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bellingcat - Locating The Netherlands' Most Wanted Criminal By Scrutinising Instagram - bellingcat
We stared long and hard at the white flowers, but only thanks to botanical experts was our next lead found.

The plant is called the Magnolia stellata. It bears large, showy white or pink flowers, most of them in early spring, before its leaves open. These flowers don’t last long. The magnolia from the video probably blossomed at the end of February or in early March, very near to the publication date of the video. It was probably shot in the northern part of Iran, because Magnolia stellata wouldn’t be comfortable with the climate in the south of the country. We believed it to be a wealthy neighbourhood, because of the well-maintained garden and the size of the house.
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bellingcat - Fire on the Border: Analyzing Venezuela’s February 23 Border Clashes - bellingcat
NYT: It's Maduro! Maduro: it's the NYT! Bellingcat: Latin America's worst rioter threw and missed
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bellingcat - Full report: Skripal Poisoning Suspect Dr. Alexander Mishkin, Hero of Russia - bellingcat
One source close to Mishkin’s grandmother (who is now in her 90s, and as a former doctor is still revered in the village) told us that the reason for the award is top secret, but that the understanding in the village was that it was “for Crimea or [for former Ukrainian president Viktor] Yanukovych,” the implication being that the award had either something to do with the Crimean annexation or with helping Yanokovych flee Ukraine.
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