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What is GIFV? – Imgur
GIFVs have the high quality of a video mixed with the simple functionality of a GIF.
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august 2017 by zeldman
Special movie screening about to begin at #AEACHI: “What Comes Next is the Future.” Live Q&A with director Matt Griffin follows film.
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august 2017 by zeldman
A Book Apart, The New CSS Layout
♛ Learn to use CSS Grid Layout within a system that includes existing methods to perform the tasks they were designed for—and take advantage of this pivotal moment in the evolution of layout.
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august 2017 by zeldman
A Comprehensive Guide to Font Loading Strategies—zachleat.com
Just like it says. 100 or so things to think about so webfont loading doesn’t suck for your users. Cited by Chris Coyier at .
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july 2016 by zeldman

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