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bellingcat - The GRU Globetrotters: Mission London - bellingcat
On the morning of March 4, Fedotov made several data connections from his Paddington hotel. At 9:03 AM his phone rang, and he spoke with “Amir” for just about a minute. At 10:20 he sent or received a file of 8 MB, commensurat with a photo file. Notably, at that same moment, the Chepiga/Mishkin team left by train from Waterloo to Salisbury.
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Blood on the Corn: A DEA Agent is Tortured and Killed in Mexico – Matter – Medium
It strikes me as central to the story that the DEA's source was network analysis of AT&T CDRs, as we know thanks to Edward Snowden. Camarena either died protecting the secret, or was tortured to death because he didn't know about it and therefore couldn't answer the questions
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january 2017 by yorksranter
The NSA’s SKYNET program may be killing thousands of innocent people | Ars Technica UK
Well. all these years I've been joking about the Project Lobster interface to the MQ-8 Reaper aaaand ARRGH.
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february 2016 by yorksranter
Vodafone's data breach a lesson for tech companies to be open about mistakes | Business | The Guardian
Question: how many News Ltd people were getting CDRs from the original breach and what kind of coincidence is it that someone from a Fairfax paper was targeted?
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september 2015 by yorksranter
In addition, there is scope to make it easier for UK police authorities to access communications data directly from the US CSPs. There is no bar to this in US law. We have discussed options with the companies to improve the process for making
communications data requests. The companies are developing their own technical solutions to this end, including online portals. We should encourage more of this
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june 2015 by yorksranter
▶ Black Hat USA 2013 - OPSEC failures of spies - YouTube
fascinating the way they thought Analyst's Notebook was just so awesome the Italians and Hezbollah couldn't figure it out.
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may 2015 by yorksranter
U.S. secretly tracked billions of calls for decades
Interesting! they borrowed the idea from the narcs, who presumably got it from Project GREEN STAR back in the 1970s.
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april 2015 by yorksranter
Convicted robbers mount cellphone privacy challenge - Baltimore Sun
Plot for a thriller: Murderer is a programmer for cell phone company who fakes records to frame others:
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august 2014 by yorksranter
Drug Agents Use Vast Phone Trove, Eclipsing N.S.A.’s - NYTimes.com
Hemisphere covers every call that passes through an AT&T switch — not just those made by AT&T customers — and includes calls dating back 26 years, according to Hemisphere training slides bearing the logo of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. Some four billion call records are added to the database every day, the slides say; technical specialists say a single call may generate more than one record. Unlike the N.S.A. data, the Hemisphere data includes information on the locations of callers.

The slides were given to The New York Times by Drew Hendricks, a peace activist in Port Hadlock, Wash. He said he had received the PowerPoint presentation, in response to a series of public information requests to West Coast police agencies.

In March 2013, for instance, Hemisphere found the new phone number and location of a man who impersonated a general at a San Diego Navy base and then ran over a Navy intelligence agent
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september 2013 by yorksranter
GCHQ intercepted foreign politicians' communications at G20 summits | UK news | The Guardian
a new technique to provide a live report on any telephone call made by delegates and to display all of the activity on a graphic which was projected on to the 15-sq-metre video wall of GCHQ's operations centre
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june 2013 by yorksranter
Comment la police a fait parler les "fadettes" - LeMonde.fr
This is a really, really excellent explanation of why this stuff matters and how you go about mining CDRs
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december 2011 by yorksranter
War and Piece: Stellar Wind
Amateurs discuss wiretapping, professionals CDR analysis
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december 2008 by yorksranter

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