The World Keeps Turning by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, gen. Peter lets the kitten out of the bag a bit early while Nightingale's over to supervise training. // 3K. Another slice-of-life fic set after "Lies Sleeping." In this case, a pre-kid fic.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  ref:humor  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
21 hours ago
Let Him Lead Me to the Banquet by harryromper
Harry Potter, Harry/Draco. Draco's been hosting exclusive gourmet dinners for charity at his private muggle farm. Harry, who's perfecting his hermit techniques in London, refuses to schmooze and won't respond to the invitations. // 16K. Huh, I've got zero interest in frou-frou foodie stuff, but this had sufficient reno chat to keep me interested. Was a lot more readable than I thought it would be. Smut free.
fanfic  HarryPotter  slash  pair:HarryPotter/DracoMalfoy  ref:EWE  ref:PTSD  ref:food  ref:renovations  ref:molasses  ref:domestic  via:teneagles  au:harryromper  fandom:HarryPotter 
The Course of Honour by Avoliot
(Novel) "When Jainan arrived on Iskat to represent his home planet in a diplomatic marriage to Imperial Prince Taam, he was naïve enough to hope the match would work. Taam knew better. Five years later, his confidence shattered, Jainan is released when Taam dies in an accident, only to be faced with another marriage to help salvage his treaty. Jainan understands how the real world works now; but Prince Kiem - the cheerful, scandal-prone darling of the Iskat celebrity magazines - keeps breaking all the rules he's learned." // 118K (29 chapters). Not a fanfic. Long original SF/romance with royalty, arranged marriage, past abusive relationship, slo burn, pining galore, a melange of tropiness, and very readable. A lot of plot points rest on people not telling each other things they need to know so the frustration level gets teeth-gnashingly high at points.

* "And Now a Short Speech," https://archiveofourown.org/works/13080075 "A Transcript of His Highness Prince Kiem’s Speech to Graduating Class Seven Students, Braska Prime School, 36:12:7" // 1.6K. So eventually he does make it to the elementary school. Featuring a lot of "Who would win, Batman or the Terminator?" type questions from the audience...
via:norwich36  origific  slash  ref:SF  ref:plot  ref:marriage-of-convenience  ref:first-time  ref:miscommunication  ref:angst  ref:pining  ref:molasses  ref:huddling-for-warmth  ref:PTSD  ref:competence  au:avoliot 
3 days ago
Not Dead Yet by scesisonomaton
Rivers of London, gen. Nightingale, with a touch of pneumonia, is predictably the worst invalid ever. // 5K, "Lies Sleeping" followup fic, Peter POV, background Peter/Bev. Just a slice-of-life type fic really.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  ref:missing-scene  ref:H/C  ref:pastiche  ref:humor  via:doitninetimes  au:scesisonomaton  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
4 days ago
The Dogfather by hollimichele
Harry Potter, AU, gen(ish). Harry MacIntyre, and his parents Timothy and Caroline, discover that little Harry's a wizard -- and a somewhat famous one -- when it turns out their dog Padfoot isn't actually a dog at all. // 48K. Fun AU of the first HP book where infant Harry, unbeknownst to the Ministry and the rest of the wizarding world, was turned away by the Dursleys and instead adopted by a well-meaning, lovely, older Muggle couple. The plot follows the same line without a lot of rehashing and lots of disgressions. (WIP for a very long time, evidently finished.) Good times.
fanfic  HarryPotter  gen  slash  pair:RemusLupin/SiriusBlack  AU  ref:fork  ref:fixit  ref:families  ref:humor  ref:angst  ref:muggle  au:hollimichele  fandom:HarryPotter 
4 days ago
The Precautionary Principle by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, gen. Peter's done the paperwork. He just has to persuade his bosses that turning Lesley back to their side would be in everyone's best interests. // 2K. Another "Lies Sleeping" missing scene. Yeeowch, focusing on Peter's peculiar relationship with Leslie. And Seawoll, Nightingale, and Stephanopoulos conversation is ... really something I'd be very interested in reading a lot more.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  ref:missing-scene  ref:angst  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
7 days ago
Far Too Many Bats by beethechange
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane. "Following a harrowing experience filming at Yuma Territorial Prison, Ryan's desperate to find a way to stop thinking about bats (hearing bats, smelling bats...). Shane has some ideas because he is a helpful problem-solving sort of person." // 7K, PWP. Shane's cure for anxiety = bossy sex.
“Your pupils are still dilated,” Shane says. “Did you do hard drugs when I wasn’t looking, or is this some kind of lasting bat-related trauma that you’re going to need therapy for when we get back to L.A.?”
“The batter,” Ryan says. “Uh. The latter. I’ll put it on BuzzFeed’s tab.”
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  ref:PWP  au:beethechange  fandom:Buzzfeed 
10 days ago
Magical Thinking by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, gen. "Beverley was in a lab when the Nightingale called." // 4K. "Lies Sleeping" missing scene, Beverley POV, set during the days when Peter was busy being kidnapped.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  pair:BeverleyBrook|ThomasNightingale  ref:missing-scene  ref:angst  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
10 days ago
On the Island of Misfit Toys by Slybrarian
Generation Kill/SGA(SG1), Brad/Nate. "Being a story in which Nate attends grad school at Georgetown instead of Harvard, beginning a chain of events wherein he is recruited by Elizabeth Weir for a top secret, hush-hush program in another galaxy. Features social scientists, the once and future queen of life after death, interstellar trade deals, and the genetic benefits of being an inbred hick. Also, Nate eventually gets some." // 68K, Nate POV all, characters from both shows (and some SG1 folks also). This is good times and more or less follows the SGA plotline though most of that occurs off-screen; Nate's in with the social sciences types, who have their own concerns with trade, diplomacy, and cultures. The result reads as a slightly more rational version of SGA. The fic is littered with typos (including missing text and errors that change the meaning of sentences). It's too bad 'cause otherwise this would be pretty excellent. Very readable if you can power through the garbled bits. (Also a bit confused about the author's odd ideas of Nevada, MO -- Cotty College is there.)
fanfic  GenerationKill  SGA  slash  gen  pair:Brad/Nate  AU  ref:xover  ref:fusionfic  ref:plot  ref:UST  ref:ancient-device  ref:first-time  ref:teamfic  au:slybrarian  fandom:GenerationKill  fandom:SGA  via:shadowkeeper 
10 days ago
This Is the Song That Never Ends by sisabet
SPN, Dean/Castiel. "Second verse same as the first!" (Africa - Toto) // Didn't read the notes or tags first (tho the password gave me pause), and it took me roughly 10 minutes to realize something was wrong. Then I watched the whole thing. /masochism
Fanvid  Supernatural  pair:DeanWinchester/Castiel  via:shadowkeeper  au:sisabet  fandom:Supernatural 
11 days ago
Expansion Pack by Major
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Bethany/Alex, Shelly/Seaplane. "One little mistake after winning the game forces them to be trapped in Jumanji for even longer, which would have been so much more bearable if Bethany could at least put it on Instagram." //8K. When Bethany (POV), queen of social media, finds herself tethered to a '90s metalhead on a side quest, there might be a whiff of romance in the air for the professor and the pilot. This is a really well done extra adventure, which stays mainly at mutual crushing level.
fanfic  Jumanji  slash  het  gen  pair:BethanyWalker/AlexVreeke  pair:SheldonOberon/SeaplaneMcDonough  yuletide2018  ref:humor  ref:postcanon  ref:plot  ref:UST  ref:pining  ref:teenagers  ref:videogame  au:major  fandom:MiscFilms 
14 days ago
Artisan by Quite an Irregular Thing (Purna)
God's Own Country, Johnny/Gheorghe. "A farm is hard work. Saving one will take a little luck too." First the cheese, now the knitters. Johnny's tugged along in the wake of Gheorghe's charm offensive. // 3.7K. Johnny POV, various bumps in the road, but ultimately HEA.
“Fuck,” Johnny bellowed, shaking his hand out to ease the sting. He was trying to get a better look at the injury when all of a sudden Gheorghe was there, a gentle hand on Johnny’s wrist. Gheorghe tugged him closer, examined the angry red mark on Johnny’s pinched hand.
Gheorghe lifted his head, and gave Johnny a look. He said, all gentle like, “You said you read the instructions. The lattice wall can pinch when it’s opened up.”
“Stupid yurt,” Johnny grumbled. “Who stays in a fucking tent in fucking Yorkshire?”
“People who’ll pay us a lot of money for the privilege,” Gheorghe said evenly.
fanfic  GodsOwnCountry  slash  pair:JohnnySaxby/GheorgheIonescu  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:farming  ref:ouch  au:purna  fandom:GodsOwnCountry 
15 days ago
But We Can Do This So Much Better by Philipa_Moss
God's Own Country, Johnny/Gheorghe. "'How can I convince you?' Gheorghe asked. 'That I am staying.'" Gheorghe goes back to Romania for a few weeks to see his family. Johnny, meanwhile, silently loses his shit. // 5.4K. Gheorghe POV. As Johnny and his abandonment issues reach new heights of inarticulate, painful awkwardness. Wow, this is such a good fic.
fanfic  GodsOwnCountry  slash  pair:JohnnySaxby/GheorgheIonescu  ref:angst  ref:awkward  ref:established  ref:postcanon  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:farming  ref:H/C  via:shadowkeeper  au:Phillipa_Moss  fandom:GodsOwnCountry 
15 days ago
Star Quality by who_la_hoop
Harry Potter, Harry/Draco. "Two years after the war, and Harry’s content with his life. OK, so it’s a little annoying that he keeps winning Witch Weekly’s Most Eligible Bachelor award, and he’s really not looking forward to the unveiling of an enormous gold statue of himself, but he loves his friends, and he loves being an Auror. And if he yearns for something more, something he can barely bring himself to think about, well, he’ll probably get over it. No one’s happy all the time, are they?
But then everything changes, and Harry’s thrown into a new and dazzling world he’s not sure he can actually escape from. And as time goes on, he starts to wonder: does he actually want to?" // 119K. So drunken Harry accidentallys himself into an alt-universe in which wizards aren't real, he's a directionless trustfund kid, and Draco is ... uh, Justin Beiber? More or less. It's super long, but also funny and engrossing with a truckload of pining and odd character twists and gay panic. (Background Ron/Hermione.) Good job.
fanfic  HarryPotter  slash  pair:HarryPotter/DracoMalfoy  ref:dimensionalswap  ref:curse  ref:denial  ref:closet  ref:humor  ref:angst  ref:pining  ref:first-time  ref:pricklypair  au:who_la_hoop  fandom:HarryPotter 
15 days ago
This Is How You Get Up by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, gen. "Nightingale is first on the scene, and not sure of what he's going to find." // <1K. "Lies Sleeping" missing scene, post-Leslie.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  pair:PeterGrant|ThomasNightingale  ref:missing-scene  ref:angst  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
16 days ago
Urban Exploration by Zoya1416
Rivers of London, Peter/Jaget. Peter and Jaget poke around some abandoned storage tunnels beneath Russel Square Station, then extend the exploration to Peter's shower. // 3K. The basic idea here being they're both between girlfriends, so why not. PWP with faint whiffs of denial.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/JagetKumar  ref:PWP  au:zoya1416  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
16 days ago
Never Look Away by naye
Guardian, Zhao Yunlan/Shen Wei. "Having successfully played bait in a nightclub, Zhao Yunlan might still be a little under the influence of a lust power. Either that, or Shen Wei is always this irresistible. Or maybe it's both." // 2.7K, Zhao POV, PWP, sex in a bathroom via a one-sided bout of sex pollen.
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  slash  pair:ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei  ref:PWP  ref:sexpollen  ref:undercover  au:naye  fandom:Guardian 
16 days ago
Coming Home by astolat
Transformers, Megatron/Orion. "Megatron went back to Kaon." // 21.4K. So as I understand this, the war is over and Megatron (POV) returns to a deserted, ruined world to wallow in sadness, starts to rebuild it for no real reason, but then a variety of social castoffs begin to show up and help, then he stumbles over something he never could have expected down a mineshaft. I don't go here, but there's sufficient info to figure out what's what and who is who. Starts off as all about the tragedy but eventually does manage a touching HEA.
fanfic  Transformers  slash  pair:OptimusPrime/Megatron  ref:robots  ref:angst  ref:pining  ref:enemyslash  ref:first-time  ref:virginity  via:as_lld_again  au:astolat  fandom:Transformers 
16 days ago
Sharp Dressed Man by neveralarch
Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband, gen. "Tatsu is a very supportive husband." // <1K. Tatsu POV, and a casual(ly threatening) party with Miku's coworkers. Fanfic for this series! LOL.
fanfic  Way-of-the-House-Husband  gen  pair:Tatsu/Miku  yuletide2018  ref:humor  ref:vignette  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  au:neveralarch  fandom:MiscAnimanga 
17 days ago
Essential Nature by etben
Rivers of London, gen/het/slash. Peter on leave gets counseling, which leads to him mulling over both Sir William and Beverley in the other world, which leads him to Asking Questions. // 2.5K. Peter POV. A conversation with Ty even. This is an interesting speculative sort of fic.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  het  slash  pair:PeterGrant/BeverleyBrook  yuletide2018  ref:backstory  au:etben  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
17 days ago
The Black-Cloaked Envoy Is Truly Terrifying by Moon_Lovers_Lover
Guardian, ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei. In which a capture in progress gets interrupted by a phone call. // 1K, funny.
The Envoy clears his throat. “Excuse me,” he says.
The criminal’s mouth drops open.
The spear in the Envoy’s hand dissipates, and he reaches into the front of his robe to pull out a sleek smartphone that is glowing and buzzing with a phone call. The Envoy stares down at the screen, then gingerly, with one long, white finger, he pokes at it.
The ringtone doesn’t stop. He pokes at the screen again, more forcefully, with the same results. The Envoy says something under his breath that may have been a curse.
The criminal clears his throat, then immediately regrets it as the Envoy looks up at him. “Try swiping the green phone icon, Your Lordship,” the criminal hears himself saying, as if from far-away. He is past the point of terror now, and filled with an overwhelming confusion and apathy toward his own wellbeing. “L-like, swiping across...”
“Ah,” says the Envoy, “Thank you.” There is a slight pause. “I only got this cellular phone recently, you see,” the Envoy says, as if a little embarrassed and explaining himself.
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  slash  pair:ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei  ref:humor  au:Moon_Lovers_Lover  fandom:Guardian 
17 days ago
Catch Your Breath by scesisonomaton
Rivers of London, gen. "He caught me, of course. He always did." // 2K, Peter POV, "Lies Sleeping" scene insert post-warehouse.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  pair:PeterGrant|ThomasNightingale  ref:missing-scene  ref:H/C  au:scesisonomaton  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
17 days ago
Feeling Younger (Better Than Wiser) by mardia
Rivers of London, Peter/Thomas. When Thomas rapidly deages to 16, Peter goes to Tyburn for help. To Thomas's mortification, she knows precisely what prompted it. // <1K. Thomas POV.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  ref:humor  ref:deaging  ref:teenagers  au:mardia  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
17 days ago
Overrun the Banks by neveralarch
Rivers of London, gen. "Lady Ty has some advice." // <1K. Abigail (POV) investigating, and Lady Ty showing up and being mildly menacing. (I don't know where this is set, which is itchy.)
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  pair:AbigailKamara|CeceliaTyburnThames  ref:vignette  au:neveralarch  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
17 days ago
Let Me Steal This Moment by lesbianmountaingal
Rivers of London, Beverley|Beverley, Beverley/Peter. "When the new Beverley Brook was born he felt it, because of course he did, because on some weird and metaphysical level they were the same person." // 5K. On the topic of Beverley and Beverley (both POVs), which is something I spend a lot of time thinking about as well, though my thoughts don't match with this fic's direction.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  het  slash  pair:PeterGrant/BeverleyBrook  ref:backstory  ref:missing-scene  au:lesbianmountaingal  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
17 days ago
Secret Rooms of Hogwarts by Attila
Rivers of London/Harry Potter, Peter/Thomas. "When Peter Grant is whisked out of unemployment and into a post as Potions Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he expects the teenagers to be the worst things in the castle. It's a pity Lesley May thinks one of the other new professors might be working for the Faceless Man. And as far as she's concerned, the most likely suspect is Defense expert Thomas Nightingale--gorgeous, talented, and a totally sketchy bastard." // 87K. Peter POV, fusion fic featuring RoL characters and general plot in an HP world/magic/etc. Peter is hired as a last-minute replacement to teach potions while his roommate Leslie, an auror, heads out on an undercover assignment to spy on the Faceless Man. It's pretty readable* and seems well thought out, but it doesn't really have a decided ending per se -- it just sort of meanders to an end, roughly equivalent to just after RoL "Broken Homes." Beverley and the other rivers are entirely off-screen mentions in this one. *Caveats: Judging from writer's belief that "fuck" is the perfect word for all occasions, I'm guessing she's really young. Found it genuinely off-putting in this context and kept weighing the merits of the back-button. Also, if rereading, please remember the sex scene made you want to stab the screen; just skip over it.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  HarryPotter  slash  AU  ref:fusionfic  ref:xover  ref:plot  ref:pining  ref:UST  ref:first-time  ref:teacher  ref:bad-fucking-language  au:attila  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
17 days ago
Nice and Quiet by deepdarkwaters
God's Own Country, Johnny/Gheorghe. Johnny's in A Mood, Gheorghe knows exactly how to nudge him out of it. // 1.6K. Nothing much happens, just a nice domestic slice about Gheorghe melding into the fam.
fanfic  GodsOwnCountry  slash  pair:JohnnySaxby/GheorgheIonescu  yuletide  2018  ref:postcanon  ref:established  ref:domestic  ref:curtainfic  ref:farming  via:shadowkeeper  au:deepdarkwaters  fandom:GodsOwnCountry 
22 days ago
You're My Cherry Pie by novembersmith
Venom, Eddie/Venom. "The first time Eddie suggests they have sex, Venom is, more than anything else, extremely confused." //9K. Far funnier than I'd expected, given all the tentative, fumbling negotiating.
Also of relevance is that, based on its studies of tumblr and reddit, Venom has yet to discover an Earth object that at least one human is unwilling to copulate with. Vegetable, mineral, vehicle. There seems to be no end to what a human is willing to view as a sexual object. Humans will definitely, absolutely be the sluts of the galaxy once they figure out space travel. This is the thesis of Venom’s current visual essay, being presented to its unwilling subject.

"HERE WE SEE ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF A HUMAN ATTAINING SEXUAL RELEASE WITHOUT ANOTHER HUMAN PRESENT," it explains and clicks to the last slide of the powerpoint where it had organized the bulk of its research.
fanfic  Venom  pair:EddieBrock/Venom  yuletide2018  ref:tentacles  ref:D/S  ref:first-time  ref:humor  ref:banter  ref:alien-wtf  via:exclamations  au:novembersmith  fandom:Venom 
22 days ago
Parts Unknown: Bajor by fresne
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown RPF/Deep Space 9, gen. "In the season eight premiere, Tony pays a visit to Deep Space Nine and Bajor." // 7.5K, AU. Haven't seen any Parts Unknown, but this is easy enough to follow. Dwells mainly on the occupation and recovery efforts in a way the canon never did, with the overall downbeat vibe leavened by rather goofy commercial breaks. It's pretty interesting (and filled with typos). Featured canon characters: Sisko, Jake, Jadzia.
fanfic  DS9  PartsUnknown  gen  yuletide2018  ref:fusionfic  ref:xover  ref:angst  ref:humor  ref:food  ref:epistolary  au:fresne  fandom:MiscTV  fandom:DS9 
22 days ago
Developing Community Engagement by mechanonymous
Rivers of London, gen. "From community meetings to flooding Romford High Street. Not everything Peter does results in property damage but it's always major property damage when it does." // 1K. Here's an oddity. It's clearly a broken off fic chunk. Bookmarking mainly to find out who posted this and whether they ever plan to finish it, tbh. ETA: "Author" comments that it's complete. Sure. OK then.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  pair:PeterGrant|CeceliaTyburnThames  yuletide2018  au:mechanonymous  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
23 days ago
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by kototyph
Rivers of London, Thomas/Peter. After he's blown off Beverley one time too many, she gives Peter a holiday gift that has him frantically avoiding Nightingale because now he wants the opposite of that. // 11K. Peter POV, sex pollen! Nothing from after "Hanging Tree," and also doesn't incorporate the Abigail short, so something of a fork AU. The family christmas chez Peter's mom and dad is pretty fun.
* "Let Nothing You Dismay," https://archiveofourown.org/works/17222336 Followup fic, the sex scene for the former.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  yuletide2018  ref:fork  ref:sexpollen  ref:curse  ref:dubcon  ref:miscommunication  ref:holiday  ref:xmas  ref:first-time  ref:families  fandom:RiversOfLondon  au:kototyph 
23 days ago
We'll Burn That Barn When We Come to It by lost_spook
11th Century CE RPF, AU, William/Harold. "Self-made French tycoon Bill Norman" is planning to build his hypermarket on Harold Godwinson's quaint organic farm near Hastings in an Area of Outstanding National Beauty. However, as the Bayeux Blogger hints, there may be more to this situation than meets the eye (cough). // 3.5K. Norman Invasion, modern AU, told as emails, texts, tweets, and local blogger posts. Also sheep, bees, bodyguards, bulldozers, and protestors. FUN.
slash  fanfic  HistoricalRPF  pair:HaroldGodwinson/WilliamTheConqueror  yuletide2018  AU  ref:epistolary  ref:miscommunication  ref:families  ref:humor  ref:enemyslash  via:as_lld_again  au:lost_spook  fandom:HistoricalRPF 
23 days ago
Your Fever Gives Me Shivers by misura
Almost Human, Kennex/Dorian. "Dorian gets infected with a sex bot virus. John gets infected with feelings." //2K. As the author sez, "this is less a fic about sex pollen for androids and more a fic about John being allergic to feelings?" Yep, it's not really a sex pollen fic, and it's really well done. (Tho this is more in line with the show, I admit I would also like that actual sex pollen fic...)
via:shadowkeeper  fanfic  AlmostHuman  slash  pair:Dorian/JohnKennex  yuletide2018  ref:angst  ref:pining  ref:denial  ref:robots  ref:first-time  au:misura  fandom:AlmostHuman 
23 days ago
Nat Geo by neveralarch
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Doreen/Kraven. "Kraven needs a plus one to the National Geographic Anniversary Gala. Doreen was born for this." // 1K. "THIS IS SO DELIGHTFUL" Yes. Yes it is.
It was a suit. It was a bright orange and black tiger-striped suit. It could be seen from the Kree homeworld, and nobody actually knew where that was.
"I thought I was prepared," said Doreen. "I thought I could handle it when you showed up half-naked. I spent a lot of time thinking about that, actually, just so I could be perfectly ready."
"I can be classy when required," said Kraven.
"This is. This." Doreen looked him up and down. "This."
"It is a print," said Kraven. "Not real skin. I did not want to cause further confrontation with the PETA people, after they have already thrown paint at me fourteen times. Also, leather suits are inappropriate for light evening wear."
Doreen was still struggling to finish the sentence she'd started two minutes ago. She couldn't figure out how to convey why it was okay to dress up as a squirrel to fight crime, but not okay to dress up as Tony the Tiger for the world journalism event she'd always dreamed of attending. She could have just said that, those words exactly, but she had the feeling that Kraven wouldn't understand.
"It's silk," said Kraven. "Would you like to feel?"
Doreen felt Kraven's sleeve. She slightly revised her opinion on the tiger suit.
via:sophia_sol  fanfic  Squirrelgirl  het  pair:DoreenGreen/KravenTheHunter  yule2018  ref:humor  ref:UST  ref:pricklypair  au:neveralarch  fandom:MiscMarvel 
23 days ago
Piracy Is Our Only Option by longwhitecoats
Sense and Sensibility (Austen), gen "Margaret becomes a privateer." // 1K. So Margaret runs away to join the navy as "Jack" Dashwood. :D
via:sophia_sol  fanfic  Sense&Sensibility  gen  yuletide2018  ref:epistolary  ref:ageofsail  ref:humor  au:longwhitecoats  fandom:Austen 
23 days ago
Hawkeyed by Corlaire
Hawkeye/Young Avengers, Kate/America. "What America doesn't know won't hurt her. Right?" // 1K. Kate worrying over a dilemma. (Past Kate/Noh-Varr). V.v. cute.
"I'm not moping," Kate said. "What would I be moping about? My life is amazing. Madame Masque has ... not tried to kill me for twelve days in a row, my superhero team is currently mostly-funded, my boyfriend definitely didn't dump me for reasons he won't disclose—"
fanfic  YoungAvengers  femslash  pair:KateBishop/AmericaChavez  yuletide2018  ref:humor  ref:pining  ref:banter  via:sophia_sol  au:corlaire  fandom:YoungAvengers 
23 days ago
Simple Tunes by misura
Lord of Light (Zelazny), Sam/Yama. "Yama wishes to know what it is like to be sixteen. Sam obliges, more or less. (Mostly less.)" // 1K. And it sounds remarkably like the book, wow. This pairing variation never occurred to me, tho it really should have. Sort of enemy slash, sort of not -- relationships and conspiracies and alliances get awfully fluid in this book.
fanfic  Lord-of-Light  slash  pair:Sam/Yama  yuletide2018  ref:pastiche  ref:postcanon  ref:enemyslash  ref:pricklypair  au:misura  fandom:Zelazny 
23 days ago
Homemakers by Sophia_Prester
Rivers of London, gen. "At a very dangerous time of year, Peter is re-adjusting to being back at work, Nightingale has something on his mind, and the Folly's greatest defense comes from an unlikely (and delicious) source." // 5.6K. Followup sorta, kinda casefic to "Lies Sleeping." In the midst of everyone tensely waiting for Something Terrible to (possibly) occur and something being off with Thomas, Molly and Foxglove collaborate on a really touching project. (Background Peter/Beverley)
The problem wasn't Christmas itself, as annoying as it made things when you just had to nip down to the shop on a routine errand. The problem was that the Winter Solstice and all of the holidays that had accreted to it over the centuries made this time of year about as safe as the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  yuletide2018  ref:holidays  ref:casefic  ref:angst  ref:domestic  ref:families  au:Sophia_Prester  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
23 days ago
There and Back Again by doctor_denmark
Rivers of London, gen. "And if you're the woman who, driving along the A4155 that afternoon, found herself inexplicably picking up a pair of hitchhikers and driving them all the way into London, I'm really, really sorry". Lies Sleeping, Chapter 12 // 1.3K. Outside POV, specifically the driver in question. Whew, it's mildly creepy.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  yuletide2018  ref:outsiderPOV  ref:backstory  ref:mindcontrol  ref:magic  au:doctor_denmark  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
23 days ago
The Wonder Dog by beili
Rivers of London, gen. "Dominic sends Peter a video of some singing sheep. The video's not a fake, and the phone that took it should probably be replaced." // 1.4K. Dominic and his hubby (you know, the farmer) ask for help, and Peter stumbles over another category of supernatural denizens. Fun.
I put out several UFO trackers in various parts of the field to get a better picture of what was going on. Whatever it was, it was certainly long-lasting; they’d gotten all the way through "Bohemian Rhapsody" the night before. It had been a pretty good cover, for an a cappella group that could only use the syllable “baa.”
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  yuletide2018  ref:humor  ref:farming  au:beili  au:valmora  fandom:RiversOfLondon  ref:casefic 
23 days ago
Five to One Against by Philomytha
Rivers of London, gen. "How Molly and Nightingale discovered haemomancy." // 5K. Molly POV. Set during WWII and the Blitz, with some backstory for Molly, who has to make a hard choice. I wasn't actually certain what was going on at one point (and I'm still not sure, tbh), but it didn't impact the overall effect.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  pair:ThomasNightingale|Molly  yuletide2018  ref:historical  ref:WWII  ref:backstory  ref:spies  au:Philomytha  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
23 days ago
Catch My Disease by Rhovanel
What We Do in the Shadows, gen. "Vladislav goes viral. The Beast is not impressed." After Nick introduces everyone to the concept of Twitter, Vladislav takes to the Internet like a possum to trash (literally) to get one up on his ex. // 2.5. Cute. :D
fanfic  What-We-Do-in-the-Shadows  gen  yuletide2018  ref:vampires  ref:postcanon  ref:humor  ref:blackhumor  ref:Internet  au:Rhovanel  fandom:MiscFilms 
23 days ago
A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy by Tangerine
X-Factor, Rictor/Shatterstar. "Summoned to Beverly Hills by Monet on their day off, Rictor, Banshee, Monet, and Shatterstar work to solve the case before it becomes a murder." That is, Monet wants to buy a house in a swanky part of town; the owner, a former clairvoyant, assures her someone's due to be murdered in it during her houseparty. //5K. Rictor POV, set during the heyday of X-Factor, so he's still kind of sour about everything but Shatterstar. Such a nifty fanfic for them, and I really enjoyed it. (Knocking off Star as some offhand visual joke was why I fucking loathed Deadpool 2.)
Julio snorted. "Despite what Madrox may think, we're not actually living in a noir film."
"The internet assures me I have all the qualifications for an homme fatale," Star said, his voice a warm murmur in Julio's ear. Julio kept his eyes fixed forward, scanning the crowd. He took another drink as Star continued, "I have clearly come in your life to seduce you and disrupt your existence."
"So that makes me, what, the doomed anti-hero in a spiral to his own destruction?"
"Not if I can help it," Star replied, thumb stroking over Julio's hairline, "though seduction is inevitable."
fanfic  X-Factor  slash  gen  pair:Shatterstar/Rictor  yuletide2018  ref:plot  ref:casefic  ref:mystery  ref:established  ref:canonpair  ref:humor  au:tangerine  fandom:X-Factor 
23 days ago
The Night of the President's Presents by karaokegal
Wild Wild West, Jim/Artemus. For the annual holiday ball in Washington, the duo are tasked with collecting the presents destined for President Grant -- and detecting any hidden bombs and poisons beforehand. One such trap comes courtesy Loveless, naturally. //8.7K. Artie POV. Considerable backstory is applied to Artemus. Then florid sex pollen for christmas!
fanfic  WildWildWest  slash  pair:JamesWest/ArtemusGordon  yuletide2018  ref:xmas  ref:backstory  ref:sexpollen  ref:pining  ref:first-time  ref:western  au:karaokegal  fandom:MiscTV 
23 days ago
Superb Fry-Up (instrumental) by 51stCenturyFox
This Is Spinal Tap, Nigel/David. "Nigel likes staying in LA and there are many reasons: David, In-N-Out burgers, drought, David, and non-lethal sushi." // 1.6K. The band, as it were, today, in LA, brought out of retirement by the invention of vantablack. This marvelous and ridiculous. Also the phrase "three-decade groupie-grope minge binge."
“Nonsense. You’re staying here. There’s a guest room.” David gets up and motions to him to follow, and they head down the hall to a door. “See, it’s very roomy.”
“Hmm,” Nigel says. It is a big room, for certain. There’s a dresser and a turntable with headphones on a stand, and a leather chair, and one of those fluffy sheepskin rugs, but no bed. “There’s no bed, though.”
“Well, see...that’s why it’s so spacious. Minimalism!”
I note that the Rolling Stone article doesn't use the umlaut. Because it is pretentious "real" journalism, I suppose.
fanfic  SpinalTap  slash  pair:DavidStHubbins/NigelTuffnel  yuletide2018  ref:postcanon  ref:bffs-to-lovers  ref:humor  au:51stCenturyFox  fandom:MiscFilms 
23 days ago
Better Cheated to the Last by Damkianna
The Sting, Henry/Johnny. The meetup in St. Louis doesn't go how Henry figured. Fortunately he can roll with the punches, and Johnny's good at taking a few. //3K. Henry POV. Whew, very small-scale con/rescue, and all sorts of manly, restrained feeeelings.
He gave Johnny one sharp punishing shake, and he said loudly, "Told you one of these days I'd catch up to you, Ed, you son of a bitch," and then he popped Johnny one across the jaw, as hard as he could bear.
Johnny's head snapped sideways, and he stumbled and almost fell again--but he'd recognized Henry, he must have, because when he caught himself and straightened up again he had his hands held out, pleading. "Joe, you--I didn't know you were in St. Louis--"
"I bet you didn't," Henry snapped, "or you'd never have shown your face."
"Aw, c'mon, Joe," Johnny said, with a whine in it now like he really was scared. "C'mon, can't we talk about this?"
fanfic  TheSting  slash  pair:HenryGondorff/JohnnyHooker  yuletide2018  ref:pining  ref:crime  ref:roleplay  ref:H/C  au:Damkianna  fandom:TheSting 
23 days ago
The Way to Shake a Federal Warrant by Franzeska
The Sting, Henry/Johnny. After reading about Henry's death in the paper, Johnny investigates, and finds himself tangled up in Mexico with a grave, a blackmailer, and a mysterious Argentinian businessman. //5K. Casefic! Sort of. But fairly involving, grifters gonna grift, some louche smuttiness yay.
fanfic  TheSting  slash  pair:HenryGondorff/JohnnyHooker  yuletide2018  ref:casefic  ref:crime  ref:drugs  ref:roleplay  ref:historical  au:Franzeska  fandom:TheSting 
23 days ago
Red Wine Celebration by GloriousGoblinQueen
Saiyuki/Gaiden, Kenren/Tenpou, Hakkai/Gojou. "Kenren gets Tenpou something special for his birthday. A little over 500 years later, something similar occurs." //2K. Succinct summary. Nothing really exciting, but still Gaiden fic for a fave pairing. Ambiguously sad as these things tend to be.
fanfic  Saiyuki  SaiyukiGaiden  slash  pair:TenpouGensui/KenrenTaishou  pair:ChoHakkai/ShaGojyou  yuletide2018  ref:established  ref:reincarnation  au:GloriousGoblinQueen  fandom:Saiyuki 
23 days ago
The First Step Is Always Scary by cdocks
Natsume's Book of Friends, gen. "Touko Fujiwara finds out a secret about her foster son." //2K. Sweet, short example of the subgenre of fic about how and when and where one or both of the Fujiwaras might discover Natsume's extracurricular activities.
fanfic  NatsumeYuujinchou  gen  yuletide2018  ref:families  ref:backstory  ref:futurefic  au:cdocks  fandom:NatsumeYuujinchou 
23 days ago
A Quiet Winter's Night by junko
Natsume's Book of Friends, gen. The downside of having an alcoholic cat: Natsume spends an entire day obsessing over what could happen if Nyanko-sensei's latest sake bottle doesn't get to the neighbor's recycling bin. //3.5K. I can't get enough of stories that expand on Natsume's tentative, hopeful relationship with Touko and Shigeru Fujiwara.
fanfic  NatsumeYuujinchou  gen  yuletide2018  ref:families  ref:angst  ref:humor  au:junko  fandom:NatsumeYuujinchou 
23 days ago
Teenagers Are Not as Subtle as They Think by Truth
Natsume's Book of Friends, gen. Touko, fixing dinner, has a lengthy discussion about Natsume with his pudgy cat. But it's not as one-sided as she thinks. //2K. Ohhh. The title may not seem promising, but this is such a quiet, lovely fic (without the usual larded-on abuse drama).
fanfic  NatsumeYuujinchou  gen  yuletide2018  ref:backstory  au:truth  fandom:NatsumeYuujinchou 
24 days ago
Mina de Malfois and the Changing of the Guard by Lilith
Mina de Malfois, gen(ish). "Mina’s latest novel project isn’t getting off to a good, or any, start. Arc suggests taking a quick, refreshing dip back into fandom." Mina, who's now a Fandom Doyen and profic writer, attends a con incognito; as usual, it doesn't go quite as planned. // 4K. A weird misspelling within the first few paragraphs almost sent me back-buttoning outta there, which would have been a huge pity because this one's really fun commentary on how fandom's changed (and hasn't) since the heyday of Mina on Livejournal.
Curious, I edged closer to the throng, trying to get a good look at some of their signs:
And, succinctly: PEDOPHILES!! Although the sign really didn’t do much to clarify whether it was an objection or an enthusiastic cheer, it must be said.
I will probably also forever wonder what people did exactly with those bath products.
fanfic  Mina-de-Malfois  gen  femslash  pair:MinaDeMalfois/Archivist12  yuletide2018  ref:meta  ref:humor  ref:fandom  ref:pastiche  au:lilith  fandom:MiscInternet 
24 days ago
Fever by Sylvia
Guardian, Zhao Yunlan/Shen Wei. The D-flu afflicts Dixians with genderswaps, and the Black-Robed Envoy is no exception. //3K. Writer chose to be a bit too cagey, so it took me a while to figure out what the hell was going on. After that, I backed up, started over, and it was pretty fun. (Zero porn, oddly enough.)
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  slash  pair:ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei  yuletide2018  ref:humor  ref:genderswap  ref:H/C  au:sylvia  fandom:Guardian 
24 days ago
Ab Initio by qikiqtarjuaq
Guardian, gen. "Shen Wei's beginnings as a humble, technologically-impaired university student." //2.6K. Poor Shen Wei, surrounded by baffling humans, lol.
"Wait. A fan club? For people whose last names are Shen?" There were many things in modern culture he had yet to understand.
Lin Tao finally took pity on him. "No, Shen Wei. A fan club for you."
"Oh. But why?"
"Do you own a mirror?" quipped Xue Yang.
Shen Wei stopped to think. He had no frame of reference on whether it was normal for a university student to gain a fan club or not. Or even what fan clubs were supposed to do.
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  gen  yuletide2018  ref:backstory  ref:college  ref:humor  ref:oblivious  au:qikiqtarjuaq  fandom:Guardian 
24 days ago
That Which Walks Unseen by Damkianna
Bone Key, Booth/Radcliffe. "I had not expected to see John Pelham Ratcliffe again." When an unusually friendly and obliging Radcliffe comes to visit the Parrington Museum, Booth is instantly suspicious. //6.7K. And once Radcliffe expresses an ~interest in him, Booth's convinced: terrible things are afoot. (Oh, Booth, you woobie.) I'm inclined to label this as a fixit.
And yet I could not set aside my awareness of what he was not. Or an increasingly intense consciousness of the degree to which I would have preferred that it were Ratcliffe —- even as I was driven to acknowledge that it could not be. It felt grimly appropriate that I should be forced to the inescapable realization that I would have been glad to see him after all, by having the thing that was not him before me. And if I was able to be rid of it, I would know I had succeeded if I never saw him again.
fanfic  BoneKey  Monette  slash  gen  pair:KyleMurchisonBooth/JohnPelhamRatcliffe  yuletide2018  ref:pastiche  ref:mystery  ref:possession  ref:supernatural  ref:fixit  au:Damkianna  fandom:BoneKey 
24 days ago
Russian Roulette Croquembouche by misantlery
Buzzfeed Worth It, Andrew/Steven. During the planning and filming of the holiday videos, Andrew wrestles with his attraction to Steven, who's back in town after having relocated to NYC. // 9.5K. Andrew POV. Pining, aaaangsting, food, more pining, more food, interspersed with mildly judgey coworkers. It's pretty readable, tho I'm not certain it makes sense without watching the set of videos first:
Part 1, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz-RVFwgY1k
Part 2, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmqLrbidKGU
Part 3, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXu2psXhZ_8
N.B.: "misantlery" = LOL_MEME
fanfic  BuzzfeedWorthIt  slash  pair:AndrewIlnyckyj/StevenLim  yuletide2018  ref:pining  ref:ep-related  ref:UST  ref:angst  ref:humor  au:misantlery  fandom:Buzzfeed 
24 days ago
We’ll Make a Brand New Start of It (in Old New York) by misantlery
Buzzfeed Worth It, Andrew/Steven. Steven convinces Andrew to be his fake date to a New Year's event. Andrew is not aware of the hidden agenda. // 9.6K, with lots and lots of mooning over food, dumb word plays, and sexy teims for afters.
"Just to be clear," Andrew says. "You want me to pretend to be your boyfriend at a party to spite your high school bully and your high school girlfriend and possibly the entire state of Ohio?"
Steven giggles. "Spite’s such a harsh word. Shock and impress, maybe."
"For a man of faith you’re being awfully morally flexible about this," Andrew says. "What with the lying and the ... the tomfoolery."
"Andrew, it’s for *charity.*"
N.B.: "misantlery" = LOL_MEME
fanfic  BuzzfeedWorthIt  slash  pair:AndrewIlnyckyj/StevenLim  ref:pretendcouple  ref:pretendgay  ref:UST  ref:humor  ref:first-time  ref:virginity  ref:bffs-to-lovers  au:misantlery  fandom:Buzzfeed  yuletide2018 
25 days ago
With Love, Psmith by soupytwist
Psmith, Mike/Psmith. "Being a brief collection of papers from the archives of Rupert Psmith." // 3K.
Psmith's telegram about his wedding to Eve had found Mike, ever the true batsman, ready, willing, and waiting to give the ball a good thwack. Unfortunately, even the most capable batsmen may occasionally come a cropper. On this occasion, the flaw in Mike's approach was that he attempted to smile. Mike's usual smile on receiving happy news was a naturally charming, open grin. What he now managed was rather more like the expression one might make upon opening one's delivery from the grocer's boy to discover that the cabbages are mouldy and the requested carrots have been replaced with winter broccoli.
A fix-it attempt for unsatisfactory canon that accepts the canon and moves on from there. IDK. Not much weird banter, but it's a good attempt?
fanfic  Psmith  slash  femslash  pair:RupertPsmith/MikeJackson  yuletide2018  ref:canonish  ref:canonpair  ref:fixit  ref:poly  au:soupytwist  fandom:Psmith  fandom:PGWodehouse 
25 days ago
#blessed by thehoyden
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane. "Of course Shane would rather not work; he’d like it to be like the good old days, and who wouldn’t? But a demon’s gotta eat, and he can’t even get a discount on his rent because it turns out it’s a lot harder to influence faceless companies with ominous dreams. Ergo: gainful employment at Buzzfeed." // 9K. Shane POV. Another demon!Shane fic. So the basic idea here is Ryan got himself mildly demon infested at the Sallie House, and Shane's more than willing to invite him over for extensive bedsharing to ward that off. Yup. Porn toward the end. (Also that fic commenter re: "salt of the earth earnestness" of midwesterners, this quaint and mysterious people, LOLOLOL.)
slash  via:as_lld_again  fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  ref:demon  ref:curse  ref:humor  ref:first-time  au:Hoyden  fandom:Buzzfeed 
25 days ago
All Change by cassie_black
Harry Potter, Harry/Draco. "Neville and Luna are getting married, Draco’s playing bridesmaid, and Harry’s finally learning that people really can change." // 10K. Harry POV. Little happens beyond People Having Intense Conversations, but it's mostly fun, no porn.
fanfic  slash  HarryPotter  pair:HarryPotter/DracoMalfoy  ref:EWE  ref:fluff  ref:molasses  ref:oblivious  au:cassie_black  fandom:HarryPotter 
26 days ago
Of Wands and Trees by Omi_Ohmy
Harry Potter, Harry/Draco. "All Draco wants to do is be a wandmaker, but to do so he needs to understand the soul of trees. Of course, the only man who might be able to help him is the one man who is more of a mystery to him than any tree." // 45K. Malfoy POV all. So Draco's a failed apprentice to Ollivander, Harry's an antisocial hermit lurking in the hills of southern France, and back-to-nature, tree hugging, vaguely mystical, occasionally smutty, idyllic woodsiness ensues. I rather liked it! (Tho likely there were insufficient bug bites in sensitive areas involved. Fanfic fixes all.)
fanfic  HarryPotter  slash  pair:HarryPotter/DracoMalfoy  ref:EWE  ref:postcanon  ref:wands  ref:camping  ref:hermit  ref:angst  ref:molasses  ref:H/C  au:Omi_Ohmy  fandom:HarryPotter 
26 days ago
Occupational Hazard by Destina
James Bond, Bond/Q. "Q is the most dangerous distraction Bond has had to overcome in a very long time." // 3K. Bond POV. Relatively short, straightforward, readable get-together fic.
fanfic  slash  JamesBond  pair:007/Q  ref:first-time  ref:competence  via:shadowkeeper  au:destina  fandom:JamesBond 
27 days ago
Cryptography by LowerEastSide
Harry Potter, Harry/Draco. "Draco Malfoy is still a puzzle that Harry Potter wants to solve. Good thing they both solve puzzles for a living." // 19K. So Harry is basically Indiana Jones with a shop, Draco is a freelance translator who works from his home in the suburbs. Nothing wildly dramatic happens; it's just a mildly sweet, laid-back sort of misunderstandings resolved fic.
fanfic  HarryPotter  slash  pair:HarryPotter/DracoMalfoy  ref:EWE  ref:miscommunication  ref:first-time  ref:mystery  au:LowerEastSide  fandom:HarryPotter 
28 days ago
My Working Week and My Sunday Rest by pineapplecrushface
Captain America, Steve/Bucky. "Steve's life after he throws down the shield and hides with Bucky in Wakanda is composed of the following: moping, having 80-year-old epiphanies, dramatically tearing the Avengers symbol off his uniforms, learning too much about goats, fighting, fighting more, fighting even more, trying not to make it weird, definitely making it weird." // 30K. Just finished WIP I was subscribed to for some reason. Unfortunately, it's been so long since I read the previous chapters I can't remember what this was about overall, so reread sometime. Anyway, Wakanda, various Black Panther cast, and goats, pre-Thanos.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  BlackPanther  pair:SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes  ref:goats  ref:farming  ref:domestic  ref:pining  ref:first-time  au:pineapplecrushface  fandom:CaptainAmerica  fandom:BlackPanther 
5 weeks ago
Favourite Uncle by Ben Aaronovitch
Rivers of London, gen. Abigail is hired by a former primary school friend to investigate her Uncle Stan, who stays with the family once a year -- who may not be her uncle at all.
(Waterstones Exclusive short story from _Lies Sleeping._ )
profic  Rivers-of-London  gen  ref:backstory  ref:casefic  ref:xmas  ref:angst  au:BenAaronovitch  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
7 weeks ago
The Agarthan Guide
Rivers of London, fanart, book 1. Fell over this while I was looking for chatter about the new book. These character designs are so much nicer than the ones in the comics, where the artist seems to be convinced Nightingale should resemble Peter Cushing. Molly is esp. cool.
fanart  Rivers-of-London  gen  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
7 weeks ago
Find Your Courage by Xparrot
Guardian, gen. Yulan and Da Qing. Kid Yunlan gets some inadvertent hero training from Da Qing. Or at least figures out how to swing a baseball bat. // 1K. Very short. Here's a bit more feeling around for backstory, and this one's kind of sweet. I really like how people are industriously applying themselves to fanoning out the inconsistencies and vagueness and plot holes.
Then Da Qing leaps forward past him, going from man to cat mid-air, using the loss in mass to launch himself further. He swipes his claws across the thing's huge eyes, bites at its throat —- and then the monster's paw falls and slams the small feline body into the ground.
Da Qing yowls, a high strangled sound like Yunlan has never heard from him before, never heard from any cat. The cry somehow unlocks his frozen knees; he drops the flashlight and stumbles forward, hefting the bat he brought. "Get away from him!"
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  gen  pair:ZhaoYunlan|DaQing  ref:backstory  ref:kidfic  au:xparrot  fandom:Guardian  via:blueMeridian 
8 weeks ago
Citation Flirtation by scioscribe
Black Panther, Shuri/OFC. "Shuri's paper is refuted in a subclause of a footnote. This means war. (And somehow eventually takeout and fully-funded projects and kissing.)" // 3K, short, pretty funny, and overall delightful. Initially I was like, "OFC? Uh, IDK." But it turned out to be 100% worth it.
“I don’t understand why you are in any way feuding with this woman when you clearly admire her.”
“Why would I waste my time feuding with someone I didn’t admire?” Shuri said reasonably. “Besides, it’s fun. I admit, my feelings were hurt at the beginning, but she’s clearly come around, she’s treating me as an honorable opponent. And this —- this is brilliant.”
“So you said.”
“No, brother.” She sighed. “Then I meant the ideas. Now I mean the way she has appointed herself as the champion of *my* ideas, demanding that we fund *her* research into the theories that *I* put forward in the first place. And it would mean her coming to the capital and working out of our space —- a clear move on my territory, such as it is. *Forcing* me to confront her in person.”
“Yes,” T’Challa said dryly. “You sound terribly upset about that.”
fanfic  BlackPanther  femslash  pair:Shuri/OFC  ref:rivals  ref:academia  ref:fluff  ref:humor  ref:banter  via:damnslippyplanet  au:scioscribe  fandom:BlackPanther 
8 weeks ago
Black Sun by quackers
Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan/Shane, AU. "Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej of the Preternatural Investigations Unit of the LAPD must solve a string of demon murders before the killer can enact their mysterious plan. But in the process, more secrets may be revealed than either of them are ready for." // 122K, AU. Another demon!Shane outing, this one with both of them as police detectives in an urban fantasy LA.

[Tag this later.]
fanfic  BuzzfeedUnsolved  slash  pair:RyanBergara/ShaneMadej  AU  au:quackers  fandom:Buzzfeed 
8 weeks ago
When I Try to Speak by Suzan_Lovett
Homicide, Tim/Frank (main). "Frank kept looking at his partner who wasn't looking back at him, who was facing away, into the open air. He watched as Bayliss lifted and spread his arms, hooked his fingertips onto the fence, raised his downcast head, and like that, at full extension and wind-blown, he looked like he was about to take flight -- Where are you going, baby?" // 60K. Frank, Tim varying POV. Pre-S5, post-stroke, with a few fixits, expansions, and an wild veer into mutual obsession and sex. Not sure how I feel about it given the married with kids situation, but it's well done for what it is, taking off from their weird, fraught, and way too intense canon relationship. Tho might rely a bit too much on at least some preexisting knowledge of the show for a walk-in. (Old skool zine fic.)
fanfic  HLOTS  slash  het  pair:TimBayliss/FrankPemberton  pair:FrankPemberton/MaryPemberton  pair:TimBayliss/ChrisRawls  ref:canonish  ref:miscommunication  ref:UST  ref:pining  ref:infidelity 
9 weeks ago
The Blue Room by Suzan_Lovett
Man from Uncle, gen(ish). After THUSH has screwed with Napoleon's brain once again, this time proffering his perfect love (as per computations), he's left to try to piece together how it came so close to success. // 5.7K, old skool preslash. I believe it's an ep-tag for something I've not seen, but provides sufficient info to figure out the point. And it ends right at the point where Napoleon finally grasps what everyone else is telling him, so.
fanfic  ManFromUNCLE  gen  pair:NapoleonSolo/IllyaKuryakin  ref:ep-tag  ref:amnesia  ref:UST  ref:miscommunication  au:Suzan_Lovett  fandom:MUNCLE 
9 weeks ago
Work This Body by CherryIce
Vid, Jumanji, gen. "Maybe the real Jumanji was the friends we made along the way." Reccer: a friend of mine recommended this movie to me and after watching this vid I really want to see it!
// Wow. Such a good vid. Took me two watches to twig onto what'd happened -- so teenagers get swapped into goofy game characters -- but I was into it anyway. I guess I need to look up this movie now, too. ^___^ ETA: I got a copy. :D
via:sophia_sol  fanvid  Jumanji:  gen  au:cherryice  fandom:MiscFilms 
9 weeks ago
Muckraker! by orphan
Venom, Eddie/Venom. "After the probe crash, Eddie's getting his life back together. Sort of. So what if his new beat writing PR puff pieces for Silicon Valley startups isn't exactly glamorous? And so what if every time he closes his eyes, he dreams of the distant stars, and the bottom of a smooth black hole, one that used to be filled with teeth?" Eddie uncovers grisly deaths that could be homicides targeting the homeless, which could be related to a local start-up. He decides to investigate ... which leads to another discovery. // 33K. Novel length, investigation plot, and it's pretty engrossing. (There is a sex scene, but it's not the entire point of the fic. Finally.)
fanfic  via:epaulettes  Venom  pair:EddieBrock/Venom  ref:casefic  ref:plot  ref:angst  ref:PTSD  ref:H/C  ref:alien-wtf  au:orphan  fandom:Venom 
9 weeks ago
Guardian Episode Guide - Galaxystew
A misleading title -- it's mainly an episode guide to the scenes with Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei interacting. But that's useful as well. Uh.

Also this:
The Naughty Episode Titles of Guardian 镇魂
Various of which are hilarious.
meta  Guardian  镇魂  via:blueMeridian  fandom:Guardian 
9 weeks ago
The Right Sort by Sixthlight
Rivers of London, gen(ish). "DCI Peter Grant, the last official wizard in Britain, gets permission to take on an apprentice: probationary constable Thomas Nightingale. DCI May has her doubts." // 15K, role reversal AU, with Nightingale as the (very posh) PC, and Peter as the WWII vet/last wizard in London. Also Abigail, Seawoll, Tyburn, et al. are Thomas's contemporaries, Lesley, Beverley et al. are now the older set. It doesn't sound promising, but actually it's kind of fun. It's dated 2015, and I have no idea why I didn't notice this one before.

* The Better Person, https://archiveofourown.org/works/4094776 "'It’s such a pity you’re still my boss,' Thomas said mournfully." // 1K, Thomas/Peter. Thomas, no longer an apprentice, gets drunk and blurts out what's on his mind, after a fashion.
fanfic  Rivers-of-London  gen  slash  pair:PeterGrant/ThomasNightingale  AU  ref:role-reversal  ref:canonish  via:siria  au:sixthlight  fandom:RiversOfLondon 
9 weeks ago
Future Forged by kyrilu
Guardian, ZhaoYunlan(Kunlun)/ShenWei. "Masquerading as Kunlun, Zhao Yunlan sets out on a mission to recover the stolen Hallows alongside the young Shen Wei. Along the way, he discovers new abilities, forges new bonds, unearths old histories, and learns that the universe goes beyond his wildest imagination." // 30K. Twisty, complicated fixit fic where Yunlan spends about a year in the past, and joins up with a mountaintop sage and some warriors in hatching a plan to retake the holy tools from the rebels -- while building a relationship with Shen Wei while he's at it. A fandom where you can have simultaneous first-times and established. :D
fanfic  Guardian  镇魂  slash  pair:ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei  AU  ref:fork  ref:fixit  ref:plot  ref:timetravel  ref:pining  ref:UST  ref:domestic  ref:roadtrip  ref:first-time  ref:established  ref:magic  au:kyrilu  fandom:Guardian 
9 weeks ago
Death of an Artist by silentwalrus
Captain America, gen. "Our intrepid heroes take a day trip to sunny, idyllic Giverny." //2K. Short humor fic, where the duo wander around trying to be Monet tourists -- along with the hordes of other Monet tourists.
fanfic  CaptainAmerica  gen  pair:SteveRogers|BuckyBarnes  ref:humor  ref:vignette  ref:roadtrip  ref:banter  via:doitninetimes  au:silentwalrus  fandom:CaptainAmerica 
10 weeks ago
Thank You for Participating in the Department of the Navy’s Long-Range Silent Partnered Communication Program by siegeofangels
Generation Kill, Nate/Brad|Ray, AU. "Brad realizes: it’s not Ray. Ray’s sleeping. Brad’s manifesting a fucking spontaneous bond with someone in the middle of a fucking mission." // 2.5K. AU with a military psychic program on the side. Kind of interesting, short, preslash for the most part.
fanfic  GenerationKill  slash  pair:Brad/Nate  pair:Brad|Ray  AU  ref:telepathy  ref:soulbond  au:siegeofangels  fandom:GenerationKill 
10 weeks ago
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