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Idle Until Urgent — Philip Walton
The way this IdleValue class works is it schedules the initialization function to be run during the next idle period. If the idle period occurs before the IdleValue instance is referenced, then no blocking occurs and the value can be returned immediately when requested. But if, on the other hand, the value is referenced before the next idle period, then the scheduled idle callback is canceled and the initialization function is run immediately // nice.
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september 2018 by yorksranter
Fastest 3G and 4G Mobile Operators for England, Scotland and Wales - ISPreview UK
Interesting detail: RTT for the four operators is within 2ms on 4G and 48ms on 3G, jitter is within less than 1ms on 4G and 4x that on 3G. Long term evolution, dammit! of course my usual whine about right tail latency.
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march 2018 by yorksranter
Accessing The Cloud Providers In South Korea For The Next Olympics - Dan Rayburn - StreamingMediaBlog.com
Well done Mickey$0ft! of course hosting in-GFW for out-of-GFW would be idiotic, but AWS is KECKS DOWN here
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december 2016 by yorksranter
"I Contribute to the Windows Kernel. We Are Slower Than Other Operating Systems. Here Is Why." - Zorinaq
We started caring about security because pre-SP3 Windows XP was an existential threat to the business. Our low performance is not an existential threat to the business.

See, component owners are generally openly hostile to outside patches: if you're a dev, accepting an outside patch makes your lead angry (due to the need to maintain this patch and to justify in in shiproom the unplanned design change), makes test angry (because test is on the hook for making sure the change doesn't break anything, and you just made work for them), and PM is angry (due to the schedule implications of code churn). There's just no incentive to accept changes from outside your own team
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june 2016 by yorksranter

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