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Who Is Reality Winner?
The big meta issue here: the problem is not running away to Russia but running away to civil society. They don't have the public consent they imagine they have
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january 2018 by yorksranter
International mobile data networks still a serious security problem | ZDNet
Should I mention that some Windows 2000 hosts were found? I thought not.
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october 2016 by yorksranter
For $20M, These Israeli Hackers Will Spy On Any Phone On The Planet - Forbes
Isn't the obvious deduction that one or more of the Israeli MNOs is providing service to them? They have full global roaming, so....alternatively a roaming hub company:-)
israel  ss7  snowden  security  surveillance  gsm 
june 2016 by yorksranter
Exclusive: Canadian Police Obtained BlackBerry’s Global Decryption Key | VICE News
So the Mounties just somehow got the one single encryption key for all the BlackBerries and now someone's got off a mafia slaying as a result
Canada  crime  surveillance  blackberry  crypto  security  hacker  Snowden  stl 
april 2016 by yorksranter
Insecure by design: protocols for encrypted phone calls | Bentham's Gaze
Must be weird working for CESG. like baking a perfect cake and then carefully balancing a turd on the cherry
cryptography  voip  mikeysakke  cesg  spook  snowden 
january 2016 by yorksranter
Did a Rogue NSA Operation Cause the Death of a Greek Telecom Employee?
Vodafone never paid the additional fee to Ericsson for the IMS program and the digital key to activate the system > the DRM will save us. THEY SAID
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september 2015 by yorksranter
Von Kohl bis Merkel - die NSA hörte mit - Politik - Süddeutsche.de
Ebenfalls auf der Liste steht die bis heute aktive Handynummer des früheren Kanzleramtsministers Ronald Pofalla.
pofalla  snowden  germany  nsa  afoe 
july 2015 by yorksranter
Rogue Mobile Phone Towers Operating In UK | City Talk 105.9 FM
Cryptophone CEO Bjoern Rupp told Sky News Bjoern Rupp, CEO of GSMK CryptoPhone said: "The abnormal events that Sky News had encountered can clearly be categorised as strong indicators for the presence of IMSI catchers in multiple locations."

Sky News has published its complete datalogs. > much respect that they released the whole dump
imsicatcher  gsm  hacker  snowden  sky 
june 2015 by yorksranter
Spionageaffäre in Berlin: Es gelten Regeln - Birgit Baumann - derStandard.at › Meinung
Well yes. THE BND AND DTAG TOOK THE TRAFFIC AND SHARED IT WITH THE NSA. This whole show is deeply unconvincing and so, so scheinheilig
scheinheiligkeit  merkel  snowden 
april 2015 by yorksranter
Vers un blocage des hébergeurs étrangers sans responsable en France ?
Astonishingly stupid. France has responded to Snowden by doubling down hard on mass surveillance
snowden  stl  france  hosting  datacentre  surveillance 
april 2015 by yorksranter
U.S. secretly tracked billions of calls for decades
Interesting! they borrowed the idea from the narcs, who presumably got it from Project GREEN STAR back in the 1970s.
privacy  surveillance  snowden  cdr  dea 
april 2015 by yorksranter
Deutscher Verfassungsschutz forscht massiv mit stiller SMS aus - Netzpolitik - derStandard.at › Web
Im zweiten Halbjahr 2014 versendete der deutsche Inlandsgeheimdienst rund 142.000 sogenannte stille SMS
class_0  sms  ss7  gsm  snowden  stl 
march 2015 by yorksranter
Is Babar a Bunny? - F-Secure Weblog : News from the Lab
it can be said with a high likelihood that this malware originates from France. Some of the Bunny samples use Accept-Language: fr in the HTTP headers. There are also some really strange decisions in the internal namings, like for example naming task threads as "hearer" [1]. In the English-speaking software development world, this kind of task is usually named as "listener" or "monitor". "Hearer" isn't exactly one of the default terms used by an English-speaking developer. It sounds more like a non-native English speaker who used a literal translation of a language they are used to. For example, French "auditeur" translates to "auditor, listener, hearer".
babar  bunny  france  hacker  lua  snowden 
march 2015 by yorksranter
British refusal to cooperate with spy inquiry causes row in Germany | World news | The Guardian
Do we actually have a foreign policy any more or are we just letting the different bureaucracies do their thing? I remember when being mates with Angela Merkel was a big deal and it was only last year:-)
cameron  snowden  tories  germany  to_blog 
march 2015 by yorksranter
Obama Heads to Tech Security Talks Amid Tensions - NYTimes.com
Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said the N.S.A. “would have to cart us out in a box” before the company would provide the government a back door to its products
crypto  snowden  to_blog 
february 2015 by yorksranter
GCHQ intercepted emails of journalists from top international media | UK news | The Guardian
The mails appeared to have been captured and stored as the output of a then-new tool being used to strip irrelevant data out of the agency’s tapping process > "irrelevant" here being a highly relative term
january 2015 by yorksranter
Philip Snowden, 1st Viscount Snowden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1898 he launched the Keighley Labour Journal, using it to denounce waste, pettiness, and corruption. He ignored the concerns of the trade unions
snowden  labour  history  cowling 
january 2015 by yorksranter
How the NSA Hacks Cellphone Networks Worldwide - The Intercept
There must be a ridiculous amount of this stuff happening at MWC every year.
gsm  nsa  mwc  surveillance  snowden 
december 2014 by yorksranter
France - French phone-tapping services strike over surveillance row - France 24
But it isn’t enough for the rebellious wiretappers, who say the uncertainty of their companies’ future is intolerable.
france  surveillance  snowden 
november 2014 by yorksranter
BND übermittelte Daten deutscher Bürger an NSA - Politik - Süddeutsche.de
Yes, Virginia, the Germans tapped DE-CIX and shared it all with the NSA
decix  internet  snowden  bnd  germany  europe 
october 2014 by yorksranter
Spy Agencies Urge Caution on Phone Deal - NYTimes.com
The routing network that was put in place, with Neustar as its administrator, was designed partly to allow the government nearly instant access to the data on where calls were being routed.
neustar  snowden  gsm  mnp 
october 2014 by yorksranter
Twitter / washingtonpost: JUST PUBLISHED: A list of foreign ...
Pretty much everyone MT : foreign governments that NSA was authorized to spy on
snowden  from twitter_favs
june 2014 by yorksranter
Hackers reverse-engineer NSA's leaked bugging devices - tech - 18 June 2014 - New Scientist
Having reverse-engineered some of NSA's leaked bugging devices, hackers now working on ways to defend against them:
snowden  from twitter_favs
june 2014 by yorksranter
U.S. officials scrambled to nab Snowden, hoping he would take a wrong step. He didn’t. - The Washington Post
there has been no determination that he is an “agent of a foreign power,” a legal distinction required to make an American citizen a target of espionage overseas. > I.E. Snowden's privacy is protected:-)
june 2014 by yorksranter
SSO Dictionary Excerpt - The Intercept
This sounds like a vendor has been suborned.
snowden  gsm  surveillance 
june 2014 by yorksranter
Downloads zu Speedport W 723V Typ A
OH HAI. DTAG publishes the source of its Huawei box-under-the-telly.
security  opensource  huawei  hacker  snowden  to_blog 
april 2014 by yorksranter
Cameron says he failed to make case for mass surveillance after Snowden leaks | Politics | The Guardian
First of all, Dave from PR is convinced of policy issues by works of fiction, like IDS. Second, invariable response is to try again to pass that bloody awful snooper bill
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january 2014 by yorksranter
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