Attending — Free events, done better
Free events, done better. Create a simple page to ask people one question - “are you attending?”
event  tools 
4 days ago
Share Content Your Twitter Followers Will Love with Juice [iOS]
If you're like me and have trouble engaging your followers, Juice for iOS is here to help.
4 days ago
Recite.com - Create beautiful visual quotes as images
Recite.com - Create beautiful visual quotes as images. Download and share on your favorite social network
4 days ago
Fastest Quote Maker - QuotesCover.com
Easy and Powerful Quote Maker! You can create high resolution quotes picture with cool typography effect easily using our quote maker app. Best for Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, e-card, Wallpaper, and for prints.
4 days ago
'Photography Made Difficult': The Life and Work of Photojournalist W. Eugene Smith
"Photography Made Difficult" is a 1989 documentary about the career of renowned photojournalist William Eugene Smith, a man who helped to pioneer the conce
photography  photographer 
8 days ago
My Top 9 Favorite Python Libraries for Building Image Search Engines - PyImageSearch
Are you ready to start learning about computer vision and image search engines? Click here to see my top 9 favorite Python libraries for building image search engines.
python  innovationproject 
11 days ago
On meta-design and algorithmic design systems
The rise of the meta-designer, and the use of algorithmic design systems.
design  logo 
11 days ago
Capturing the Night in Digital Photos, Spectacularly - NYTimes.com
A photographer shows how improvements in camera sensors and software and in postproduction software have made it possible to take excellent photos at night.
11 days ago
Oboist Harry Smyles practicing on his oboe as son plays in playpen News Photo | Getty Images
Oboist Harry Smyles practicing on his oboe as son plays in playpen Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images
13 days ago
Seeing is the Essence of Photography, And You Can Learn to Do It Better
Photography is an analytic art form. We aim our lenses to specific parts of the world around us to pick a frame because, in our analysis, that particular f
14 days ago
UI/UX Designer — what does that even mean? — Medium
A short guide on the skills you need to break in to the industry.
15 days ago
How To Reduce Friction With Good Design
A step-by-step guide to preventing friction in the user experience of your website along with real world examples of what not to do
ux  Design 
16 days ago
The First 360-Degree Interactive Videos Have Arrived on YouTube
Virtual reality is posed to become one of the next big things in the tech world, and YouTube is preparing itself for that future. The video hosting service
vr  youtube 
16 days ago
Recite.com - Create beautiful visual quotes as images
Recite.com - Create beautiful visual quotes as images. Download and share on your favorite social network
19 days ago
Kitematic - The easiest way to use Docker on Mac.
19 days ago
100% Perfect Color in Product Photos With a ColorChecker - Tuts+ Photo & Video Tutorial
Have you even ordered something from an online shop that turned out to be a completely different hue? This can be avoided by simply calibrating your camera with a ColorChecker to ensure true-to-life color. This handy technique will save you time and frustration and can be applied to all types of photography. | Difficulty: Intermediate; Length: Short; Tags: Colour Correction, Product Photography, Camera RAW, Camera Calibration, Digital Photography
19 days ago
X-Rite ColorChecker Passport – X-Rite Photo – X-Rite Passport
X-Rite ColorChecker Passport helps reduce your image processing time and improve quality control in your Raw workflow. ColorChecker Passport is quick and easy!
19 days ago
The Ride of Their Lives - NYTimes.com
At a time of urbanization and connectivity, rodeo and ranching may seem anachronistic, but to the Wright family, they represent the present and the future.
nytimes  picturestory 
19 days ago
ai2html is a script for Adobe Illustrator that converts your Illustrator artwork into html and css.
25 days ago
Generate client-side PNG files using JavaScript • Code is poetry
A pure JavaScript implementation of PNG to draw images directly in the browser without a canvas.
25 days ago
A Brief History Of User Experience Design | Co.Design | business + design
Look to the past, whether 1430 or 1930, for clues as to where user experiences are heading.
ux  teaching 
27 days ago
Junk Food's Last Stand: The Pizza Lobby Is Not Backing Down - Bloomberg Business
Other corners of the fast-food industry have folded against public pressure for healthier choices. Not pizza.
27 days ago
Is That Dress White and Gold or Blue and Black? - NYTimes.com
Our perception of color depends on interpreting the amount of light in a room or scene.
4 weeks ago
What Colors Are This Dress
There's a lot of debate on Tumblr about this right now, and we need to settle it. This is important because I think I'm going insane...
color  meme 
4 weeks ago
The Death and Life of Great American GeoCities - NYTimes.com
A generation too young to remember dial-up modems rediscovers the old, weird Internet.
nytimes  interactive 
4 weeks ago
vr.js - NPAPI plugin to expose fun VR devices to Javascript.
4 weeks ago
Contribute to videojs-vr development by creating an account on GitHub.
4 weeks ago
Matter.js - a 2D rigid body JavaScript physics engine
Matter.js is 2D rigid body JavaScript physics engine for the web
animation  javascript  library  physics 
4 weeks ago
The 1% More Savings Calculator - NYTimes.com
What would happen to your savings balances if you saved just one percent more a year?
nytimes  calculator  interactive 
4 weeks ago
Nevolution: Casa de Musica - Contingent Solutions
This case study will look at the logo for the Casa de Musica, particularly how it uses the immediate context in which it is displayed as a means of altering the colour of the logo. The form of the building,...
logo  design 
4 weeks ago
MIT Media Lab's Brilliant New Logo Has 40,000 Permutations [Video] | Co.Design | business + design
To honor 25 years of backseat-driving robots and vision-scanning iPhones and touchscreen-keyboard-3-D-display hybrids, the MIT Media Lab tapped...
logo  design  inspiration  mit 
4 weeks ago
2014: The Year in Interactive Storytelling, Graphics and Multimedia - NYTimes.com
Selected Times graphics, visualizations and multimedia stories from 2014.
interactive  nytimes 
6 weeks ago
background-check - Automatically switch to a darker or a lighter version of an element depending on the brightness of images behind it.
color  javascript 
december 2014
IxD (Interaction Design) Checklist - Myplanet Digital
Form a better understanding of interaction through using the IxD Checklist by Amit Jakhu and Aaron Legaspi from Myplanet.
ui  ux  design 
november 2014
Rijksmuseum.github.io : Documentation for Rijksmuseum api's
api  github 
november 2014
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