WebGLStudio.js - Platform for 3D development on the web.
3d  javascript 
19 days ago
Pokemon Palettes
Explore the color schemes used to design Pokemon.
Pokémon  color 
24 days ago
See how Disney masters light to give its animation life | The Verge
Disney's winner for Best Animated Film, Big Hero 6, is one of its best-looking films. Between the intricate detail of San Fransokyo's 83,000 buildings and the soft edges of Baymax the robot, Disney...
3d  animation 
26 days ago
Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies
javascript  app 
4 weeks ago
Arc-Team 2.0 Open Your mind and share your knowledge
Sito ufficiale della ditta archeologica Arc-Team, le pagine contengono informazioni sui lavori svolti e in corso, sui laboratori attivi e sulle ricerche e sperimentazioni in campo informatico, archeologico e antropologico
3d  3dscanning 
5 weeks ago
Pixi.js - 2D webGL renderer with canvas fallback
Pixi.js is a devoted rendering engine. There are a host of other engines covering game, sound and physics etc. and they all work beautifully with Pixi.
webGL  framework  javascript 
5 weeks ago
An In-Depth Overview Of Living Style Guide Tools – Smashing Magazine
Living style guides help front-end developers transform front-end code bases into well-described pattern libraries with the minimum of effort. But to make them really efficient, we need to choose the proper tools — so let’s have a closer look at what our community has to offer.
6 weeks ago
NFB/Interactive - Bear 71
Constant video surveillance, satellite tracking, radio collars… sometimes it’s hard to tell where the wired world ends and the wild one begins - Bear 71
6 weeks ago
NFB/interactive - National Film Board of Canada
An evolving collection of innovative, interactive stories exploring the world - and our place in it - from uniquely Canadian points of view.
6 weeks ago
Walking New York - The New York Times
New Yorkers’ most memorable walks in the city, and contribute your own.
6 weeks ago
Long shadow generator
A Sass mixin that makes pulling off 'long shadow design' as easy as pie. For more information about this design trend, head over to http://je.roon.io/...
6 weeks ago
The World's First Cinematic Smartcase by Scott McDonald — Kickstarter
Scott McDonald is raising funds for The World's First Cinematic Smartcase on Kickstarter!

The Lumenati CS1 pairs with your iPhone 6 to create a classic film camera.
6 weeks ago
Material-Theme by Mattia Astorino
Material Theme for Sublime Text 3. The most epic theme!
sublimetext  materialdesign 
6 weeks ago
Material Design Lite
A front-end template that helps you build fast, modern mobile web apps.
css  design  framework  material  webdesign 
7 weeks ago
Beyond The Boring: The Hunt For The Web's Lost Soul
Has web design become boxy, boring and predictable? Here's how to combine responsive design and art direction to create delightful, creative experiences.
7 weeks ago
Blast.js: A jQuery/Zepto plugin for separating text.
javascript  typography 
8 weeks ago
The Man Who Saw America - The New York Times
Looking back with Robert Frank, the most influential photographer alive.
photography  photographer 
8 weeks ago
A Short History of Photographers Illustrating Eurozone Crises With Tiny Plastic Toys | Foreign Policy
A Short History of Photographers Illustrating Eurozone Crises With Tiny Plastic Toys « | Foreign Policy | the Global Magazine of News and Ideas
8 weeks ago
National Geographic Forest Giant Demo
8 weeks ago
Hyperlax - Enjoy a real-time feed of Instagram's latest #Hyperlapse videos
Hyperlax is a real-time feed of Instagram's latest #Hyperlapse videos. Enjoy a peak into the lives of others, from locations around the world. Hyperlax is meant to be a bit of an escape, a bit voyueristic, a bit relaxing. I think it's mesmerising. Maybe you will too!
9 weeks ago
How We Changed Our Thinking on Gay Marriage - The New York Times
Leaders voice how they watched their communities, their nation and themselves transform views about same-sex marriage.
nytimes  interactive 
9 weeks ago
8 barriers to overcome when learning to code
While being a mentor for a JavaScript Web Development course, I’ve seen many beginner programmers jump into learning code with enthusiasm and then immediately hitting a wall.
10 weeks ago
Google now
Google Now brings you the information you want, when you need it.
10 weeks ago
Jongmin Kim
Interactive Developer & Designer Jongmin Kim's Portfolio Site for Mobile.
inspiration  design 
10 weeks ago
This site creates the experience of a full-screen 360 degree portraits of the Masahiro Maruyama’s unique glasses collection.
inspiration  design  materialdesign 
10 weeks ago
Illuminating North Korea - NYTimes.com
A photographer parts the curtains on one of the world’s least-known places and brings back pictures of a country that is defined for many by mystery and war.
nytimes  interactive 
11 weeks ago
Code | Bloomberg
What do you need to know about code to survive in a suspicious world?
code  teaching 
11 weeks ago
björk: stonemilker (360 degree virtual reality) - YouTube
björk's stonemilker as a 360 degree virtual reality experience, taken from the album vulnicura. shot on location in iceland by award-winning director andrew ...
vr  panorama  youtube 
11 weeks ago
GitUp is Git the way it should be
12 weeks ago
#360Video - YouTube
YouTube's 360° Channel is your destination for the most popular and compelling virtual reality videos.
panorama  youtube 
may 2015
vibrant.js - Extract prominent colors from an image. JS port of Android's Palette.
javascript  color 
may 2015
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