A Brief History Of User Experience Design | Co.Design | business + design
Look to the past, whether 1430 or 1930, for clues as to where user experiences are heading.
ux  teaching 
Junk Food's Last Stand: The Pizza Lobby Is Not Backing Down - Bloomberg Business
Other corners of the fast-food industry have folded against public pressure for healthier choices. Not pizza.
2 days ago
Is That Dress White and Gold or Blue and Black? - NYTimes.com
Our perception of color depends on interpreting the amount of light in a room or scene.
6 days ago
What Colors Are This Dress
There's a lot of debate on Tumblr about this right now, and we need to settle it. This is important because I think I'm going insane...
color  meme 
6 days ago
The Death and Life of Great American GeoCities - NYTimes.com
A generation too young to remember dial-up modems rediscovers the old, weird Internet.
nytimes  interactive 
6 days ago
vr.js - NPAPI plugin to expose fun VR devices to Javascript.
6 days ago
Contribute to videojs-vr development by creating an account on GitHub.
7 days ago
Matter.js - a 2D rigid body JavaScript physics engine
Matter.js is 2D rigid body JavaScript physics engine for the web
animation  javascript  library  physics 
7 days ago
The 1% More Savings Calculator - NYTimes.com
What would happen to your savings balances if you saved just one percent more a year?
nytimes  calculator  interactive 
7 days ago
Nevolution: Casa de Musica - Contingent Solutions
This case study will look at the logo for the Casa de Musica, particularly how it uses the immediate context in which it is displayed as a means of altering the colour of the logo. The form of the building,...
logo  design 
9 days ago
MIT Media Lab's Brilliant New Logo Has 40,000 Permutations [Video] | Co.Design | business + design
To honor 25 years of backseat-driving robots and vision-scanning iPhones and touchscreen-keyboard-3-D-display hybrids, the MIT Media Lab tapped...
logo  design  inspiration  mit 
9 days ago
2014: The Year in Interactive Storytelling, Graphics and Multimedia - NYTimes.com
Selected Times graphics, visualizations and multimedia stories from 2014.
interactive  nytimes 
16 days ago
background-check - Automatically switch to a darker or a lighter version of an element depending on the brightness of images behind it.
color  javascript 
11 weeks ago
IxD (Interaction Design) Checklist - Myplanet Digital
Form a better understanding of interaction through using the IxD Checklist by Amit Jakhu and Aaron Legaspi from Myplanet.
ui  ux  design 
november 2014
Rijksmuseum.github.io : Documentation for Rijksmuseum api's
api  github 
november 2014
Mobile Onboarding: A Beginner’s Guide | Smashing Magazine
The purpose of these onboarding screens — also referred to as walkthroughs — is to introduce the app and demonstrate what it does. Given that these are often the first set of screens with which users interact, they also set the users’ expectations of the app.
october 2014
Flat And Thin Are In | Smashing Magazine
In this article, Adrian Taylor looks at how we got from 3-D and skeuomorphic to flat and minimal and what influence it’s having on interface design as a whole. Additionally, he also shares some tips and considerations on designing flat interfaces.
design  inspiration 
october 2014
A Closer Look At Personas: What They Are And How They Work (Part 1) | Smashing Magazine
Shlomo Goltz discusses how he viewed personas with disdain, until he witnessed them being used properly and to their full potential that changed his mind forever.
october 2014
Sketch-Style-Inventory - Handle layers in Sketch like a boss.
sketch  plugin 
october 2014
Rethinking Mobile Tutorials: Which Patterns Really Work? | Smashing Magazine
In this post, we’ll look at why many common tutorial patterns are ineffective and how you can leverage game design principles to increase user engagement.
walkthroughs  onboarding 
october 2014
Walkthroughs Screenshots :: Mobile Patterns
A library of iOS and Android screenshots for designers and developers to reference.
walkthroughs  onboarding 
october 2014
A Closer Look At Personas: A Guide To Developing The Right Ones (Part 2) | Smashing Magazine
Part 2 explains an effective method of creating a persona, beginning with knowing nothing about users and ending with a refined perspective.
october 2014
How The New Yorker Finally Figured Out The Internet: 3 Lessons From Its Web Redesign | Co.Design | business + design
The New Yorker's creative director and web editor reveal how they approached the redesign--and what other brands can learn, too.
design  journalism  newyorker 
october 2014
Jonathan Harris · Work
The work of artist and computer scientist Jonathan Harris. Born August 27, 1979, in Shelburne, Vermont.
october 2014
Image-Focused Design: Is Bigger Better?
Large images are visually appealing, but they can harm the overall user experience if they aren't appropriately prioritized.
design  photography 
october 2014
Living City | Finally, a 2nd Ave. Subway - Video - NYTimes.com
The Upper East Side is at last seeing progress on its new subway line. For the residents and businesses in the area affected by this vast construction project, it has been an exercise in endurance.
video  nytimes 
october 2014
Forty Portraits in Forty Years - NYTimes.com
The Brown sisters have been photographed every year since 1975. The latest image in the series is published here for the first time.
nytimes  photography 
october 2014
Size Matters: Balancing Line Length And Font Size In Responsive Web Design | Smashing Magazine
A good, comfortable font size is also necessary for setting readable text. This rule is old news. But given the number of responsive websites out there that make text too small or too big in order to achieve an ideal measure, the rule bears repeating.
october 2014
Personas | Usability.gov
A persona is a written representation of your website’s intended users. Find out more about developing personas at Usability.gov.
design  usability  ux  personas 
october 2014
Spotifree is an OS X app that automatically mutes ads on Spotify.
macosx  adblock 
october 2014
How to use Storymap/Gigapixel to create — hell yes — static interactives — Medium
For codenoobs such as myself, it’s a dream to create interactive graphics without having to use (much) code. Of course, …
storymap  medium 
september 2014
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