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High Winds in Northern Sky by thehoyden
Hockey RPF (Penguins), Sid/Geno. Due South AU. Constable Crosby must go undercover as the college-student husband of an Interpol agent infiltrating the Russian mob's attempt to secure a foothold in Toronto. In the meantime, Tim Horton has begun to skate on a pond in Sid's closet. // 16K, Sidney POV. Wasn't sure I'd like this one, but it turned out to be rather nifty, with a Due South-ish situation rather than a direct one-to-one. Strange goings on, less than helpful animals, hockey, investigating, mobsters, and grocery shopping.
fanfic  HockeyRPS  Due-South  pair:SidneyCrosby/EvgenyMalkin  AU  ref:fusionfic  ref:Penguins  ref:undercover  ref:marriage-of-convenience  ref:casefic  ref:domestic  ref:ghosts  ref:UST  au:Hoyden  fandom:HockeyRPS  fandom:DueSouth 
july 2018 by zhena
Wear Your Colors by arrow (esteefee)
Due South, Fraser/RayK. "A tough case forces Fraser to wear low-rise jeans and pretend he and Ray are a couple. *woe*" // 13K. Fraser POV. Ohmygod, it's a new Due South fic, and the fun pretend couple kind. ^__^
via:templemarker  fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:post-cotw  ref:undercover  ref:pretendcouple  ref:pretendgay  ref:domestic  ref:pining  ref:UST  ref:first-time  au:arrow  au:esteefee  fandom:DueSouth 
july 2018 by zhena
The End of the Road by Kat Allison (katallison)
Due South, RayK/Fraser. Despite nearly killing themselves, Ray and Fraser do manage to survive their quest. Ray moves on Fraser, then both move into Inuvik Detachment housing where Ray settles into a friendless fish-out-of-water lifestyle. It doesn't end well. // 109K, post-CotW, Fraser POV all. Infamous Fic of Doom. The problem is that it's exceptionally well written, the voices are good, and it all seems terribly plausible. If dS were set in the real world where the RCMP murders protestors and, say, all the Delmars from Grade 4 are bigots rather than cheerful lunatics who drop in for random rescues and exposition. No HEA. Very good for masochistic reality slaps, angst wallows, and serious downers, as sometimes one wants. (LJ bookmark.)
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:post-cotw  ref:first-time  ref:angst  ref:bffs-to-lovers  ref:homophobia  ref:infidelity  au:katallison  fandom:DueSouth 
january 2018 by zhena
Heavy Bag by Kat Allison (katallison)
Due South, RayK/Fraser. Ray sorts out his feelings via working over the heavy bag at the gym. // 9K. Minor casefic, mostly grim introspection wallow (with HEA more or less). Olde skool dS. LJ bookmark.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:first-time  ref:dubcon  ref:angst  ref:oldschool  au:katallison  fandom:DueSouth 
january 2018 by zhena
Police and Thieves by sisterofdream
Due South, RayK/OMC, RayK/Fraser. Ray, briefly loan to another precinct, wades back into the punk scene to gather info on drug distribution. Fraser is frustrated at being left out. // Longish, plotty casefic featuring Competent!Ray, jealous Fraser in the background, and a friendly, much younger dude Ray hits it off with as he wrestles with nostalgia and comes to terms with some unenjoyable aspects of his past.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  pair:Kowalski/OMC  ref:casefic  ref:plot  ref:backstory  ref:jealousy  ref:fuckbuddies  au:sisterofdream  fandom:DueSouth 
august 2017 by zhena
Why I Lied to You by Garonne
Due South, RayK/Fraser. Ray, a low-level hood in Capone's Chicago mob, runs whiskey over the river from Windsor to Detroit. That's how he gets to know a peculiar Canadian Customs officer on the take. The last thing Ray wants is for Fraser to figure out he's an undercover agent for the Bureau of Prohibition. // 20K, alternating POVs. Well-written period piece with lots of sneaking around, and doodlehums, and sexy tiems, and angst. HEA.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  AU  ref:historical  ref:undercover  ref:mobsters  ref:prohibition  ref:first-time  au:garonne  fandom:DueSouth 
august 2017 by zhena
Many Miles and City Blocks by Deputychairman
Due South, RayK/Fraser, Stella. Stella just wants to get her groceries and go, not have an awkward encounter with her ex in the produce aisle. // 4K, Stella POV. Read this before, wasn't sure I liked it, but two rereads later, I think it's OK. My main problem was accepting that Stella would be this accepting of this outcome in that particular time period. Still not sure about it. But then again, a prosecutor has probably seen it all.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  gen  ref:outsiderPOV  ref:angst  au:deputychairman  fandom:DueSouth 
august 2017 by zhena
Questionable Parentage by Arwyn
Due South, gen(ish). "Dief doesn't die. Eventually Ray asked why." // <1K. Another variation on the theme, this one fluffier.
fanfic  Due-South  gen  ref:alien-wtf  ref:humor  au:arwyn  fandom:DueSouth 
august 2017 by zhena
Fangirl!Frannie by innocentsmith
Due South, Frannie/Elaine. Frannie discovers fandom courtesy the X-Files. Frannie gets Elaine to beta her fics. Elaine get Frannie on LJ, and Turnbull wins her a starring role on Fandom Wank. // 1k visit to late '90s fandom. I'd not read this one; it's rather sweet and nostalgic.
fanfic  Due-South  femslash  pair:FrancescaVecchio/ElaineBesbriss  ref:meta  ref:fandom  ref:humor  ref:post-cotw  au:innocentsmith  fandom:DueSouth 
march 2017 by zhena
Celestial South by norcumi
Due South/Star Wars, gen. "'I first came to Corellia on the trail of the killers of my father and, for reasons which don't need exploring at this juncture, I have remained, attached as liaison to the Jedi Temple.'" Fraser, RayK, and Dief on the trail of spice smugglers. // 5K, fusionfic. TBH, I don't know much about SW and needed Google open on the side, which told me all the xover species were wildly apt. But. Could have used a beta (esp. dS proofing to get rid of bits like RayK's "Benny"). The general concept seemed perfectly executed tho, e.g., The Cloak instead of The Stetson (hee), Bob Fraser showing up with a lecture on Attachment, etc. Really fun.
fanfic  Due-South  StarWars  pair:Fraser|Kowalski  ref:xover  ref:fusionfic  ref:undercover  ref:humor  via:esther_a  au:norcumi  fandom:DueSouth  fandom:StarWars 
january 2017 by zhena
The State of Being Away by Deputychairman
Due South, RayK/Fraser. "Ray’s clothes were scattered all over Fraser’s bedroom, and together they’d pretty much wrecked Fraser’s bed. When he got back from the airport, Fraser would probably change the sheets and pick up all the clothes that were his and then there wouldn’t be any sign that Ray had ever been there at all." In other words, Ray trundles back and forth from Chicago and tries to decide what he wants with a lack of Fraser feedback on the topic. // 8K. Ray POV. Guess I didn't save this last time because it's nothing novel for this fandom (aside from the odd lack of Dief). But I guess you can never have enough dS comfy reads. HEA.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:post-cotw  ref:long-distance  ref:miscommunication  ref:angst  au:deputychairman  fandom:DueSouth 
december 2016 by zhena
If Death Is Not the End, I'd Like to Know What Is by Arwyn
Due South, RayK/Fraser. "Benton Fraser has a dog. (Or wolf. Or wolf-dog.) Benton Fraser's dog is Diefenbaker. He's deaf (sometimes), and freakishly smart, and maybe-probably-doesn't-but-maybe talks back. That's Fraser. That's who Fraser is. He's the guy with the wolf (dog). And that hasn't changed since 1981." One day Dief isn't Dief; Ray investigates. // Admire the basic idea, which is clever (if morbid) with a whiff of benevolent gaslighting. But needs far more beta, far less Tumblr WTF. E.g., RandomlyJewish!Ray, whiplash!kidfic, Bride of Ray War in the comments...
fanfic  Due-South  gen  slash  ref:post-cotw  ref:ouch  ref:kidfic  via:sophia_sol  au:arwyn  fandom:DueSouth 
march 2016 by zhena
A Thousand Colors of Water by Deputychairman
Due South, RayV/Stella, Fraser/RayK. RayV is trying to track down Fraser for best-man duties in Florida. He and Stella's ex have disappeared into the wilds of Canada, but Ray's persistent. // Read this before. Not a lot to it, other than there's a wedding, people hang out, and schoomp, but it stands up to a reread.
fanfic  Due-South  het  slash  gen  pair:Vecchio/StellaKowalski  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:post-cotw  ref:Canada  ref:awkward  ref:wedding  ref:established  au:Deputychairman  fandom:DueSouth 
january 2016 by zhena
The Three Second Answer by seperis
Due South, RayK/Fraser. One night in a dark tent in the Arctic, Ray has an epiphany: Fraser kidnapped him from Chicago, and somehow he didn't notice. Fraser admits nothing, but Ray will solve this crime. // LOLOL. Ray POV. I haven't read this one before?! I love that there can still be old fics popping up like this. This one doesn't go anywhere smutty, but it's amusing in a very dS way from top to bottom, featuring Totally Oblivious Ray.
"But I would have stayed in Chicago," Fraser says, pinning him before he gets to the tent flap in a very-warm, not-cold-at-all kind of way. When he's less freaked out, Ray wants to explore that. "And we can go back. Ray. Ray. Ray. Stop trying to die in the snow. You're upsetting Dief. Wolves are hypersensitive to discord within the pack--"

Dief, blocking the tent flap, gives Ray a disappointed look, a "being moved to Canada is no reason to die in the snow" look. "You were in on it!" Ray says, trying and failing to point at Dief. "Weren't you?"

Dief barks acknowledgment.

Ray gives up. He's outnumbered, in the Arctic, and actually really comfortable. "I can't believe you moved me to Canada and didn't tell me."
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:post-cotw  ref:camping  ref:Arctic  ref:banter  au:seperis  fandom:DueSouth 
november 2015 by zhena
Upon Close Inspection by zelempa
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Fraser and Ray are visited by a caseworker assessing their home as part of an adoption-fittness interview. Unfortunately Fraser is slowly, covertly bleeding the entire time.
"Can we try to be normal?" said Ray. "Just for a day. For like, two hours. I'll be Ray, and you'll be Ben, and that'll be Dief, our dog."
From the doorway, Diefenbaker whined.
Ray pointed at him. "You, suck it up. Take one for the team."
Largely Fraser POV with an emphasis on uncertainty. Read this one before, saving it this time. It's actually not a bad read. No actual kids in this kidfic. ^_^
fanfic  Due-South  slash  gen  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:post-cotw  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:kidfic  ref:angst  au:zelempa  fandom:DueSouth 
august 2015 by zhena
Planes, Submarines and Snowmobiles: A Case Study in International Policing by Deputychairman
Due South, Fraser/RayK. So Ray had headed back to Chicago on his own, but six months later Fraser is inviting him to an international policing conference as his coauthor on a presentation about their final case. // Ray POV. In the end, a (much) less depressing feeling resolution than that one Cesperanza aftermath fic, and a fair amount of smut. This was a good length, pretty enjoyable. :D
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:post-cotw  ref:bffs-to-lovers  ref:pining  ref:first-time  ref:academia  au:deputychairman  fandom:DueSouth 
august 2015 by zhena
Ooh Constable Fraser by JackyMedan
Due South/Hark A Vagrant, Fraser/RayK. "Due South version of Kate Beaton's 'Ooh Mister Darcy' comic :') " // :D :D :D
fanart  Due-South  Hark-A-Vagrant  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:fusionfic  ref:humor  au:JackyMedan  fandom:HarkAVagrant  fandom:DueSouth 
july 2015 by zhena
Wisconsin by sageness
Due South, RayK/Fraser. Driving back from the lake, Ray figures Fraser still isn't okay, and they need to settle it. // Post-ep, headed back to Chicago, eventually porn. Sure I've read this, but good for another go. (Parked/idling cars by the men's johns in parks in the middle of the day = MI side of the lake, lol.)
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:ep-tag  ref:roadtrip  ref:miscommunication  ref:angst  ref:first-time  au:sageness  fandom:DueSouth 
july 2015 by zhena
A Strange but True Story by pearl_o
Due South, Fraser/Ray K. "RAY: Did you get anything on me? / FRASER: Well, it would appear that you were abducted by aliens at the age of ten. --from 'Seeing Is Believing'" // And someone picked that up and ran with it, yay. Aliens make them do it, literally. [Via LJ bookmarks: http://pearl-o.livejournal.com/534752.html]
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:confinement  ref:dubcon  ref:aliens  ref:humor  ref:first-time  ref:aliens-make-them-do-it  au:Pearl-o  fandom:DueSouth 
february 2015 by zhena
The Penny Jar Theory by Deputychairman
Due South, RayK/Fraser. After a year in the north without a job, Ray takes a 6mo security contract on an offshore oil rig. Fraser reacts badly. // Ray POV. Not exciting; quiet, deliberately paced, careful look at the stress on a relationship with one working partner supporting the other. Recurrent theme for this fandom. Mildly angsty, HEA after a fashion (unlike, say, the Infamous Fic of Doom).
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:post-cotw  ref:angst  ref:established  ref:miscommunication  au:deputychairman  fandom:DueSouth 
september 2014 by zhena
Standard Courtship Protocol by zelempa
Due South, RayK/Fraser. Ray and Fraser pick up a random graffiti dude, and Fraser's Advice on Romance to him leads to a Ray angst-wallow over whether they're even on the same page in their own relationship. // Ray POV. Mucho porn, side order of angsties. I've read this one before; midcanon setting + Fraser treatment make it something of an outlier from usual dS fanfic. (Same author as the one with the social worker doing the hous^H^H^H^Hcabin assessment.)
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:miscommunication  ref:established  au:zelempa  fandom:DueSouth 
may 2013 by zhena
Locked Room Puzzle by Speranza
Due South, RayK/Fraser. The head of the local detachment calls in a couple of retired policemen who live in the area to take a look at a dubious suicide. (And Ray demonstrates how Fraser is wrong, so wrong, the wrongest about his grasp of rural policing.) // A new Due South fic omg (!!!). Outsider POV <3. <3 <3 It's actually pretty gen in terms of storyline, but they were most def in the midst of a relationship here.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  gen  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:casefic  ref:mystery  ref:established  ref:post-cotw  ref:outsiderPOV  au:Speranza  au:cesperanza  fandom:DueSouth 
may 2013 by zhena
The Stone That Looked Like a Dog by Deputychairman
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Fraser has found himself living in Yellowknife with Ray in what may or may not be a relationship when Ray's parents announce that they're headed up to visit. Cue the unsolicited stream of advice from Bob Fraser. // 21K. Mainly a monologue of Fraser (POV) insecurity fic. I kept waiting to find out what was on that mysterious list of advice, but the fic never reveals it ... nooo, instead we learn that a sausage has three sides (bwah? thanks, Bob). It's not an action-packed, plotty fic; more the comfy slice-of-life sort of thing. HEA. I love dS so much. ;_;
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:post-cotw  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:curtainfic  ref:angst  au:deputychairman  fandom:DueSouth 
may 2013 by zhena
Chicago Is So Two Years Ago by minervacat
Due South, Ray/Ray. Ray (POV) comes back from Canada all angry about nothing happening on the Fraser front; then Ray comes back from Florida, all resigned about things falling apart on the Stella front. Then Ray (V) has tickets for a Cubs game, and he gets v.v. handsy when he's drunk; Ray (K) is confused. // Have I read this before? I don't knoooow. I do like relationships building in slow motion like this (and then one day Ray notices there are all these ties hanging in his closet...). I don't know how I feel about the few Fraser parts (which are uncomfortable/embarrassing), but I enjoyed the rest.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Kowalski/Vecchio  ref:pining  ref:first-time  ref:miscommunication  ref:post-cotw  ref:molasses  au:minervacat  fandom:DueSouth 
march 2013 by zhena
Ghosti by Hth
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Fraser took the transfer after the Bounty incident; now Ray Vecchio's back and wants to know where the hell his Mountie is. Both Rays head up north to visit; Ray K. becomes a permanent, unwelcome guest in Fraser's cabin until Fraser answers a nagging question. // Huh, I have read this fanfic a dozen times, and I have no clue why it's not already bookmarked. Weird. Needs moar Vecchio, but good. :)
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:postcanon  ref:canada  ref:first-time  au:hth  fandom:DueSouth 
september 2012 by zhena
Busted by anonymous_co
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Ray is shot on the job, winds up in Canada where Fraser works in a small town, they get it together at last while Ray continues to recover.
Sequel: "Tapestry," http://squidge.org/dsa/archive/3/tapestry.html Vecchio shows up with the baby.
//I've read these fanfics several times, and for all their problems, whenever someone links to them I get sucked in again. (Thought I had a bookmark to them, but seems not. Now remedied.)
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  ref:h/c  ref:kidfic  ref:first-time  au:anonymous_co  fandom:DueSouth 
august 2012 by zhena
Haven by aristide and Mairead Triste
Due South, RayK/Fraser. Post-CotW, they're out a-questin' when Ray takes another crevasse tumble during a blizzard. Fraser digs him out, hauls him off to a convenient borrowed cabin, then gets nutty and taciturn and refuses to leave it. // I've read this several times, but never bookmarked it for some reason. It's a readable oddity in which Fraser is suddenly forced to confront the consequences what other (normal) people might regard as his dangerous lifestyle. Fortunately he gets over it, so HEA. (I also love the Jorge and Martha bit.)

I can't sort out who's who with these particular fanfic writers and their multitude of collabs and nicks, grah. I believe this one is also located elsewhere on . . . a site. Somewhere. Where I read it.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  ref:postcanon  ref:canada  ref:post-cotw  ref:quest  ref:huddling-for-warmth  ref:h/c  au:cimmerians  au:aristide  au:MaireadTriste  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
july 2012 by zhena
The Due South Fiction Archive: Nos4a2no9
Due South, Fraser/RayK, Fraser/RayK/RayV, Fraser/RayV, Fraser/OFC, etc. Collected dS of Nos4a2no9, some not posted elsewhere.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  het  gen  ref:collection  au:nos4a2no9  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
july 2012 by zhena
In Another Place, Not Here by Nos4a2no9
Due South, RayK/Fraser. Bad stuff goes down in Chicago, so Ray hits the frozen north in search of Fraser, though things had ended badly years before. // Aaaangst. This is the one where they go to the fort, and Fraser's in a relationship with someone else. I've read this one several times, but I never bookmarked it because it's rather grim. Even so, I just. keep. rereading. it. Because the writing is pretty? (It is.) Not necessarily HEA, but hopeful(ish) ending.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  ref:angst  ref:postcanon  ref:canada  au:Nos4a2no9  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
july 2012 by zhena
Ankh-Morpork's Most Wanted by imperfectcircle
Due South + Discworld, gen. Vimes is sorry that he agreed to the foolproof plan of the six-foot Cn'dsk clan liaison from the Dwarves Guild and his not-a-sidekick. // Cesperanza's "Chicago's Most Wanted" severely abridged and fused into Discworld. Heh. But doesn't work unless you've read the other fanfic.
fanfic  Due-South  Discworld  gen  xover  ref:fusionfic  ref:meta  au:imperfectcircle  fandom:DueSouth  fandom:Discworld 
june 2012 by zhena
Volcanic Geranium by zelempa
Due South, RayK/Fraser. Ray has yet another terrible, daft plan for stalking The Stella, and Fraser reluctantly lends his assistance--and his wardrobe. ("It's not a weird sexual fetish," said Fraser, aggrieved. "It's simply an activity I enjoy in my admittedly limited leisure time. Not even an activity, really, so much as a manner of dress and comportment that I prefer to adopt.")
Fraser raised his eyebrows thoughtfully. "Lipstick colour names can be rather obscure. I assume it's a metaphor to describe something fragile and lovely but also dangerous and potentially capable of raining hot destruction upon an unsuspecting citizenry. On the other hand, it may refer to the fact that this particular coral shade is common to molten lava and geraniums. Don't lick it."
"It tastes like Jujubes," Ray reported.
"Nevertheless, resist the urge."
// I started to read this one once, got thrown by the anachronistic cell phone, and tabled it for another day. Too bad 'cause it's an awesome fic. The dialogue is fun and bantery, and the characters' voices are all exactingly dS. (It does skirt the edge of embarrassment, but it never topples over the side into humiliation, so that's all right.) The plot resembles an episode of the show, only with a generous topping of smut; it's wildly improbable but unlike a lot of fanfics doesn't push too far into absurd. Yay, such a good fic. :D
ETA: Just reading this one again and marveling over what a good, episode-like fic it is.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  ref:best-of-rec  ref:first-time  ref:crossdressing  ref:banter  ref:plot  au:zelempa  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
april 2012 by zhena
Photograph by spuffyduds
Due South, Fraser/RayK (RayV implied) series, two parts:
* "Talking Back to Vecchio." RayK studies RayV's case files and deduces something about the Mountie. http://archiveofourown.org/works/46592
* "Dress Code," slash. RayK and Fraser have Sunday dinner at the Vecchio's, and an ongoing argument about neckties. http://archiveofourown.org/works/47486
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:spuffyduds  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  pair:Fraser/Vecchio 
november 2011 by zhena
Prepping for Adventure by spuffyduds
Due South, F/RK/RV. RayV and Fraser haul Vecchio along with for their second look around for that reaching out hand. // Vecchio Vegas backstory leading to OT3 shenanigans. :)
fanfic  Due-South  slash  ref:OT3  ref:postcanon  au:spuffyduds  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  pair:Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio 
november 2011 by zhena
In the Sewers He Lies Dreaming by spuffyduds
Due South/HP Lovecraft, Fraser + Vecchio. "Everyone knows," Benny says hotly, "that you should NOT PURCHASE items from shops that then vanish." Courtesy the D&D players downstairs, Cthulhu interrupts the evening's hockey broadcast. Naturally Fraser has a solution. // Lulzy short horror crossover.
fanfic  Due-South  Lovecraft  gen  pair:Fraser/Vecchio  ref:xover  ref:humor  au:spuffyduds  fandom:DueSouth  fandom:Lovecraft 
november 2011 by zhena
Twin High-Maintenance Machines by spuffyduds
Due South, RK/RV. "What's the point in having something that pretty around if you never do anything with it?" Ray and Ray share garage space. And car repairs. And eventually each other. // No Fraser angst! Just porn. :D
fanfic  Due-South  slash  pair:Kowalski/Vecchio  au:spuffyduds  fandom:DueSouth 
november 2011 by zhena
Perfection in the Work by kindkit
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Post-CotW. Ray is jobless but gardening in Inuvik -- and is slowly educating Fraser that relationships take work. // O.M.G. the schoomp. But it's sweet and curtainy, and I'm a such sucker for that.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  ref:established  au:kindkit  ref:postcanon  ref:curtainfic  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
november 2011 by zhena
Fallen in Love with a Little Time Bomb by Spuffyduds
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Ray slowly feels Fraser out and talks him around to considering a relationship by talking about everything and anything else. I kinda love this -- it is clever and bantery and features smart!Ray (with a nice sideorder of Frannie and Ray being siblingish). But it also cuts off too soon (sad).
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:spuffyduds  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
october 2011 by zhena
In Troops of Two by mijmeraar
Due South, RayK, Fraser. Ray receives his Tuck in on the Floor, Hurt My Back badge. O_o, it's ... so cute.
fanfic  Due-South  pair:gen  au:mijmeraar  Kowalski  fandom:DueSouth 
october 2011 by zhena
Due South Vids, voiceless009
Due South, Voiceless009. Updated links to all her vids (all previous links in posts are dead). These are mediafire downloads.
vids  fanvid  Due-South  au:voiceless009  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  from delicious
may 2011 by zhena
Price of Distance by nos4a2no9
Due South, RayK/Fraser. Ray's a cop in Washington State who commutes every two months to see Fraser, who's stationed in the north. Schoomp definitely, but. Angsty but.
Sequel 1, "Something Borrowed":http://www.squidge.org/dsa/archive/20/somethingborrowed.html // Wedding fic.
Sequel 2: "Seven Years Later": http://nos4a2no9.livejournal.com/220315.html // Roadtrip for two.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:nos4a2no9  ref:established  ref:postcanon  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
november 2010 by zhena
"And These Are All for You" by innocentsmith
Due South, Fraser/Victoria, Fraser/RayK. Various relationships of Fraser's spanning time and ending in a submarine. What I like here is how her version of Fraser's grandma and grampa are an early echo of Fraser and Ray. G'ma grimly pursues her line of inquiry, G'pa's happily doing his own thang, and his parabola periodically intersects with her straight line.
fanfic  Due-South  het  slash  pair:Fraser/Victoria  au:innocentsmith  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
october 2010 by zhena
No Such Thing as Coincidence by Musegaarid
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Epistolary. Fraser places a poetical personal ad, some dude with a turtle responds. (Alas! Author uses 'prostrate' instead of 'prostate,' which is always weird.) V.v. cute with both being self-revealing even when anonymous.
fanfic  due-south  slash  au:musegaarid  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
october 2010 by zhena
Observatory by atrata
Due South, Fraser, RayK. Fraser looks down on Chicago from above. Ray looks at something else. Possibly UST.
fanfic  Due-South  gen  au:atrata  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
march 2010 by zhena
The Train Goes Slow by atrata
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Ray and Fraser at their worst. Ray and his short fuse (even assisted at one point by Bob) struggling to understand Fraser, and Fraser in his own loopy way trying to be more open (and failing miserably). Plus UST galore. This is a different kind of slow climb to a relationship fic -- it has a lot more violent interactions, for one thing. But it has really good Ray voice and a really smart Ray, which I like.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:atrata  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
march 2010 by zhena
Study in Red and Green by joandarck
Due South, F/K. Frannie is taking an art class, Ray agrees to be her canvas with caveats, Fraser suspects Something Is Up. I like all the Frannie and Ray banter, as usual. (The ending is kind of pat and lame, but everything before that point is keen.)
fanfic  Due-South  slash  ref:Frannie  au:joandarck  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
february 2010 by zhena
Wasted by JoanDarck
Due South, F/K. Three beers in, Ray is discussing unexpectedly being French. Gennish, clever.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:joandarck  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
february 2010 by zhena
You Can't Take That Away From Me by joandarck
Due South, F/K. Amnesia fic, woo. Ray is armed and paranoid. Fraser goes in to pacify him but winds up (accidentally) seducing him. Dubcon? IDK. There's also a hospital case!fic and fun/IC Huey/Dewey on the side.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:joandarck  ref:casefic  ref:amnesia  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
february 2010 by zhena
A Goose Pimple or a Scar by pearl-o
Due South, F/V. Fraser is attracted to all sorts of people, and he makes Ray nuts in a new way. Aww. Is more sweet, less porn.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:Pearl-o  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Vecchio 
february 2010 by zhena
History by joandarck
Due South, F/K. The usual, in the sense of Ray's ready and raring to give it a shot, Fraser isn't. In this case, Ray goes a-datin', Fraser gets pissy. Set in Chicago, pre-CoTW, happy ending. She gives good Ray voice.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:joandarck  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
february 2010 by zhena
Suited by joandarck
Due South, F/K. Undercover in a gay bar! set up. Welsh gives the assignment. Ray's proof that they're not suited for is it is less than convincing. Too short, no followup, but cute. :D
fanfic  Due-South  slash  ref:Frannie  au:joandarck  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
february 2010 by zhena
Marinara Sauce by Blue Brocade
Due South, F/K. Fraser has third date jitters, Bob has advice. Horrifyingly detailed advice. LOL.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:bluebrocade  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
february 2010 by zhena
Cosmo Quiz by joandarck
Due South, Fraser/everyone. "This month: How to tell if the man of your dreams wants YOU!" Five options, who will get their Mountie? LOL. I read this one pre-delicious. It is awesome.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  het  meta  au:joandarck  fandom:DueSouth 
february 2010 by zhena
Signs of Affection by Aria
Due South, F/K/V. This is a domestic-fic followup to that one F/K/V fic (Magnetic). F is silently longing for PDA. K and V make plans to provide in the form of an actual date. Warm fuzzies, porn, etc.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:aria  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio 
february 2010 by zhena
Magnetic by aria
Due South, F/K/V. That one threesome fic, but all in one part on DW rather than divided in three on LJ. K/V-in-Chicago with confusion over F custody that culminates in F hookup later (in a kitchen), and is pretty satisfying as these things go. Now there is also a curtainfic followup.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:aria  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Kowalski/Vecchio  pair:Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio 
february 2010 by zhena
The Question of Ghosts by Arrow
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Fraser is back in Canada, keepin' a journal, workin' his thing, and he keeps seeing Ray out of the corner of his eye. It's odd how you can work out a fairly smutty, happy ending from this type of situation with dS.
fanfic  due-south  slash  ouch  au:arrow00  ref:postcanon  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
january 2010 by zhena
Deke: The Little Box by Rhi Marzano
Due South, Fraser/RayK. First-person account of Ray's rise in the NHL, and how he was later set up with a mountie by his roommate, Mark. Here there be hockey. Lots of hockey. Fun, fun.
fanfic  due-south  slash  AU  au:Rhi_Marzano  ref:hockey  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
may 2009 by zhena
Alone, Together by secretlybronte
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Then years later, valentine's day, Fraser calls up Ray, weird conversations ensue. (Then there is smut, yay.) She does RayK very funny and well. Assorted angsties and dead Dief tho.
fanfic  due-south  slash  au:secretlybronte  ref:postcanon  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
may 2009 by zhena
Patience and Partnership by tinzelda
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Post-CotW. Pride and Prejudice and the Great White North. Fraser reads to Ray each night, and they discuss literature and theoretic unintentional flirting. Two parts. Cute. But, y'know, lacking in the resolution, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Like Austen in a way.
fanfic  due-south  slash  au:tinzelda  ref:quest  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
april 2009 by zhena
Mendacity by joandarck
Due South, Fraser/RayK. On a symbolic or a metaphorical or a whatever quest for a something. Post-cotw. V.v. short, clever, awesome.
fanfic  due-south  gen  au:joandarck  ref:quest  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
april 2009 by zhena
Simply Green by dessert_first
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Miss Fraser undercover as a transvestite hooker, and Ray would like to prove that he doesn't have to pay for sex. Heh.
fanfic  due-south  slash  au:dessert_first  ref:crossdressing  ref:undercover  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
april 2009 by zhena
Katabasis by Aria
Due South, Fraser/RayK. (Post-"Rice") Fraser doesn't make it back from the Borderlands after all, Ray goes into the closet after him a la Orpheus. Then out of the closet as well, koff. Two parts. This has all the surreal, none of the 'trying too hard.' Verrrry cool, really good RayK voice.
Also here: http://ariafic.livejournal.com/13825.html and http://ariafic.dreamwidth.org/11098.html
fanfic  due-south  slash  AU  au:aria  ref:borderlands  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
april 2009 by zhena
Magnetic by Aria
Due South, Fraser/RayK/RayV. Ray is partnered with Ray, Fraser comes back to town, there is awkward as they sort out who gets partnered with who, complicated by novel undercurrents. Whoo, threesome fic, and also very long, satisfying, and readable. Three parts.
fanfic  due-south  slash  au:aria  OT3  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio 
april 2009 by zhena
No Cocoon by Aria
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Post-MotB. Fraser finally gets accustomed to a new partner. Pretty fic.
fanfic  due-south  slash  au:aria  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
april 2009 by zhena
The Moon Appearing in Retrograde by Brigantine
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Fraser keeps getting himself tied up. Ray keeps untying him. Perhaps something more than meets the higgledy-piggledy. Kawaii.
fanfic  due-south  slash  au:Brigantine  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
april 2009 by zhena
Logic by sisterofdream
Due South, F/RK. Fraser admits to Ray that he regularly sees a ghost. Misunderstandings and making up and making out ensue. Cute.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:sisterofdream  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
september 2008 by zhena
Want by dessert_first
Due South, F+V, F/RK. Oddity, but interesting with slow, slow reveal. Fraser keeps noticing a man in the distance. First read is to figure out what's going on. Second read is to see how it all worked from the start. Gen mainly.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  gen  au:dessert_first  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
september 2008 by zhena
YouTube - RayK asks Frannie about love at first sight
Oh geez. Possibly one of my mostest favorestest scenes ever. How I love Frannie in season 3/4 . . .
due-south  vids  youtube  ref:Frannie  fandom:DueSouth 
september 2008 by zhena
Detail by sisterofdream
Due South, gen (F/RK). A few days in the life of Ray and Frasier, in which not a great deal occurs yet all sorts of things may have happened. This is quite keen. (Note: edited and html-corrected version saved to drive.)
fanfic  Due-South  slash  gen  best-of-rec  au:sisterofdream  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
september 2008 by zhena
The Harder They Fall by secretlybronte
Due South, F/RK. Fraser takes a major fall off a building, head injury and angsties ensue. It stretches credulity with the 10-year timespan and the flimsy excuse thereof, but Ray voice is pretty exact.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:secretlybronte  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
august 2008 by zhena
Where Winter Wolves Bark by petronelle
Due South, F/RK. Fusion fic, due South/Companion to Wolves. When Rajkk's bitch Stjerne goes into heat, will Frasr and Doeffenbaekr have a chance? No knowledge of book needed. Clever!
fanfic  Due-South  AU  xover  slash  bookfic  au:petronelle  Companion-to-Wolves  fusionfic  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski  fandom:MiscBooks 
august 2008 by zhena
Because I maybe need to write more by Queue
Due South, various. This is the post that has the links to various Queue-ish fanfics which are mysteriously hidden about the Internets.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:Queue  fandom:DueSouth 
august 2008 by zhena
lipstickcat: Last RCW related post
Due South, photos of Meliss script with original COTW ending.
due-south  meta  info-post  fandom:DueSouth 
august 2008 by zhena
Con Job by keerawa
due South, Ray/Other, F/RK. Ray is undercover and willing to do whatever it takes to get Fraser to like and trust him. Woo, cynical fic! Yet fairly nifty take on it all.
fanfic  due-south  slash  au:keerawa  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
august 2008 by zhena
Lick It by geekwriter
Due South, F/RK. "For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, Ray's got Fraser's tongue up his ass." There you have it. NO PLOT ZONE. Lots of porn though. Lots. And rather dS-like.
fanfic  due-south  slash  au:geekwriter  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
august 2008 by zhena
A Simple Request by nnwest
Due South, F/RK. Fraser has a request for Thatcher, but matter rapidly grow complicated. Very cute!
fanfic  Due-South  slash  gen  au:nnwest  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
august 2008 by zhena
Breaking the Waves by nos4a2no9
Due South, F/K/V. V divorced and injured in FL. F/K to the rescue with large doses of H/C and smut. Comfy wallow fic, minimal angst. Website version is missing chunks of text, so read on LJ. 6 parts.
fanfic  slash  Due-South  au:nos4a2no9  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio 
july 2008 by zhena
Kisses in the Marketplace, Kisses Given Free by spuffyduds
Due South, F/RK. Five kisses that Ray's had over time. Preseries, postseries, some kid in here, too. Nice, quiet fic.
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:spuffyduds  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
june 2008 by zhena
Concrete by spuffyduds
Due South, Fraser/RayK. Curtain fic with porn. Also an entertaining anecdotal thought problem in which the chicken and the fox are fucking. :D
fanfic  Due-South  slash  au:spuffyduds  fandom:DueSouth  pair:Fraser/Kowalski 
may 2008 by zhena
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