Streaming to multiple platforms at once.
17 hours ago
The website is very pink.
19 hours ago
Auphonic Productions
Auphonic can transcribe using Wit and Google Speech Cloud.
podcast  transcription 
19 hours ago
Geschickt Gendern - Das Genderwörterbuch
German dictionary of "gender" words, and neat circumventions so that we don't need to _Innen
Find the most Most Valuable Player on Steem/Steemit
19 days ago
Fitch Ratings
ratings for banks and other financial institutes.
march 2017
Cryptocurrency price ticker.
january 2017
show stocks where the average day range(100) is above 5%
and Price is between $10 and $100
and Average volume(30) is greater than 2000000
and exchange is not amex
add column Average Volume(30)
add column Average Day Range (30)

january 2017
Illect Recordings: Real. Honest. Hip-Hop. Since 2003.
Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | YouTubeShop for Illect CDs, Hoodies
december 2016
QuoDB - Movie Quotes Database
Find movie quotes. Useful for YouTube videos and citing.
november 2016
Create a bootable installer for macOS - Apple Support
Creating a bootable USB key or SD card is super easy with `createinstallmedia`. I wanted to create an older-OSX SD card for Final Cut Pro 7 to translate some older projects (hopefully) to Final Cut Pro X.
november 2016
Content planning, scheduling, and anaytics for Instagram.
instagram  socialmedia 
october 2016
Streaming to YouTube Gaming and Twitch.
october 2016
Wer streamt es? Prüfe die Verfügbarkeit von Filmen bei Netflix, Amazon, Maxdome u.v.m.
Who's streaming the content we want to watch? Optimized for the German market.
august 2016
PageSpeed Insights
Google's PageSpeed tools have now moved here.
july 2016
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