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[DCU] Might spit like a girl but I hit like a guy
At the end of the night, he misses the old Ace bandage he used to wear to bind. At least that thing gave way a little, so he could breathe in the early hours of the morning. This binder, bought with a rich man's money, this thing never gives up. It's stronger than he is, it'll outlast the apocalypse, it's sure to push his tits out his shoulder blades.
pairing:bruce/jason  author:glossing  character:jason.todd  character:bruce.wayne  content:lgbt.issues  challenge:transfic  rating:nc-17  fandom:dcu  genre:slash 
may 2010 by zarabithia
[Star Trek: Reboot] Sharing
"Oh," Jim says, opening McCoy's pants, and not in the good way that he had when McCoy had pinned him against the door and kissed him, or when he'd pushed McCoy down onto the bed and crawled over his body. "Oh, um," Jim adds, sitting back on his heels where he's straddling McCoy's thighs.
challenge:transfic  author:bluflamingo  character:leonard.mccoy  character:james.kirk  pairing:kirk/mccoy  fandom:star.trek.reboot  genre:slash  content:lgbt.issues  rating:pg-13 
may 2010 by zarabithia

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