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Spring Day
When Draco is tasked to tidy Grimmauld Place, he's not surprised at the constant need to yell at Potter: "Not that old shirt, what part of 'keeping things that spark joy' are you unable to grasp?!" What he doesn't expect, however, is helping Potter to let go of his past and put both of their ghosts to rest.
author:xerised  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  angst  hurt/comfort  au  future!fic  postwar  oneshot  odd!job  domestic!fic 
16 days ago by yuurei
The Godric's Hollow Wizarding Parents Association
When Draco decided to move his small family to Godric’s Hollow, little did he know he’d have to deal with misleading television programs, some surprisingly friendly neighbours and a bit of peanut butter. Okay, lots of peanut butter.
author:ahamarimbas  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  au  future!fic  kid!fic  epilogue-compliant  postwar  domestic!fic  cooking!character  angst  hurt/comfort  oneshot 
16 days ago by yuurei
Where There Is Tea
Somewhere in London, overlooking a garden, sits a little tea room. There, Harry finds tea, distraction, books, conversation, inspiration, himself, and Draco Malfoy.
author:bafflinghaze  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  au  postwar  odd!job  oneshot  fluff  domestic!fic 
16 days ago by yuurei
The Difference Between Dust And Soup (Is You)
When Harry returned for his eighth year at Hogwarts he had high hopes that he'd have a normal and quiet year for once—he had earned it after all!

But when he found Malfoy starving and unconscious in the Astronomy Tower one night, it all started over again. He had to figure out what happened to him.

After Harry started to cook for Malfoy, and while sharing their secret dinner night after night, he couldn't help but wonder if there was a possibility of them becoming more.
author:gnarf  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  au  postwar  Hogwarts  protective!Harry  oneshot 
18 days ago by yuurei
Popular Appetite
Bad press is destroying Draco’s hotel. There is only one person who can create enough good press to save it.
author:fantasyfiend09  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  au  postwar  future!fic  au:chef  cooking!character  oneshot  fluff 
18 days ago by yuurei
All You Want for Christmas is Me
Harry Potter is rich enough to buy himself anything he wants, and so famous that he receives daily gifts from his fans. Whatever is a Secret Santa to do? Draco doesn't know yet, but he's going to figure it out.
author:chibaken  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  postwar  Hogwarts  crack!fic  humor  oneshot  first-time  oblivious!character 
18 days ago by yuurei
Three Months, Eleven Days and Nine Hours
Broke and living in a one room hovel in Knockturn Alley, Draco hunts in rubbish bins for food. Nothing could be more humiliating, right? Unless you're Draco Malfoy...
author:sassy_cissa  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  angst  postwar  hurt/comfort  hurt!Draco  oneshot 
18 days ago by yuurei
What Happens at the Milk Bar (doesn't stay there)
“Draco, look at me. You talk about Potter all the time. Your complaints about him usually just sound like… Well, you tend to give the impression that you don’t like Potter because you find him distractingly attractive and don’t like that you can’t touch.” Meg and Art nodded sagely as Draco’s jaw dropped.


“You’re attracted to Potter, Dray,” Meg helpfully supplied.
author:cubedcoffeecake  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  postwar  au  a/b/o  UST  oblivious!character  humor  oneshot 
18 days ago by yuurei
All the Broken Plans
Draco Malfoy's life changed when he came online as a Guide when he was seven. The first Malfoy to ever come online in history. His life changed again when it was storming the worst it had ever stormed. He was alone in his room when a wet and ragged wolf came running into his room. His Sentinel needed him.

Harry Potter came online as a Sentinel the summer that he was to turn eleven. It was the worst storm in Harry's memory, and his aunt made him stay outside in it. Harry was cowering in the corner of the yard as protected as he could get as he sobbed from the loud noises and the pain from the rain on his skin. He looked at the wolf that appeared in front of him and Harry begged him for help.
author:darkjediqueen  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  oneshot  au  preslash  protective!character  crossover  fandom:TheSentinel 
20 days ago by yuurei
The Pack Leader (Is a Fox)
When Steve comes back from Wakanda after the Civil War, he’s expecting groveling and begging for forgiveness from his omega. Too bad that’s not how Tony works.
author:watermelons000  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Strange/Tony  angst  hurt/comfort  au  future!fic  postwar  drama  oneshot 
4 weeks ago by yuurei
Ye Qiu has a lot of regrets, but there is nothing he regrets more than not being able to prevent what had happened to Ye Xiu. Given the chance to fix things—everything—Ye Qiu ensures that no one will have the opportunity to harm Ye Xiu ever again.
gen  family!fic  badass!character  oneshot  fandom:chineselit  character:YeQiu  character:YeXiu  protective!character  timetravel 
5 weeks ago by yuurei
Sticky Notes
[Modern AU] Jiang Cheng has gone through life. It hasn't been easy, it's been hard. He leaves notes reminding him how much he's failed and who he is doesn't matter. Enter Lan Xichen who lives in the same apartment building and has decided to make sure those messages are much more positive.
author:electricfeline  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  oneshot  angst  hurt/comfort  protective!character  oblivious!character  abused!character 
5 weeks ago by yuurei
The Structure of Your Heart
The sleepovers gradually evolve from Jounouchi leaving late at night with his shirt thrown on haphazardly, to Jounouchi sneaking out early in the morning with a pilfered energy bar from Seto's cupboards, to Jounouchi digging his face into the crook of Seto's neck even after both their alarms have gone off.

"I got lazy, and the bus stopped running" is Jounouchi's default explanation.

Alternatively: 5 Times Kaiba and Jounouchi Were Grossly Domestic + 1 Time They Weren’t.
author:chiharu  fandom:YuGiOh  oneshot  domestic!fic  established-relationship  fluff  pairing:puppyshipping  future!fic 
8 weeks ago by yuurei
by any other name
A Concise Guide to Dealing with People Asking if your Best Friend and/or Crush is Single:

1) Panic
2) Lie
3) Run
author:parenthetic  fandom:Haikyuu!!  oneshot  fluff  pairing:Tsukishima/Yamaguchi  oblivious!character 
9 weeks ago by yuurei
Lone Cub (Sakumo/Orochimaru)
Orochimaru finds young Hatake hunting alone deep in the woods of Hi no Kuni, and learns upon questioning him that his father is gravely ill or worse. Kakashi, convinced Orochimaru is his mother, is relieved to lead him right to their camp to offer assistance.
author:kalira  fandom:Naruto  rarepair  character:KakashiHatake  kid!fic  au  oneshot  hurt/comfort  fluff  preslash 
12 weeks ago by yuurei
Pack Unbound (Sakumo/Orochimaru)
After returning from his mission to heart-wrenching news, Sakumo chases his traitorous mate down only to find they have a new hunt to embark on together, one that sends them running straight back to Konoha - with their son's life in the balance.

Brought back from the Pure Lands via an emergency pre-prepared Edo Tensei he left to safeguard his village, Tobirama is Very Displeased when the supposed threat is made clear to him.

Despite his newly-increased distaste and distrust of Konoha, Orochimaru accepts some new responsibilities to his village - secondary to reaffirming his devotion to his family.

(A very large, moody snake . . . meets Danzo. It may or may not upset his digestion.)
author:kalira  fandom:Naruto  rarepair  character:KakashiHatake  au  badass!character  protective!character  family!fic  oneshot  established-relationship  kid!fic 
12 weeks ago by yuurei
Hokage Kakashi
Whoever thought Hatake Kakashi would make a great Hokage needed to be killed. Slowly.
author:mirrorandimage  fandom:Naruto  gen  character:KakashiHatake  oneshot  humor  crack!fic  future!fic  au  badass!character 
12 weeks ago by yuurei
In 1975, a prank war at Hogwarts renders the castle uninhabitable. The students are sent to other schools, among them two schools in Germany, Burg Schreckenstein and Schloss Rosenfels. The different rules and attitudes there cause change not just for the students sent there...
author:isimile  fandom:HarryPotter  gen  au  character:SeverusSnape  oneshot  friendship!fic 
september 2019 by yuurei
Reach Up On Clear Nights; Your Fingers Brush The Stars
Or: Five times Jiang Wanyin attempts the impossible, and one time he reaches it.
Jiang Cheng's relationship with his family motto through the years, told through his relationships with the six most important people in his life.

(Also known as: the really pretentious post-exam destress writing project.)
author:messenger18  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  oneshot  angst 
september 2019 by yuurei
Here, There and Everywhere (Peter Quill/Tony Stark)
When Steve, Natasha and Scott showed up at the cabin to talk to Tony, he wasn't exactly there.
author:SailorChibi  character:TonyStark  au  future!fic  established-relationship  outsider!pov  postwar  rarepair  oneshot 
september 2019 by yuurei
do u expect me, a gay, to remember everything i write
"What?" says Shang Qinghua. "No, he's not. Why would he court me? He thinks I'm like, a hamster."

"Okay, then why is he dropping like, monsters and shit at your door?" says Cucumber-bro. "That's how they like, show people they can provide for them or whatever."

"Why would they do that!" shrieks Shang Qinghua. "I never --"

"It was a plot point, dude," says Cucumber-bro, in the slow, patient voice of someone speaking to a stupid dog. "It was an actual, literal plot point you typed in with your own like, sinful hands."

"No it wasn't," says Shang Qinghua immediately. "I think I would like, fucking remember writing a scene where some chick gets an actual fucking dragon corpse dropped on her door and immediately gives it up for the person who brought it!"
author:lazulisong  fandom:chineselit  pairing:MoBeiJun/ShangQingHua  oneshot  fluff  humor  oblivious!character  au  future!fic  domestic!fic 
september 2019 by yuurei
peal, O thunder, split the clouds
His core is gone. Wei Wuxian has been captured.

Jiang Cheng has only one choice left if he has any hope of defeating the Wens, and that's to pray to the gods — the Twin Jades of Gusu.
author:plunderheavenblind  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  oneshot  au  angst  hurt/comfort  protective!character  pwp 
august 2019 by yuurei
dare to tempt the starving wolf
Sheltering from a storm late at night, Jiang Cheng finds company with a strange man who does not seem to want him around.
author:plunderheavenblind  fandom:chineselit  oneshot  au  pwp  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  werewolves 
august 2019 by yuurei
When I get hold of the big bad wolf
When Scott calls to tell Derek there’s something in the Preserve, at the school, destroying the mall or any number of other places, his first question shouldn’t have to be but always is, “Where’s Stiles?”


Derek makes Stiles soup.
author:kellifer_fic  fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  au  werewolves  fluff  domestic!fic  cooking!character  oneshot 
august 2019 by yuurei
Initiative (Jimmy Woo/Scott)
“Hello again,” Scott said, as cheerfully as he could.

Standing by the holographic deck in the middle of the shiny new Situation Room in the shiny new HQ for ATLAS, Jimmy stared at Scott. “Did you need something else, Mister Lang?”

Scott winced. The past year since the Ghost Incident hadn’t changed Agent Jimmy Woo much. Same wary expression, as though Scott was going to cart off the TV if Jimmy turned his back. Jimmy was still looked perfectly folded into his black suit with the neat tie, his collar pressed to sharp edges. “No uh. Just want to say. I’m happy to be here?”
author:manic_intent  character:ScottLang  fandom:MarvelComics  rarepair  oneshot  au  domestic!fic  fluff  future!fic 
august 2019 by yuurei
Serious (as a Heart Attack)
Tony's in the hospital because he "fell" in his "workshop."

Bucky's pretty sure that's not what happened.
author:27dragons  author:tisfan  author:monobuu  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Bucky/Tony  oneshot  fluff  au  au:medical  protective!character  hurt/comfort  hurt!Tony  abused!character 
august 2019 by yuurei
Hoshi no Tama (Hungry Like the Wolf)
Loki and his son, Fenrir--Peter, on most days--weren't quite the perfect fit on the Avengers Team, their jagged edges brushing up against the others', but it was close enough to feeling of family and Pack that Peter had been missing for millennia.

So he fought with his father and uncle with this team of mortals, defending Midgard from a variety of attackers. It was easy enough to fall into a pattern, fight and eat and sleep--

Until a new, fox-scented vigilante appeared on the scene.
author:rightsidethru  fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Peter/Stiles  oneshot  au  crossover  fandom:MarvelComics  badass!character  angst  UST 
august 2019 by yuurei
Let It Burn. Let It Go.
A bad call from his Alpha lost Stiles his dad, and so he left. But when Melissa McCall is hurt and needs assistance of a magical nature, it's not Scott that is sent to ask Stiles for help.

Stiles has always had a hard time telling Peter "no."

(This time, his "yes" ends up being one of the best decisions in his life.)
author:rightsidethru  fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Peter/Stiles  oneshot  au  future!fic  angst  magic!Stiles  badass!character  werewolves 
august 2019 by yuurei
Tell Me Lies (Tell Me Sweet Little Lies)
"Pick a card--any card."


Card shark, magician, or descendant of Cassandra the Prophet:

No matter who or what Stiles Stilinski truly was, he was the only chance at the Hale Pack's survival.
author:rightsidethru  fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Peter/Stiles  oneshot  au  magic!Stiles  badass!character  drama  werewolves 
august 2019 by yuurei
Toothed Morality (Send Me Flowers)
“The world is a dark place, moje kochanie; it is one filled with monsters, always ready to gobble you whole. Be wary of the promises they give: seal every vow with blood and bone and Name. A True Name, one that will bind them to their word.”

“But how will I know that they’re telling the truth, Matka? Couldn’t they lie…?”

“You’ll know, mały płomień.”
author:rightsidethru  fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Peter/Stiles  oneshot  au  magic!Stiles  badass!character  werewolves  drama 
july 2019 by yuurei
your heart, two doors down
Lan Zhan and Wei Ying start off as neighbours but soon find themselves fitting into the spaces in each other's lives like they were meant to be there all along.
author:ficklish  fandom:chineselit  au  au:modern  oneshot  domestic!fic  family!fic  fluff  kid!fic  pairing:LanWanji/WeiWuxian 
july 2019 by yuurei
After the Xuanwu Cave incident, Wei WuXian wakes up back in Lotus Pier with one hand clutching Lan WangJi and the other hand clutching...an egg?

in which wwx and lwj accidentally hatch a baby xuanwu
author:rikke  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanWangji/WeiWuxian  oneshot  au  fluff  humor 
july 2019 by yuurei
nothing gold can stay
Before Wen Chao can throw him into Yiling Burial Mounds, Lan WangJi finds Wei WuXian.
author:rikke  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanWanji/WeiWuxian  oneshot  angst  au 
july 2019 by yuurei
Black Onyx & Gold (Bruce/Jason)
“I like the ring too,” he says into the lavender silk of Bruce’s shirt.

Bruce hugs him back, kisses the top of his head. Doesn’t bother asking how Jason knows. The boy lives in his head, he’s known that for a while now.

“You keep staring at it,” Jason answers the unasked question as he pulls back and stands.

“Hm. It looks good on you,” Bruce hums, pointedly giving Jason, standing before him without a stitch of clothing or shame in just his wedding band, a hungry once over.

[[Jason never steals the tires on the Batmobile, Bruce never makes him Robin. He grows up to be a sexy professor.]]
author:scandalsavage  fandom:dc-comics  character:BruceWayne  character:JasonTodd  oneshot  au  fluff  domestic!fic  established-relationship 
june 2019 by yuurei
Things That Are Never Meant
When Tony Stark disappears from Siberia, the aftershocks shatter some people and rebuild others. And when Tony returns, nothing will ever be the same again.
author:katling  fandom:MarvelComics  au  future!fic  postwar  drama  pairing:Loki/Tony  protective!character  oneshot  bigbang 
june 2019 by yuurei
Doing It ANBU
Rehabilitating Sasuke was supposed to be easier than fighting a war.

Three months, sixteen missions, and an uncountable number of attempts on his sanity after taking on ANBU captaincy, Sai was beginning to understand where Yamato-taicho's creepy eyes originated from: let Kakashi take you at unawares too often and, eventually, your face began to stick that way.
author:karanguni  fandom:Naruto  family!fic  fluff  oneshot  crack!fic  character:KakashiHatake  gen  humor  au  future!fic 
may 2019 by yuurei
[Scum Villain's Self Saving System] Injury
Alternative title: 5 times people pay attention to Shang Qinghua's injury + 1 time people realize they shouldn't have.
author:cecentre  fandom:chineselit  pairing:MoBeiJun/ShangQingHua  oneshot  fluff  humor  outsider!pov  established-relationship 
may 2019 by yuurei
[Scum Villain's Self Saving System] unpredictable, unexpected, and above all: unbelievable
Shang Qinghua nods quickly, only relaxing once Mobei-Jun finally breaks the gaze in order to lay right back down on his side, hand propping up his head.

Then, he does something nearly terrifying-- he smiles, lips quirking in a way that begets a sort of malice capable of sending a shiver right down Shang Qinghua’s spine. “Good. Others are not to touch what is mine.”

(or: 5 times Mobei-Jun surprises Shang Qinghua + one time Shang Qinghua surprises him.)
author:dazais  fandom:chineselit  pairing:MoBeiJun/ShangQingHua  oneshot  oblivious!character  preslash  protective!character  fluff 
may 2019 by yuurei
[Scum Villain's Self Saving System] Nocturne
There’s a legend among the people of the north that speaks of a she-wolf that once saved a child, and gave birth to a babe of her own that was neither human nor animal - but both. The northerns still whisper of the lineage and pay tithes in their honor.

Shang Qinghua thinks it’s an intriguing enough tale, and plans to use it as the basis for his latest story. When he decides to enter the northern forest in search of inspiration, however, he gets more than he bargained for.
author:choayako  fandom:chineselit  pairing:MoBeiJun/ShangQingHua  oneshot  au  au:fantasy  drama  protective!character 
may 2019 by yuurei
[Scum Villain's Self Saving System] The Cryptid Boyfriend
Mobei Jun doesn't understand Youtube, but ends up famous on it anyway.

Or: Shang Qinghua is a paranormal Youtuber, and the most infamous cryptid of them all keeps showing up in the background of his shots.
author:rainbowdracula  fandom:chineselit  pairing:MoBeiJun/ShangQingHua  oneshot  au:modern  humor  domestic!fic  fluff  outsider!pov  au 
may 2019 by yuurei
[Scum Villain's Self Saving System] thinking out loud
Mobei Jun is about to tell him that he’s fine when Shang Qinghua quietly says, sounding stricken, “He’s melting.”

Hearing that, Mobei Jun levels Shang Qinghua with his most unimpressed stare. Shang Qinghua notices, and he asks, “What is it? What happened?” He pauses his fanning and sends Mobei Jun a baffled look. “My King, did I do something wrong? Was it something I said? Wait, don’t — “

Mobei Jun turns onto his side and pretends he doesn’t hear Shang Qinghua’s pleas for him to turn around.


4 times Shang Qinghua talks without realizing it + 1 time Mobei Jun responds back.
author:ceta  fandom:chineselit  pairing:MoBeiJun/ShangQingHua  oneshot  future!fic  fluff  oblivious!character 
may 2019 by yuurei
[Scum Villain's Self Saving System] roundabout route
Mobei Jun’s blue eyes looked him up and down. “Are you warm?” he asked, like the worst snowstorm Shang Qinghua had ever experienced wasn’t doing its best to pelt them with sheets of snow every three seconds.

Shang Qinghua’s eyes teared up from the biting wind.

Teeth still chattering, tongue a frozen block of meat in his mouth, Shang Qinghua painstakingly choked out, “W- Warm.”
author:ceta  fandom:chineselit  pairing:MoBeiJun/ShangQingHua  oneshot  oblivious!character  fluff  domestic!fic  future!fic 
may 2019 by yuurei
will be my homecoming
“Eighty days,” He whispers to Kotatsu softly. “That’s a long time. We’ve been here for almost three months,” he swallows and glances at the paper again. “It’s, I think we need to do this now before it’s too late, don’t you?”
author:siojo  fandom:OnePiece  character:Shanks  oneshot  au  protective!character  hurt/comfort 
may 2019 by yuurei
who tells your story
Shanks knew that Luffy hadn't had a brother the last time that he had seen him, but he also doesn't doubt that Luffy could get one, he was good with things like that. But that doesn't mean he's not suspicious, not when Blackbeard is still trying to kill him.
author:siojo  fandom:OnePiece  gen  character:Shanks  oneshot  fluff  au 
may 2019 by yuurei
Babysitting Ace
Shanks has a little brother who thinks he's the coolest thing ever and Benn wants to know who willingly left their kid with his idiot.
author:siojo  fandom:OnePiece  kid!fic  au  gen  character:Shanks  oneshot 
may 2019 by yuurei
An Ordinary Session
Takeo has been to many therapists. This session goes a bit differently.
author:volta_arovet  fandom:NatsumeYuujinchou  oneshot  outsider!pov  future!fic  character:NatsumeTakashi 
may 2019 by yuurei
Solving It Peacefully
Wherein Itachi's a pacifistic genius, Danzo should have ordered the Uchiha massacre a bit more clearly and eighty-six clansmen vanish.
author:michinokao  fandom:Naruto  au  humor  crack!fic  oneshot  pairing:Obito/Kakashi 
may 2019 by yuurei
What Goes Around
Touya has a bone to pick with Clow Reed, or at least what's left of him. He does not appreciate being set-up but targeting Yukito was going too far.
author:zakad  fandom:CardcaptorSakura  pairing:Touya/Yukito  oneshot  established-relationship  future!fic  badass!character 
april 2019 by yuurei
[Game of Thrones] An Assemblage of Ice and Fire
What would change about the Song if Team Iron Man were reincarnated into the world of Westros?
author:sanjuno  fandom:literature  fandom:MarvelComics  crossover  au  badass!character  character:TonyStark  oneshot 
april 2019 by yuurei
When The Nightingale Sings
The problem with crossbreeding compatible species is that you have no idea what sort of throwback traits and mutations the resultant hybrids are going to display.

Those with access to the Flames of Dying Will all have a bit of Other in their ancestry. Something that is both more and less than Human, and Skies are the least Human of all the Flame Types.

Putting a Sky under a Seal puts their Flames under pressure. Like the Nightingale in a cage who refuses to sing, a Sky under a Seal suffers in silence...

... until that seal breaks, and the Sky roars to cast the heavens down.
author:sanjuno  fandom:Reborn  au  humor  badass!character  preslash  character:GokuderaHayato  oneshot  dragons  possessive!character 
april 2019 by yuurei
Spiritual Guidance
If Harry hadn't been so focused on the map and getting back to the common room, he might have missed the strange name on the landing above him.
author:highsidhe  fandom:HarryPotter  fandom:RiseoftheGuardians  gen  friendship!fic  humor  au  character:HarryPotter  character:JackFrost  oneshot  crossover 
april 2019 by yuurei
When Poetry Fails
There was once a time when he was constantly chasing them, now he would like nothing more than for them to leave him alone. In the aftermath of the Civil War and the Sokovia Accords the Rogue Avengers return and Tony realizes that there's a family waiting for him - but it's not the one that left him behind.
author:wix  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Strange/Tony  oneshot  future!fic  au  angst  protective!character  postwar 
april 2019 by yuurei
Play Date
“Forgive me, Captain," FRIDAY said. "I needed a moment to be certain I hadn’t erred, but based on my facial recognition systems, I can safely say that Mr. Barnes and Mr. Wilson have located Tony.”

“What the fuck?” Bucky rose to his feet.

The kid tried to run, but Sam caught the rugrat and restrained him.

“Let me go!” The kid struggled. “My dad isn’t going to pay any ransom. You’re just wasting your time.”

Ransom? Facial recognition?

Bucky stared at the kid—really looked at his face.

Amber eyes, oval face, olive skin, strong but narrow chin, a slightly larger than normal forehead, and a nose somewhere between small and medium in size.

“Oh, fuck. Tony?”

The tears were back in Tony’s eyes. “Fuck you, you assholes!” He wiggled one arm free and punched Sam in the kneecap.
author:akira_of_the_twilight  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Bucky/Tony  de-aged!fic  established-relationship  oneshot  drama  hurt/comfort  hurt!Tony  fluff  domestic!fic  kid!fic 
march 2019 by yuurei
The Three Laws of Robotics (and of good people)
If Pinocchio doesn't want to become a real boy, it's his choice.

Or the one in which Bucky thinks he's a robot and Steve needs Tony's help.
author:schizocheater  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Bucky/Tony  oneshot  au  fluff  domestic!fic  hurt/comfort 
march 2019 by yuurei
Let Me Be Your Soldier
"It was too late for the bleeding soldier, he would have died in minutes anyway but when Tony saw him let go of his leg to stretch across the ground, reaching for a gun that lay just within reach, he called out a warning to Bucky, who turned and slammed his knife to the hilt in the side of the guy’s neck, the tip of the blade just peeking out the other side.

That was certainly one way to solve a problem."
author:missromancejunkie  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Bucky/Tony  humor  badass!character  protective!character  oneshot 
march 2019 by yuurei
The Man Behind The Machine
"I’m sure if there is anything to find, I’ll find it. I found you, didn’t I?”

“I’d say Iron Man’s the one who really found me, but you’re the man behind the machine, right?”

The way that was phrased, it almost sounded like James knew—no, that was impossible. If the rest of his teammates, who had all known both Iron Man and Tony for ages, couldn’t figure it out, how could James have figured it out so quickly? Tony was just being paranoid.


In which Tony's managed to keep the fact that he's Iron Man a secret from his teammates and the rest of the world for years. With that kind of track record, fooling Bucky should be easy. But Bucky isn't the Winter Soldier for nothing.
author:catzy  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Bucky/Tony  crack!fic  humor  au  oneshot  fluff 
march 2019 by yuurei
The Course of Reason
The UN has asked Tony to discuss their options with the Fugitive Avengers. It does not go the way they expect it to.
author:infie  fandom:MarvelComics  gen  angst  drama  oneshot  character:TonyStark  badass!character  postwar  au 
march 2019 by yuurei
Forged in Sparks
Being kidnapped by Hydra wouldn't be anyone's idea of fun, and that included Shuri. She had no idea what Hydra wanted with her - or with the scruffy, skinny man in the cell right next to her.
author:SailorChibi  fandom:MarvelComics  preslash  angst  drama  hurt/comfort  protective!character  pairing:T'Challa/Tony  oneshot  au  future!fic  postwar 
march 2019 by yuurei
Home County
Harry is an architect and the reluctant part-owner of his own firm. Malfoy works at The Ministry but doesn’t actually have a proper job title even though what he does sounds as though it’s pretty important. It would probably be harder not to become friends, when they have to sit through endless, dull meetings with each other, and skirt around some truly terrible weather, and deal with Harry’s irrational hatred of his assistant, and build thirty whole houses from the ground up in a wet field outside of London.
author:seefin  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  postwar  fluff  domestic!fic  oneshot 
march 2019 by yuurei
Suburban Warfare
When the HOA makes his neighbor take down his adorable little garden gnomes, Tony sets out a plan of revenge, involving flying… robotic… flamingoes. Who said suburban living was boring?
author:tisfan  oneshot  fandom:MarvelComics  au  pairing:Banner/Tony  humor  fluff  domestic!fic  author:monobuu 
february 2019 by yuurei
Just before he was supposed to start middle school, Jamie Bennett found out he was a wizard. Now it's time for one of his final exams, and he's stuck. Luckily, Jack Frost might have an idea.
author:sakon76  fandom:RiseoftheGuardians  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover  au  future!fic  oneshot  gen  character:JackFrost  friendship!fic 
january 2019 by yuurei
'Tis The Season (To Drink Coffee) (Mitsutada/Manba)
All Yamanbagiri wants this Christmas is to finish his current mobage event. That is, until handsome barista Mitsutada manages to make coffee bearable and steal Yamanbagiri's heart along the way.

Or: the tale of a nerd, free wi-fi and something better than soy lattes.
author:skysedge  fandom:ToukenRanbu  character:YamanbagiriKunihiro  oneshot  fluff  au  au:modern  au:coffeeshop 
january 2019 by yuurei
Lavender (Kasen/Manba)
If bees only gathered nectar from perfect flowers, they wouldn't be able to make even a single drop of honey.
author:skysedge  fandom:ToukenRanbu  character:YamanbagiriKunihiro  oneshot  angst  hurt/comfort 
january 2019 by yuurei
Acts of Worship
The acceptance of a drink changes everything and binds all parties by Asgardian Custom. Tony, being a Lokean Worshipper, had hoped it would.
author:hecatekiss  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Loki/Tony  oneshot  au 
december 2018 by yuurei
twice the heart (Nishimura/Natsume)
While getting Natsume to admit to anything more than “school was okay” is like pulling teeth, Nishimura is an eager conversationalist, and launches into charming anecdotes of countryside shenanigans with very little prompting on Shuuichi’s part.

In two hours, Shuuichi has learned Natsume’s favorite color, his least favorite food, the title of a book series he’s been binge-reading for the last two weeks, and the entire story of how he and Taki and Kitamoto all got stuck up the same tree. That’s more than he’s learned from Natsume in almost a year.

Perhaps most remarkably, Natsume doesn’t mind at all. He watches Nishimura the way Shuuichi has seen people watch their favorite part of their favorite movie, every now and then smiling in a faint, knee-jerk way that says he’s unaware his mouth moved at all.

Ah, Shuuichi thinks gleefully. So that’s it.
author:taizi  fandom:NatsumeYuujinchou  outsider!pov  fluff  protective!character  oneshot  character:NatsumeTakashi 
december 2018 by yuurei
Blood sugar
Tony is diabetic and no, it's not a secret. (But he honestly loves those green tea Kit Kats, too.)
author:niewypowiedziane  fandom:MarvelComics  gen  character:TonyStark  oneshot  au 
december 2018 by yuurei
Meeting the Family
Yakuza AU - Xellos wasn't sure if his partner would be accepted by the Metallium matriarch, or if Zelgadis would be open to what that might entail.
author:chrissy_sky  fandom:Slayers  pairing:Xellos/Zelgadis  au  au:human  au:modern  oneshot  fluff  domestic!fic 
december 2018 by yuurei
the piano knows something i don't know
He doesn't remember his name when they first meet. He is herbivore and therefore there is no need to be formally addressed. He is herbivore and therefore he is nothing.

Then, there is the piano.

In which Kyouya is clueless and everyone else knows where this sudden interest in Gokudera is headed.
author:hieiandshino  fandom:Reborn  pairing:1859  oneshot  au  oblivious!character 
november 2018 by yuurei
Rise In Perfect Light (Be Not Fearful Of The Night)
At first, the new element singing in his chest, Tony doesn’t understand what he’s done.

Doesn’t understand the full consequences of his actions.

But, to be fair, there’s no way he really could have.

Not even a futurist like him could have ever seen this coming.
author:rayshippouuchiha  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Bucky/Tony  au  oneshot  angst  drama 
november 2018 by yuurei
springtime bloom
When Takashi dies, he dies young, like his grandmother and his parents. He is eighteen years old and newly graduated from high school. He takes a year off before going to college. He loves his home far too much to abandon it so easily. When Takashi dies, he comes home. The yōkai no longer speak about Natsume Reiko.
author:tunnelofdawn  fandom:NatsumeYuujinchou  angst  characterdeath  character:NatsumeTakashi  oneshot 
november 2018 by yuurei
Dearly Beloved
or: Five times Percival Graves said he was married, and one time Tina believed him.

When Director Graves starts elaborating on his supposed husband, the entire department is even more certain he doesn't exist - an author and a dragon tamer, who's somehow captured a creature that can kill a hundred wizards at a time? And what sort of name is Newt, anyway?

Tina's one of them - at least, until Newt Scamander, magizoologist, shows up in New York and lets a Niffler loose. And when he realises Graves has been replaced by an imposter, things only get more complicated from there.
author:prosodiical  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Percival/Newt  established-relationship  oneshot  badass!character  humor  drama  au 
november 2018 by yuurei
After the fight in Siberia, Tony opens his eyes and starts down a new path with new friends and family alike, even with the shadow of a particular ex-Avenger hovering over him.
author:wix  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Strange/Tony  au  postwar  oneshot  rarepair 
october 2018 by yuurei
Tony passes out a lot. Somehow, Barnes gets involved.
author:withered  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Bucky/Tony  preslash  oblivious!Tony  fluff  oneshot  au  postwar 
october 2018 by yuurei
[SG-1] Angel vs Angel (Daniel/Dean, pre-Cas/Dean)
Dean has a sort-of-guardian angel named Castiel and he's pretty okay with that. But it turns out Daniel, his sort-of-dead boyfriend, is not so okay with it. Like, seriously not okay with it. How exactly did crazy shit like this get to be Dean's life?
author:gatesmasher  fandom:tvshow  fandom:Supernatural  oneshot  crack!fic  humor  pairing:Castiel/Dean  crossover 
october 2018 by yuurei
Werewolves!!! on Ice
“That’s your 'aha!' face,” Stiles declared, jabbing a finger at his father. “It’s your Clouseau face, your Poirot face, your--”

Noah turned the paper around and tapped the headline. “This Victor Nikiforov guy is definitely crashing at the Red Roof Inn on Maple Street,” he said, smirking.

Allison sat up so quickly that her ipad mini went flying. “Victor Nikiforov?!” she gasped, eyes going round and huge. “The Victor Nikiforov? What’s he doing in Beacon Hills?”
author:rainproof  fandom:TeenWolf  fandom:YuriOnIce  oneshot  au  crossover  established-relationship  pairing:Viktor/Yuuri  preslash  pairing:Derek/Stiles  werewolves  case!fic 
october 2018 by yuurei
I Tried to Be Chill (but you're so hot I melted)
"I just...haven't considered I'd be open to something like that, you know? But Stephen changed my mind."
"As long as you're happy, Tony, I'm happy."

Or: 5 Times Tony Stark's Friends Thought He was Dating Stephen Strange and the 1 Time They Realized He was Dating the Sorcerer Supreme.
author:dls  fandom:MarvelComics  rarepair  pairing:Strange/Tony  outsider!pov  oblivious!Tony  humor  oneshot  au 
october 2018 by yuurei
jars and jars of jam
“Your parents do realize I am a grown man and not, in fact, a college bachelor in need of feeding, right?” Shuuichi asks, cradling the rice like it’s a child and politely ignoring the strange emotional acrobatics Natsume’s face performs on the word parents. “I can and do feed myself. On a daily basis, even.”

Natsume stares at him, unreadable. Natsume’s monster cat peeks over his shoulder, ears flat and judgmental. Even Hiiragi, lurking in the kitchen, levels him with her unblinking one-eyed stare.
author:pocketfox  fandom:NatsumeYuujinchou  oneshot  gen  family!fic  fluff  domestic!fic 
september 2018 by yuurei
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