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Home Office told thousands of foreign students to leave UK in error
Mrs May responded by asking Educational Testing Services, the US-based company that ran the system, to analyse voice files to work out if students were using proxies to sit the tests for them
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10 weeks ago by yorksranter
India’s biometric database is a massive achievement and a dystopian nightmare – VICE News
“UIDAI, once and for all, wants to reassure that Aadhaar data is fully safe and secure and UIDAI data center has robust uncompromised security 24x7x365,” a UIDAI spokesman told the Times of India Wednesday // sirens
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september 2017 by yorksranter
Police 3D-printed a murder victim's finger to unlock his phone | The Verge
The exploit has been around since forever, but not so surprising that first case in the wild is the cops
RepRap  security  biometrics  STL 
july 2016 by yorksranter
Obvious Answers to Obvious Questions : Lawyers, Guns & Money
Could this be "biometrics" as in electronic ppts, i.e. photos?
wikileaks  biometrics 
december 2010 by yorksranter
U.S. Scans Afghan Inmates for Biometric Database | Danger Room | Wired.com
ID cards! This isn't actually that stupid - rather than trying to Identify Everyone, they're trying to match forensics against people who pass through their hands. Interesting point about the critical likelihood of a match on an IED site at which the network starts to partition.
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august 2010 by yorksranter
My eyes have expired! (The Privacy, Identity & Consent Blog)
If there's something wrong with your biometrics - they can't be erased without cutting your head off.
biometrics  immigration  ID 
november 2009 by yorksranter
Oh Kendall, For Fidel? | Stop The Spirit of Zossen 2.0
Classic and classy STSOZ post on Cuban espionage and the polygraph as a religion
spy  surveillance  biometrics  Cuba 
june 2009 by yorksranter
The Heilbronn DNA Mixup | Science and Stuff
When DNA testing goes wrong. Remember, there is only one way to revoke your biometrics!
march 2009 by yorksranter
Danger Room - Wired Blogs
Oh God, this is just incredibly, cavalierly irresponsibly STUPID.
Iraq  surveillance  biometrics 
august 2007 by yorksranter
TYR post on how ID Cards don't work
Reference for face recognition 30% fail rate
ID  biometrics  privacy  Blair  politics 
march 2006 by yorksranter
Wired News: Biobouncer
Face Recognition in a nightclub application. More really stupid ideas..
biometrics  privacy  surveillance  nightclub  security  CCTV 
march 2006 by yorksranter

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