Super slick form tool w/ easy keyboard support
forms  generator  form 
january 2017
joanne lam
I like her simple design and sub-heading styles. also she makes cool mixtapes.
design  inspiration  mixtapes 
october 2016
Creative Ideas | Elkins DIY
Guy from Stanwood who loves coroplast and makes some pretty nifty little boats and shetlers.
diy  shelter  stanwood  ideas  coroplast 
april 2016
Simple writing tool that highlights common grammar mistakes
writing  spellcheck  grammar  editor  texteditor 
march 2016
Lovely Bicycle!: Choosing Your Gospel: Rivendell vs Bicycle Quarterly
Some pretty solid discourse over the differences between Grand Petersen and Jan Heine's philosophies on bikes and some of the merits between the two.
cycling  bikes  rivendell  bicyclequarterly  janheine  grantpetersen 
june 2015
The Shoes Ruse
Why the benefits of clipless pedals are way overblown and can actually provide negative effects.
bikes  cycling  pedals  clipless 
may 2015
Bunnies For Birthdays
A truckload of bunnies for your birthday!
bunnies  rabbit  rabbits  bunny  birthday 
october 2014
Face substitution
Realtime in browser face substitution
face  webcam  realtime  javascript 
january 2014
The Infinite Jukebox
Plays a song forever by branching through the song and changing up the playback. Branching based on echo nest api.
music  jukebox  webapp  infinite  forever  echonest 
january 2014
E-paper watch with apps, and bluetooth integration with iPhone. Rad.
epaper  watch  iphone 
may 2012
Default style sheet for HTML 4
Since I always reset, it's good to know some general default styles to pick from.
css  stylesheet  default  html 
october 2011
Mobile UI Patterns
Screenshots of noteworthy screens of iPhone apps organized by screen type.
mobile  screenshots  iphone  ios  designpatterns 
october 2011
Programming Languages Reference Sheets - Hyperpolyglot
Great reference comparisons between similar programming languages
programming  languages  reference 
september 2011
Automated script to download and create snapshotted VirtualBox VMs with IE7, IE8 and IE9 on Mac
ie7  ie8  ie9  osx  mac  script  virtualbox 
september 2011
Store documents base 64 encoded in a url.
documents  base64  url  encoded  document  markdown 
april 2011
Share localhost over the web. Seems pretty slick.
localhost  development  demo  testing  webdev 
april 2011
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