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T-Mobile's Mayo: Edge computing is ‘not as imminent as maybe the hype cycle would suggest’ | FierceWireless
Mayo first explained that the latency available on LTE networks is already as low as 20 ms, and he said that figure could decline to 5-10 ms on 5G networks. He said those latency speeds will be suitable for most applications in the near term. “The need to broadly deploy edge compute diminishes” as those latency speeds decline // however, as network latency declines, the % of speed-of-light latency in the total latency budget increases
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october 2018 by yorksranter
Idle Until Urgent — Philip Walton
The way this IdleValue class works is it schedules the initialization function to be run during the next idle period. If the idle period occurs before the IdleValue instance is referenced, then no blocking occurs and the value can be returned immediately when requested. But if, on the other hand, the value is referenced before the next idle period, then the scheduled idle callback is canceled and the initialization function is run immediately // nice.
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september 2018 by yorksranter
ETSI renames MEC focus with expanded view on hetnets, LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi
Berrahil said the 100-millisecond latency expected from today’s networks can be served by a cloud data center up to 10,000 kilometers away from the end user. However, when looking to push latency down to four milliseconds, the cloud data center needed to be no more than 30 kilometers away, while services in need of latency less than one millisecond would require MEC deployments almost within eyesight.
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march 2017 by yorksranter
An Inside Look At How PacketZoom Is Accelerating Performance In China's 1.3B Mobile User Market - Dan Rayburn - StreamingMediaBlog.com
China suffers from 9.2% transfer failure rate (similar to Malaysia, India and Brazil), and a high packet loss. These two parameters have severe impact on content download time and overall performance.
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march 2017 by yorksranter
Accessing The Cloud Providers In South Korea For The Next Olympics - Dan Rayburn - StreamingMediaBlog.com
Well done Mickey$0ft! of course hosting in-GFW for out-of-GFW would be idiotic, but AWS is KECKS DOWN here
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december 2016 by yorksranter

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