The Ultimate Guide to Flexbox — Learning Through Examples
What’s the best way to understand Flexbox? Learn the fundamentals, then build lots of stuff. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do in this article. By default, images are inline-block elements…
css  tutorial 
4 weeks ago
How Diverse Are US Newsrooms?
The 2017 ASNE Newspaper Diversity Survey measures the percentage of women and minorities working in US newsrooms.
diversity  news  journalism  visualization 
5 weeks ago
An Overview Of The Most Common UX Design Deliverables – Smashing Magazine
Learn how design deliverables (tangible records of work that has occurred) can help UX designers to communicate design ideas successfully.
6 weeks ago
Draggable JS – JavaScript drag and drop library
Draggable is a lightweight, responsive, modern drag and drop JavaScript library – the ideal choice for adding slick native-feeling drag and drop behaviour to your web apps.
javascript  library 
6 weeks ago
These Eerie GIFs Show How Your Phone Feels, Hears, And Sees You - Where business and design collide
Your phone tracks your every move. Have you ever wondered what that looks like?
7 weeks ago
Sandbox • VR Examples
WebVR projects, demos, and examples by Don McCurdy.
8 weeks ago
A Guide To Virtual Reality For Web Developers – Smashing Magazine
Let's take a look at the state of browsers in Virtual Reality (VR) and the state of VR on the web via the WebVR APIs. A guide to VR for web developers.
8 weeks ago
Maker Webhook not parsing uRL encoded JSON correctly :( : ifttt
I'm trying to use the Slack API to update my status based on certain triggers. I'm using Maker Webhook to make POST requests, however the slack...
8 weeks ago
iotatracker – Gps Tracking Device | Pet Tracker | GPS Tracker
Introducing iota, the smallest real-time GPS tracker with a long-lasting, rechargeable battery and no monthly fees.
gps  lora 
8 weeks ago
panrafal/depthy: Extract depth map and original from photos made with Google Camera's Lens Blur.
depthy - Extract depth map and original from photos made with Google Camera's Lens Blur.
10 weeks ago
DisneyResearchHub - YouTube
Mobile AR across ARKit, ARCore & Facebook Camera Effects - tweet cool stuff to @DigiCapitalist - also see www.digi-capital.com/news & www.digi-capital.com/re...
10 weeks ago
Raspberry Pi Minecraft PE Server: Your Personal Pocket Edition Server
In this tutorial we will be showing you how to setup your very own Raspberry Pi Minecraft PE server.
raspberrypi  minecraft 
11 weeks ago
miniMAD — the standalone hardware companion of MadMapper
miniMAD is a standalone device designed to play MadMapper project. It use physical buttons to adjust your video mapping. You can synch multiple miniMAD
11 weeks ago
AR Experiments
Explorations in augmented reality using ARCore, Android, and more.
11 weeks ago
8th Wall
Computer vision & machine learning APIs and native plugins that make it easy to build mobile apps that interact with the world.
11 weeks ago
Mega.nz - Amiibo - Bin File Pack - Most Complete Amiibo Set | ChaosGamez - 3DS Roms, 3DS CIA, WiiU USB Ready Games, and more!
Howdy everyone, this is a hub thread for amiibo bin files.

These files are useful for anyone with an Amiiqo, an N2 Elite, NaMiiO, or Datel PowerSaves...
nintendo  amiibo 
12 weeks ago
iPad HD Retina Wallpaper | simoncpage.com
Apple's new iPad 3, with it's retina display, is so good it's just crying out for some decent HD wallpaper. So I decided to create some this weekend as part of
august 2017
The Most Crucial Design Job Of The Future
What is a data ethnographer, and why is it poised to become so important?
design  ai 
july 2017
Favicon Generator for all platforms: iOS, Android, PC/Mac...
The ultimate favicon generator. Design your icons platform per platform and make them look great, everywhere
favicon  generator 
july 2017
Storytellers are the future of the US economy — Quartz
How we make money, and what we spend that money on, has changed a lot throughout history. A little over century ago, most of the economy was devoted to producing food. A half century later, the economy had shifted to making and consuming things: the golden age of mass production. Today, we live in an...
july 2017
About this Collection - Fine Prints: Japanese, pre-1915 | Digital Collections | Library of Congress
The Library's Prints and Photographs Division houses more than 2,500 woodblock prints and drawings by Japanese artists of the seventeenth through early twentieth centuries including Hiroshige, Kuniyoshi, Sadahide, and Yoshiiku. The Library of Congress appreciates the financial support provided by Nicihibunken (International Research Center for Japanese Studies, an Inter-University Research Institute Corporation) to scan 1,100 of the Ukiyo-e prints. A modern version of the ...</blockq...
art  japan 
june 2017
Google is launching a new line of cameras for 180-degree VR video - The Verge
Google is launching a new, more limited cinematic VR format that it hopes will be almost as accessible as regular YouTube videos. It’s called VR180, a collaboration between YouTube and Google’s...
june 2017
Netflix’s interactive shows arrive to put you in charge of the story - The Verge
Netflix’s first interactive episode arrives on the service today, giving viewers a chance to shape the narrative through a series of decisions they make throughout the experience. The new episode...
june 2017
Analysis Without Benchmarks: An Approach for Measuring the Success of Innovation Projects
Newsroom innovation initiatives like our mobile lab in the Guardian US are springing up everywhere. Projects are being funded by philanthropies and tech companies through smaller programs in New…
analytics  news 
june 2017
Framer - Design interactive prototypes for web & mobile
Design interactive high-fidelity prototypes for iOS, Android, desktop or the web. Invent new animations and interactions. Integrates with Sketch and Photoshop.
design  prototyping 
june 2017
How To Build Your Own Action For Google Home Using API.AI – Smashing Magazine
Learn how to use the API.AI platform to create a Google action, and how to set up all parameters in order for your action to work properly.
vui  GoogleHome 
june 2017
SpreadShare - Find and Share Spreadsheets
Explore community-curated spreadsheets for startups and professionals.
community  data  spreadsheet 
may 2017
How To Create Native Cross-Platform Apps With Fuse – Smashing Magazine
Fuse is a toolkit for creating apps that run on both iOS and Android devices. It enables you to create apps using UX Markup, an XML-based language. But unlike the components in React Native and NativeScript, Fuse is not only used to describe the UI and layout; you can also use it to add effects and animation. Styles are described by adding attributes such as Color and Margin to the various elements. Business logic is written using JavaScript. Later on, we’ll see how all of these c...
app  mobile 
may 2017
Designing Voice Experiences – Smashing Magazine
Voice assistants such as Siri and Cortana have been around for a while. Here are the steps involved in designing voice experiences.
may 2017
Best 3D Scanner 2017: Guide to 3D Scanners, Apps & Software | All3DP
Read our guide to the best 3D scanners, 3D scanner apps & software in 2017, including an introduction to 3D scanning technologies.
may 2017
Use JSDoc: Index
Official documentation for JSDoc 3.
documentation  javascript 
april 2017
Font Map · An AI Experiment by IDEO
Hundreds of fonts arranged using machine learning
design  font  typography 
april 2017
With 6 storylines unfolding simultaneously, Tabel uses interactive directional audio to put you at the center of the chaos.
april 2017
A curated directory of boilerplates to help you start your projects!
boilerplate  framework  programming  templates 
april 2017
Apple News Format Reference: Top-Level Properties
Describes the custom JSON format for creating content for the News app.
platform  format 
april 2017
Facebook And OTOY Developing Breakthrough Volumetric Camera System
A new camera system for VR developed through a partnership between Facebook, OTOY and others should result in a more realistic representation of the world.
april 2017
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