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[Marvel]Hearken to the Sleeping King (Sam/Steve, Eli)
“Wanda’s children,” Steve whispered. “Scott’s daughter. My God, what does Tony think he’s doing?”

“Shhh,” Sam had whispered. “It’s okay. The kids are okay. Thanks to you.”

“Today they are,” Steve had said, and turned, settling his head against Sam’s shoulder.
character:sam.wilson  pairing:sam/steve  fandom:marvel  character:eli.bradley  author:adn-herning  challenge:marveloustales  content:fix-it  content:death  content:angst  genre:slash  genre:gen  rating:pg-13 
june 2010 by zarabithia
[Iron Man] Paternity
She leaves Los Angeles with a fake name, a large amount of cash that she’s saved up over the years and a burning need to get as far away as humanly possible. She goes east - but not home to New York, she goes to Boston instead, where no one knows her. Where people have only ever heard of Pepper Potts, and not Virginia Hogan.

She approaches a law firm and applies as a secretary. When the man peruses her resume, Pepper knows that when he calls the various companies she’s invented to pad out the nine years she worked for Tony Stark he will reach Rhodes every time, with a multitude of different accents to cover her tracks. She’s promptly hired, and no mention is made of the tiny little bump under her smartest suit.

Her hair is different now, her past long gone, and no one ever really wonders what happened to Tony Stark’s personal assistant.
character:pepper.potts  character:tony.stark  fandom:marvel  pairing:pepper/tony  author:oh_medicate_me  content:baby.fic  content:daddy.issues  content:future.fic  content:a/u  content:ust  content:angst  genre:het  content:death  rating:pg-13 
may 2010 by zarabithia
Marvel | Untitled Ficlet | Steve Rogers
A skrull visits Steve's grave. ;) Best Quote to describe the Pro-Regs: "I am sorry, but your people are barbarians. "
author:adn-heming  fandom:marvel  character:miscellaneous.skrull  content:death  content:angst  rating:pg 
august 2009 by zarabithia
Marvel | A Golden Wind | Steve/Bucky
This is a Steve returns story written before the actual comic storyline. My favorite line is this: Steve's best friends were Elliot and Arnie, then Bucky; later, the Falcon. With his human hand, Bucky scratched the back of his neck. "You're not the only one who got that letter."
fandom:marvel  author:glossing  character:bucky.barnes  pairing:bucky/steve  rating:pg-13  genre:gen  content:death  genre:slash  character:nick.fury  character:tony.stark 
july 2009 by zarabithia

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