Finsbury Park attacker 'brainwashed by BBC drama and rightwing propaganda' | UK news | The Guardian
in the weeks before the attack his attitude changed after he watched Three Girls, a BBC TV drama about the Rochdale grooming scandal
finsburypark  bbc  terrorism 
14 hours ago
Diary of an IPO - @Redfin
We described ourselves in the prospectus as “rabid squirrels.” We had wanted to go public our way, and now we had 48 hours to wonder whether that had been a mistake.
18 hours ago
President Trump is the freest man alive - The Washington Post
Decorum doesn’t exist in isolation; it’s something you undertake with regard to other people, and Trump does not regard other people. Unseemliness is a kind of liberty, and Trump has perfected that, too. // interesting thought - perhaps part of his success is because we rely too much on decorum rather than anything enforceable
18 hours ago
Jared Kushner Is China’s Trump Card | The New Yorker
By the end of the Obama Administration, seven White House officials were authorized to receive the same version of the P.D.B. that appeared on the President’s iPad. The Trump Administration expanded the number to as many as fourteen people, including Kushner. A former senior official said, of the growing P.D.B. distribution list, “It got out of control. Everybody thought it was cool. They wanted to be cool.”
18 hours ago
Herald-Zeitung Online: About Us
On Aug. 21, 1952, the Zeitung celebrated its 100th anniversary, with headlines saying the newspaper still would be printed in German. In late 1958, however, the Zeitung ceased printing in German.
journalism  texas  germany 
20 hours ago
US says China WTO membership was a mistake
The Trump administration has said that allowing China to join the World Trade Organization was a mistake and accused Beijing of moving further away from becoming a market economy.
china  wto  trump  russia  to_blog 
UK finance watchdog exposes lost PFI billions
While the US and Germany compare the cost of private finance with government borrowing costs, Britain’s value-for-money assessment compares it instead with the government discount rate of 3.5 per cent, which is significantly higher
2 days ago
Chase Had Ads on 400,000 Sites. Then on Just 5,000. Same Results. - The New York Times
some advertisers are questioning the value of showing up on hundreds of thousands of unknown sites, and wondering whether millions of appearances actually translate into more sales.
3 days ago
Amanda Staveley: the unusual case of Newcastle United’s would-be-owner | David Conn | Football | The Guardian
Given this portrayal, it is striking that PCP Capital Partners LLP, Staveley’s UK-registered company, has no assets or employees.
staveley  football  dodgy 
3 days ago
British Army veteran who led last cavalry charge has died aged 94 - Chester Chronicle
“It wasn’t considered a proper charge because we did not raise our swords, but the whole village was a mass of confusion as we rode through. They must have wondered what on earth was going on.”
history  cavalry 
3 days ago
Stormy Daniels Once Claimed She Spanked Donald Trump With a Forbes Magazine – Mother Jones
Daniels described Trump obsessively watching Shark Week in his hotel room during one of their visits.
3 days ago
Contrasting China’s and Russia’s Influence Operations
This theory developed out of research into psychology and cybernetics as the Soviet Ministry of Defense sought to incorporate the techniques of operations research into decision-making. By mapping how an adversary’s system framed problems and processed information, Russian planners could design operations to shift that adversary’s decisions in an advantageous direction. The Chinese, however, seem to focus on individuals rather than effects, on shaping the personal context rather than operational tricks // because they don't want to tear the shithouse down
reflexivecontrol  cybernetics  russia  china  intelligence  propaganda 
4 days ago
Why I Believe Lula Will Be a Candidate in October | Americas Quarterly
To me, it adds up to Lula somehow being allowed to run in October – although it will be a close call. Either way, it may prove to be the last stand of the old, genteel Brazil.
brazil  lula 
4 days ago
The Fall of Travis Kalanick Was a Lot Weirder and Darker Than You Thought - Bloomberg
The founder of the Huffington Post was a constant presence at Uber’s offices, making suggestions that seemed to promote her new wellness company, Thrive Global Holdings LLC. For example, she wanted to put “nap pods” at driver hubs and give drivers meditation wristbands. Huffington’s company received $50,000 in consulting fees from Uber.
uber  huffington 
4 days ago
England's death by a thousand off-cutters - ESPNcricinfo
"It is remarkable that in every other throwing, running, jumping and ballistic movement sport, things improve year on year," Pont told ESPNcricinfo on Sunday. "Yet in fast bowling, we saw balls bowling in excess of 90mph in the 1930s Bodyline series by Harold Larwood and 40 years ago we had Jeff Thomson bowling faster than anyone today. I don't know of another sport that has moved on so little in speed terms than fast bowling."
cricket  scaleinvariance 
4 days ago
RBS unit memo told staff to let clients ‘hang themselves’
“Avoid round number fees — £5,300 sounds as if you have thought about it, £5k sounds like you haven’t.”
rbs  sme  grg  banking  lowtrustsociety 
4 days ago
Both the left and the right have their ideological blinkers on when it comes to the lessons of Carillion's demise | The Independent
If these services had been managed “in-house”, no civil servant would have been paid the £1.5m a year that Richard Howson, the former chief executive of Carillion, commanded. The head of the NHS, Simon Stevens, by comparison, earns £190,000 a year.
pfi  carillion 
4 days ago
mainly macro: What Carillion tells us about public sector outsourcing
It is often said that PFI type projects ‘avoids risk to the taxpayer’. Again this is the wrong way round. It is far easier and cheaper for the public sector to take risks than the private sector, so PFI projects are paying far too high a price to avoid risk to the public sector. // strong
pfi  carillion 
4 days ago
ONS crossed telecom wires raise questions over inflation figures
I said this. Note the weird "we can't ever revise" stuff. What are you, the Pope of Stats?
inflation  productivitypuzzle  productivity  telecoms 
4 days ago
Trust War: Dangerous Trends in Cyber Conflict
Cyber-attacks on trust and integrity are harder to detect, defend against, and recover from than attacks designed to cause physical destruction or widespread disruption. When a denial of service attack happens, a site goes down and it is pretty clear something has gone wrong. Theft of information is somewhat harder to detect, but existing security tools are often able to determine what data left the system. It is, however, extremely difficult for the defender to know whether an attacker manipulated data or weakened system integrity, and even harder to restore trust
lowtrustsociety  hacker  to_blog 
5 days ago
Philip K. Dick and the Fake Humans | Boston Review
It is not hard to imagine him writing a novel combining an immature and predatory tycoon (half Arnie Kott, half Jory Miller) who becomes the president of the United States, secret Russian political manipulation, an invasion of empathy-free robotic intelligences masquerading as human beings, and a breakdown in our shared understanding of what is real and what is fake.
philipkdick  sci-fi  trump  fakenews 
5 days ago
Out of time: The fragile temporality of Carillion’s accumulation model | SPERI
Carillion’s financialization story is about how firms manipulate their balance sheet to intervene in the temporalities of income and obligation; and how this may create unanticipated inter-temporal tensions.
accounting  carillion 
5 days ago
How investors failed to spot Carillion’s mounting problems
The problem for investors was that this new and rising amount of debt the company was taking on did not show up in the main debt numbers on its balance sheet
5 days ago
Schuldschein: the debt market linking Carillion to Taiwan
one restructuring adviser says that Schuldschein is “massively impractical for most restructuring situations”, noting that they require bilateral agreements with each individual holder of the debt, and some deals have clauses insisting that settlements must be reached in local German courts // oh god, thousands of separately furious German dentists
finance  carillion  schuldschein 
5 days ago
Winds of change: Britain now generates twice as much electricity from wind as coal
Electricity generated in Britain is now the cleanest it’s ever been. Coal and natural gas together produced less than half of the total generated. Britain’s electricity was completely “coal free” for 613 hours last year, up from 200 hours in 2016 // this is a massive historic achievement. why isn't someone being lionised?
5 days ago
Design of the Week: David Hillman's Guardian | Design | Agenda | Phaidon
The designer's type choices were brilliantly contradictory. 'The', spelled out in ITC Garamond Italic, next to 'Guardian', robustly set in Helvetica Black, created a striking typographic composite representative of the paper's diverse reportage. And Hillman's work on the interior (notably the development of a strict grid structure to which he demanded absolute adherence) was equally groundbreaking.
theguardian  design  typography 
5 days ago
Protectionism and Empire: An Interview with Marc-William Palen | Toynbee Prize Foundation
This is really good but £27 for the Kindle edition and £75 for hardcover is too much. simply too much.
trade  globalisation  empire  populistpapers  history  books 
5 days ago
The stunningly obvious, invariably overlooked case against all these robot companions | ZDNet
To understand why, you need only consider what automation is for. In a nutshell, it's supposed to save humans time. That's really it. That's what robots are all about. Yet most of the companies presenting robots at CES seem to have set aside the notion of helpful automation in favor of a less quantifiable, more abstract sales pitch, one built around engagement, interactivity, and obeisance to technological complexity // hum. trying to automate the "making you feel special" bit of domestic service?
6 days ago
Carillion’s Missing Millions – Grace Blakeley – Medium
We cannot nationalise Carillion because there is nothing in Carillion to nationalise.
thatcherism  johnmajor  carillion  to_blog  primecontractor 
6 days ago
Carillion held just £29m in cash when it collapsed
so desperate for cash that it had asked banks to pay £350m to suppliers under so-called reverse factoring agreements, or money paid by banks in advance to Carillion’s trade creditors // some neck!
6 days ago
Stanley Pignal on Twitter: "That's because India isn't just poor, it's unequal. According to Piketty & others, the top 10% of Indians snagged two-thirds of all the fresh income created between 1980-2014. The 40% above the median - what should have bee
India's neoliberal years need an audit. The mass of Indians got out of dollar-a-day poverty but no further, while the elite hockeysticked away. Basic infrastructure is still terrible and the edge-city has brewed up some really toxic culture. China compares favourably in all sorts of ways despite being no kind of democracy.
china  india 
6 days ago
Flagship Leeds development highlights public housing challenge
the backers of the new Quarry Hill have paid the council £1.8m to build housing elsewhere, which could build some 12 affordable homes // the old one, per photo, looked astonishingly like the Chilehaus in Hamburg
leeds  housing 
6 days ago
The New Normal: Demand, Secular Stagnation, and the Vanishing Middle Class: International Journal of Political Economy: Vol 46, No 4
a temporary policy of intentional disinflation by the central bank, pursued to bring higher actual growth down to lower potential growth, can create long-term damage in terms of a structural fall in the growth rate of potential output—a real-life phenomenon called “super-hysteresis” // too many robots and AIs, but strong nonetheless
economics  labour  wages  dualsector  kaldorverdoorn  productivity  hysteresis  superhysteresis 
6 days ago
Affirmative action doesn't hurt white medical school applicants
White applicants with low scores should realize that their MCAT scores and GPAs are holding them back far more than their black colleagues // The Rise of the Meritocracy cuts both ways. Brutal:-)
racism  meritocracy 
6 days ago
Black Market Sold Drones Used in Russian Base Attack
I always thought this would happen with rockets/mortars rather than UAVs. One important point: a low-and-slow solution gets around the CoCom GPS limitations and makes the electronics easier.
uav  drones  gps  4gw  to_blog 
6 days ago
Un ministre socialiste portugais: «Pourquoi nous avons mieux rebondi que la Grèce» | Mediapart
La Grèce est une économie très fermée, tandis que le PIB du Portugal, quand il est entré dans la crise, était constitué à près de 40 % de revenus d'exportation. En Grèce, c'était 20 %
europe  portugal  economics 
6 days ago
Cold War Fears Set Off a Politically Charged 'Battle' in La Crescenta | Montrose, CA Patch
Hardyman also took the podium, managing a only few words before the LAPD detained him. "This is a very pleasant evening," he said. "It will be interesting to see how it will turn out. I am happy to be here." Along with Sinclair and several others, Hardyman was arrested // and that's not the best bit
lives  uptonsinclair  emigration 
6 days ago
Benefit fraud 'witch-hunt': 280,000 public tip-offs led to no action taken due to lack of evidence | The Independent
In March 2017, for example, out of 18,200 allegations from members of the public closed by the department, 16,050 led to a “no result outcome”. This means that around 88 per cent of the total allegations made in one single month had little or no evidence of benefit fraud having taken place and the cases were dropped.
noseyparker  ids  universalcredit  tories 
6 days ago
Starry’s challenge: Scaling up as it expands into new markets | FierceWireless
Inside the window unit is an 802.11ax modem and an active electronically scanned array (AESA) antenna; the whole thing is coated with the kind of material that will withstand snow, ice and snowmelt; it’s been in development a few years. “We do all of our equipment design in house,” Kanojia noted.
starry  fixedwireless  5g  free  ovum 
7 days ago
Cogent’s CEO: Multilocation SD-WAN services will replace MPLS | FierceTelecom
At the same time, Cogent forecasts that the annual $45 billion MPLS market in the U.S. will collapse to a $3 billion market.
zen  ovum  cogent  sd-wan 
7 days ago
Why is running the North so complicated? | British Politics and Policy at LSE
Maybe we could get rid of some of this complexity by not obsessing about "mayors"
yorkshire  devolution 
7 days ago
Carillion liquidation: Jeremy Corbyn vows to end 'rip-off' privatisations - live updates | Business | The Guardian
Is this just Lawson bullshitting, or the important distinction between Thatcherism and Majorism, in some ways much more radical?
carillion  thatcher  johnmajor  primecontracting  history  privatisation 
7 days ago
The four contracts that finished Carillion | Business | The Guardian
two English hospitals – where workers said on Monday they have already begun to be laid off – one Scottish road and a development in Doha, the capital of Qatar // yup, the Qatar one was £200m and a year past due. they thought they were tight!
carillion  qatar 
7 days ago
Why Carillion has gone into liquidation rather than administration
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Carillion’s “compulsory liquidation” proves it had already reached a point where there was nothing worth buying. All it had was its contracts, on which the margins were evidently too low to cover its ever growing liabilities. There was no viable business to sell. There were no meaningful assets.
carillion  pfi  privatisation  finance 
7 days ago
UKEF backing of troubled Carillion in spotlight | Global Trade Review (GTR)
In recent years, UKEF has supported the company in winning a series of major contracts in the UAE, through both its direct lending facility and buyer loan guarantees.
exportcredit  finance  carillion  pfi  construction  uae 
7 days ago
The Bennites’ revenge: how Jeremy Corbyn and his allies survived political exile
The only way to do so during the Nineties would have been to advocate a more traditional western European social democratic agenda, against the “Washington Consensus” in favour of open markets and borders. Instead, New Labour argued for the American neoliberal agenda within the EU, strongly supporting the eastern European enlargement...British voters on average have a grossly distorted picture of the scale of immigration to the UK, its effects on wages, the benefits system and the housing market // so which is it then?
confused  politics 
7 days ago
Do algorithms reveal sexual orientation or just expose our stereotypes?
Previous research has found that increased exposure to sunlight leads to darker skin... Like computers or the internal combustion engine, AI is a general-purpose technology that can be used to automate a great many tasks, including ones that should not be undertaken in the first place.
machinelearning  ai  gaydar 
7 days ago
Global Elite? At Davos? That’s News to Mnuchin - The New York Times
Mr. Mnuchin went on to explain that the World Economic Forum was no more elitist than the Group of 20 gathering of finance ministers
davos  trump 
7 days ago
Sky Views: An unhelpful semantic dance over Brexit
And while Westminster was transfixed with the failed attempt to reshuffle Jeremy Hunt, the Government was giving a second reading to the taxation (cross border trade) bill. In section 31, it explicitly creates a fast track mechanism for the Government to form a new customs union without the need for a new statute // very, very interesting
brexit  eea  customsunion  politics 
7 days ago
Revolution in the Kingdom of Wonk: Reviewing the World Bank’s Doing Business Indicators
It was becoming unclear whether the ‘Employing Workers’ score was measuring genuine ease of doing business or whether it was an ideologically-driven measure of the balance of power between employees and employers.
9 days ago
Carillion puts outsourcers’ accounting practices into spotlight
As one analyst puts it: “The issue was pretty basic. Growth and revenues slowed. The answer was more acquisitions or use aggressive accounting techniques.”
carillion  pfi  accountingforgrowth 
10 days ago
UK ministers hold crisis talks over Carillion
“This is the high risk gamble you take with handing infrastructure over to speculative private companies and the workers caught in the crossfire must be protected,” said Mr Cash // he's not wrong
carillion  pfi  privatisation 
10 days ago
My 50 years of football reporting, from Hurst and Moore to VAR via Le Tissier | Jeremy Alexander | Football | The Guardian
There was also a 2009 Stoke report, starting with a programme quote – “officially the loudest fans in England” – and ending with Tony Pulis never having “heard their Delilahs sung so loud”. The payoff, “Delilah of course was a Philistine,” led to an unjustified headline including “Pulis’s Philistines” and justified fans’ outrage
10 days ago
Altkanzler Helmut Schmidt wollte Glasfaser-Spitzenreiter werden
Fünf Wochen nach der Kabinettssitzung legte der damalige Bundespostminister Kurt Gscheidle (SPD) dem Bundeskabinett einen 30-Jahres-Plan vor. Ab 1985 sollte die Bundespost in jedem Jahr ein Dreißigstel des Bundesgebiets mit Glasfaser verkabeln. „Für den Ausbau ist bei einem jährlichen Investitionsvolumen von drei Milliarden Mark ein Zeitraum von 30 Jahren zu veranschlagen“, erklärte der Postminister damals. Bereits im Jahr 2015 wäre Westdeutschland demnach komplett mit Glasfaser versorgt gewesen // startlingly similar to the 1984-era plans here!
ftth  history  germany 
10 days ago
Voting with their wallets? Consumer expectations after the EU referendum | Bank Underground
harronote: pensioners are the only group in the UK experiencing significant real terms income growth.
brexit  consumers  economics 
11 days ago
Which are the best cities for children?
Then there’s the anxiety induced by Britain’s tabloid newspapers — which, again, have no continental equivalents. In their pages, paedophile terrorists stalk every playground // hint: you don't have to read them. in fact, it helps a lot
12 days ago
Sun makes £24m loss amid print ad slump and phone-hacking costs | Media | The Guardian
The unnamed highest paid director in the accounts, understood to be Rebekah Brooks, chief executive of parent company News UK, received £2.7m. // now that's what I call getting away with it
12 days ago
The Aviationist » Defining Asymmetrical Warfare: Extremists Use Retail Drones to Attack Russian Air Base in Syria
Well, this has eventually happened. the monster, super expensive son-of-Sergeant-York SPAAG they're using against them is telling in itself
aviation  uav  hacker  gps  syria  russia  4gw 
12 days ago
Adding Insult to Injury: Beijing’s Evictions and the Discourse of “Low-End Population” | Chuang
The “996 system” of overtime [in which employees work from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., 6 days a week overtime with no compensation], their hair constantly falling out, stricken by insomnia and endless anxiety, time to spend with their families becoming ever scarcer, and even concerns about whether their children are being abused at school… these are the everyday lives of the “upper-middle tiers” of the workforce.

Perhaps this kind of life is much better than living their days precariously, being chased away in the cold winds of winter, meeting their children just once or twice a year, worried about potential fires in cramped apartments shared by multiple households. It is undeniable, however, that in this rapidly modernizing society, everyone is sacrificed to the same logic that recruits and dismisses labor-power with a mere flick of the wrist,
12 days ago
Exposed: London eugenics conference's neo-Nazi links | London Student
Among the speakers and attendees over the last four years are a self-taught geneticist who argues in favour of child rape, multiple white supremacists, and ex-board member of the Office for Students Toby Young // a litany of mounting (plummeting? burrowing?) depravity
tobyyoung  racism 
12 days ago
The Most Awful Transit Center in America Could Get Unimaginably Worse - Bloomberg
Donald Trump campaigned as the guy who would rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure, promising a $1 trillion plan to repair roads, bridges, tunnels, the electrical grid, and more. It was possible to think that Penn Station might be saved // really? He's *Trump*!
nyc  infrastructure  trump 
12 days ago
Italy's 5-Star says it is no longer time to leave the euro
“I believe it is no longer the right moment for Italy to leave the euro,” Di Maio said in an interview with state television company RAI. “The referendum is a last resort which I hope to avoid,” he added.
5star  europe  euro 
12 days ago
The switchdev driver model []
What is significant, however, is a major telecom carrier throwing its weight behind switchdev. Damascene Joachimpillai from Verizon did just that in his keynote talk at this year's Netdev. Joachimpillai (or "DJ" as he is know around the community) runs the Network Architecture team for the network-applications division inside Verizon—the group that develops and deploys the carrier's own mobile apps, for everything from contacts synchronization to video streaming. The division runs several data centers in the United States, he said, but it is the switches and other "middle boxes" that impose the most significant requirements, rather than the servers.
switchdev  nos  open-source  virtualization  switch  verizon  linux  ovum 
12 days ago
Jones the planner: Is Leeds Really up for Jan Gehl?
I think there's a need for a slightly revisionist take here. LCC managed economic development supremely well with the powers and means they have - everyone loves to whine about Supertram, but surely, given that and successfully telling HS2 Ltd to bugger off with the daft toy station idea, LCC could have done more on transport if they actually wanted to?
architecture  yorkshire  leeds 
12 days ago
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