderswap  via:shadowkeeper  au:Hoyden  fandom:GoodOmens 
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It's Not The End Of The World, Dear by jessthereckless
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "After averting the apocalypse, Crowley and Aziraphale re-examine their relationship and reach the obvious conclusion: they're retired, they're in love and they're damn well going to enjoy it. Providing, of course, that they can stay out of trouble." // 20.7K total.

* "Lie Back and Think of Dinner," https://archiveofourown.org/works/19136509 Even though Crowley has been pining away industriously for thousands of years, he doesn't immediately twig onto Oxfordshire's sudden spurt of Foretean mysteries and fracking side effects as attempts to lure him into a picnic. // 11K. Fun, bantery, and ultimately a bit porny.

* "Still My Heart Has Wings," https://archiveofourown.org/works/19280641 "The story of how an angel and demon somehow set up home together." // 10K, sequel to previous. Aziraphale gets to try Many Naughty Things, Crowley gets to sort out his own role in the relationship -- and confront the whole idea of retirement.
Aziraphale looked like he very much wanted to swear. “This was you, wasn’t it?” he said. “IKEA instructions?”
Crowley grinned. He always liked to take credit for bad work.
“I knew it,” said Aziraphale. “Driving people slowly insane with affordable Swedish furniture. Of course it had to be you.”
“Look, you were the one who said I should get a hobby.”
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:postcanon  ref:humor  ref:courting  ref:pining  ref:oblivious  ref:BFFs-to-lovers  ref:banter  ref:first-time  ref:xeno  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:best-of-rec  via:shadowkeeper  au:jessthereckless  fandom:GoodOmens 
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Mr. Fell Attempts to Buy a Book from Mr. Bennet by AMarguerite
Pride & Prejudice/Good Omens, gen. "Mrs. Bennet attempts to husband hunt. Aziraphale attempts to buy a book. No one gets what they want." // 1.3K. LOLOL. Very short P&P pastiche set in London.
fanfic  GoodOmens  gen  ref:pastiche  ref:xover  ref:historical  ref:humor  via:sophia_sol  fandom:GoodOmens 
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Lest They Be Angels in Disguise by Raven (singlecrow)
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "Buzzfeed, July 2019, 'Top Five Off-the-Wall Theories About the Scary Instagram Plant Man'." #acceptablerosesofinstagram, or Crowley's sideline as a mysterious social media influencer. // <1K. Images mainly with accompanying text -- faux IG posts and snippets of user comments on them and news commentary about them. Fun, but I found it awfully difficult to parse at first glance; some line rules visually separating the items would have helped.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:epistolary  ref:humor  ref:meta  ref:outsiderPOV  ref:Internet  via:sophia_sol  au:singlecrow  fandom:GoodOmens 
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By Definition by idiopathicsmile
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. Aziraphale decides the time is right to make a move on Crowley. Who's confused but DTF. // 3K, Aziraphale POV all. One of those pedantic asexuality fics, plus slightly D/s overtones. Usually I avoid fics like this, but the rest of it is sufficiently amusing.

* "Long-Term," https://archiveofourown.org/works/19703515 Dr. Blackwell meets with an odd couple who're planning an October wedding. // 1.7K, Outsider POV, sequel to previous fic. Sweet fic, and better that the one it's a sequel for, imho.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:postcanon  ref:first-time  ref:D/s  ref:asexuality  ref:wedding  ref:humor  au:idiopathicsmile  fandom:GoodOmens 
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Strange Pilgrims: Being the Account of a lost Angel, the Journeys of a Demon, the meaning of Free Will, of the Unravelling of a Prophecy, and of Being Unravelled by it in Turn by sousverre
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. Aziraphale goes missing, and after a lot of trouble (and a short prophecy), Crowley finds him human and married to an investment banker. After inveigling himself into Aziraphale's new life as a small, chatty pet snake, Crowley first has to solve the puzzle of Aziraphale's amnesia. // 30.4K, Crowley POV, WIP. Actually enjoying this enormously, but ... WIP. Argh. Last update: C6, 07/09.
fandom:GoodOmens  fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  gen  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:WIP  ref:plot  ref:postcanon  ref:amnesia  ref:pining  ref:jealousy  ref:kidnapping  via:as_lld_again  au:sousverre 
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Back Room by forthegreatergood
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "Aziraphale actually does have quite an extensive collection of pornography in the bookshop. Like most of the questionable things in Aziraphale’s life, it’s Crowley’s fault." // 5.6K, Aziraphale POV. Crowley keeps 'finding' valuable porn then turning it over for various reasons; Aziraphale finally catches a clue. A fanfic about porn, which is not itself porn, lol.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:pining  ref:molasses  ref:oblivious  ref:courting  ref:first-kiss  via:zimaya  au:forthegreatergood  fandom:GoodOmens 
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Mind, Body, and Soul by BlueMinuet
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "In which Crowley’s body — upon trying to contain both an angel and a demon within it — experiences an explosion of a sort. Just not the kind Aziraphale predicted." // 2K. Crowley POV, fork AU where Aziraphale goes for the 'possess the demon' option instead of lighting out to look for a suitable human sort.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:fork  ref:first-time  ref:publicsex  ref:humor  ref:possession  via:as_lld_again  au:blueminuet  fandom:GoodOmens 
7 weeks ago by zhena
When in Rome by reserve
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "'Well.' Crowley stood and stretched, looking rather more serpentine than usual. 'See you at the orgy then. I’ll look for you by the buffet.'" Too many oysters and too much wine later, to his dismay Aziraphale finds he's agreed to a collaboration of sorts... // 3.2K. Aziraphale POV, wherein he inadvertently invents the "Quick! Kiss me!" maneuver. LOL. Excellent fanfic.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:historical  ref:precanon  ref:first-time  ref:publicsex  ref:oblivious  ref:humor  ref:angst  via:zimaya  au:reserve  fandom:GoodOmens 
7 weeks ago by zhena
A Dilettante Sort of Way by couldaughter
Lord Peter Wimsey (Sayers)/Good Omens, gen. Peter, at a loose end, decides to try his own hand at acquiring a volume from the shop of legend. // 2K. No plot per se, just an-amusing-meet-up type fic. Mr. Fell probably *would* be a total fanboy for a Real Famous Detective. (Tho I'd reckon Peter's already encountered the notorious A.J. Crowley in some capacity.)
For all that it retained some prestige as one of the oldest continually operating bookshops in London, A.Z. Fell & Co had an abysmal reputation among the social circles Lord Peter Wimsey had inveigled himself into following the War - being made up primarily of self-proclaimed intellectuals, artistes, and independently wealthy collectors of incunabala, this was perhaps not entirely surprising. Familiarity breeds contempt, or so Peter had heard.
fanfic  Lord-Peter  GoodOmens  Sayers  gen  pair:PeterWimsey|Aziraphale  ref:xover  via:epaulettes  au:couldaughter  fandom:LordPeter  fandom:GoodOmens 
7 weeks ago by zhena
The Inevitable by Toft
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "That night at Crowley's flat." // 2K. Crowley POV. Wherein, as it turns out, Aziraphale is DTF, but all Crowley can take is "a bit of a cuddle."
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:missing-scene  ref:angst  ref:pining  ref:bedsharing  ref:huddling-for-warmth  ref:first-kiss  au:Toft  fandom:GoodOmens 
7 weeks ago by zhena
Every Angel Is Terrifying by punkfaery
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "If looking at Aziraphale’s true form is like staring into the sun, Crowley’s is almost the exact opposite." In which they're both eldritch in a mind-bending fashion, but they like each other anyway. // 4.7K, Aziraphale POV. No plot, no porn, more after a concept fic: GO by way of Lovecraft, I suppose, without actually tipping over into horror.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:domestic  ref:first-kiss  ref:alien-wtf  au:punkfaery  fandom:GoodOmens 
7 weeks ago by zhena
Not So Blue by pineapplecrushface
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "Aziraphale presses his suit. Crowley mostly has a lot of questions." // 5.5K. Crowley POV. Fic in which nothing in particular happens but aftermath hanging out, with Crowley reeking of pine scent and pathetic, but it still manages to be readable. This is the one with the talking swallow, btw.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:postcanon  ref:pining  ref:first-time  ref:wallsex  au:pineapplecrushface  fandom:GoodOmens 
7 weeks ago by zhena
Let Sleeping Snakes Lie by kythen
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "The world doesn't end. Crowley falls asleep. And Aziraphale stays by his side, waiting for him to wake up again." After Crowley goes into hibernation for a year, Aziraphale carts him around and pines. // 4.6K, Aziraphale POV. Rather cool notion but not esp. well written. Fic would be half as long if author simply stopped repeating same ideas over and over with slightly different wording.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:postcanon  ref:animal-transform  ref:pining  ref:domestic  au:kythen  fandom:GoodOmens 
7 weeks ago by zhena
A City Wall and a Trampoline by kafkian
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "5 times Crowley knows he’s in love with Aziraphale + 1 time he knows the reverse." BFFs move out of London, share a cottage, a laptop, and an invitation to a wedding. All the while Crowley pines for things he can't have. // 4.7K. Crowley POV, purest curtain fic, with nuclear-grade pining.
Crowley gestures vaguely to humanity, which was presumably getting on with its business somewhere in the distance, comfortably far away from their small abode. It wasn’t that Crowley hadn’t liked London while he was living there, but it’s occurred to him since their relocation that he’d been warping the city around his own needs and desires for so long that he no longer knew it particularly well outside his carefully carved corner. He’d been rather startled to discover that he actually did want peace and quiet. He was getting old.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:5+1  ref:curtainfic  ref:domestic  ref:pining  ref:retirement  ref:first-kiss  au:kafkian  fandom:GoodOmens 
7 weeks ago by zhena
The Gift by rfsmiley
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "Crowley is stunned when, out of the blue, Aziraphale has a proposal. Yes, that kind." // 1.3K. Crowley POV, and a new area for them to be failcakes. Short, touching fic (better than it sounds like it'd be).
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:humor  ref:angst  ref:courting  ref:established  au:rfsmiley  fandom:GoodOmens 
7 weeks ago by zhena
A Street in a Strange World by Giddygeek
Good Omens, Crowley/Azirapale. They clean up melted demon, discuss plant care, and don pajamas. Then Aziraphale's introduced to the concept of sleep, and God decides to have a chat in his subsequent dream -- leading to a solution to their prophecy and mutual problem. // 8K. Huge fan of her popslash back when; TBH, I don't think this is one of her best ones, but its perfectly serviceable.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:domestic  ref:bffs-to-lovers  ref:first-time  ref:bodyswap  ref:missing-scene  au:giddygeek  fandom:GoodOmens 
7 weeks ago by zhena
A Home at the Beginning of the World by stereobone
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "'Oh,' Aziraphale says. 'I think Crowley might have moved in with me.'" It starts with a small plant, escalates with a new couch, and after a while... // ~6K. Crowley takes a general expression of affection as a literal invitation, and slowly, slowly moves himself in with Aziraphale, while neglecting to actually tell him that they're living together now. 100% always an entertaining theme.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:humor  ref:molasses  ref:first-time  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  au:stereobone  fandom:GoodOmens 
7 weeks ago by zhena
Adventures in Attempting to Purchase a Book from That Weird Old Soho Bookshop, A. Z. Fell & Co. by Quandtuniverse
Good Omens, gen. "A rare book collector posting on a niche internet forum is dismayed to learn that the final missing book he needs from a series is only available at the best worst bookshop in London." // 1.3K. Fun, and not long! It's a series of posts to an Internet forum, wherein everyone shares despair and advice about the best approach to a notoriously peculiar bookshop. (And it's not clear why the mods have not banned their "DangerNoodle666" troll.) I do love stuff like this.

* "So You Need To Get Into A.Z. Fell & Co.; Now What? (A Guide For Unfortunate Bookworms)" by arkhamcycle, https://archiveofourown.org/works/19893115 // Followup fic in the form of the FAQ mentioned to in the previous fanfic.
via:sophia_sol  fanfic  GoodOmens  gen  ref:meta  ref:humor  ref:angst  ref:epistolary  ref:outsiderPOV  ref:Internet  ref:in-world  au:quandtuniverse  au:arkhamcycle  fandom:GoodOmens 
8 weeks ago by zhena
The Sublime Physical Manifestation of Divine Love by Deputychairman
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "'Not objecting, just a point of uh, theological interest: is this a temptation? I mean are you tempting *me* here, or is it ... uhm?'" After they've both goten blasted at the Ritz, Aziraphale is DTF -- he just needs to talk Crowley into the idea. // 2.6K, PWP. Pleasant, amusing, and not overly or weirdly technical about the smut.
Aziraphale opened his mouth as if to protest, closed it again, and finally offered: "Well actually now that you mention it I suppose it is. I mean I am, yes. But temptation seems such a loaded word, doesn’t it? I just thought, in for a penny in for a pound – if they’re even watching they already know we’ve been consorting together, so we might as well make the most of it. Consort to our hearts' content, so to speak."
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:PWP  ref:humor  ref:role-reversal  ref:first-time  via:shadowkeeper  au:deputychairman  fandom:GoodOmens 
8 weeks ago by zhena
Love Hath Made Thee a Tame Snake by thehoyden
Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale. "He was the bloody Serpent of Eden, and he wasn’t going to stand for this kind of flagrant trespassing." Crowley discovers the benefits of hanging about in the bookshop as a very large snake. // 3.5K. This is the one with the Yelp reviews at the bottom (including "Anthony C" approving of the comment by someone who got bit). This is also the one with Aziraphale going spring frolic + genital genderswap. It's a lot, and packed into a small space.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:humor  ref:animal-transform  ref:first-time  ref:genderswap  ref:heat  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:outsiderPOV  ref:meta  ref:Internet  via:shadowkeeper  au:Hoyden  fandom:GoodOmens 
8 weeks ago by zhena
Going Native by equestrianstatue
Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley. In Terribly Modern And Cutting Edge Rome, in 41 AD, a demon and an angel run into each other in a bar, move on to eating oysters, then discover Questionable Choices Made While Drunk on a Friday Night. // 4.4K. LOL. Third person omniscient pastiche again, lots of fun.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:pastiche  ref:historical  ref:humor  ref:first-time  au:equestrianstatue  fandom:GoodOmens 
8 weeks ago by zhena
Riding in Cars with Demons by equestrianstatue
Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley. "'Careful of the upholstery,' Crowley said, immediately, and in the same voice he used to announce the passage of a condemned soul into hell." The pitfalls of making out in the backseat of a vintage Bentley with the owner of same. // 2.4K. Omniscient and/or Bentley POV, lol. Reasonably good stab at pastiche, thus smutty in a wry, arch fashion that wanders off to comment on other topics periodically.
“Well,” Crowley said. “Some of the way there.”
Aziraphale, whose fingers were now resting under the hem of Crowley’s top, said, apparently in explanation, “Who told thee that thou wast naked, et cetera?” When this didn’t seem to do the trick, he said, “Well, I thought, if you want this to be fun, which for you presumably means transgressional in some way, one might as well commit the original sin of covering one’s nakedness.” Crowley blinked at him. Aziraphale said, “I like it when you keep most of your clothes on.”
“Right,” said Crowley, his voice a bit tight.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:humor  ref:outsiderPOV  ref:carsex  au:equestrianstatue  fandom:GoodOmens 
8 weeks ago by zhena
Ordinary People (The Anything But Ordinary Remix) by cimorene
Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley. "Crowley has started to take a proprietary interest in Aziraphale's bookshop." That is, Crowley has finally decided to make his move and begins by way of interior redecoration. // 14.4K. Charmer. I really loved Daegaer's fic at the time, and I'd no idea cimorene had remixed it. In this variation there's just as much painting, but they're the usual two rather than humans.
fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:pining  ref:courting  ref:curtainfic  ref:molasses  ref:first-time  via:shadowkeeper  au:cimorene  fandom:GoodOmens 
8 weeks ago by zhena
Hood & Glove by Fahye
Yuri on Ice, AU, Otabek/Yuri (main), Yuuri/Victor. "'I don't mess with the fae,' Otabek says. 'I'm not asking you to mess with them," JJ flat-out lies." After hero for hire Otabek turns down King JJ's contract to investigate the slacker king of the fairies, he finds himself stalked by a cranky, obstinate fairy who seems hellbent on waylaying him. // 12.5K, Otabek POV. Found this in an old tab, but I don't recall some of the stuff at the end (maybe it was a WIP last time I read it? IDK). Anyhoo, fairly entertaining fantasy AU that mixes in a variety of fairy tale elements.
fanfic  Yuri-on-Ice  slash  pair:YuriPlisetsky/OtabekAltin  pair:YuriKatsuki/VictorNikiforov  AU  ref:fantasy  ref:fairytale  ref:humor  ref:UST  ref:pricklypair  au:fahye  fandom:Yuri_on_Ice 
11 weeks ago by zhena
A Road Bright and Swift by Dorinda
Lord of the Rings, Legolas/Gimli. The two travel back via Fangorn to their respective peoples: Gimli learns to swim, a parlous side quest is undertaken, and Legolas frets like a porpentine. // 15.6K, Legolas POV.
Gimli, freshly-wakened, was lying with his head propped on one hand, his blanket at his waist. And he said, his voice morning-hoarse, "If my memory doesn't fail me, we'll be reaching the River Limlight soon. I'd dearly love a wash."
Legolas's heart seized and tightened. The Limlight was in the very north of the forest, and once across it, they would emerge from their easy wandering, cracking out of the chrysalis to the pain of the open air. No more Fangorn, no more careless peace, no more Gimli at dawn stretching his muscles limber and grumbling about the wear of a bootsole.
And all the future losses lined themselves up.
fanfic  LotR  slash  pair:Gimli/Legolas  ref:postcanon  ref:camping  ref:pining  ref:angst  ref:H/C  ref:huddling-for-warmth  au:Dorinda  fandom:LotR 
12 weeks ago by zhena
Live Wire by gryvon
Naruto, Iruka/Kakashi, AU. "Iruka opens the door expecting to find yet another assassin. He gets Kakashi instead." // 3K, Iruka POV, cyberpunk AU. Iruka, a retired mech designer, deals with an unknown mech sent to him for repairs by one of his "children," Naruto. Very cool and TOO SHORT.
fanfic  Naruto  slash  gen  pair:KakashiHatake/IrukaUmino  AU  ref:robots  ref:cyberpunk  ref:humor  ref:UST  via:rikugou  au:gryvon  fandom:Naruto 
may 2019 by zhena
Fight Like Girls for Our Place at the Table by napricot
Captain America, Sharon/Natasha (Steve/Bucky). "'It sure feels like a demotion. You’re taking me out of the field and out of intel analysis to babysit Captain America.' How Sharon Carter gets her groove back, fucks up some Nazis, and gets the girl, with unasked-for assists from a super soldier couple." // 52K. Sharon POV all. Pretty entertaining, v.v. slo-mo romance for Sharon, who's smitten with Natasha and later comes to think the regard could be mutual. Starts before CA:WS then forks after, so lots of agenting around for the CIA. (I'm kind of enjoying this seeming fandom consensus that none of the movies after that matter.)
via:unicorndust  fanfic  CaptainAmerica  femslash  slash  pair:SharonCarter/NatashaRomanova  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:WS  ref:fork  ref:pining  ref:UST  ref:molasses  ref:first-time  ref:courting  ref:spies  ref:yenta  au:napricot  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
may 2019 by zhena
Flyboys by aerialiste
SGA/Captain America, John/Sam. "John Sheppard is on convalescent leave--or at least that’s what he keeps telling himself, though it looks a lot more like hiding in a crappy apartment in Houston, never leaving except for physical therapy and more alcohol. So he’s not sure why he turns up at a kink club, much less why he starts hanging out with Sam Wilson, probably the only other guy on the planet with a tighter security clearance than his--not that either of them much wants to talk about work.
Two airmen, both with troubled pasts, find solace in each other one humid Gulf Coast summer. And the strength of the pull John feels toward Sam surprises him more than the odds of their meeting at all." // 100K(!), AU crossover. Post-CA:WS fork on the Marvel side; might also fork on SGA side (never watched last season, so dunno). Alternating POV. LONG, ~angst and unrequited pining galore, military jargon, lots of convoluted BDSM junk that's lost on me (John wants his ass kicked; Sam wants to kick it, I guess), background character death, pretty necessary glossary squirreled away in a side fic. But, all that aside, it's weirdly readable, generally well written with a good effort to sync the canons, and I wasn't bored.

* Timestamp + Glossary, https://archiveofourown.org/works/18210944 A kinda ehhh prefic threesome (John/Teyla/Kanaan); tagged on the bottom is the main fic's glossary. Wish I'd known it was there when I was reading the other fic. I'm sure this arrangement made sense to someone.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  SGA  slash  pair:JohnSheppard/SamWilson  AU  ref:xover  ref:fork  ref:angst  ref:ouch  ref:pining  ref:bdsm  ref:D/s  ref:H/C  via:sophia_sol  au:aerialiste  fandom:SGA  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
may 2019 by zhena
Not Exactly Shakespeare, or The Fine Art of Running Away by tuesday
Naruto, Guy/Kakashi. After Guy discovers that Kakashi really has been reading those books for the plot, he sets himself a new challenge. // 3.5. Here, Guy gets around in a limited way, but Kakashi never has. 'Best buds who put up with each others' weirdness' fics are great for me.
fanfic  Naruto  slash  pair:KakashiHatake/GuyMighto  ref:virginity  ref:first-time  ref:bffs-to-lovers  ref:humor  ref:H/C  via:killaria  au:tuesday  au:everysecondtuesday  fandom:Naruto 
may 2019 by zhena
Rice by torch
Naruto, Kakashi/Guy. "Kakashi and Guy are on a mission. The mission isn't quite what they think it is." That is, Kakashi and Guy are sent to investigate a village that has requested an alliance with Konoha, and they sample the local cuisine. // 6.6K. Sex pollen via Torch-sama! :D
fanfic  Naruto  slash  pair:KakashiHatake/GuyMighto  ref:sexpollen  ref:first-time  ref:dubcon  ref:casefic  au:torch  au:flambeau  fandom:Naruto 
may 2019 by zhena
Phoenix by forgetme
Naruto, Kakashi/Guy. "Kakashi comes back to life. It takes a while. (takes place after chapter 450)" // 8K. Kakashi wandering around Konoha Crater, aaaangsting about how he never told Guy he was into him before he died (and generally being kinda useless), but now he can't seem to corner Guy to tell him anything ('cause he's busy being kinda useful).
fanfic  Naruto  slash  pair:KakashiHatake/GuyMighto  ref:pining  ref:angst  au:forgetme  fandom:Naruto 
may 2019 by zhena
Good Lives by jibrailis
Naruto, Gai/Kakashi. "Gai accidentally becomes first lady of Konoha." // 7.6K. Gai POV, post-postcanon. Gai gets dragooned into dealing with ceremonial and community stuff for Hokage Kakashi, and only occasionally lets resentment cloud his ever-sunny day. Interesting fic ... humor but also not.
Seiji looks doubtful. Jiro's even more curious. "What does the Hokage's partner do?"
"An excellent question!" Gai says. "A loyal companion of the Hokage might go to a gardening competition like this one and use his fresh and youthful perspective to judge the winner." A loyal companion might also invite the Hokage to his home every night, cook for him, allow him into his bed, and have sex with him, but that's not for innocent ears to hear. They're both men with certain physical needs, and this is an easy arrangement they've had for years. Kakashi needs someone to fuck, and Gai is convenient, always hanging around with zero probability of one day stabbing him in the dark. That's good enough to get by. Gai won't overstretch himself by asking for more. He already has more of Kakashi than he ever dreamed possible.
fic  kakashi/gai  naruto  futurefic  marriagefic  fluff  fanfic  slash  pair:KakashiHatake/GuyMaito  ref:postcanon  ref:accidental-marriage  ref:marriage-of-convenience  au:jibrailis  fandom:Naruto  via:exclamations 
may 2019 by zhena
Antifreeze by astolat
Transformers, Megatron/Starscream. "'Starscream, has it ever occurred to you that you’re an idiot?' Megatron said." Starscream's clever trap for Megatron succeeds! Except he's caught in it, too. // 2.3K. Read this one before at some unghodly hour and mentally set it aside for later. OTOH, it's basically "humorous rape; subcategory: just desserts." OTOH, it is funny. So I'm ~conflicted.
fanfic  Transformers  slash  pair:Megatron/Starscream  ref:robots  ref:CanadianShack  ref:huddling-for-warmth  ref:humor  ref:noncon  ref:enemysex  ref:tsuntsun  ref:first-time  via:Harpijka  au:astolat  fandom:Transformers 
april 2019 by zhena
Bind Me Tight by PandaFlower
Naruto, Tobirama Senju/Kagami Uchiha. "In which Kagami gets the upper hand by complete accident and Tobirama would like a divorce, please and thank you." Kagami sets traps around his hidey-hole with whatever comes to hand, but to his dismay snares a rival Senju -- in his bridal rope. // 15.5K. Kagami POV. Hadn't planned to read this as I only vaguely recalled one of the characters. But then I said eh, consulted the wiki, and read it anyway. It turned out to be really entertaining. In this AU, Uchiha clan tradition is bride-napping -- first lasso, next elope. Whoops...
fanfic  Naruto  slash  pair:KagamiUchiha/TobiramaSenju  ref:accidental-marriage  ref:enemyslash  ref:H/C  ref:humor  ref:courting  ref:first-time  via:exclamations  au:pandaflower  fandom:Naruto 
april 2019 by zhena
It Started Like This by sky_somedays
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane. "Shane thinks that if he can just pin down when it started, maybe he can do something about it. Think himself out of it, somehow. Understand the problem to solve the problem. (He tries not to think about what, exactly, the problem is.)" // 2.4K. Shane POV. Spinning his mental wheels until Ryan puts the moves on him. Not a complexcated fic, but nice for what it is. No smut. (Also nice to see fanfic show up on popular/fandom once in a while...)
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  ref:pining  via:popular  au:sky_somedays  fandom:Buzzfeed 
april 2019 by zhena
Like a Japanese Game Show by irishmizzy
Generation Kill, Brad/Ray. "Ray is a better symbol of home than anything else Brad can think of, which is probably an even bigger problem than the amnesia." After a training accident, Brad wakes up in the hospital missing the past three years. And apparently Ray's still living in his house and has volunteered himself to get Brad back up to speed. // 16.8K. Wow, this is pretty excellent Brad/Ray, with full on IC obnoxiousness from both.
“It’s 2010,” Brad complains as he eases his way into the waiting wheelchair, Ray dropping a plastic bag of his belongings on his lap before shouldering a second bag of Brad’s things. A nurse starts to push him down the hall, Ray leading the way. “I left recon. And for some reason, you’re still my roommate.”
“I know.” When Ray turns around, his smile stretches all the way across his face. Brad feels his stomach dip; he blames it on the massive head trauma. “You’re truly blessed.”
The nurse pushing Brad’s wheelchair tries to muffle her laugh. She does a terrible job.
fanfic  GenerationKill  slash  pair:Brad/Ray  ref:postcanon  ref:amnesia  ref:H/C  ref:banter  ref:established  ref:domestic  via:silviakundera  au:irishmizzy  fandom:GenerationKill 
april 2019 by zhena
Learning the Language by Allemande
DS9, Bashir/Garak, series 39K.
* Learning the Language, https://archiveofourown.org/works/753560 "Bashir works as a Doctor on Cardassia, learns Kardasi and learns something about his past along the way." // 13K. Another likable take on post-canon Cardassia, rebuilding efforts and courting. (No smut, here or in sequels.)

* "Facing the Past," https://archiveofourown.org/works/754718 "Bashir accompanies the Cardassian delegation to DS9, meets a few old friends as well as a threat to all of them." // 9.5K. Where "old friends" includes Kira and Ezri, and there's various political doings.

* "Stop the Press," https://archiveofourown.org/works/985157 "Bashir and Garak travel to Earth, where their relationship is discovered and revealed by the press." // 16K. Where celebrity gossip journos fixate on the new Cardassian Interim Ambassador's salacious secret, doing an end-run on Julian's tentative plans to gradually introduce his parents to both Garak and their relationship. (And the public at large also have An Opinion on the matter...) I've read this a couple of times; don't know why I've never saved it.
fanfic  DS9  slash  gen  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:series  ref:postcanon  ref:Cardassia  ref:molasses  ref:courting  ref:established  via:templemarker  au:allemande  fandom:DS9 
april 2019 by zhena
Your Love Is My Drug by tinsnip
Set of two fics, Garak/Bashir. // 21.5K total.

* "When You Go Away," https://archiveofourown.org/works/655134 "How dare Garak go off-station and miss lunch with Julian? Really, he's quite put out about it. Unusually so... Wait, what is this?" // 4.5K. Prequelish, a bit of introductory pining as Julian more or less trips into a realization he's crushing hardcore. Again.

* "Your Love Is My Drug," https://archiveofourown.org/works/724286 "Julian's research project in speculative reproductive xenobiology is turning out to be a little more complicated than he'd hoped." Julian attempts to court Garak ~subtly using Cardassian novels as a guide. // 17K. This is an Early Julian fic, so he's high-octane ~overly in all aspects, which is YMMV. With that in mind, it's a fun version of a popular theme -- Julian trying to figure out and enact a traditional courtship -- that mainly rolls along on pining and UST. Doesn't feel finished (we don't get the benefit of all that xeno research...), but evidently it is.
fanfic  DS9  slash  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:molasses  ref:UST  ref:pining  ref:courting  ref:humor  ref:miscommunication  ref:series  via:templemarker  au:tinsnip  fandom:DS9 
april 2019 by zhena
Sequence Break by Neery
Transformers, Optimus|Megatron, gen(ish). The Council bonds the spark of a captured revolutionary, the unwilling Megatron, to an equally unwilling Optimus via slave code. But Optimus's inconvenient glitches present problems for everyone. // 7K. Megatron POV. Only peripherally a slavefic, and not precisely a ship fic either. Seems like the beginning of something longer.
fanfic  Transformers  gen  pair:OptimusPrime/Megatron  ref:robots  ref:soulbond  ref:slavery  ref:UST  via:templemarker  au:neery  fandom:Transformers 
april 2019 by zhena
When Your Heart Beats Next to Mine by beethechange
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane, Ryan/Shane/Curly. Shane's joke on camera about Ryan's "virginity" leads to Curly offering up a suggested fun activity for the rest of the evening. Ryan, surprisingly, is down. // 10.7K, rotating POV, threesome roleplay with accompanying awkwardness and earnestness and a good time had by all. Wasn't certain how Curly OTT would work out in a sex scene, but it turned out fine.
Ryan perches there, sipping his mini-bar concoction. Somewhere along the way he toed out of his ghoul-hunting boots. His socked feet, crossed at the ankles in an attempt at casual, strike Shane as an effective touch, beautifully art-directed for vulnerability.
There might be too many producers in this hotel room.
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej/CurlyVelasquez  ref:yenta  ref:roleplay  ref:virginity  ref:ep-related  ref:humor  ref:threesome  ref:banter  au:beethechange  fandom:Buzzfeed 
april 2019 by zhena
Laid Bare by sixbeforelunch
Star Trek TNG, gen. "Deanna Troi unravels a psychological mystery." While the Enterprise explores an uncharted, seemly empty sector, the Vulcans on board begin to lose their chill in bad ways. // 37K. Troi POV. Case fic to solve basically, regulars and OCs. Interesting, some fairly cool ruminations on alien/cultural differences as well as shipboard culture; could definitely use a stiff beta in parts.
fanfic  StarTrek  gen  ref:casefic  ref:angst  ref:alien-wtf  via:fancake  au:sixbeforelunch  fandom:StarTrek 
april 2019 by zhena
The Revolutionary by astolat
Transformers, gen. The Autobot diversion mission of Ratchet and his buddies ends with them wrecked on a lovely, unknown planet filled with hordes of brainwashed mech slaves, all the high-grade energon anyone could want -- and Megatron and his entire top-level cadre of Decepticons. Evading detection and engineering an escape will require some cooperation. Somehow. // 46K. Ratchet POV all (Rivkat: "Leonard McCoy as an Autobot" = accurate). Complicated "enemies must collaborate" type plot that begins to get twisty and morally shaded about halfway through. As usual, X is what you thought was going on, but Y what's actually going on. (One sort-of generalized sex scene.)
fanfic  Transformers  gen  ref:robots  ref:plot  ref:backstory  ref:competence  ref:H/C  ref:miscommunication  au:astolat  fandom:Transformers 
april 2019 by zhena
Champion by astolat
Transformers, gen(ish). After Rumble discovers both arena vids of Megatron and the poetry of the Voice of Tarn during an off-world mission, he and the other cassettes work them into cool new stylings. Then their tracks draw the attention -- and assistance -- of aurally inclined Autobots, and before long raves are underway and even humans start showing up. But Rumble can't shake the guilt that he may be endangering the entire war effort. // 17.7K. Rumble POV, and I guess the pairing is Decepticons and Autobots. Amusing and entertaining way to potentially wind up a war.
See also O/M porny sequel, "Victorious" (Neery), https://archiveofourown.org/works/17567966
fanfic  Transformers  gen  ref:humor  ref:pricklypair  ref:robots  au:astolat  fandom:Transformers 
march 2019 by zhena
Victorious by Neery
Transformers, Optimus/Megatron. After Optimus accidentally stumbles over a sex stim recording of Megatron from back in his arena days, Optimus finds his ability to negotiate a peace treaty somewhat compromised. // 4K. Optimus POV. Technically a smutty sequel, but works on its own.
See also "Champion," Astolat, https://archiveofourown.org/works/12867291

* "Victory Lap," https://archiveofourown.org/works/17695067 "Rumble was gonna have to warn Megatron." He's noticed Optimus Prime has been giving Megatron strange looks -- clearly something hinky is afoot. // 1K, Megatron POV. LOL.
fanfic  Transformers  slash  pair:OptimusPrime/Megatron  ref:humor  ref:pining  ref:miscommunication  ref:first-time  ref:sequel  au:neery  fandom:Transformers 
march 2019 by zhena
Banners from the Turrets by DesdemonaKaylose, Neveralarch
Transformers, 3 fics, 20+K. "That day in Maccadam's, Megatron might have fallen a little bit head over heels." // I've had to spend inordinate amounts of time staring that the Transformers wiki trying to figure out who these characters are so that I can follow the porn. So far that's been worthwhile.

* https://archiveofourown.org/works/16687819, "The Servant Has No Such Ambitions" by DesdemonaKaylose
Transformers, Megatron/Rung. "Hey do you remember when Megatron not only remembered who Rung was several million years after a one-off meeting but also implied that Rung was an influence in his rise to power? Let's talk about how that might shake out." The two strike up a long-distance correspondence that leads to Rung joining the resistance ... sort of. // 7K. Well, no, I wouldn't remember 'cause not my fandom, but evidently Megatron in canon was a bit hung up on the dude. Ergo really hot fic with robots. Rung such is a weird, interesting character.

* https://archiveofourown.org/works/17628470
"The Snap of Spring" by DesdemonaKaylose, Rung/Megatron, Rung/Starscream. Starscream is furious about the small interloper med-bot now consuming Megatron's attention, and he decides to confront the problem. Somehow all the threatening goes sexy shaped. // 9K. So it's not a great idea to go after Rung, whose ultimate weapon seems to be psychiatry. Or maybe it's an awesome idea. My.

* https://archiveofourown.org/works/18182612
"Steps to Success" by neveralarch. When Megatron implements some of Rung's management techniques, Starscream loses his mind. And somehow all that goes sexy shaped as well. In a threesome fashion. // 4K. Ohhhkay, praise/humiliation kinks ahoy. ^_^;;;
fanfic  Transformers  slash  pair:Megatron/Rung  pair:Starscream/Rung  pair:Megatron/Rung/Starscream  AU  ref:fork  ref:pricklypair  ref:backstory  ref:threesome  au:DesdemonaKaylose  au:neveralarch  fandom:Transformers 
march 2019 by zhena
Get Religion Quick (Cause You're Looking Divine) by brinnanza
Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley. "So it was fine. Even if Crowley couldn’t love him, he clearly liked him well enough, and that was almost the same thing. It no doubt would have continued to be fine, or at least fine-adjacent, were it not for a narrowly averted apocalypse and several bottles of a really quite nice Riesling Aziraphale had found in the back room of his newly restored bookshop." // 4K. In vino veritas, basically. Fairly sweet, fairly typical GO fic. (No smut.)
via:shadowkeeper  fanfic  GoodOmens  slash  pair:Aziraphale/Crowley  ref:postcanon  ref:miscommunication  ref:pining  au:brinnanza  fandom:GoodOmens 
march 2019 by zhena
Able to Succeed by Betty
Batman (DC), gen. "'Assume success,' says Bruce unencouragingly. 'Describe how it's achieved.'" Bruce sets a series of problems for Tim and expects answers. In essay format. // 1K. Wow. Good fanfic.
fanfic  Batman  gen  pair:BruceWayne|TimDrake  ref:backstory  ref:angst  via:Fancake  au:Betty  au:brownbetty  fandom:Batman 
march 2019 by zhena
A Road Leading Home to You by emlof
Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka. Iruka waits at the village gate for Naruto to spirit him off for his ramen reward, which morphs into a reward for Team 7. After Naruto and Sakura have both moved on, these welcome-back restaurant hops are down to just Iruka and Kakashi. // 13K. Kakashi POV. Not an exciting or innovative take, but its pretty readable. The slowest of slow meanders up to a relationship. (No smut.)
fanfic  Naruto  slash  pair:KakashiHatake/IrukaUmino  ref:miscommunication  ref:H/C  ref:molasses  ref:first-time  ref:angst  via:anandarres  au:emlof  fandom:Naruto 
march 2019 by zhena
He's Been Dead for Years by cassowarykisses
Guardians of the Galaxy, gen. "In 1988, 8-year-old Peter Quill vanished from the hospital where his mother lay dying. Despite a massive manhunt through the surrounding woods, no trace of him was ever found. ... or, r/UnresolvedMysteries discusses the Quill cold case." // 2K. Exacting, perfect take on what a Reddit thread about the case would look like.
fanfic  GotG  gen  ref:socialmedia  ref:Internet  ref:reddit  ref:epistolary  ref:outsiderPOV  ref:humor  ref:angst  via:esther_a  au:cassowarykisses  fandom:GotG 
march 2019 by zhena
That First, Initial Feeling by varnes
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane, AU. Shane mistakes a crystals shop for a sex shop, and is offended by the whole idea of a crystals shop while finding himself intrigued by the biceps of its hippie owner. Eventually this leads to them doing a Buzzfeed pro/con show about woo-woo New Age/alternative stuff while not admitting they're attracted to each other. // 21K, alternating POV. The same general setup only with Ryan as a contractor and Shane as an employee in search of a recurring series. It's mildly amusing, complete with an onsen episode.
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  AU  ref:humor  ref:angst  ref:banter  ref:pining  ref:bedsharing  ref:first-time  au:varnes  fandom:Buzzfeed 
march 2019 by zhena
The Full Umino Experience by pentapus
Naruto, gen(ish), AU. Iruka and his teammates have been grinding their way up to toukubetsu jonin status when one day Asuma dumps two unwelcome noobie chuunin -- Ino and Shikamaru -- on them for practical field training. Meanwhile, over in Grass Country, Kakashi, well-known lead voice actor in a popular anime about ninjas, is unaware he's about to be kidnapped by some from Konoha. // 45K, fork AU, alternating Iruka and Kakashi POVs. Actually read this one before a few times, but evidently forgot to bookmark it. This writer's fanfics are always twisty and complicated and intricate and everyone's so consumed with political intrigue that they never get around to sleeping with each other. I've found that they get better after I've had a chance to stew on them a bit. In this one, a few forked events lead to completely different paths for some characters and similar paths for others. For instance, Rin is alive, and Iruka's mom is alive and retired (sort of), and much follows from that. Also lots of fun world-building, such as the Yamanaka Info Lounge and civilian calisthenics.
fanfic  Naruto  gen  slash  pair:KakashiHatake/IrukaUmino  AU  ref:fork  ref:plot  ref:role-reversal  ref:molasses  via:exclamations  au:pentapus  fandom:Naruto 
march 2019 by zhena
The Gift We Cannot Destroy by susiecarter
DS9, Garak/Bashir. "Julian has no soulmark. He knows what that must mean, and he's learned to accept it. Meeting Garak, getting to know him, is almost enough to make him think--but it's not possible. Garak must have a soulmate, and there's simply no way it could be Julian. Right?" // 5.7K. So. Two things I dislike: soulbonds and "5 things" fics. Yet this one has such good interactions btwn the two that I periodically wind up rereading it anyway. Ah, whatever.
fanfic  DS9  slash  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:soulbond  ref:oblivious  ref:pining  ref:UST  ref:angst  au:susiecarter  fandom:DS9 
march 2019 by zhena
Talking to Strangers (No Stranger Than You) by susiecarter
Deep Space 9, Bashir/Garak. "'Arguing,' Miles says. 'It's like flirting for them, or something.' 'What?' Julian says. (Post-3.15: Julian learns something he didn't know about Cardassians, and then has to decide what to do about it.)" // 3K. Always a great fic subject, and this one's a nifty variation on it, with both obliquely setting themselves up as failboats. (No smut.)
fanfic  DS9  slash  pair:Garak/JulianBashir  ref:cultureclash  ref:miscommunication  ref:pining  au:susiecarter  fandom:DS9 
march 2019 by zhena
The Copy Ninja by JBMcDragon
Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka. (tl;dr:) Kakashi accidentally creates a seemingly permanent clone, and neither of them can tell who was the original. Meanwhile, one of them slept with Iruka then was an asshole about it; so Iruka is less than thrilled at having to serve as one of the Kakashi's temporary guardians while the investigation is underway.
Never has the term 'Copy Ninja' been so appropriate. Wandering home from a mission to copy a jutsu that makes other jutsu go wrong, Kakashi is pretty sure the world is out to get him. Imagine his surprise when he learns he's already been home for a full twenty-four hours. Except it's not him--it's a clone gone wrong. But when it doesn't vanish at injury, thinks of things even before he does, and not even Pakkun can tell the difference... Well, who's to say which is a clone, and which is the real thing?
Finding himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, Iruka is saddled with a ninja that might be a clone. Mind you, an earlier drunken mistake led to great sex and an awful morning after; being a clone would be Kakashi's just desserts, in his opinion. But as they spend time in each other's company, he realizes that he'd be sorry to see this Kakashi go--and certain the man is going to. How do you fight the facts when they're stacked against you? Not even a genius is sure of that answer.
// ~20K? Shifting POV btwn Kakashi and Iruka. Fairly long, interesting plot with a twisty who's-the-clone business, same olde skool epithet writing style as in the other fics. (All the actual smut is in the epilogue chapter, so it's skippable for a more ~gen experience.) I do like that there's less mental illness and a certain consistency in this one (e.g., Anko gets the same treatment Iruka likely got). Gai and the rest of the hounds really get short shrift in these...
Practical notes: Couldn't find this fic posted elsewhere, and some of the individual chapters have no links and/or tags; so URL is for epilogue, which has a complete link list for all chapters. (Also it's on the Wayback Machine if the LJ gets deleted.) Exclamations, thanks so much for pointing to the rest of the fics; I didn't know there were more.
fanfic  Naruto  slash  pair:KakashiHatake/IrukaUmino  ref:plot  ref:casefic  ref:pricklypair  ref:molasses  ref:H/C  ref:angst  ref:amnesia  ref:doppelganger  ref:oldschool  au:JBMcDragon  fandom:Naruto 
march 2019 by zhena
Where We Had Thought to Find by ohdeariemegoodness
Transformers, Jazz/Soundwave, Jazz/Prowl. Jazz hasn't adjusted well to life on Cybertron. After he fails at assassinating Megatron, he winds up handed over to Soundwave to be his newest minion. // 13K. A followup, or inspired-by, or whatever to Astolat's "I Alone..." (https://archiveofourown.org/works/12794250). More an odd curtainfic than anything else. Non-sex slavery fic (sort of), tho with some aspects giving off a flavor of shotacon. Background Megatron/Optimus? Noncon not in main pairings.
fanfic  Transformers  gen  slash  pair:Jazz/Soundwave  pair:Jazz/Prowl  ref:slavery  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:noncon  au:ohdeariemegoodness  fandom:Transformers 
march 2019 by zhena
And I Alone Have Escaped To Tell You by astolat
Transformers, Cyclonus/Megatron, gen. Cyclonus, sole survivor of the final battle on Cybertron, attempts a warp back to base but finds himself 13 years in the past in an alternate dimension. He can use what he knows to save this world, but it's a secondary goal. // 52K. Do I want to read a bazillion words of unfamiliar fandom and characters? After some debate ... apparently yes. A twisty, complicated, engrossing sort of fic loaded with Decepticons. Very mildly slashy, but mostly filled with extreme pining for Lord Not-Appearing-in-This-Fic.

* "Elegy," https://archiveofourown.org/works/13028976 Cyclonus/Megatron. // 3.5K. Short, mournful fic where Cyclonus mulls over the glorious conquest of the universe that his true lord will never get to achieve. Megatron is less-than-impressed by that idea when it comes up during interfacing.
fanfic  Transformers  gen  pair:Cyclonus/Megatron  ref:plot  ref:dimensionalswap  ref:timetravel  ref:pining  ref:competence  au:astolat  fandom:Transformers  ref:robots 
march 2019 by zhena
The Angel in Duck Lane by calicovirus
Good Omens/Rivers of London, gen. "The unexpected lurks around any corner, and sometimes the theological implications are more than Peter Grant wants to really think about right now, thanks." Peter hits a local bookshop in search of the Bodelian's missing books. // 6.6K. Peter POV. Not much happens, seems more like a proof of concept sort of thing: "Can these be crossed over? Yes, they can."
He didn't want to talk to me, that I could tell. Maybe he knew the books were stolen, or maybe he just read the Daily Mail. He wasn't terribly distinctive, physically; in a crowd of middle-aged rich English men I'm not sure I could have picked him out. He was white, indeterminately middle-aged (late forties? Early fifties?) with dirty blond hair going grey and the kind of old-fashioned wool trousers and jumper combo designed specifically to fight damp. If Nightingale's brand of old-fashioned was the kind packaged up and sold as vintage at ten times its original value, Fell's was the kind found in the bargain bin of rural charity shops: well-worn, bizarrely patterned, and smelling like mothballs.
fanfic  GoodOmens  Rivers-of-London  gen  ref:xover  au:calicovirus  fandom:RiversOfLondon  fandom:GoodOmens 
march 2019 by zhena
Datastream by Blurble
Transformers, Megatron/Optimus. After intractable issues, the tide of the new war -- and the uneasy Autobot / Decepticon alliance -- takes a mysteriously favorable turn. // 1.7K. Followup fic to Astolat's "Excessively Clever" (https://archiveofourown.org/works/17612081).
Locked fic; log in to read.
fanfic  Transformers  slash  pair:OptimusPrime/Megatron  ref:locked  ref:sequel  ref:robots  ref:humor  ref:voyeurism  ref:enemyslash  au:blurble  fandom:Transformers 
march 2019 by zhena
Hello, Operator by Toft
Person of Interest, Harold/John. "Harold watches Agent Reese on long stakeouts. At these times, he sometimes calls a phone sex line to speak to someone called John (surely not his real name). These two things are unrelated." // 3.6K. Precanon AU, where Harold sometimes gets bored while he's surveilling the agents he's considering hiring, so he's taken to dialing a phone sex line. So-o, mildly embarrassing, takes a bizarre turn into ... cute.
fanfic  Person-of-Interest  slash  pair:HaroldFinch/JohnReese  ref:precanon  ref:sexworker  ref:roleplay  ref:phonesex  ref:mistakenID  au:toft  au:toft_froggy  fandom:PersonOfInterest 
march 2019 by zhena
Crash and Carry by neveralarch
Transformers, Starscream/Everyone. "Starscream may or may not be satisfied with Megatron's skill in interfacing. Megatron may or may not need some tips. Skywarp is certainly offering." // 18K. Multiple unreliable POVS, evil self-absorbed space robot sex comedy of errors. Wherein Skywarp takes it upon himself to remedy Starscream's unsatisfactory sexyteims with Megatron via an instructional session with the latter, featuring Thundercracker as everyone's resigned test subject.
Starscream surveyed his quarters and sighed with satisfaction. Everyone was exactly where they should be. Megatron tied hand and foot to the chair. Thundercracker tied hand and foot to the berth. Skywarp suspended upside-down from the ceiling. It was perfect.
"This is the worst orgy ever," complained Skywarp as he swung pendulously, chains clattering.
"It's the only orgy you're getting," said Starscream. "Shut up and enjoy it."
fanfic  Transformers  slash  pair:Skywarp/Starscream/Thundercracker  pair:Megatron/Skywarp/Thundercracker  pair:Megatron/Starscream  pair:Megatron/Starscream/Skywarp/Thundercracker  ref:robots  ref:humor  ref:poly  ref:alien-wtf  ref:voyeurism  ref:established  ref:unreliable-narrator  via:Harpijka  au:neveralarch  fandom:Transformers 
march 2019 by zhena
The Dinner Party by Burning_Nightingale
Bone Key, Booth|Ratcliffe, gen. Booth gets dragooned into attending a dinner party with a potential museum patron. Worse, not only is Ratcliffe there as well, but so is Something Else. // 4.5K of extreme social anxiety, which really needs a less-gen sequel...
fanfic  BoneKey  Monette  gen  pair:KyleMurchisonBooth/JohnPelhamRatcliffe  ref:pastiche  ref:mystery  ref:cryptid  ref:supernatural  au:Burning_Nightingale  fandom:BoneKey 
march 2019 by zhena
Wired by neveralarch
Transformers, Skywarp/Starscream/Thundercracker (main). "Skywarp joins the Decepticons and ends up rooming with two other seekers. It's not a trine, it's just a weird triple roommate situation with one nerd who likes to read and one nerd who likes to fake overloads. Or: Skywarp both fails and sort of succeeds at setting Starscream up with the Good Sex™." // 11.6K. Skywarp POV all. So as I understand this, three of the flying-types (a practical, just-here-to-do-a-job guy, a colossal drama queen, and a quiet, bookish sort) get shoved together as roommates in their terrorist cell, whereupon lots of emotions, rough edges, and kinks grind together, and it's humorous and weirdly touching. Skywarp's version of H/C in particular is ... something I'd not encountered before, lol. (I like this writer in general, so I assumed it would be readable even if I know next to zilch about the fandom. Yup!)
fanfic  Transformers  slash  pair:Skywarp/Starscream  pair:Skywarp/Starscream/Thundercracker  ref:robots  ref:backstory  ref:voyeurism  ref:oblivious  ref:H/C  ref:micommunication  ref:poly  via:Harpijka  au:neveralarch  fandom:Transformers 
february 2019 by zhena
The Parent Trap by astolat
Transformers, Megatron/Optimus. "'Oh my God, are you saying that Megatron had Optimus’s baby?' Miko shrieked piercingly." So Megatron has a kid, and evidently the other parent was Orion Pax ... from back when Optimus, during a bout of amnesia, was hanging around with the Decepticons. // 18K, and it's not too hard to guess the eventual plotline, given the title.
fanfic  Transformers  slash  pair:OptimusPrime/Megatron  ref:robots  ref:kidfic  ref:amnesia  ref:enemyslash  ref:angst  ref:humor  ref:kidnapping  via:Harpijka  au:astolat  fandom:Transformers 
february 2019 by zhena
Closed Circle by goggledmonkey
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane. Ryan walks into a barn in Tennessee and suddenly himself to be a hired tutor in a gothic mystery, where the master of the desolate manor, a Shane doppelganger with ~dark secrets, may have designs on his virtue or worse. // 16K. Ryan (POV) all. Odd, self-aware, twisty AU-ish fic that's riddled with typos -- even the payoff line at the end has a typo. Sigh. If you can ignore all the basic presentation issues, fun fic.
slash  via:as_lld_again  fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  ref:fantasy  ref:dimensionalswap  ref:mystery  ref:plot  au:goggledmonkey  fandom:Buzzfeed 
february 2019 by zhena
Warm Thoughts by lettered
Star Trek, Kirk/Spock. "Kirk contracts a condition that makes him feel perpetually cold. Spock has to perform mind melds to convince Kirk he’s warm." That is, Kirk returns from a deserted ice planet with an odd, persistent chill, which only grows worse despite nothing appearing to be medically amiss. Spock is persistently, gnawingly distracted by his captain's condition -- which is only logical under the circumstances. // 22K. Spock POV all. Set right after "Amok Time," which put heavy-duty stress on both their working relationship and their friendship. Loads of guilt, sublimation, pining, and H/C in an old-skool original flavor (the only one I'm familiar with, as happens); it seems destined to be a smarmfest but kicks it up a level.
fanfic  StarTrek  slash  pair:Kirk/Spock  ref:H/C  ref:pining  ref:UST  ref:plot  ref:telepathy  ref:huddling-for-warmth  au:lettered  fandom:StarTrek 
february 2019 by zhena
Heartbeat by quackers
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane, AU. "So the guy Ryan sits next to at work is a vampire. That's no big deal, right?" The other intern assigned the desk next to Ryan's is an extremely tall vampire, the only one in their office and first one Ryan's ever met. He gradually gets to know Shane better and becomes more and more intrigued by and concerned about the well-being of the good-natured if periodically morose dude who's generally up for being victimized in BF food and ghost investigation videos. // 66K. Ryan POV. A verrry slow-build relationship fic that works out its own mythology. Eventually it does get around to sexy tiems (featuring blood, natch). Good read.
For something that would prove to be one of the biggest turning points of his life, it was an oddly simple exchange.
“Hey, Shane,” he said, slipping his headphones off one ear.
Shane glanced over, taking his own headphones off. “What’s up?”
“You want to do Unsolved with me? Brent is leaving.”
“Yeah, sure,” Shane said without hesitation, giving an easy shrug.
“It might be a time commitment if it takes off,” Ryan warned. He thought about suggesting that Shane could just do a couple of episodes to give Ryan the time to keep looking for someone more permanent, but Shane was already bringing up his Google calendar.
“Looks like I’m pretty clear for a bit.”
Ryan smiled in relief and started clicking on a couple of his episode files. “Cool.”
The headline of an article caught his attention. His smile grew wider.
“How do you feel about exorcisms?”
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  AU  ref:vampires  ref:fantasy  ref:pining  ref:UST  ref:courting  ref:H/C  ref:molasses  ref:first-time  au:quackers  fandom:Buzzfeed 
february 2019 by zhena
A Degree of Compatibility by astolat
Transformers, Megatron/Optimus. Megratron demands Optimus be handed over as his consort in return for helping repel a hostile invasion. He gets everything he wants. //8.5K. Blatant Harlequin plot grafted onto ye robots in space. Megatron as masterful villain and Optimus as reluctant virginal hero, who gets wooed, won over, and shown his own ~dark desires. Yeah. Fun/hilarious because cringeworthy.
“And what’s the price for a Decepticon leader’s help these days?" Optimus said. "Head of his captor on a pike?”
The Councillors started falling over each other hurriedly protesting, no, no, of course not, how could Optimus think, never--and Megatron laughed over them all and said, “It’s not your head I want to mount. I have demanded you as my consort.”
“Okay, well, that’s--unexpected,” Optimus said, blankly.
fanfic  Transformers  slash  pair:OptimusPrime/Megatron  ref:robots  ref:marriage-of-convenience  ref:dubcon  ref:d/s  ref:enemyslash  ref:enemysex  via:norwich36  au:astolat  fandom:Transformers 
february 2019 by zhena
War Bride by rageprufrock
Naruto, Iruka/Kakashi. "Of all the people who could be acting weird about Naruto getting married, Iruka really hadn't anticipated Kakashi." // 6K. Misunderstanding with HEA fic. Nothing exceptional, but hey, new Kakairu so whatever. (I never boarded the Naruto/Hinata train, but all that's background traffic and ignorable.)
fanfic  Naruto  slash  pair:KakashiHatake/IrukaUmino  ref:oblivious  ref:miscommunication  ref:established  via:popular  au:pru  au:rageprufrock  fandom:Naruto 
february 2019 by zhena
The Suite Life by CartWrite
SGA, John/Rodney. "John did not ask to sprain his ankle, to be reassigned to the best quarters in Atlantis, or for Rodney McKay to become his new neighbor. But that’s what happened. Post-series." // 28K. Basically a curtain fic with heavy-duty pining and H/C on the side.
fanfic  SGA  slash  pair:JohnSheppard/RodneyMcKay  ref:postcanon  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:pining  ref:H/C  via:exclamations  au:CartWrite  fandom:SGA 
february 2019 by zhena
And Our Souls They Play by Tangerine
X-Factor, Julio/Star. "In his senior year of undergrad, Julio Richter just wants to make it through college, so he can live in a nice shack somewhere in the middle of nowhere, alone and away from everyone and their functioning soul-marks. But then he meets Shatterstar, a deeply reluctant incubus, and all his best laid plans crumble to dust." // 40K. With a few exceptions, I dislike soulmark AUs, but this one's presented more as a mystery, with small bits of information about Julio's malfunctioning mark and the system in general doled out over time, which made it slightly more interesting. And, of course, the incubus in question turns out to be even more messed up about life than Julio, so it's a mutual sorting out process. Also with Rahne as the Roommate Who Knits Too Much.
fanfic  X-Factor  slash  pair:Shatterstar/Rictor  AU  ref:soulbond  ref:demons  ref:angst  ref:molasses  ref:UST  ref:first-time  via:sineala  au:Tangerine  fandom:X-Factor 
february 2019 by zhena
'Cause You've Got Me Waxing and Waning by paperclipbitch
Being Human, Tom/Hal, AU. "Soy Latte Vampire has never given them his name. The only thing he *has* given them is his opinion on how you make the perfect soy latte, and his numerous opinions on how they’re failing miserably at it." // 7.4K. Tom POV all. Coffeeshop AU that's (mostly) death-free, so everyone's still around. So Hal's still in with Leo and Pearl but stopping by Annie's shop to be high-handed and exacting and strange, and Tom gets mildly fascinated with him despite himself. O.M.G. Unexpected! Hardly anyone writes fic for these two, making my tags for them more forlorn and hopeful than actually useful. (Tho tiny bit disappointing to get characters like Michaela yet not Christa and Matt.)
via:elise.grey  fanfic  BeingHuman  slash  pair:HalYorke/TomMcNair  AU  ref:coffeeshop  ref:kissing  ref:pining  ref:UST  au:paperclipbitch  fandom:BeingHuman 
february 2019 by zhena
You Make the World Seem Bigger by beethechange
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane. "Ryan and Shane film a Supernatural episode in the Pine Barrens on the elusive Jersey Devil. They don’t manage to find it, but a few months after filming, one definitely finds them. And it’s decided they’d make great adoptive parents." // 40K. So Ryan and Shane together raise a mini-Jersey Devil from egg to toddling while tiptoeing around their own relationship. Not a huge fan of kidfic, and can't believe I read this one all in one go. What is this world coming to? How can this ficcer perfectly wallow in every trope in the book yet can't tell faze and phase apart? So many questions. Anyway, weirdly good, occasionally schoompy fic that I enjoyed muchly and will probably read again sometime. Better make a cryptid tag.
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  slash  gen  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  ref:kidfic  ref:families  ref:cryptid  ref:molasses  ref:first-time  ref:yenta  au:beethechange  fandom:Buzzfeed 
february 2019 by zhena
Excessively Clever by astolat
Transformers, Megatron/OptimusPrime. Megatron, Optimus Prime, and assorted Decepticons and Autobots, in the aftermath of another mutually destructive battle, are retrieved and enslaved on a mining world. Swindle is slowly compiling an escape plan; he just has to get all his bots in a row and cooperating. // 18.6K. A self-deprecating, wry, exasperated, sly Swindle POV all, getting two robots who utterly loathe each other to work together. I don't go here, but Ferengi are Ferengi wherever the fandom.

(See also sequel: "Datastream" by Blurble, https://archiveofourown.org/works/17681261)
fanfic  Transformers  slash  pair:OptimusPrime/Megatron  ref:plot  ref:robots  ref:slavery  ref:angst  ref:humor  ref:enemyslash  ref:first-time  ref:voyeurism  ref:yenta  via:elise.grey  au:astolat  fandom:Transformers 
february 2019 by zhena
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