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8 weeks ago
Product-Led Growth Book | Product-Led Institute
Forget the old, sales-led way of growing your business. Find out why the fastest growing SaaS businesses are opting to be product-led (and how you can do the same).
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10 weeks ago
Heap: Product Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, Customer Data
A Complete View of Your User

User Centric Data Model
Automatically tie every event to a user to create a holistic view of your user.
Identity Resolution
Retroactively merge anonymous and identified users across devices, channels, and platforms.
One Click Integrations
Use custom rules to join He
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12 weeks ago
FF Mark
In Renner’s view the ancient Roman capitalis monumentalis was based on the elemental shapes; circle, square, triangle, and thus they served to him as a starting point for Futura’s capital letters. The width of the capital letters changes heavily from character to character. While ‘O’ and ‘G’ are almost perfectly round, letters such as ‘E’, ‘F’ and ‘L’ have the width of only half a square. Later the geometric structure was applied to the lowercase letters as well, however, in comparison to the alphabets designed at the Bauhaus, they were not drawn with triangle and compass. Only some early letterforms were truly constructed, for example ‘a’, ‘g’, ‘m’, ‘n’ and ‘r’, but they were gradually left out of the font.
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may 2019
Race Driving Instruction Services - Sarian Motorsports - Colorado
Have the need for speed?! Take it off the streets and bring it to the track! With so many high performance and well handling cars available today, the track is the best place to experience what your car is capable of. As a driver, we focus on the different technical aspects to car control such as braking, heel-toe shifting, throttle control, over steer-under steer and more. As to the track, braking points, identifying apex’s of the turns, track position or race line and proper track etiquette.
may 2019
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