The Pack Leader (Is a Fox)
When Steve comes back from Wakanda after the Civil War, he’s expecting groveling and begging for forgiveness from his omega. Too bad that’s not how Tony works.
author:watermelons000  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Strange/Tony  angst  hurt/comfort  au  future!fic  postwar  drama  oneshot 
3 days ago
Precious Metals
Percival Graves is left deaf and traumatized by his time being held captive by the Dark Wizard Gellert Grindelwald. Fortunately, he has a charming British magizoologist and two very persistent sisters to help him through his recovery - and, of course, a very adorable occamy companion!
author:astrum_ululatum  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Percival/Newt  hurt/comfort  protective!character  PTSD  angst  drama  complete  badass!character  future!fic  au 
4 days ago
After Graves' fourth escape attempt Grindelwald decides that turning the man into a magical creature - a process thought to be impossible to reverse - will take care of the problem quite nicely. Too bad he didn't anticipate Newt Scamander.
author:elenothar  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Percival/Newt  complete  PTSD  hurt/comfort  protective!character  badass!character  domestic!fic  fluff  angst  animagus 
5 days ago
Ye Qiu has a lot of regrets, but there is nothing he regrets more than not being able to prevent what had happened to Ye Xiu. Given the chance to fix things—everything—Ye Qiu ensures that no one will have the opportunity to harm Ye Xiu ever again.
gen  family!fic  badass!character  oneshot  fandom:chineselit  character:YeQiu  character:YeXiu  protective!character  timetravel 
10 days ago
Visiting Cloud Recesses
Since the sunshot campaign they haven't interacted a lot outside of sect business, but Jiang Cheng has always found the First Jade of Lan gracious and pleasant to be around. Especially in comparison to his younger brother, who would never smile at Jiang Cheng the way Lan Xichen is right now, as if he's genuinely happy to see him.
author:shirasade  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  complete  fluff  pwp  hurt/comfort  first-time  future!fic 
10 days ago
Noa Ikeda
Tarot. HER TAROT. I obsess. When she finally finishes the set and sells it as a set of tarot...I'm gonna buy it. NO MATTER THE PRICE. It SHALL BE MINE.
10 days ago
Sticky Notes
[Modern AU] Jiang Cheng has gone through life. It hasn't been easy, it's been hard. He leaves notes reminding him how much he's failed and who he is doesn't matter. Enter Lan Xichen who lives in the same apartment building and has decided to make sure those messages are much more positive.
author:electricfeline  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  oneshot  angst  hurt/comfort  protective!character  oblivious!character  abused!character 
10 days ago
How to Escape Your Problems and Live Your Life in Denial – the Jiang Cheng Edition
So, this may not be the life Jiang Cheng's imagined for himself - he’s living in an apartment slightly bigger than a closet above a café filled with sassy, judgmental cats, penny-pinching and coupon-cutting his way to stave off starvation and scurvy.

And of course, just to make his life more complicated, there's the Lan Xichen Problem.
author:bgtea  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  au  au:modern  wip  angst  domestic!fic  fluff  oblivious!character  hurt/comfort 
11 days ago
my heart is stone (and still it trembles)
In an effort to get his council to stop forcing the marriage issue on him, Jiang Cheng decides to scare them into submission by marching into Cloud Recesses and proposing to the First Jade of Lan himself. It's a brilliant plan really and there's no way Lan Xichen will do more than laugh at the joke. The council will shut up, Jiang Cheng's marriage annoyances will stop, Jin Ling will get to enjoy some snow, and everything will go back to normal.

So to say he's unprepared for Lan Xichen actually accepting his hand in marriage is a bit of an understatement.


(A slightly silly au wherein Jiang Cheng refuses to back down, Lan Xichen has a sense of humor, and Jin Ling is a spoiled ball of sunshine. Just wait until Wei Wuxian comes back to life and hears about this.)
author:christian_richtown  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  wip  domestic!fic  fluff  kid!fic  hurt/comfort  au 
12 days ago
Just Two Lost Souls
Even if it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife, husband, or companion, all Jiang Cheng really wants is to run his company, take care of his pets, and maybe get some sleep. Unfortunately the new job promotion to CEO comes with a loaded social calendar and a need for some sort of companion.

So clearly the most sensible answer is to start dating the man he's had a crush on since he was a teenager.

Because nothing could go wrong there.
author:rivlee  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  complete  au  au:modern  angst  domestic!fic  fluff  UST  humor 
12 days ago
Black Fortunes
Harry breaks the copy of Sirius’ mirror in 7th year, after the horrific end of the war. He is sent back to 1975 and takes up the mantle of Lord Peverell. He hopes to turn around the tragic Black family story. How? By getting newly widowed Lord Orion Black to fall in love with him.
author:herald_of_dreams  fandom:HarryPotter  character:HarryPotter  timetravel  complete  drama  domestic!fic  kid!fic  fluff  rarepair  au  mpreg 
15 days ago
A Token, My Liege?
Prompt: “My liege!” called the knight to the war-mage. “A token, to wear into battle?”

A hush falls, as everyone in the room holds their breath in fear of the war-mage’s temper.

“Will a scarf do?” The war-mage asks, already unwinding xir own.
author:akaluan  fandom:Bleach  au  au:historical  drama  hurt/comfort  protective!character  wip  character:IshidaUryu 
16 days ago
[Log Horizon] As Worlds Overlap
What if Ichigo, his sisters, Chad, and Uryuu (and maybe more? who knows) were kidnapped into Elder Tales a la Log Horizon?
author:akaluan  fandom:Bleach  fandom:anime/manga  wip  drama  angst  hurt/comfort  crossover  character:KurosakiIchigo  character:IshidaUryu 
16 days ago
Sentai AU
Instead of fighting Hollows as Shinigami or Quincy, there are sentai. Uryuu stands alone for his fight to protect his city, with unexpected allies in Huerco Mundo Hollows until four new sentai from his set appear unexpectedly. Damn Urahara and his meddling.
author:akaluan  fandom:Bleach  au  friendship!fic  angst  wip  character:IshidaUryu  character:KurosakiIchigo 
17 days ago
The Gift of Kindness
When Harry arrives at Hogwarts, everything is overwhelming. Luckily he makes some friends, Hagrid who took him to Diagon Alley, Ron who he met on the train, and Severus, who explains why they have to pretend to hate each other.

This story spans 7 years, during which Severus and Harry get to know each other and find understanding.
author:hippocrates460  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Severus  switching  fluff  au  Hogwarts  drama  hurt/comfort  protective!character  bonded!fic  complete 
21 days ago
the weight of a beating heart
Harry gets captured by Death Eaters while "camping" with Ron and Hermione (book 7). They throw him into a cell to wait until Voldemort gets to him. However, Snape is also there as a prisoner, and he tells him about the prophecy.

A story of love, friendship, and Severus Snape's heartbeats.
author:lilian  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Severus  hurt/comfort  PTSD  hurt!Severus  angst  complete 
22 days ago
Not Giving In
Harry comes back from his holiday to a stack of memos on his desk that all say the same thing: "Severus Snape adopted Teddy Lupin."

Snape. No one has seen him since the war trials ended, no one knows where he lives, no one knows why he took Teddy. And what happened to Andromeda? Harry is determined to be a good godfather and sort it all out. Even if it means dealing with Snape.
author:hippocrates460  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Severus  angst  PTSD  hurt/comfort  protective!character  postwar  kid!fic  domestic!fic  complete 
22 days ago
The Twelve Month Budget
It’s January. The month of budgets, and New Years resolutions, oh and Severus Snape’s Birthday.

Snape’s budget lasts all year round but he’s a master at hiding how truly hard up he is - or so he thinks.

Harry isn’t quite as oblivious as Snape first thought but Snape is pretty much oblivious to the fact that he’s dating Harry Potter.

A twelve month journey revolving mainly around Severus Snape’s budgeting skills and Harry Potter’s shameless wooing of the man.
author:janealpha  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Severus  domestic!fic  postwar  fluff  au  oblivious!character  wip  future!fic 
22 days ago
Visions of Doom
Severus gets injured in the shrieking shack (his fifth year). While unconscious he witnesses some scenes from his future and realizes becoming a death eater wouldn’t bring him power and glory but pain and servitude. He spends the rest of his schooling trying to shape a different future for himself.

ALT LINK: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12661568/1/Visions-of-Doom
author:sevlandexplorer  fandom:HarryPotter  character:SeverusSnape  pairing:Sirius/Severus  au  drama  complete 
27 days ago
The Structure of Your Heart
The sleepovers gradually evolve from Jounouchi leaving late at night with his shirt thrown on haphazardly, to Jounouchi sneaking out early in the morning with a pilfered energy bar from Seto's cupboards, to Jounouchi digging his face into the crook of Seto's neck even after both their alarms have gone off.

"I got lazy, and the bus stopped running" is Jounouchi's default explanation.

Alternatively: 5 Times Kaiba and Jounouchi Were Grossly Domestic + 1 Time They Weren’t.
author:chiharu  fandom:YuGiOh  oneshot  domestic!fic  established-relationship  fluff  pairing:puppyshipping  future!fic 
4 weeks ago
A Torrent of Light
Merlin is confused, Arthur is smarter than some might think, Morgana is enjoying this far too much, and Gwen is just done with all of them. What else is new?
author:0hheytherebigbadwolf  fandom:Merlin  pairing:Arthur/Merlin  au  fluff  domestic!fic  wip 
4 weeks ago
Unleash Your Demons
Tony Stark can’t live with the damage Thanos has done. Infinity Stones in hand, he makes a choice that will alter the fate of the universe.
author:keiramarcos  fandom:MarvelComics  au  timetravel  angst  drama  PTSD  complete  bigbang  badass!character  pairing:Loki/Tony  hurt/comfort  protective!character 
4 weeks ago
Sequel to Remix #394. Two time travelers sitting in a tree, (A-)V-E-N-G-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes HYDRA, then comes babies in a baby carriage!
author:saydriawolfe  fandom:MarvelComics  au  drama  badass!character  timetravel  kid!fic  complete  bigbang  pairing:Bucky/Tony  established-relationship  hurt/comfort 
5 weeks ago
Remix #394
After being murdered in a Siberian Bunker by the Defective Soldiers that he trained, Bucky Barnes has a choice. His choice could end the world, or save it.
author:saydriawolfe  fandom:MarvelComics  au  timetravel  pairing:Bucky/Tony  complete  bigbang  drama  fluff  badass!character  hurt/comfort 
5 weeks ago
Get Ready For The Lady (She’s Gonna Be A Treat)
Time and Death are two things you can count on. Right? At least until Death starts meddling with time, I suppose. Then all bets are off.

Things that happen in the future can change things that happen in the past. In the aftermath of the Civil War, Tony is going to find out just how true that is.
author:katling  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Strange/Tony  wip  au  badass!character  hurt/comfort  protective!character  drama 
5 weeks ago
by any other name
A Concise Guide to Dealing with People Asking if your Best Friend and/or Crush is Single:

1) Panic
2) Lie
3) Run
author:parenthetic  fandom:Haikyuu!!  oneshot  fluff  pairing:Tsukishima/Yamaguchi  oblivious!character 
5 weeks ago
Akino is the sixth adoption - an attempt to fill the emptiness. Uhei is the seventh, Guruko the eighth. Finally, Kakashi gives up.
author:littlericky  fandom:Naruto  gen  character:KakashiHatake  au  au:modern  angst  hurt/comfort  kid!fic  wip  domestic!fic  family!fic 
6 weeks ago
As Expected
Tony is sitting on his ass, trying to catch his breath in the dust of an alien planet when the Avengers take their vote.

It goes as expected.
author:phlintandsteel  fandom:MarvelComics  au  pairing:Bucky/Tony  complete  postwar  drama  threesome  badass!character 
6 weeks ago
A Woman's Honour; A Kunoichi's Heart
A woman’s honour is different than a man’s; men seek to cleanse their honour with blood, while any woman can tell you that it’s hard work that removes stains.

A kunoichi’s heart is strong and enduring; it bruises where a shinobi’s breaks.

Hatake Sakumo was a woman, not a man; her daughter Kakashi is the Silver Wolf, the legacy of the White Fang.
author:darkseraphina  fandom:Naruto  au  gen  genderbender  complete  character:KakashiHatake  badass!character 
6 weeks ago
Peachy Keen
What if Tony decided in Siberia that he couldn't just go home? He was used to being the scapegoat, but this time the cost would be more than he could pay.

Ross would have the ammunition he needed to get Iron Man under his control, and what he'd do with the tech didn't bear thinking about.

Tony decided to use Protocol Pass The Torch. He'd be fine. A penniless fugitive's life would make a nice change of pace. Everything would be peachy keen.

(Tony miscalculated the pull the world had on him. He also miscalculated how many people would join him. Ultimately, Thanos underestimated him.)
author:AnonEhouse  fandom:MarvelComics  au  gen  character:TonyStark  friendship!fic  hurt/comfort  complete  drama  postwar  future!fic 
6 weeks ago
The Insidious Growth (of Betrayal)
Anthony Edward Stark has survived the crucible of Afghanistan only to find that the Ten Rings was merely the tip of the iceberg. A cabal plot to see him removed from the playing field, brought under control by whatever means possible. But Tony Stark is nothing if not resourceful. Even from the depths of the Oubliette, he discovers that he possesses the will to survive, as well as a surprising new ally in his struggle.

While Tony fights for his freedom, his best friend James Rhodes has his own battles to wage. Taking the place that in another universe belonged to the younger man; he is swept up into the world of aliens and grand battles as the Iron Soldier. Unaware of the truth, he becomes a tool of the same cabal who holds his friend prisoner. But secrets cannot last forever, and a time of reckoning is coming…
author:startabby  fandom:MarvelComics  gen  drama  au  character:Loki  character:TonyStark  bigbang  wip  angst 
6 weeks ago
Begin Again
She tugged Tony against her body, the baby cradled between them. With her forehead pressed against his, she murmured a blessing. Tony felt like he was four again, going to Mass with his Nonna.

“If you would save all creation, look beyond each single life. Let those who must fall, fall. Mourn the fading of each dead leaf but do not pause to stop it. Instead, create anew. Create out of ashes and death. Create out of darkness and chaos. That is how existence fought for life. Remake yourself, Anthony. And rise.”
author:sunryder  fandom:MarvelComics  gen  au  character:TonyStark  complete  bigbang  drama  kid!fic  protective!character  PTSD  hurt/comfort  family!fic 
6 weeks ago
Coyote in the Cupboard
It is well known that isolation and stress can bring a Sentinel online. Harry Potter has spent most of his young life in a cupboard, isolated from the world and his abusive relatives. He can't remember a time when his coyote wasn't with him.
author:penumbria  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  complete  au  Hogwarts  fandom:TheSentinel  crossover  angst  preslash  hurt/comfort 
6 weeks ago
King's Cross Redux
Harry died - again - and woke up in King’s Cross - again. This time, he was alone when a train came for him. But his next great adventure wasn’t onward, it was backward, and Harry found a new destiny and a world to save - one child at a time.
author:penumbria  fandom:HarryPotter  gen  timetravel  angst  drama  badass!character  character:HarryPotter  character:SeverusSnape  complete  bigbang 
6 weeks ago
Unobstructed Views
Stiles refused to leave Erica and Boyd behind in the Argents’ basement, setting off a series of events that brings the pack together and builds a family.
author:jillyjames  fandom:TeenWolf  au  drama  hurt/comfort  badass!character  magic!Stiles  complete  preslash  pairing:Derek/Stiles  werewolves  character:SheriffStilinski  bigbang  family!fic 
6 weeks ago
Jason Todd is a fourteen year old Sentinel, struggling with senses, his place in the world and a legacy he's more than half convinced he'll never, ever live up to.

Time Drake is an eleven year old Guide who can't connect with people, watches heroes from afar and yearns for more than a life of empty echoes and loneliness.

One night, on a rooftop in Gotham, two unlikely souls meet.
author:RyuuzaKochou  fandom:dc-comics  au  kid!fic  badass!character  gen  family!fic  friendship!fic  hurt/comfort  protective!character  fandom:TheSentinel  crossover  character:JasonTodd  character:TimDrake  complete 
6 weeks ago
rock'n'roll, buckaroo!
Kaminari walks up to Todoroki in the hallway after class and says, “Dude, I need your help.”

Todoroki checks over his shoulder, twice, to verify that Kaminari is indeed talking to him. “Why?”

“Yesterday you asked Shinsou-kun if he was Aizawa-sensei’s son,” Kaminari says, as though that explains anything at all.


“Make a hero conspiracy YouTube channel with me.”
author:origamidragons  fandom:BokunoHeroAcademia  wip  au  humor  crack!fic  gen  friendship!fic  character:TodorokiShouto 
7 weeks ago
Saving the World (but Mostly Yourself)
Kakashi's plan to save the world is something vaguely involving exposing Danzo's involvement in everything and stalking Orochimaru to make sure he can keep an eye on any potentially apocalyptic projects. His plan did NOT involve becoming the student of Orochimaru. (Also his plan kinda sucks and Sasuke may have had a point when he said he didn't have a plan.)

(Realistically he didn't have much of a plan and thank god for Tsunade because both Kakashi and Orochimaru are a hot mess)
author:xwannaflyx  fandom:Naruto  gen  friendship!fic  au  timetravel  character:KakashiHatake  wip 
7 weeks ago
Lone Cub (Sakumo/Orochimaru)
Orochimaru finds young Hatake hunting alone deep in the woods of Hi no Kuni, and learns upon questioning him that his father is gravely ill or worse. Kakashi, convinced Orochimaru is his mother, is relieved to lead him right to their camp to offer assistance.
author:kalira  fandom:Naruto  rarepair  character:KakashiHatake  kid!fic  au  oneshot  hurt/comfort  fluff  preslash 
8 weeks ago
Pack Unbound (Sakumo/Orochimaru)
After returning from his mission to heart-wrenching news, Sakumo chases his traitorous mate down only to find they have a new hunt to embark on together, one that sends them running straight back to Konoha - with their son's life in the balance.

Brought back from the Pure Lands via an emergency pre-prepared Edo Tensei he left to safeguard his village, Tobirama is Very Displeased when the supposed threat is made clear to him.

Despite his newly-increased distaste and distrust of Konoha, Orochimaru accepts some new responsibilities to his village - secondary to reaffirming his devotion to his family.

(A very large, moody snake . . . meets Danzo. It may or may not upset his digestion.)
author:kalira  fandom:Naruto  rarepair  character:KakashiHatake  au  badass!character  protective!character  family!fic  oneshot  established-relationship  kid!fic 
8 weeks ago
What You Knead
It started, as most things did in Kakashi’s life, with a mission gone wrong.

(In which Kakashi accidentally acquires an emotionally healthy coping technique.)
author:agentmalkere  fandom:Naruto  gen  family!fic  fluff  domestic!fic  cooking!character  character:KakashiHatake  wip  au  hurt/comfort  PTSD 
8 weeks ago
Hokage Kakashi
Whoever thought Hatake Kakashi would make a great Hokage needed to be killed. Slowly.
author:mirrorandimage  fandom:Naruto  gen  character:KakashiHatake  oneshot  humor  crack!fic  future!fic  au  badass!character 
8 weeks ago
In 1975, a prank war at Hogwarts renders the castle uninhabitable. The students are sent to other schools, among them two schools in Germany, Burg Schreckenstein and Schloss Rosenfels. The different rules and attitudes there cause change not just for the students sent there...
author:isimile  fandom:HarryPotter  gen  au  character:SeverusSnape  oneshot  friendship!fic 
9 weeks ago
Watashitachi wa Roger kaizoku desu (we still stand proud)
The Roger Pirates disappeared after their Captain's death, and were happy enough to let the Marines forget about them.

Until the Marines decide to execute their Captain's son, that is.
author:stereden  fandom:OnePiece  gen  angst  drama  au  wip  badass!character  character:Shanks 
9 weeks ago
Stiles Stilinski: Vongola Sky
Stiles' mother disappointed her family by renouncing her name and marrying into law enforcement. Stiles thought he'd never have a reason to talk to that side of the family, but then Gerard Argent tries to kill a couple of werewolves.
author:rei_c  fandom:TeenWolf  fandom:Reborn  crossover  badass!character  gen  character:StilesStilinski  wip  werewolves  drama  au  future!fic 
9 weeks ago
The Long Way Home
Sixteen year old Tobirama leaves everything behind, to change what he feels he must, and becomes a wandering healer along the way. And although he tries to keep his head down, he’s too good to go unnoticed.
author:notbug  fandom:Naruto  pairing:Madara/Tobirama  au  angst  wip  drama 
9 weeks ago
High Hopes (But The World Keeps Spinning Round)
Also known as: Baby Jiang Cheng’s attempts to deal with his isolation from his family, and what that entails.

Also-also known as: At nine, Lan Xichen finds out what it means to be an older brother.
author:messenger18  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  preslash  angst  complete 
9 weeks ago
Upon Our Silver Bridge
Lan Xichen's sorrows have caught the attention of something. Unlike the adventures and foes they have faced before, there is no obvious enemy here to defeat. If this is the same thing they thought had taken Nie MingJue's life, then he believes it is fated for him to die as well. Nothing can stop the black fire when it wants to burn.

Jiang Cheng is sure his part in this is over. Wei Wuxian is back, his grand adventure concluded, and he'd never been at the centre of it anyway. So what does it matter what happens to him in the end?

Slowly, he will come to realise that there will always be a battle to fight, a story to tell, a choice to make, and there is no such thing as an end to anything.

ETA: Chapter 21

NOTE: This fic is at 300k words and it's still ongoing. There is a LOT of foreshadowing and vagueness that kinda annoys me because I don't know what the heck is going on, but hold on to hope, I think we're finally getting to the meat of things.
author:TheWanderingHeart  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  wip  drama  angst  hurt/comfort 
9 weeks ago
Reach Up On Clear Nights; Your Fingers Brush The Stars
Or: Five times Jiang Wanyin attempts the impossible, and one time he reaches it.
Jiang Cheng's relationship with his family motto through the years, told through his relationships with the six most important people in his life.

(Also known as: the really pretentious post-exam destress writing project.)
author:messenger18  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  oneshot  angst 
10 weeks ago
Here, There and Everywhere (Peter Quill/Tony Stark)
When Steve, Natasha and Scott showed up at the cabin to talk to Tony, he wasn't exactly there.
author:SailorChibi  character:TonyStark  au  future!fic  established-relationship  outsider!pov  postwar  rarepair  oneshot 
10 weeks ago
Devil's Candy
About Kazu and Pandora's adventures in devil-land. Or something like that. =3= My fav character is Nemo and I love how shippy it is with an interesting diverse cast. Really well done manga-style too. ;D If I didn't know any better, I would think they were scanlations!

ETA: Ch10p09
10 weeks ago
do u expect me, a gay, to remember everything i write
"What?" says Shang Qinghua. "No, he's not. Why would he court me? He thinks I'm like, a hamster."

"Okay, then why is he dropping like, monsters and shit at your door?" says Cucumber-bro. "That's how they like, show people they can provide for them or whatever."

"Why would they do that!" shrieks Shang Qinghua. "I never --"

"It was a plot point, dude," says Cucumber-bro, in the slow, patient voice of someone speaking to a stupid dog. "It was an actual, literal plot point you typed in with your own like, sinful hands."

"No it wasn't," says Shang Qinghua immediately. "I think I would like, fucking remember writing a scene where some chick gets an actual fucking dragon corpse dropped on her door and immediately gives it up for the person who brought it!"
author:lazulisong  fandom:chineselit  pairing:MoBeiJun/ShangQingHua  oneshot  fluff  humor  oblivious!character  au  future!fic  domestic!fic 
11 weeks ago
A Little Bit of Love
A little scaredy human rescues a little demon boy, and what this does to change their lives.
author:dgcakes  fandom:chineselit  pairing:MoBeiJun/ShangQingHua  wip  fluff  au  hurt/comfort  protective!character 
11 weeks ago
peal, O thunder, split the clouds
His core is gone. Wei Wuxian has been captured.

Jiang Cheng has only one choice left if he has any hope of defeating the Wens, and that's to pray to the gods — the Twin Jades of Gusu.
author:plunderheavenblind  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  oneshot  au  angst  hurt/comfort  protective!character  pwp 
11 weeks ago
dare to tempt the starving wolf
Sheltering from a storm late at night, Jiang Cheng finds company with a strange man who does not seem to want him around.
author:plunderheavenblind  fandom:chineselit  oneshot  au  pwp  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  werewolves 
11 weeks ago
When I get hold of the big bad wolf
When Scott calls to tell Derek there’s something in the Preserve, at the school, destroying the mall or any number of other places, his first question shouldn’t have to be but always is, “Where’s Stiles?”


Derek makes Stiles soup.
author:kellifer_fic  fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  au  werewolves  fluff  domestic!fic  cooking!character  oneshot 
11 weeks ago
desperate to connect
jiang cheng hasn’t come in two weeks.

it’s the longest he’s edged himself.

or: modern day jc in college without a proper Dom = disaster sub in the making
author:verdantspace  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanXichen/JiangCheng  wip  D/s  au  au:modern  angst  hurt/comfort  UST  unrequited!love 
11 weeks ago
Initiative (Jimmy Woo/Scott)
“Hello again,” Scott said, as cheerfully as he could.

Standing by the holographic deck in the middle of the shiny new Situation Room in the shiny new HQ for ATLAS, Jimmy stared at Scott. “Did you need something else, Mister Lang?”

Scott winced. The past year since the Ghost Incident hadn’t changed Agent Jimmy Woo much. Same wary expression, as though Scott was going to cart off the TV if Jimmy turned his back. Jimmy was still looked perfectly folded into his black suit with the neat tie, his collar pressed to sharp edges. “No uh. Just want to say. I’m happy to be here?”
author:manic_intent  character:ScottLang  fandom:MarvelComics  rarepair  oneshot  au  domestic!fic  fluff  future!fic 
august 2019
Serious (as a Heart Attack)
Tony's in the hospital because he "fell" in his "workshop."

Bucky's pretty sure that's not what happened.
author:27dragons  author:tisfan  author:monobuu  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Bucky/Tony  oneshot  fluff  au  au:medical  protective!character  hurt/comfort  hurt!Tony  abused!character 
august 2019
It's a Gamble
Tony escapes Howard's abuse, and goes to Hogwarts where he meets Loki.
author:silver_drip  fandom:MarvelComics  fandom:HarryPotter  future!fic  au  drama  angst  kid!fic  pairing:Loki/Tony  complete  crossover 
august 2019
Hoshi no Tama (Hungry Like the Wolf)
Loki and his son, Fenrir--Peter, on most days--weren't quite the perfect fit on the Avengers Team, their jagged edges brushing up against the others', but it was close enough to feeling of family and Pack that Peter had been missing for millennia.

So he fought with his father and uncle with this team of mortals, defending Midgard from a variety of attackers. It was easy enough to fall into a pattern, fight and eat and sleep--

Until a new, fox-scented vigilante appeared on the scene.
author:rightsidethru  fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Peter/Stiles  oneshot  au  crossover  fandom:MarvelComics  badass!character  angst  UST 
august 2019
Let It Burn. Let It Go.
A bad call from his Alpha lost Stiles his dad, and so he left. But when Melissa McCall is hurt and needs assistance of a magical nature, it's not Scott that is sent to ask Stiles for help.

Stiles has always had a hard time telling Peter "no."

(This time, his "yes" ends up being one of the best decisions in his life.)
author:rightsidethru  fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Peter/Stiles  oneshot  au  future!fic  angst  magic!Stiles  badass!character  werewolves 
august 2019
Tell Me Lies (Tell Me Sweet Little Lies)
"Pick a card--any card."


Card shark, magician, or descendant of Cassandra the Prophet:

No matter who or what Stiles Stilinski truly was, he was the only chance at the Hale Pack's survival.
author:rightsidethru  fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Peter/Stiles  oneshot  au  magic!Stiles  badass!character  drama  werewolves 
august 2019
Toothed Morality (Send Me Flowers)
“The world is a dark place, moje kochanie; it is one filled with monsters, always ready to gobble you whole. Be wary of the promises they give: seal every vow with blood and bone and Name. A True Name, one that will bind them to their word.”

“But how will I know that they’re telling the truth, Matka? Couldn’t they lie…?”

“You’ll know, mały płomień.”
author:rightsidethru  fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Peter/Stiles  oneshot  au  magic!Stiles  badass!character  werewolves  drama 
july 2019
your heart, two doors down
Lan Zhan and Wei Ying start off as neighbours but soon find themselves fitting into the spaces in each other's lives like they were meant to be there all along.
author:ficklish  fandom:chineselit  au  au:modern  oneshot  domestic!fic  family!fic  fluff  kid!fic  pairing:LanWanji/WeiWuxian 
july 2019
Second Chances
Everyone is back in the past with their memories up until the moment they died. With the help of one another, they piece together the puzzle, which is the future and work to avoid it.

But fear lingers in the air with QiShan Wen Sect back at full power and the YiLing patriarch roaming around amongst them.

However, there's still hope that things will work out if everyone would cooperate.
fandom:chineselit  complete  au  timetravel  angst  pairing:LanWanji/WeiWuxian  author:yumi_chan_hamano 
july 2019
After the Xuanwu Cave incident, Wei WuXian wakes up back in Lotus Pier with one hand clutching Lan WangJi and the other hand clutching...an egg?

in which wwx and lwj accidentally hatch a baby xuanwu
author:rikke  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanWangji/WeiWuxian  oneshot  au  fluff  humor 
july 2019
nothing gold can stay
Before Wen Chao can throw him into Yiling Burial Mounds, Lan WangJi finds Wei WuXian.
author:rikke  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanWanji/WeiWuxian  oneshot  angst  au 
july 2019
Third Time's the Charm
After Wei WuXian met death not once, but twice, he was given a chance.

A chance to start all over, a chance to make things right. To stop the atrocities of QiShan Wen, to keep his family from falling apart, and to avoid Lan WangJi completely.

But when it came to his final decision, could he truly avoid the whims of fate?
author:kyerian  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanWanji/WeiWuxian  wip  au  timetravel  angst  drama  humor  crossdressing 
july 2019
Leaving YunmengJiang in an effort to curb the tensions in the Jiang family, Wei WuXian becomes a rogue cultivator.

Even without the support of a sect, he is a rare genius whose name will become known across the cultivation world and whose techniques will influence the course of a war.

However, what influences his own fate is a chance meeting that becomes the first step toward love.
author:kyogre  fandom:chineselit  complete  au  drama  badass!character  pairing:LanWanji/WeiWuxian 
july 2019
If One for You, Then One for Us
Wei Wuxian was dead. He's been for a while now and he was content with the fact. He even enjoyed it for the most part. Being dead is not like people imagine it. It's just... peace.

At least, it will be.

Once these assholes stop insisting on him coming back.
author:kusakabenayako  fandom:chineselit  pairing:LanWanji/WeiWuxian  wip  au  drama  angst  hurt/comfort  protective!character  family!fic  fluff  future!fic 
july 2019
Of The Leaf
[The king is dead; long live the king.]

A month before the Chuunin Exams are set to begin, the Hokage dies of a stroke. Danzo steps up as itinerant Hokage until the Council can vote in the Fifth, and then Kakashi has to start thinking about more drastic measures. Because what he knows, and what everyone else seems to have forgotten, is that natural causes have nothing to do with shinobi.

ETA: Part 3 The Water Truce
author:temeritous  fandom:Naruto  gen  badass!character  wip  character:KakashiHatake  au  character:NarutoUzumaki 
july 2019
Black Onyx & Gold (Bruce/Jason)
“I like the ring too,” he says into the lavender silk of Bruce’s shirt.

Bruce hugs him back, kisses the top of his head. Doesn’t bother asking how Jason knows. The boy lives in his head, he’s known that for a while now.

“You keep staring at it,” Jason answers the unasked question as he pulls back and stands.

“Hm. It looks good on you,” Bruce hums, pointedly giving Jason, standing before him without a stitch of clothing or shame in just his wedding band, a hungry once over.

[[Jason never steals the tires on the Batmobile, Bruce never makes him Robin. He grows up to be a sexy professor.]]
author:scandalsavage  fandom:dc-comics  character:BruceWayne  character:JasonTodd  oneshot  au  fluff  domestic!fic  established-relationship 
june 2019
Seal It With A Kiss
No one would help him get to the bottom of Kerberos, and it had all reached a breaking point when Iverson threatened to terminate Keith’s scholarship if he kept snooping.

So Keith got what he came for, the little black book no one was ever meant to find, and stopped snooping.

Because now, he’ll have someone else to do all the snooping for him.

The situation isn’t ideal, Keith thinks as he slits his palm open and methodically draws the pentagram on the floor, placing the necessary items one by one into each point of the star. But considering the circumstances, he thinks he’s done alright for himself. More importantly, for Shiro.
author:magisterpavus  fandom:Voltron  pairing:Shiro/Keith  complete  au  au:fantasy  drama  angst  hurt/comfort  protective!character  possessive!character  creature!fic  switching 
june 2019
Things That Are Never Meant
When Tony Stark disappears from Siberia, the aftershocks shatter some people and rebuild others. And when Tony returns, nothing will ever be the same again.
author:katling  fandom:MarvelComics  au  future!fic  postwar  drama  pairing:Loki/Tony  protective!character  oneshot  bigbang 
june 2019
House Potter (Harry/Voldemort/Severus)
Severus Snape and Tom Riddle - Expert Dark Wizards

Harry was determined to have the pair for himself and what he considered his he kept safe. The two would just have to find out exactly how serious he was about having them.

Dumbledore would rue the day he had made Harry's life a living hell by dropping him off at the Dursleys.

The war had just changed.
author:genuka  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Severus  protective!character  au  badass!character  wip  drama  threesome  possessive!Harry  protective!Harry 
june 2019
Papa Lion, Mama Snake
In Canon, Septimus Weasley and Cedrella Weasley nee Black were either dead or played no real part in events.

What if they had? What if they had made different choices, made different stands? What if they stood between the Light and the Dark and did everything in their power to see the Dark defeated? What would have changed?

This is that story. A story of a man and a woman from completely different sides of the fence politically and socially. A man and a woman who joined forces and changed the fate of the Wizarding world in general - and of more than one person in particular.
author:sherza  fandom:HarryPotter  au  drama  badass!character  wip  hiatus 
may 2019
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