Daeil Kim: Machine Learning at the New York Times
Data scientist Daeil Kim of the NYT speaks to the NYC Data Science Meetup in January 2015.
2 days ago
Make your own map background – Alvar Carto
Design and make your own phone wallpaper with Alvar Carto maps. Personal custom map backgrounds for iOS and Android.
wallpaper  maps 
3 days ago
Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018
Get insights on the world’s developers from the largest and most comprehensive survey ever. Demographics. Technologies. Salaries. Career satisfaction.
10 days ago
Simple HTTP Server on the Mac App Store
Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Simple HTTP Server. Download Simple HTTP Server for macOS 10.6 or later and enjoy it on your Mac.
15 days ago
Zoomify Export In Adobe Photoshop
Zoomify allows you to deliver high-resolution images over the Web - it's fast & easy! Zoomify's products include Zoomify HTML5, Zoomify Flash, and Zoomify Enterprise.
16 days ago
rsync + Automator = free and easy backups for your Mac
One of the most basic types of backup is the folder sync. Folder A lives on your Mac. Folder B is on an external hard drive. You want to make Folder B look...
backup  automator 
4 weeks ago
Augmented reality could make fake news worse - BI
The smartphone is eventually going to die, and we're not ready for what comes next
5 weeks ago
Welcome to the Post-Text Future - The New York Times
The internet was born in text. Now, video and audio are ascendant, writing is being left behind, and everything will be different.
teaching  nytimes  inspiration 
5 weeks ago
Contribute to VNect-tensorflow development by creating an account on GitHub.
7 weeks ago
EPA Graphic Standards System – Standards Manual
The EPA Graphic Standards System is one of the finest examples of a standards manual ever created. The modular and flexible system devised raised the standard f
book  design 
8 weeks ago
You Can Now Own the Design Manual that Made the EPA Cool | WIRED
Forty years ago, the EPA had a beautiful graphics standards manual.
8 weeks ago
MyKi: GPS/GSM Watch & Tracker for Kids
Get MyKi now and use it for 1 year with no extra payments, free calls and unlimited data, lifetime free app account and support.
smartwatch  kids 
8 weeks ago
Google is working on bringing AR to Chrome with downloadable 3D objects - The Verge
A cross-platform approach to mobile, browser-based AR is in the works
8 weeks ago
HyperDrive PRO 8-in-2 Hub for USB-C MacBook Pro 13" & 15" 2016/2017 - HyperShop.com
Home of innovative mobile accessories including HYPER, HyperJuice, HyperDrive, HyperVR, HyperLink, HyperThin, HyperShield, iStick, iShowFast, iUSBport, iPin
9 weeks ago
Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D435 - Intel® RealSense™ Depth Cameras
<p>The Intel&reg; RealSense&trade; Depth Camera D400-Series uses stereo vision to calculate depth. The D435 is a USB-powered depth camera and consists of a pair of depth sensors, RGB sensor, and infrared projector. It is ideal for makers and developers to
9 weeks ago
3D Character Animation Software | MotionBuilder| Autodesk
Autodesk MotionBuilder 3D character animation software offers a nonlinear editing environment for virtual production that includes motion capture.
10 weeks ago
Free Trial
iPi Motion Capture is a scalable markerless motion capture software tool that supports 1 or 2 Kinect cameras or 3 to 6 Sony PlayStation Eye cameras to track 3D human body motions and produce 3D animation.
10 weeks ago
Making it clear when machines make decisions by Matthew Sheret - IF
The following post is our submission to the inquiry on Algorithms in decision-making, run by the Science and Technology Committee of the UK Parliament.
10 weeks ago
Easily add high-quality animation to any native app. Lottie is an iOS, Android, and React Native library that renders After Effects animations in real time, allowing apps to use animations as easily as they use static images.
aftereffects  animation 
10 weeks ago
Watch Alien: Isolation with ScreenBloom GIF by screenbloom on Gfycat. Discover more ambilight GIFs, gaming GIFs, philips hue GIFs on Gfycat.
10 weeks ago
Air quality application based on IoT unites technology and healthy lifestyle | Libelium
BeitMisk is a private community located in a beautiful natural setting that enjoys a good environment with clean air quality. One of the main objectives of the ideologists of this new city was to guarantee the quality of the air and to offer this information to the tenants in a smart way. Data Consult launched the first smart city in Lebanon developed with Libelium's technology. The project includes digitizing of the physical elements of the city, adding a layer of machine learning a...
december 2017
Hong Kong After Dark - Hong Kong Night Tour | Urban Adventures
We’ve got you covered with a Hong Kong night tour that shows off the best of HK after dark, including its peaceful parks and glamorous glittering skylines.
december 2017
The Story of Hong Kong - Hong Kong History Tour | Urban Adventures
Join this Hong Kong history tour to walk the streets with a local guide who'll give you the inside story of how this dizzying city came to be.
december 2017
Cantonese phrasebook - Wikitravel
Cantonese (廣東話 Gwóng dōng wá) is a widely spoken Chinese language. It is the local language in current use within the province of Guangdong, China, official language in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, as well as in the Special Administrative Region of Macau, and used in many overseas Chinese communities in South-East Asia and elsewhere, with Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) being two places where Cantonese is the dominant language in a Chinese community that...
december 2017
Culture of Hong Kong - Wikipedia
Cultural identity[edit]
156 years of rule as a separate British colony, as well as political separation from the rest of Lingnan have resulted in a unique local identity[9]. Elements of traditional Cantonese culture combined with British influences have shaped Hong Kong in every facet of the city, spanning from law, politics, education, languages, cuisines, and the way of thinking. It is for this reason that many Hongkongese are proud of their culture (such as the Cantonese language,...
december 2017
Old Hong Kong newspapers | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong
The basics. Click here for answers to the two most common questions, or scroll down for more information. How to find the newspaper for a specific date How to search the newspapers for a certain word or phrase​ The full story.
december 2017
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