How to use Storymap/Gigapixel to create — hell yes — static interactives — Medium
For codenoobs such as myself, it’s a dream to create interactive graphics without having to use (much) code. Of course, …
storymap  medium 
6 days ago
Mouse gesture events - Web developer guide | MDN
Gecko 1.9.1 added support for several Mozilla-specific DOM events used to handle mouse gestures. These are special movements that can be made with a mouse or trackpad and can be interpreted to perform specific tasks.
9 days ago
Touchpad zoom gesture
var tx = 0;
var ty = 0;
var scale = 1;

document.addEventListener('wheel', function(e) {
if (e.ctrlKey) {
var s = Math.exp(-e.deltaY/100);
scale *= s;
console.log("delta = " + e.deltaY);
console.log("scale = " + scale);
console.log("s = " + s);

} else {
var direction = natural.checked ? -1 : 1;
tx += e.deltaX * direction;
ty += e.deltaY * direction;
var transform = 'translate(' + tx + 'px, ' + ty + 'px) scale(' + scale + ')';
10 days ago
Write better walkthroughs with the 3x3 Method — Medium
A 10 minute exercise that will give designers valuable insights into their product
27 days ago
Visual Designers Checklist for the Web
A checklist for visual designers within a team setting where designers will share visual exploration with developers
design  teaching 
5 weeks ago
How Do You Design Interaction? | Smashing Magazine
While designing an interface, it's almost obvious to start with drawing. But is it the best way? What about writing conversations instead?
interactive  process 
7 weeks ago
How to Make a Family Portrait — Matter — Medium
A photographer documents an unexpected pregnancy, and the life that came after
medium  photojournalism 
9 weeks ago
Matter — Medium
A magazine for a generation who grew up not caring about magazines
9 weeks ago
Hide header on scroll down, show on scroll up — Medium
Make your content shine by getting out of the way
css  design 
9 weeks ago
Absolute Horizontal And Vertical Centering In CSS | Smashing Magazine
Perfect horizontal *and* vertical centering in CSS, at any width or height!
9 weeks ago
Presenting: Fluidbox — Coding & Design — Medium
Recreating and improving Medium’s default lightbox module
javascript  lightbox  medium 
9 weeks ago
The Tale of Two Schools - NYTimes.com
Fieldston and University Heights are in the same borough but are worlds apart. How much understanding between their students can a well-told story bring?
nytimes  interactivearticle 
9 weeks ago
Original And Innovative Web Layouts | Smashing Magazine
The layout is the foundation of your website. Web layouts guide the user through the sections and tells them what is most important. It also sets the aesthetic of the website. Therefore, you need to carefully think through how you lay out content.
webdesign  inspiration 
9 weeks ago
Take a tour of KathArt Interactive – award winning digital design agency
KathArt Interactive is an award winning digital design agency. Home of some of the worlds most talented digital designers and developers. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Take an interactive tour of our Copenhagen office.
inspiration  video  interactive 
10 weeks ago
Fluidbox - Replicating and improving the lightbox module seen on Medium with fluid transitions.
lightbox  jquery  javascript 
11 weeks ago
CSS Corners
.cornered {
width: 176px;
height: 0px;
border-bottom: 40px solid red;
border-left: 40px solid transparent;
12 weeks ago
Browse Images
BevShots are modern photographs of alcohol under a microscope.
photography  macro  microscope 
june 2014
My Travels With Brazil’s World Cup Curse - NYTimes.com
An animated storybook by the magazine’s contributing illustrator, Christoph Niemann, about a World Cup game from 64 years ago that still haunts Brazil.
interactive  photolayout  nytimes 
june 2014
javascript - JavaScript Style Guide
may 2014
All Circuits Are Busy - NYTimes.com
A brain researcher conveys a sense of unlimited possibility in brain mapping, predicting it may be achieved in 20 to 30 years.
personal  personalreference  nytimes 
may 2014
Next-Generation Responsive Web Design Tools: Webflow, Edge Reflow, Macaw | Smashing Magazine
Some of the newest and most notable visual responsive website builders are Webflow, Adobe Edge Reflow CC and Macaw. Yes, a million others are out there, including Squarespace, FROONT and Easel, but we’ll focus on a few in this article. My intention isn’t to champion these tools, but rather to familiarize you with them and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.
webdesign  gui 
may 2014
How far you can drive in 10 minutes
maps  map  transportation 
may 2014
Aron Pilhofer has some awesome ideas about building news apps.
nytimes  aron_pilhofer  funny 
may 2014
Is It Better to Rent or Buy? - NYTimes.com
The choice between buying a home and renting one is among the biggest financial decisions that many adults make.
calculator  home  rent  mortgage  nytimes 
may 2014
Can Textmate nicely indent HTML? - Ask Different
ou can press ⌘+A to select all then Text->Indent Selection.
may 2014
Hopes of a Generation Ride on Indian Vote - NYTimes.com
Despite a period of rising incomes, a tide of economic discontent helped make Narendra Modi the prime minister-elect.
may 2014
laziestloader - A responsive-aware jQuery plugin to smartly lazy load images and other elements.
photolayout  jquery  plugin 
may 2014
The Tale of Two Schools - NYTimes.com
Fieldston and University Heights are in the same borough but are worlds apart. How much understanding between their students can a well-told story bring?
may 2014
Multimedia – Europe’s Debt Crisis: Five Years of Pain - Multimedia Feature - NYTimes.com
European Union officials have struggled to turn things around — debating new treaties, shoring up banks, securing more funding. The people of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Latvia have dealt with economic troubles in various ways.
may 2014
Cover Story: Bat for Lashes | Features | Pitchfork
With The Haunted Man, Bat for Lashes' Natasha Khan transcends the cosmic fairy tales of her past to uncover an ecstatic peace within herself. It wasn't easy.
may 2014
Out in the Great Alone
The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race pushes participants to the brink on an unforgiving trek to the end of the world. And, as one writer who tracked the race by air discovers, that is exactly the point.
may 2014
The Way North: Day 5 - NYTimes.com
A day-by-day journey up Interstate 35 continues with a look at San Antonio, a city of wrenching differences where the fault lines of class and identity are visible and raw.
may 2014
Buzkashi : NPR
Buzkashi: Afghanistan's national sport is like polo, with a headless goat.
may 2014
Grave Science : NPR
A joint investigation by NPR and ProPublica reveals the U.S. military's effort to recover and bring home the remains of service members who are missing in action is slow, inefficient and stymied by outdated methods.
may 2014
Wolves At The Door : NPR
The elusive gray wolf and the people who love/hate them.
may 2014
Discover.typography by H&Co
How to use fonts: Typographic explorations from the designers at Hoefler & Co.
may 2014
Rating a Health Law’s Success - NYTimes.com
Scientists will look to certain diseases to measure the effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act.
may 2014
Cost of Living
Cost of living comparisons in more than 800 cities all over the world. Get up-to-date full cost of living comparisons!
comparison  calculator 
may 2014
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