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[DS9] Fic: Misremembering the Alamo (Ezri), PG
Written for lgbtfest. PERFECT and why I love this fest. Oh, what a wonderful story. I particularly liked that, while the shakiness of her sexuality is definitely something she struggles with, the larger Trek universe is not really sure what the big deal is. Because that is how I prefer to see my 23&24th centuries.

I love the interactions with Kira and Sisko, but especially this:

"I don't even know if I can help you," Sisko said, but mildly; from the look on his face he was thinking about spices. "I gave Jake a talk, you know. I didn't let you do it, even though you wanted to. I talked to him about how sexual attraction took many forms and he should always feel free to talk to me. It was a very good talk. I could give it to you, would that help?"
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