Verizon CFO: Mobile 5G ‘not a 2018 activity’ | FierceWireless
T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray...has stressed that while other carriers are focused on fixed 5G, basically replacing the wired home internet, T-Mobile intends for mobile 5G to “cover you wherever you go” and not be boring. // some RFP!
t-mobile  5g  ovum 
53 minutes ago
Self-domestication in Homo sapiens: Insights from comparative genomics
The Bengalese finch, domesticated from its wild ancestor, the white-rumped munia [35, 36], has developed a complex song that is preferred by both female finches and munias over the stereotyped song of the male munia [37] // this paper is a weird dance between scientific rigour and the enduring wish to believe in a noble savage myth
dogs  civilisation  history  evolution 
13 hours ago
Another obstacle to a US-UK trade deal?
With the clock ticking on Brexit, outsiders could be forgiven for looking at the UK government with a bemused expression and asking: what exactly do you want?
20 hours ago
May should heed the critics of universal credit
To suggest that those claimants who struggle merely need to manage their finances better — with coaching on monthly budgeting — is an insult // finally someone comes out with it. the "budgeting" thing is horseshit. the problem is the six week plus dry spell.
universalcredit  tories  ids 
20 hours ago
5 reasons why no deal could mean no Brexit – POLITICO
This makes sense: A leading Corbynista put it more bluntly: “[Brexit] won’t happen because the government are a useless bunch of spivs and they’re f–king it up.”
20 hours ago
UK insurers review premiums on high-rises after Grenfell fire
Chris Johnson, executive vice president at specialist property insurer FM Global, said the cost of fitting sprinklers was “the same as the cost of a well-fitted carpet and underlay, which provides protection and support”.
grenfell  cladding  insurance 
20 hours ago
globalinequality: Can mass mobilization wars increase income inequality?
Huh. Now that's fascinating. if they are right, WW1 caused a massive spike of inequality in Germany, the Weimar era more than reversed it (stripped off 25 points of Gini!), and Hitler put it back roughly where it was in 1914. In the UK it fell dramatically in WW1, went back, but never got to quite the same level and declined steadily until the Attlee Government pressed down the accelerator.
history  inequality  ww1  ww2  mobilisation  germany  britain  economics  to_blog 
20 hours ago
Why Dover is braced for customs gridlock after Brexit
If you add an average of two minutes to customs processing, you get a 17-mile queue [from Dover] almost back to Ashford,” says Mr Hookham. “Another four minutes takes the queue back to Maidstone, six minutes back to the M25, eight minutes and you are up to the Dartford crossing and Essex.”
5 days ago
Investors poured millions into a storage network that doesn’t exist yet | Ars Technica
I guess the argument is that I should trust a single behemoth like Amazon less than I should trust an arbitrary number of nameless, faceless on-the-cheap suppliers on the premise that a nebulous algorithm that I (the average user) don't totally understand will stochastically cause those suppliers to lose their contract if they lose too much data, but that's okay because a different nebulous algorithm I don't totally understand can reconstruct the data as long as most of those nameless, faceless suppliers are on the up-and-up, all on the fly and completely decentralized?
filecoion  p2p  aws  storage  trust  ovum 
6 days ago
Energy and the English industrial revolution | Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
The only other energy source to increase its percentage share over the three centuries was wind power. This reflects principally the great expansion in the number and size of sailing vessels
energy  industrialrevolution  ship 
6 days ago
Brexiteers fear ‘Swiss Trap’ trade deal – POLITICO
Some in the Treasury do not see the “Swiss Trap” as something to avoid, according to one senior former No. 10 aide. A Swiss-style arrangement would give legal sovereignty but in reality would ensure Britain never really diverges from European regulation, according to the Tory with close connections to the U.K. negotiating team // I see your CLEVER TREASURY SCHEME
switzerland  brexit 
6 days ago
Deep trade agreements as public goods | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal
Despite this strong evidence of trade creation, the deepening of trade agreements does not appear to happen at the expenses of trade with non-members. Specifically, a standard deviation increase in the average depth of the partner’s trade agreements with other countries increases bilateral trade by around 19%...Finally, our estimates suggest that the deepest agreement in our sample, the EU, increased trade flows among members by 44%, while exports from non-EU countries would be around 30% lower in the absence of the agreement
europe  brexit  trade  sense  to_blog 
6 days ago
Booked: The Revenge of the Ruling Class, with Corey Robin | Dissent Magazine
We live in a bipolar political system and if there’s nothing to offer in response, my worst nightmare is that we could be sitting for the next ten, twenty years with this hardcore ethnonationalist party toggling against this neoliberal, corporate multicultural party
trump  reactionary 
6 days ago
The first great EU novel – POLITICO
Embracing the original European idea — transcending borders for peace — he positioned himself as a fierce critic of the EU’s current state and as an enthusiastic advocate of an ever-closer union // When I met Robert Menasse, he was busy explaining why Jorg Haider was a good thing because he would stimulate other politicians to do better and I knew nothing of dialectics
menasse  europe  germany  austria 
6 days ago
S3X Appeal | Asymco
If this is true then the current Model S/X line is limited to about 50% of capacity or about 25 cars/working hour. This is equivalent to a takt time of 2.4 min/station. This is certainly much better than the estimated 5.5 and within a range of reasonableness, but one has to ask why is the line not operating more than half the time?
cars  tesla  production  takttime  kanban 
6 days ago
Distinctions in Types of Thought | Otium
This is interesting, especially regarding whatever it is that ML systems are doing. Also, the "bad fonts are easier to remember" thing is a reproducibility crisis victim
cognition  machinelearning  replicationcrisis 
6 days ago
Qualcomm Achieves World’s First Announced 5G Data Connection on a 5G Modem Chipset for Mobile Devices | Qualcomm
In addition to the Snapdragon X50 5G modem chipset, the demonstration also utilized the SDR051 mmWave RF transceiver integrated circuit (IC)
rffe  qualcomm  ovum  5g 
6 days ago
'Norman said the president wants a pyramid': how starchitects built Astana | Cities | The Guardian
“In the summer of 2004 we got a phone call from Norman, who was on holiday in Cap Ferrat at the time,” recalls senior partner Nigel Dancey. “He said the president of Kazakhstan wants a pyramid. It has to be finished in 21 months. Let your imagination soar.”
architecture  kazakhstan  normanfoster  tonyblair 
7 days ago
The Absurdly Underestimated Dangers of CSV Injection
You can include an arbitrary formula, VBA script, or even shell command in a CSV file and MS Excel will execute it at load time with the current user's privileges. Oy.

You can't do this with Google Sheets, but you *can* send all the data in the spreadsheet, and any others that user can reach, to some x-random URI. This is not much nicer.
security  excel  csv  shellinjection 
12 days ago
Protect faith in privatised monopolies with tougher regulation
"One approach is to combine all the sector regulators into a single body, with a clear mandate to be tougher" // we could call it something like "the government"
to_blog  economics  monopoly 
14 days ago
Why Office Buildings Should Run Like Spaceships - WSJ
“By 2 p.m., the CO2 level in the office is like 1,000 parts per million,” says Mr. Kott. That’s about 2 ½ times the current level of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere. According to a recent study from researchers at Harvard University, Syracuse University and SUNY Upstate Medical University, that level is high enough to decrease cognitive performance in knowledge workers by 15%. Many offices have high levels of carbon dioxide, but the worst offenders are meeting rooms, where carbon-dioxide levels can reach 3,000 ppm // meetings make you twice as dumb?
co2  atmosphere  architecture  meetings 
15 days ago
Lloyds and the HBOS time bomb: how not to deal with fraud
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An email in February 2008 from Peter Hickman in the group risk department talked about the importance of keeping the Reading losses well below the £285m level at which the bank’s accounting rules would kick in, deeming them material and requiring a note in the financial statements.

At an estimated £265m, they were already too close for comfort, thought Hickman. “Anything we can do to widen the gap between this loss and that limit will help us persuade the Audit Committee we should not disclose — something we seriously do not want to do — especially at the moment,” he wrote. Another email, from Ian Goodchild, then deputy head of group risk, referred openly to the “fraud”
hbos  fraud  reading  quayside 
18 days ago
Prepare now for over-the-cliff Brexit, Germany industry says
“After four rounds of negotiations, German industry looks with concern at the progress of the Brexit negotiations,” BDI Managing Director Joachim Lang told reporters in Berlin. “The British government is lacking a clear concept despite talking a lot.”
germany  brexit  directness 
18 days ago
3GPP puts some items on hold to meet December deadline on 5G NR | FierceWireless
“Given the challenges we have to finish Release 15 on time, we are going to put the study items on hold,” he said. “We’re very much going to be dealing with these in the first half of 2018.”

The items on hold include nonorthogonal multiple access, unlicensed spectrum for NR, nonterrestrial network (channel modeling), eV2X evaluation methodology, and integrated access and backhaul.
3gpp  5g  nsa  ovum 
18 days ago
Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit: results and initial reflections – UK in a changing Europe
Most wanted to maintain the benefits of immigration while minimising the costs: by tackling benefits abuse, improving training for UK citizens, and increasing capacity of public services in areas where immigration is particularly high // focus group research suggests EEA or EEA-ish is acceptable
18 days ago
Why did so many voters switch parties between 2015 and 2017?
A really critical point here: hordes of the #youyesyet wave have reverted to Hizb al-Kanapa and it looks like the Leave mobilisation is going the same way. However, a bigger chunk of the Labour uplift seems to be drawn from people who previously voted for *somebody*
polls  to_blog 
18 days ago
Why We Need Stuart Hall’s Imaginative Left | New Republic
As Hall would later say in interviews, he arrived in England when it was transitioning from “a class society to a mass society”: a moment marked by the influx of immigrants, the breakup of so-called “traditional” culture in favor of Americanization, and the rise of socially conservative, free-market politics. // what, in 1951, the year of the biggest vote for socialism in our history? I don't think he did say that. despite this and a few other editing howlers, not actually bad
biography  stuarthall 
18 days ago
Le XXIe siècle sera maritime ou ne sera pas - L'Express
This is just outrageously French. Napoleonic geopolitical sweep! Gratuitous fine writing! Everything turns out to come down to doing some big civil engineering stuff!

No wonder France also invented a whole vast sophisticated apparatus for picking grand modernist projects and pompous language apart
maritime  attali  france  to_blog 
18 days ago
Russia Targets NATO Soldier Smartphones, Western Officials Say - WSJ
Expect a shit load of this. Note the combination of covert and overt surveillance, and integration between ELINT and HUMINT recruitment or intimidation attempts. Strongly recommend #bringyourownnetwork. Also, there's a Russian IMSI catcher wandering about.
elint  smartphone  russia  intelligence  spook  gsm 
18 days ago
The far-left separatists who took Catalonia to the brink
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“Many people who were not in favour of independence now say that they no longer want to form part of a Spanish state that confronts political problems like this. In political terms, people are saying: is this what the Spanish state has to offer?”, she says.
18 days ago
Exclusive: Russian-linked Facebook ads targeted Michigan and Wisconsin - CNNPolitics
the 3,000 ads touched on a range of polarizing topics, including the Second Amendment and civil rights issues. The ads were aimed at suppressing the votes and sowing discontent among the electorate > so the turnout-caging campaign was the Russians?
russia  facebook  advertising  politics  trump  dccc  votervault 
18 days ago
Bundestagswahl 2017: Jamaika ist eine (westdeutsche) Insel - SPIEGEL ONLINE
The Jamaica coalition would be basically a coalition of West Germany, which means it would also be a terrible idea
germany  politics  coalition  diagonalpolitics  maps 
18 days ago
Comcast up to 200K Xfinity Mobile customers, report says | FierceCable
In investor events, Comcast executives have cited modest thresholds for profitability, saying the wireless service needs to only secure a percentage share “in the low-to-mid-single digits” of the company’s 25 million wireline broadband customers in order to be profitable. // Free Mobile model innit

“Once we get to some minimal scale, which isn’t a huge number, every incremental customer pays for itself,” Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said earlier this year.
comcast  gsm  free  ovum 
18 days ago
Trump opposes EU-UK WTO deal in blow to May’s Brexit plans
Emily Davis, spokeswoman for US trade representative Robert Lighthizer, said neither the EU nor the UK had presented any written plan for how to handle the WTO quotas to Washington
trade  trump  brexit  wto 
19 days ago
Credit growth and the Global Crisis: A new narrative | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal
While borrowers with low credit scores typically had higher default rates than those with higher credit scores, default rates for borrowers with higher credit scores rose substantially during the financial crisis. As a result, the fraction of foreclosures accounted for by the highest three quartiles of the credit score distribution rose from 35% to 70%. Our analysis points to a large role of real estate investors – mortgagors who held multiple first liens – in both the boom and bust of the housing market. We find that investors were responsible for most of the growth in balances and virtually all of the rise in defaults for prime borrowers.
economics  housing  mortgage  crash  bubble 
19 days ago
Bring back clerk of works, says Scottish parliament report on school building defects | News | Architects Journal
The committee’s report said it had ‘heard evidence that local authorities had entered into a specific structure for contracts which created a gap between themselves as clients and the design team. We find this unacceptable.’
architecture  pfi  engineering  clerkofworks 
19 days ago
Theresa May leans toward Hammond over Boris – POLITICO
According to two people, the Treasury is privately telling the prime minister it would be “mad” to cut off Britain’s access to trade with the EU in return for freedom to set Britain’s own regulation at home and hypothetical free-trade deals with other countries, which may take years to negotiate and have no guarantee of replacing trade lost with the Continent. The British economy would not benefit from a policy of regulatory divergence with the EU for up to 30 years, according to one estimate shared at senior levels of government.
brexit  sense 
20 days ago
(8) Nationalisation vs Privatisation - Ownership is always overplayed | LinkedIn
If we look at energy, especially domestic electricity and gas, I do wonder if supply competition is the way to deliver the outcomes we desire? My experience is that competition is useful if it is real. In mobile telephony, competition can be strong as customers can obtain different performances across networks, new phones create opportunities to target competitor customers and to demonstrate the quality of customer service on offer. By contrast, electricity and gas are undifferentiated commodities, with limited need for customer service interaction, leaving only price to compete over, but even this runs into opposition from policy makers. Are the costs of sustaining competitive structures worth it, or could we do things differently and achieve better outcomes?
utilities  networks  monopoly  regulation  privatisation  to_blog 
20 days ago
De Karachi à Fillon, découvrez notre « Magouillotron »
Useful! but check back, as most of the good ones aren't in it yet
france  corruption  tools  reference 
20 days ago
Skandale der Piratenpartei: Buch von Lobo listet die besten Gates - SPIEGEL ONLINE
This is hilarious. A catalogue of Pirate Party fallings-out, pratfalls etc
pirates  germany 
20 days ago
Renters pay £54bn to private landlords in buy-to-let boom
Renters paid about £54bn to buy-to-let investors across the country over the 12 months to the end of June // a key problem in doing anything about this is what happens to the people who are relying on it for retirement income. I know it's tempting to let them starve, but...
buytolet  rent  landlords  housing  politics  to_blog 
21 days ago
Open Source - Releases
So Apple just open-sourced a ton of stuff
apple  ios  osx  opensource  ovum 
21 days ago
Why It Took Google So Long to End Shady Rehab Center Ads - Bloomberg
But it’s hard to believe the company hadn’t known for some time that its advertiser base was riddled with crooks. All you needed to do was Google it
adwords  google  fraud  advertising 
21 days ago
Quantifying antisemitic attitudes in Britain: the ‘elastic’ view of antisemitism | British Politics and Policy at LSE
This is interesting and useful. Treating anti-semitism as a constellation of symptoms suggests that 2-ish % of the population could be diagnosed as such. As many as 30% of the population have at least one symptom, but you could say the same for almost anything. The potential for meeting someone who holds at least one such idea is dominated by the 28%ers
antisemitism  sociology 
21 days ago
Keynesian Economics Without the Phillips Curve — Roger E. A. Farmer
Our findings show that an agnostic economist who placed equal prior weight on both theories would conclude that the FM model knocks the NK model out of the ball park
keynes  economics  phillipscurve  rogerfarmer  animalspirits 
21 days ago
A Strongman's Guide to Shoulder Health | T Nation
This is great advice. First workout completed following this and already feeling better
weightlifting  training  shoulder 
21 days ago
The FT warns advertisers after discovering high levels of domain spoofing - Digiday
The publisher has found display ads against inventory masquerading as on 10 separate ad exchanges and video ads on 15 exchanges, even though the FT doesn’t even sell video ads programmatically, with 300 accounts selling inventory purporting to be the FT’s. The scale of the fraud uncovered is vast — the equivalent of one month’s supply of bona fide video inventory was fraudulently appearing in a single day. The FT has estimated the value of the fraudulent inventory to be £1 million ($1.3 million) a month.
21 days ago
Even in Death, the Spy Kim Philby Serves the Kremlin’s Purposes - The New York Times
God knows what he would have made of being venerated as an organic patriot of Holy Russia
kimphilby  russia 
21 days ago
André Kühnlenz on Twitter: "Sachsen und Sachsen-Anhalt scheinen ja auch eher Opfer der Finanzkrise zu sein... Zumindest bis 2014... @APeichl @YohannesBecker"
This is hella interesting. Gross fixed capital formation in Sachsen and Sachsen Anhalt plummeted 2002-2014 - possibly because SachsenLB failed catastrophically in 2007. Now those states are pushing 30% AfD. The GFCF numbers for Hamburg don't look great either and their landesbank (HSH Nordbank) also blew up. Seeing as landesbanks are so institutionally important, this is worth investigating
germany  finance  economics  populistpapers  landesbank 
22 days ago
U.S. shocks WTO with a novel take on trade dispute rules
Without anyone really noticing, the US is quietly imposing a national veto in the WTO.
wto  trade  brexit  europe  trump 
22 days ago
Side effect of the pivot to video: audience shrinkage - Digiday
The decline at Vocativ was even more drastic as it went from 4 million visitors in August 2016 to a 175,000 visitors in July 2017. By August 2017, Vocativ’s traffic had shrunk enough that comScore couldn’t detect it > later in the article they quote a CPM uplift of 6-10x and that's nowhere near enough to fill that hole
video  advertising  publishing  media  ovum 
25 days ago
The Untold Story of Kim Jong-nam’s Assassination | GQ
Well, there's this. KJN assassins thought they were producing #viral #snackable #content or perhaps taking part in a fetish porno, and the VX was a binary weapon that was mixed literally on his face. Oddly, the discussion of motives doesn't mention the Litvinenko slaying although they come to similar conclusions
norks  korea  assassination  vx  chemicals  fetish 
26 days ago
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