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The Limitations of Deep Learning for Vision and How We Might Fix Them
Datasets used to train autonomous vehicles almost never contain babies sitting in the road // a very interesting point - including the unexpected events you need in the training dataset implies a combinatorial explosion in the size of the dataset. one way out is building compositional models that seem closer to natural intelligence but although it's not stated here, this brings you back to the standard problems of classical AI
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12 hours ago by yorksranter
Artificial Intelligence Finds Ancient ‘Ghosts’ in Modern DNA | Quanta Magazine
The team then set the artificial intelligence loose to infer the histories that best fit actual genomic data. Eventually, the system concluded that a previously unidentified human group had also contributed to the ancestry of people of Asian descent. // I think there is a logical flaw here
Genetics  machinelearning  Science  to_BLOG 
2 days ago by yorksranter
The Dawn of the Little Red Phone | China Media Project
Oh Jesus, DAUs and video views as the organising principle of a totalitarian society. Wait 'til they find each other out though
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2 days ago by yorksranter
What does a 13% increased risk of death mean? | Understanding Uncertainty
13% increased risk of death = 3% greater chance of dying before a control
risk  statistics  sense  to_blog 
17 days ago by yorksranter
"A Honeypot For Assholes": Inside Twitter’s 10-Year Failure To Stop Harassment
And while Blogger’s free speech problems were novel, small-scale, and often abstract, Twitter’s follower model and public reply system proved thornier to manage. There’s a big difference between people saying hurtful things on the easily moderated comment section of a hard-to-find blog and people showing up in your mentions spewing hate speech
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20 days ago by yorksranter
Exclave: Hardware Testing in Mass Production, Made Easier « bunnie's blog
Unfortunately, first-time product makers often make the assumption that either products don’t require 100% testing (because the boards are assembled by robots, and robots don’t make mistakes, right?) // Bunnie Huang seems to be doing a German MBA really slowly by painful experience
hardware  testing  quality  manufacturing  hacker  to_blog 
20 days ago by yorksranter
Alex Stamos on Twitter: "I’m excited for the @nytimes, because they are so very close to a critical realization after years of “do more!”: When you tell a powerful organization to solve a societal problem, it will grant itself the powers and access
I am glad to see the Times look into the challenges of content moderation at billion-user scale, because perhaps they will start to understand that every time they write “We saw this content on social media and don’t like it” the response is the creation of one of thos PPT decks.
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27 days ago by yorksranter
Simple Heuristics That Make Algorithms Smart - Behavioral Scientist
This is fascinating. It turns out that outperformance of algos vs judgment is driven not by the algos being better than heuristics, but by consistency. If you apply the heuristic the people use, but do so like a machine, you do better....

...until you hit an edge case.
algorithms  cognition  bias  rationality  to_blog 
5 weeks ago by yorksranter
Trump's weekend: New Russia questions, shutdown irritants
White House aides expressed regret that the president did not more clearly and forcefully deny being a Russian agent when asked by the usually friendly Fox News host
media  trump  to_blog  russia 
5 weeks ago by yorksranter
NeurIPS 2018 Invited Talk
This is incredibly fascinating and it's in Comic Sans
neurology  evodevo  cells  cybernetics  to_blog  science 
6 weeks ago by yorksranter
Europe's Political Economy: The Italy Debate – ADAM TOOZE
econoflipping: adopting your most radical critic's argument as soon as it seems to suit. hysteresis used to be hysteria until 10 years of it could be colourably given as an argument for yet more deflation
economics  econoflip  italy  europe  euro  to_blog  afoe 
6 weeks ago by yorksranter
There’s a national emergency all right – but it isn’t Brexit | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
But if we do end up with a referendum, I can’t see any way for remain to secure a convincing victory, apart from to present itself as not the incumbent but the insurgent, not the status quo but the radicals
8 weeks ago by yorksranter
Yes, Big Platforms Could Change Their Business Models | WIRED
In case I sound like I’m making impossible demands from the sidelines, consider that Apple makes money directly from its users. The company has developed specific ways to lock itself out of user data while making very functional phones, and it has made these privacy protections a selling point. Apple may not be a perfect company, but it shows that other models work.
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8 weeks ago by yorksranter
If we want to win the next referendum, we’ll need a better campaign than the last one
actually less truistic than usual from her. even if the holidays thing is something she would have condemned as the worst kind of patronising hairshirt leftism if JC said it
brexit  philipson  labour  to_blog 
8 weeks ago by yorksranter
Meng Wanzhou: Canadian court frees Huawei CFO on bail | Technology | The Guardian
the problem here is of course that now Trump has shot his mouth off, the Cannuck court has no credibility
huawei  to_blog 
9 weeks ago by yorksranter
Arrest of Huawei Executive Intensifies Trade War Fears - The New York Times
couple of things: is Spalding nationalized 5G guy? also: The National Security Agency breached Huawei servers years ago in an effort to investigate its operations and its ties to Chinese security agencies and the military, and to create back doors so the National Security Agency could roam in networks around the globe wherever Huawei equipment was used.
nsa  huawei  snowden  5g  ovum  to_blog 
9 weeks ago by yorksranter
Alex Harrowell on Twitter: "thought on this: in government, the combination of ceaseless mobilization through fear and depoliticizing calls to keep shopping had horrible consequences. is it less bad in opposition because only self-torment is achievable? o
In short, they will experience all of the emotional fervor and turmoil of fear but gain none of fear's actual evolutionary benefit --> its power to focus the mind on a life-saving course of action in the face of predators.
fear  twitter  bush  trump  to_blog 
11 weeks ago by yorksranter
Uber insiders describe infighting and questionable decisions before its self-driving car killed a pedestrian
This is really bad in several ways. 1) there's a reason why you have "pilot flying" and "pilot not flying" or "pilot monitoring" even when the AP is on. 2) making nonintervention a goal penalises intervention 3) making nonintervention a goal also rewards inattention and also machine insensitivity until it hits somebody 4) sterile cockpit - if you're treating it as relaxing time this is going to reinforce leaving it as late as possible to intervene 5) sure it's software, but the hardware team also seems to be the car team and it's a car 6) it's not ready to be on the road and it shouldn't be on the road
selfdrivingcar  safety  autopilot  uber  to_blog 
11 weeks ago by yorksranter
The idea of deep continuity in British history is absurd. We’ve always been in flux | David Edgerton | Opinion | The Guardian
What Brexiters say about the British present deserves more attention. Where once there was a ludicrous declinism seriously underestimating British power, now a daft revivalism seems to be at the core of buccaneering Brexiter thinking.
brexit  edgerton  sense  history  to_blog 
12 weeks ago by yorksranter
You Snooze, You Lose
The problem here isn't IoT, or even surveillance, it's that the device has been federated with the Coasian hell of US healthcare: https://fieldnotes.resistant.tech/federation-is-the-worst-of-all-worlds/
federation  privacy  coasianhell  healthcare  internetofshit  to_blog 
12 weeks ago by yorksranter
Here’s The Inside Story Of All The Brexit Chaos That Gripped Whitehall This Week
I hope the Mars guy like ate one in front of him. Also, the burger club. aww.
tories  brexit  mars  to_blog 
november 2018 by yorksranter
Toppling May risks 'most appalling chaos', says Jeremy Hunt | Politics | The Guardian
Sources played down any possibility of a united intervention from the “gang of five” Eurosceptic cabinet ministers, including Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom, who had hopes of changing aspects of the final agreement.

Critics of the prime minister did little to hide their frustration that a confidence vote had not yet been triggered. Steve Baker, the former Brexit minister and member of the European Research Group (ERG), who has been coordinating the letters campaign, said: “Who knows now? Will MPs do what they said?”
erg  tories  brexit  politics  to_blog 
november 2018 by yorksranter
The government’s new ministers show it has lost the Brexiteers
It is a sign of how far Downing Street’s stock among Leavers has fallen that Kwarteng succeeds a minister who was appointed directly from the chairmanship of the European Research Group // er, this isn't what the words you are using mean. if No.10 doesn't choose Leavers, that's not evidence Leavers don't rate No.10, rather the opposite.

While it is true that he and Barclay can both point to having voted Leave in 2016, many Brexiteers will consider their continued presence in government – especially now May has openly acknowledged its much-diminished role – an abdication of the right to credibility // this isn't what the word "abdication" means.
journalism  brexit  tories  to_blog 
november 2018 by yorksranter
Companies House
Everything at 55 and 57 Tufton St
tories  brexit  wanktanks  to_blog 
november 2018 by yorksranter
Adam Boulton mocked my working class accent, proving exactly why we need more people like me in media and politics | The Independent
“How come you sound like you’re on EastEnders?” This was a question I was asked in my first few weeks at Oxford University. I was reminded of this ignorance when a prominent broadcast journalist mocked me on Twitter for sounding like where I come from, while simultaneously accusing me of putting on my accent to “send a signal”.
snobbery  everydaysnobbery  to_blog 
november 2018 by yorksranter
Why WhatsApp Became a Hotbed for Rumors and Lies in Brazil | WIRED
Facebook took an interesting step in Brazil to stem the deleterious effect of WhatsApp: It limited the message-forwarding feature to 20 people, down from the previous limit of 250. That brings the limit below what’s known as Dunbar’s number, which is the number of strong social relationships a person can maintain (somewhere around 150)
whatsapp  facebook  dunbar  socialgraph  networks  ovum  to_blog 
november 2018 by yorksranter
From RAF to IFA: The man standing up to poor DB transfer advice | Illuminate
Within 24 hours, he got chatting to someone else by the pool after hearing their Neath Port Talbot accent. Al heard how this person’s friend had just transferred out of the British Steel Pension Scheme for £1,500.
pensions  to_blog  lowtrustsociety 
november 2018 by yorksranter
The Brexit Blog: What did the People's Vote march achieve?
mostly, reinforcing a long term consistuency for breturn.
brexit  afoe  to_blog 
november 2018 by yorksranter
Consulting Firms Keep Lucrative Saudi Alliance, Shaping Crown Prince’s Vision - The New York Times
His dependence on consultants is so great that some of the companies have people embedded at the royal court to respond quickly to requests, according to three consultants who have done work for the kingdom.

Some reported being asked to turn around proposals in 24 hours, much faster than they often work. And the crown prince will sometimes ask different companies for proposals, then have their consultants pitch to each other as he looks on, the consultants said.
consulting  SaudiArabia  moralhorror  to_blog 
november 2018 by yorksranter
How Programmable Calculators and a Sci-Fi Story Brought Soviet Teens Into the Digital Age - IEEE Spectrum
In response, the computer scientist Andrei Ershov quipped that coding and typing were not mutually exclusive. Ershov was head of the Akademgorodok Computer Center [PDF] in the Siberian science city of Akademgorodok, and he had emerged as the computer literacy campaign’s key promoter. In stark contrast to Fredkin, he viewed computer literacy as nurturing a set of intellectual habits, which he called “algorithmic thinking.”
ershov  programming  ussr  hp64  education  to_blog 
november 2018 by yorksranter
A confidence vote on Theresa May's future would be the Brexiteers' worst nightmare - inews.co.uk
That is the Brexiteers’ fatal problem. For all the huff and puff and calls for a new leader, a confidence vote could be May’s best option and their worst. Of all the cards that the Eurosceptic MPs have to play, a confidence vote is their equivalent of calling someone’s bluff in a game of poker only to reveal a five as your highest card.
brexit  tories  to_blog 
november 2018 by yorksranter
Theresa May has only one real option for survival left — a soft Brexit - Business Insider
it is the only available option left which has a potential majority in parliament. With Labour committed to maintaining a customs union with the EU, while maintaining the "exact same benefits" of the single market, a soft Brexit is the only option that has even the possibility of securing their support. Even if dozens of Conservative MPs and the DUP were to vote against May, the deal could still potentially pass thanks to the support of hundreds of Labour MPs.
labour  brexit  maytheresa  tories  to_blog  greatgoodcorrect 
october 2018 by yorksranter
When Trump Phones Friends, the Chinese and the Russians Listen and Learn - The New York Times
At least they got him to ditch that GS3. more seriously there's an interesting security challenge here
trump  security  to_blog  gsm  iphone 
october 2018 by yorksranter
Inside China's internment camps: tear gas, Tasers and textbooks | AFP.com
The centres should "teach like a school, be managed like the military, and be defended like a prison", said one document, quoting Xinjiang's party secretary Chen Quanguo.

To build new, better Chinese citizens, another document argued, the centres must first "break their lineage, break their roots, break their connections, and break their origins".
china  xinjiang  afp  journalism  horror  to_blog 
october 2018 by yorksranter
A Genocide Incited on Facebook, With Posts From Myanmar’s Military - The New York Times
One of the most dangerous campaigns came in 2017, when the military’s intelligence arm spread rumors on Facebook to both Muslim and Buddhist groups that an attack from the other side was imminent, said two people.
genocide  facebook  burma  gsm  to_blog 
october 2018 by yorksranter
How a disastrous change in perspective disempowered the left and let the right rise | Jeff Sparrow | US news | The Guardian
This is inevitably going to be a bad book but I think the idea that someone accidentally managed to define stupid people as a marketing demographic is genius
marketing  politics  stupidity  to_blog 
october 2018 by yorksranter
Corbyn uses conference speech to tell May he would back Brexit deal on Labour's terms – Politics live | Politics | The Guardian
You've got to love this. "Much of Labour’s vision for a more sustainable and fair country is absolutely right"
cbi  labour  corbyn  politics  to_blog 
september 2018 by yorksranter
McDonnell: new Brexit referendum should not include remain option | Politics | The Guardian
Rebecca Long-Bailey, whose Salford constituency voted leave, told the Guardian she was concerned the Tories would be able to dictate the question.

“My worry about a second referendum is that they will be holding the pen,” she said. “What will the referendum be on?” // this is the best point about this issue I've seen
labour  brexit  to_blog 
september 2018 by yorksranter
Brexit: Labour likely to vote down May's deal, says Starmer | Politics | The Guardian
“We cannot carry on with this idea that the prime minister can bring back any deal that she cobbles together and we must all vote for it however awful it is, because something even worse will happen.

“That’s not a meaningful vote. There has to be a point where parliament says it is not good enough, and I don’t think there’s a majority in parliament for no deal. I don’t think no deal is the consequence. That’s why we are putting other options on the table.”
starmer  brexit  labour  to_blog 
september 2018 by yorksranter
items - The IPPR’s Industrial Strategy: Historical Echoes and Contemporary Silences - Mile End Institute
Champions of an exporting industrial strategy analytically depend on national-economic frameworks, like the balance of payments. In previous work, Tooze himself traced the historical creation of this national-economic paradigm in the twentieth century, particularly through the development of economic statistics, upon which talk of ‘current account deficits’ relies. But in his new book Crashed, he draws on a burgeoning financial literature to expose the growth of a new, ‘macrofinancial’ North Atlantic system, built upon short-term wholesale money markets and highly leveraged, dollar-denominated credit, as a key motor of global capitalism
economics  mcdonnell  to_blog 
september 2018 by yorksranter
Workers have right to gig economy that delivers for 21st century | Financial Times
A developed economy that finds itself sliding back down the global value chain is an economy where something is going awry.
economics  mcdonnell  productivity  economichistory  to_blog 
september 2018 by yorksranter
John McDonnell’s challenge: how do you make labour market reform sexy?
The actually significant policy change isn’t the £500 a year – it's a below inflation pay rise for the average British worker – but the package of shareholder rights that would be given to employees.
mcdonnell  labour  mitbestimmung  to_blog 
september 2018 by yorksranter
Opinion | I Came of Age During the 2008 Financial Crisis. I’m Still Angry About It. - The New York Times
Many people have and will continue to condemn me personally for my tremendous but unexceptional student debt
crisis  crash  millennial  bullshit  to_blog 
september 2018 by yorksranter
Keir Starmer clashed with Corbyn on Brexit 'to brink of resignation' | Politics | The Guardian
“The only way that her deal is going to get voted down, is if some of the European Research Group vote against it – and they’re not voting against it if they believe one of the options then is a second referendum. The surefire way to get the ERG to vote with the government is to talk about a second referendum,” said a senior Labour figure.
to_blog  brexit  fbpe  corbyn 
september 2018 by yorksranter
The Brexit Novel? // New Socialist
Three thoughts here: 1) haven't we done this before? 2) there's something worth doing about the wave of gritty northern texts of the 90s vs today's 3) the old station scene in Trainspotting, arguably that wave's defining text, is explicitly about *somewhereness* being thrust upon you.
brexit  northern  books  nonsense  to_blog 
september 2018 by yorksranter
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