[SOLVED] Get_ADGroupMembers in multiple domains of the forest - PowerShell - Spiceworks
$Members = @()

$domains = (Get-ADForest).domains

foreach ($domain in $domains) {

$Groups = Get-ADGroupMember -Identity "*PCSupport" -server $domain

$Members += $Groups

$Members | Out-Gridview
2 days ago
How to grant MySQL remote access - Copahost
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO '[user-name]'@''      
IDENTIFIED BY '[new-password]';
3 days ago
Is there a better PHP way for getting default value by key from array (dictionary)? - Stack Overflow
function get(&$var, $default=null) {
return isset($var) ? $var : $default;
4 days ago
CodeIgniter Forums - Original data types in Active Record query result?
// Declare the types for some of the fields (not necessarily all of them)
$fieldTypes = array(
$record = $this->db->get_where('content', array('id'=>1));
$casted_record = cast_fieldtypes($record, $fieldTypes);
echo json_encode($casted_record);
php  codeigniter 
7 days ago
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