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{YJ Animted} What Comes In A Little Foil Package And Causes Chaos?
Summary: Black Canary is apparently the only person in the Justice League who thought through the ramifications of two hormonal teenagers of opposite sexes cohabiting unsupervised. Precautionary measures must be taken.
fandom:young.justice  character:dinah.lance  character:kon-el  character:dick.grayson  character:miss.martian  character:wally.west  character:kaldur  pairing:miss.martian/superboy  content:virgins  content:fluff  genre:het 
march 2011 by zarabithia
[DC/Marvel] Never Thought (Bruce/Tony)
His mouth very dry, Tony asked hoarsely, "You know pi to the 72nd digit?"

Bruce's words were shaped sly and silky-smooth by his smile as he whispered in Tony's ear, "I know pi to the 654th digit."

"Please have sex with me right now," Tony said numbly.  fandom:batman(nolan)  character:tony.stark  character:bruce.wayne  pairing:bruce/tony  genre:slash  content:pwp  author:collaner  content:crossover  rating:r  content:rich.boys.with.issues 
december 2010 by zarabithia
[DC/Marvel] Any Way You Hit 'Em (Bucky/Dick)
Bucky doesn't much like the new kid Steve's got him paired with, not from the yellow of his cape to the green of his boots. Oh, he's good with flips and twisting, but he wasn't sent out here to be Bucky's date at the next G.I. ball. Robin's got a pocket full of smoke pellets and a bunch of funny winger-things that he can throw in pretty circles, but outside the rockets are whistling finer colors of deadly.
fandom:dcu  fandom:marvel  author:terra  character:dick.grayson  character:bucky.barnes  content:pervy.has.a.soldier.kink  content:crossover  genre:gen  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  pairing:bucky/dick 
june 2010 by zarabithia
[DCU] Just to Know You're Alive
Summary: Roy wakes up. (Fixing the canon fuck-up, one fanfic at a time!)

“Well, hey. You're coming home tonight,” the 'one way or another' was clearly implied, “How about I raid Ollie's liquor cabinet and we watch lots of porn filled with plastic surgery enhanced blonds? That should wipe away the memory."

Roy thought about it for a moment and, with a tired smile, offered instead, "... How about you buy a case of soda and we watch 'Cinderella' half a dozen times with the kids?"

Dick beamed like it was the best plan in the world,"Can do, buddy. Can do."
character:dick.grayson  character:roy.harper  pairing:dick/roy  author:littlemissgriff  character:oliver.queen  character:damian.wayne  character:lian.harper  fandom:dcu  content:a/u  content:fix-it  content:fluff  genre:gen  rating:pg 
may 2010 by zarabithia
[DCU] Three Times Stephanie Brown Saved the Day Without a Mask (And One Time She Didn't)
“I'm not pretending to be a priest,” Jason sighed, rolling his eyes. “I AM a Reverend. Seriously. I have a card.” He dug in his back pocket and pulled out a business card. Steph took it and flipped it over. Just the name of a Church and an address, with a phone number underneath.

She looked at him, “You expect me to believe there's a church somewhere willing to hire you to teach small children morals?”

Jason laughed, long and hard, and Stephanie couldn't help but smile too. He wasn't the same as before. She'd never actually met Jason Todd, but she knew him as well as he knew her. They were the failures, the ones who didn't make it. On his footage he was always so severe. When Tim talked about meeting him on the streets, he was out of control. Hell, his convicted body count proved that, and anyone who knew anything about Red Hood knew the prosecution barely dusted the tip of the ice berg. She had to admit, Jason Todd, Reverend or not, seemed honest-to-God happy.
author:littlemissgriff  character:stephanie.brown  character:jason.todd  character:damian.wayne  pairing:damian/stephanie  fandom:dcu  character:dick.grayson  character:tim.drake  pairing:steph/tim  pairing:dick/steph  pairing:jason/steph  rating:pg-13  content:daddy.issues  content:fix-it  content:future.fic  content:kinky!dick  content:a/u  genre:gen  content:humor 
may 2010 by zarabithia
[DCU] Might spit like a girl but I hit like a guy
At the end of the night, he misses the old Ace bandage he used to wear to bind. At least that thing gave way a little, so he could breathe in the early hours of the morning. This binder, bought with a rich man's money, this thing never gives up. It's stronger than he is, it'll outlast the apocalypse, it's sure to push his tits out his shoulder blades.
pairing:bruce/jason  author:glossing  character:jason.todd  character:bruce.wayne  content:lgbt.issues  challenge:transfic  rating:nc-17  fandom:dcu  genre:slash 
may 2010 by zarabithia
[DCU] Pretend we're in Antarctica
"Fuck if I care, more the merrier, all that jizz," Jason says. "But would you *sit* down? You're giving me vertigo, dude."

"No," Superboy says as the Flash launches himself onto the couch next to Jason.

The Fritos are flying and dip speckles the Flash's pretty mouth when Jay finishes blinking. "We're looking for Ti--ROBIN. Robin, we're looking for the guy who --"

"Whose arm you broke," Super-jag puts in. "You might recall?"

Jason presses index finger to his lip and tilts his head. "Hmm, was that before or after you Hulked out, Luthor-style?"

Super glares at him; Jason glowers back. And Super blinks, proving that years locked in the Cave did pay off. Sort of. In a manner of speaking.
character:jason.todd  character:bart.allen  character:kon-el  author:glossing  genre:gen  content:back.from.the.dead  content:daddy.issues  fandom:dcu  rating:pg-13 
may 2010 by zarabithia
Shadowplay - (FIC) Fractals on a breaking wall (Superman/Batman, PG-13)
Just a perfectly constructed Superman/Batman fic. | The fourth night, Bruce was waiting for him. He expected him to plan, to talk about strategy, to interrogate him so he could find him, so they could stop the war, so they could stop the madness. | Instead, he held him in his arms and stroked his hair through the night.| Which is how Clark knew it was only a dream.
author:arch-schatten  character:bruce.wayne  character:clark.kent  pairing:bruce/clark  rating:pg-13  content:h/c  content:reunion.fic  fandom:dcu  genre:slash  genre:gen  content:angst  content:back.from.the.dead 
february 2010 by zarabithia
DC/Marvel | 'Crossroads' | Tony, Tim
Tony is on the run and Tim is searching for Batman. They bump into each other, and break my heart in the process.
character:tim.drake  character:tony.stark  fandom:dcu  fandom:marvel  genre:gen  rating:g  content:crossover  content:angst 
october 2009 by zarabithia
DCU | Professional Courtesy | Jason/Selina
Jay/Selina, gunplay. Yeah, that's all I need to be in love with this story. Also, dear Tony Daniel, THIS is how Jason Todd should feel for Selina Kyle, so fuck you.
author:glossing  character:jason.todd  character:selina.kyle  pairing:jason/selina  rating:nc-17  content:daddy.issues  fandom:dcu  genre:het 
september 2009 by zarabithia
Mettlesome, mad, extravagant city
Why this should be read: It's Jason/GOTHAM. And in addition to being pretty great porn, it is a great character study of Jason and Batman.
author:glossing  character:jason.todd  character:gotham  pairing:gotham/jason  rating:r  fandom:dcu  genre:het 
april 2009 by zarabithia
Why this must be read: ah, my pretty, fucked up Dick Grayson. Dick struggling to learn his place.
Notable Quote: "Who has been spending more time away lately, except for patrol. It's like he's avoiding Dick. And when they do train together, it's all tactics, lecturing Dick, or else they do cardio stuff Dick could do on his own. It's been forever since they last stripped down their armor and just sparred."
content:angst  fandom:dcu  author:vassilissa  character:dick.grayson  character:roy.harper  rating:pg-13  genre:slash  content:h/c 
february 2009 by zarabithia
Disco Lemonade
Why this must be read: a fantastic mix of Batman/Superman mythos.
Memorable quote: "Jason leans on the hard, dirty railing of the balcony and stares out across the city. He hears screams and explosions and rap music every night, and it never gets any easier. Mom and Dad are fighting. They never fought before they moved to Gotham. Jason gets that, just like he gets how messed up this city really is."
fandom:dcu  fandom:batman.begins  fandom:superman.returns  author:soda-and-capes  genre:gen  pairing:bruce/clark  content:crossover  content:angst  character:jason.lane.white  character:jason.todd  character:clark.kent  character:bruce  character:bruce.wayne 
february 2009 by zarabithia

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