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Will Bedford.’s stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
Composer, producer and virtual orchestrator for film, TV and games.

Currently working on a the soundtracks for TinyKeep and Kyn.

Studying Music Technology at Huddersfield University (2nd year)

I use Ableton Live as my main DAW.

Some of the libraries I use:
Spitfire Audio - Albion, Loegria, Iceni, Mural 1&2, Sable Ensembles, Horns, Low Brass, Hans Zimmer Percussion, Felt Piano.
8Dio - Epic Taiko Ensemble, Claire Flute
Embertone - Friedlander Violin, Blakus Cello, Shire Whistle, Jubal Flute, Intimate Strings
Heaviocity - Damage
Cinesamples - Cinebrass, Piano in Blue, Cineharp, Hollywoodwinds, Cinetoms, Cineperc Military Snare
Antisample - Cinematic Grand
Impact Soundworks - Plectra Series 2&3, Resonance Emotional Mallets, Cinematic Synthetic Drums
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august 2014 by zero1infinity
ALSA drivers always updated | XBMC Media Center
sudo apt-get install linux-alsa-driver-modules-$(uname -r)
linux  ubuntu  xbmc  audio 
december 2011 by zero1infinity
Advanced HTML5 video and audio use on iOS: bugs and quirks | VPRO Digitaal
to this hack: sync calls don’t work cross-domain (for example using JSONP or CORS) and the brow
ios  html5  audio  video 
october 2011 by zero1infinity
HTML5 Canvas Experiment « IO 9elements
layed if the browser supports the audio tag. To detect if the audio or canvas feature is present we use the awes
experiment  html5  audio  sound  twitter  webdesign 
january 2010 by zero1infinity
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