UI Pattern: Natural Language Form | Jürgen Röhm · Interaction Designer
In my opinion, the natural language form UI pattern is very promising and offers a neat solution for some UI problems. This blog post is supposed to serve
ui  ux  design  inspiration 
17 days ago
This Land Is Your Land: Reflections From Trump’s America
Dispatches from various states of the union that show a country at odds with itself.
nytimes  design 
17 days ago
Outsmart Big Brands and Save Money
Find perfect, money saving alternatives to expensive brand products! Don't pay extra for brand names. Get the features you want and save money.
29 days ago
Artists Brought Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum To Life Using Google Tilt Brush | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce
Explore alternate reality versions of New York, London, and Hong Kong in 360 videos designed to make you feel like the Sorcerer Supreme.
4 weeks ago
Introducing The Daily 360 From The New York Times - The New York Times
We’ve launched a series of immersive 360-degree videos that let you experience Times journalism in a powerful new way.
4 weeks ago
VR Starter Kit
Get started with VR by exploring these links.
vr_starterkit  from notes
5 weeks ago
Virtual reality (VR) is turning entertainment and movies from passive experiences into active ones. — Quartz
Many of us grew up in a world in which mass media was uni-directional. We passively watched TV and movies, listened to music, and read newspapers and books without them interacting back. From the 1900s onward, we have sat in dark theaters, popcorn in hand, as the movie appeared before us on a flat screen. And then came...
6 weeks ago
How the Latest Great Migration Is Reshaping Europe
Refugees fleeing wars in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq have roiled the continent’s politics and tested its tolerance.
interactive  nationalgeographic 
6 weeks ago
Bringing VR to the Web with Google Cardboard and Three.js
Bringing VR to the Web with Google Cardboard and Three.js
three.js  googlecardboard  vr 
7 weeks ago
DroneDeploy: Powerful cloud-based drone software.
Target, analyze and boost performance with our drone software. Industry specialized tools for various industries. Agriculture, contruction, mining and more...
10 weeks ago
Within – VR (Virtual Reality) - Android Apps on Google Play
Discover the best VR content from the world’s finest VR creators.
10 weeks ago
Within - VR (Virtual Reality) on the App Store
Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Within - VR (Virtual Reality). Download Within - VR (Virtual Reality) and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
10 weeks ago
The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks
Follow rangers on a journey to places most people never go in stunning 360° video.
10 weeks ago
Google Cardboard
Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Google Cardboard. Download Google Cardboard and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
10 weeks ago
Google Spotlight Stories - Android Apps on Google Play
Immerse yourself in a world of storytelling made for mobile.
10 weeks ago
Junk Charts
Recycling chartjunk as junk art; Numbers Rule Your World; Numbersense; Kaiser Fung
10 weeks ago
Ventusky - Wind, Rain and Temperature Maps
Animated wind, rain and temperature maps, detailed forecast for your place, data from the best weather forecast models such as GFS, ICON, GEM
visualization  weather 
11 weeks ago
How the AK-47 and AR-15 Evolved Into Rifles of Choice for Mass Killers - The New York Times
The weapons, ready amplifiers of rage, allow a few people to kill scores and menace hundreds, and fight head-to-head against modern soldiers and police forces.
nytimes  illustration  inspiration 
august 2016
Breaking out of jail is gorgeous in Unity's short demo film Adam | The Verge
At some point in the future, prisoners are uploaded into the bodies of robots. That’s the story of Adam, a cool short film from Unity Technologies which was designed to show off their gaming...
july 2016
Core Sound — TetraMic
Core Sound
TetraMic is the finest sounding, lowest cost and most compact
single-point Ambisonic surround sound microphone available.
3d  audio 
july 2016
Bill Cunningham, Legendary Times Fashion Photographer, Dies at 87 - The New York Times
In nearly 40 years working for The New York Times, Mr. Cunningham operated both as a chronicler of fashion and as an unlikely cultural anthropologist.
june 2016
Type Terms
The animated typographic cheat sheet.
june 2016
AOL acquires 360-degree video company Ryot for VR news empire | The Verge
AOL is acquiring 360-degree media company Ryot in order to jump into the world of virtual reality news coverage. The companies, which did not reveal exact terms of the sale, announced that Ryot...
may 2016
Building a device lab | Lara Hogan
How to build a device lab, by Destiny Montague & Lara Hogan
may 2016
Simple utility library for Image Processing
image  javascript 
april 2016
Contribute to vrview development by creating an account on GitHub.
march 2016
A personal assistant who schedules meetings for you | x.ai
x.ai is an artificial intelligence driven personal assistant who schedules meetings for you
march 2016
Free Speech-to-Text, Intent Recognition and NLP for IoT - Api.ai
An API that voice-enables your device. Add speech to text or full voice interface to Android, iOS, or websites. Integration done in hours with open source SDK.
march 2016
Dreams of Dalí: 360º Video - YouTube
Go inside and beyond Dalí’s painting Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s Angelus and explore the world of the surrealist master like never before. Experie...
march 2016
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