T-Mobile US customer care gets personal – Mobile World Live
T-Mobile said it is dropping automated call menus from its customer service set-up, connecting subscribers directly to a live service team to address their problems. Customers will be able to schedule care calls at the time of their choosing and will be connected to the same care team if follow up interactions are necessary.
callcentre  fcr  voice2  sense  t-mobile  ovum 
4 hours ago
The Obama-Xi Cyber Agreement - Lawyers, Guns & Money
My favorite part was the FBI calling the DNC IT help desk to tell them they were being hacked. The DNC thought they were kooks // and rightly so.
phishing  security  trump  elections  wikileaks 
4 hours ago
Elon Musk, Amid Tesla Furor, Tells of ‘Most Difficult’ Year - The New York Times
this has worried some board members, who have noted that sometimes the drug does not put Mr. Musk to sleep but instead contributes to late-night Twitter sessions
musk  tesla  pills  sillyvalley 
6 hours ago
Extreme Networks? Extreme Share Price Crash, more like • The Register
Extreme has a growing backlog of inventory - $63.9m in the last quarter was sitting in warehouses, against $47.4m in the last quarter – and capex for the quarter stood at $18.4m, versus $2.6m spent over the same period last year // maybe stuffing the channel a bit? but what I'd like to know is where they are spending the money between GM and bottom line. in the 10q it turns out a lot goes on R&D - not bad - and S&M is waaay up - maybe not so good? - but the thing I would want to know about is the $50-odd million of accounts receivable.
extremenetworks  routers  hardware  channel  10k-watch  ovum 
7 hours ago
Why Wikipedia Works
also: wikipedia has absolutely no qualms about expecting *effort* from participants. it is very much not about "click here for instant outrage and/or kardashians". and it doesn't have an activation-cascade like retweets/likes.
wikipedia  collaboration  internet  moderation  trolls  sense  anarchy  to_blog 
7 hours ago
Hackers plan to keep GM's self-driving cars safe
Their design calls for the car to refuse any inbound connections — no data will come to the vehicle unless it asks for it first // much dozy selfdrivingsoylent bollocks, but good point on that one.
selfdrivingcar  security  ovum 
7 hours ago
Macroeconomic Lessons from the Past Decade – J. W. Mason
If we accept conventional estimates of the fiscal multiplier and interest-elasticity of output, like those of Hervé et al (2010), that implies a fall in autonomous private demand on the order of one-third of total private expenditure, over a period of two years. We should not rule out that private demand is this unstable
economics  outputgap  keynesian 
WaPo Keeps Publishing False Claims About Medicare-for-All – People's Policy Project
Despite acknowledging that this claim was false and issuing a correction about it, the Washington Post continues to publish it.

Astonishingly, Glenn Kessler himself published another piece on August 10 with this exact same falsehood in it.
40percent  singlepayer  pinocchio  journalism 
Xi Jinping Thought Is Facing a Harsh Reality Check – Foreign Policy
an enormous amount of time must now be devoted to genuflecting before Xi Jinping thought. Centers for the study of Xi Jinping thought are opening on campuses across the country, and research on Xi Jinping thought was the No. 1 “hot research topic” of 2017
china  xjp 
Botched CIA Communications System Helped Blow Cover of Chinese Agents – Foreign Policy
the interim system and the main covert communication platform used in China at this time were supposed to be clearly separated. In theory, if the interim system were discovered or turned over to Chinese intelligence, people using the main system would still be protected—and there would be no way to trace the communication back to the CIA. But the CIA’s interim system contained a technical error: It connected back architecturally to the CIA’s main covert communications platform
crypto  cia  spook  security  china 
Why doesn’t the ignorant, dickhead, extremist British public like us? ask centrist politicians
“We’ve pledged to be ‘on their side’, ‘hear their concerns’ and ‘bring aspiration back to schools’ and yet we’re met with apathy by the very people who should be voting for us in droves because they always used to.”
politics  sense  to_blog 
2 days ago
Stumbling and Mumbling: The politics of discovery
Most people think of politics as the former: how can I impose my will upon others? We can, however, think of it differently – as a discovery process.
discovery  democracy  to_blog 
2 days ago
Perhaps we should see the post-1945 United Kingdom as itself one of the new nations which emerged from the British empire, alongside Canada, Australia, Ireland and India.
nationalism  history  britain  socialdemocracy  labour  to_blog 
2 days ago
British Future
Until a decade ago, it was widely assumed that ethnic minority politicians would be mostly men. There was heated debate before the 2005 election, between advocates of greater gender and ethnic minority representation, because of the widespread assumption that female politicians would be white and hence increasing gender representation would exclude minorities....The classes of 2010, 2015 and 2017 have been much more gender balanced. Labour now counts 20 women and 13 men among its ethnic minority MPs; the Conservatives have six BAME women and 13 men; and the Liberal Democrats have one non-white female MP in Layla Moran, the first UK MP of Palestinian descent.
race  gender  politics  optimism 
2 days ago
Henry Mance on Twitter: "... but Steve Hilton is worse… "
Journalists are terrible. Steve Hilton is worse. David Cameron was much worse than either
tories  to_blog 
2 days ago
Peter Beinart: I Was Detained At Ben Gurion Airport Because Of My Beliefs – The Forward
his imprecision was telling: He established no consistent or objective standard for my detention. His standard was whether I planned to cause trouble—trouble meaning whatever he and his superiors wanted it to mean.
2 days ago
The Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views - The New York Times
Piles of interesting here. For a start, the latest Horowitz brat, Russia Today, and Fox all use the same botherd. A classic example of D^2's principle that if you respond to attempted fraud just as an administrative issue, fraudsters will experiment and learn how to steal from you reliably. Finally, algo kitsch.
advertising  fraud  clickfraud  bots  youtube  security  to_blog 
2 days ago
The Rude Pundit: Omarosa Confirms the Obvious (But Trump Can't Shut Up)
I don't necessarily believe her when she says she walked in on Trump eating paper in order to destroy whatever was written on it. It's more believable that Trump sits at his desk in the Oval Office, staring ahead blankly, tearing off bits of intelligence reports, and devouring them mindlessly, washing them down with Diet Coke. In fact, I'd bet that Trump has to constantly be told to stop eating the paper.
trump  paper 
3 days ago
Keith Murdoch: disgraced All Black who 'went bush' in Australia dies at 74 | Sport | The Guardian
Terry McLean tracked him down at an oil-drilling site near Perth in 1977 only to have a spanner-wielding Murdoch growl “get back on the bus”.

“I got back on the bus,” McLean wrote.
rugbyunion  outback  keithmurdoch 
3 days ago
Ericsson to expand U.S. manufacturing, R&D efforts to support 5G | FierceWireless
Ericsson's Fredrik Jejdling, head of the company's Business Area Networks, said Ericsson would begin manufacturing 5G products including 5G radios in the United States starting later this year, initially through production partner Jabil, and that the first products from that effort would be available before 2019
ericsson  5g  tradewars  nearshoring  ovum 
3 days ago
These councils smashed themselves to bits. Who will pick up the pieces? | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
having handed over so much to Capita, councillors have effectively lost control of their own council
barnet  coasianhell  outsourcing  crapita 
4 days ago
The high abortion cost of human reproduction | bioRxiv
Spontaneous abortion was found to be: i) the predominant outcome of fertilization and ii) a natural and inevitable part of human reproduction at all ages
reproduction  biology 
4 days ago
Inside Twitter’s Struggle Over What Gets Banned - The New York Times
Twitter asked that members of its safety team not be identified, for fear of them becoming targeted by internet trolls // people are being snarky about this, but it's precisely what Peter Wright said in his paper on Soviet intelligence practice - first, you go after the intelligence/counterintelligence apparatus
twitter  security  intelligence  to_blog 
4 days ago
Neoliberalism’s World Order | Dissent Magazine
For Hayek this was not a question. The entire point was to silence policy debate. By focusing on broad questions of the economic constitution, rather than the details of economic processes, neoliberals sought to outlaw prying questions about how things actually worked
democracy  globalisation  neoliberalism  politics 
4 days ago
Evaluating gambles using dynamics: Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science: Vol 26, No 2
This is absolutely fascinating. The loss-aversion result only happens because of weird assumptions (wealth doesn't compound and running out of cash isn't a problem) and the weird assumptions are only there because of a 300-year-old maths error. It turns out people are entirely rational in terms of optimizing the average growth of their bankroll - which is exactly what the Kelly criterion or common sense would tell you!
lossaversion  economics  logarithmic  maths  statistics 
4 days ago
russian-ads: top_targets: 1,665 rows
The Russian facey campaign was fundamentally targeted at black people.
russia  facebook  fakenews  data  advertising  disinformation 
4 days ago
Islamic Leaders Have Nothing to Say About China’s Internment Camps for Muslims – Foreign Policy
Events in Gaza have sparked protests across the Islamic world, not only in the Middle East but also in more distant Bangladesh and Indonesia. If Egypt or Malaysia had deported Palestinians to Israeli prisons, the uproar would likely have been ferocious. But the brutal, and expressly anti-religious, persecution of Uighurs prompts no response, even as the campaign spreads to the Uighur diaspora worldwide.
china  xinjiang  xjp  palestine 
4 days ago
British Jews Protest Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party - The Atlantic
The Scots and the English, for so long proud of their sensible political culture, have, radicalized by two referendums, let themselves slide into some of the most emotional politics in Europe. And this includes the Jews.
shoutingclass  brexit  jeremycorbyn  antisemitism 
8 days ago
Wetmachine » Tales of the Sausage Factory » So What The Heck *IS* A Digital Platform?
It is the combination of being online, multi-sided, and open on at least one side (so as to capture a giant audience) that confer unique advantages, shape incentives, and raise concerns of enduring (rather than merely transitory) market power. In particular, the fact that platform users potentially play multiple roles simultaneously distinguishes digital platforms from other two-sided platforms or internet businesses that have clear distinctions between providers and consumers.
twosided  haroldfeld 
9 days ago
Wetmachine » Tales of the Sausage Factory » Why Platform Regulation Is Both Necessary and Hard.
To take just one obvious example, it is impossible to have social media platforms operate as common carriers while simultaneously policing their networks for hate speech. But that doesn’t mean our choices are binary. Somewhere between blocking a quote from the Declaration of Independence and helplessly standing by while hate groups organize online harassment campaigns lies some trade-off that protects most (but invariably not all) controversial speech while simultaneously preventing most (but not all) online harassment.
platforms  moderation  haroldfeld 
9 days ago
Meet 'The Shadow Rulers Of The VA': 3 Nonvet Mar-a-Lago Members
In other words, they proposed inviting private health care executives to tell the VA which services they should outsource to private providers like themselves
trump  corruption 
9 days ago
RISC-V’s Open-Source Architecture Shakes Up Chip Design - IEEE Spectrum
Already, Nvidia and Western Digital Corp. have decided to use RISC-V in their own internally developed silicon. Western Digital’s chief technology officer has said that in 2019 or 2020, the company will unveil a new RISC-V processor for the more than 1 billion cores the storage firm ships each year. Likewise, Nvidia is using RISC-V for a governing microcontroller that it places on the board to manage its massively multicore graphics processors.
risc  opensource  chip  hardware 
9 days ago
Investing in Edge: The Customer Perspective and Decision-Making
Branch and micro data centers
Hybrid cloud connectivity
IoT processing (Azure IoT Edge, for example)
Firewall and network security
Internet-enabled devices and sensors collecting and analyzing real-time data
Connecting entire networks of devices
Asset tracking
Streamlining research
Managing inventory for pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and corporate operations
Reducing latency for specific services and latency-sensitive applications
edgecomputing  mec  ovum 
9 days ago
A Global Guide to State-Sponsored Trolling
it turned out to be far more effective to simply inundate the platforms with a torrent of disinformation and anonymized threats—what the researchers dubbed a strategy of “information abundance” made possible by the rapid spread of social media.
politics  trolls  fakenews  facebook  bots  russia  disinformation  to_blog 
9 days ago
Exclusive: Britain says Huawei 'shortcomings' expose new telecom networks risks
HCSEC is discussing questions about the use of third-party software with Huawei, he added, with the aim of finding a "strategic fix" for the problem." // ie vendor H is squorging all sorts of rot into their product and it's impossible to follow up where it came from
huawei  gchq  cesg  security  nfv  ovum 
9 days ago
U.S. to Restore Sanctions on Iran, Deepening Divide With Europe - The New York Times
“We are determined to protect European economic operators engaged in legitimate business with Iran,” the foreign ministers of Britain, France, Germany and the European Union said in a joint statement on Monday.
europe  iran  trump  tradewar 
9 days ago
Opinion | Will the Birthplace of the Modern Right Turn Blue? - The New York Times
The former Trump strategist Steve Bannon recently told Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman, “The Republican college-educated woman is done.” Unlike many things he says, this appears to be true. In one recent poll of House preferences, college-educated white women favored Democrats by a staggering 47 points.
trump  politics  orangecounty 
9 days ago
Facebook in talks with banks to expand customer service | Reuters
Facebook had asked banks to share detailed financial information about their customers, including card transactions and checking-account balances // nope nope nope nope nope nope
nope  facebook  security  banking  privacy  data  ovum 
9 days ago
BlackBerry claims it can do to ransomware what Apple did to its phones • The Register
The new code is a free update to BlackBerry Workspaces, and allows IT managers to work out precisely which files and folders have been scrambled, and roll back just the affected documents and data to the point before the extortionware hit.
blackberry  backup  security  ovum 
9 days ago
Ghosts, Sea Gulls and Incompetents: How to Deal With Bad Bosses - The New York Times
Seagulling: diving into a project squawking and leaving a horrible mess behind
management  seagull 
9 days ago
The two-time pad: midwife of information theory? | Light Blue Touchpaper
The story up till now was that the Russians must have reused pads under pressure of war, when it became difficult to get couriers through to embassies. Now it seems to have been Russian policy all along
onetimepad  twotimepad  security  crypto  tiltman  history  bletchleypark  claudeshannon 
9 days ago
For all the excitement, Pie may be Android's most minimal makeover yet – thankfully • The Register
In fact what "headline" features do exist are really about shoving more predictive ML into your life like an over-eager Clippy the Paperclip.
android  android-apps  google  ovum 
9 days ago
danah boyd | apophenia » The case for quarantining extremist ideas
Catholic, Jewish and black presses of the 1920s consciously differed from Protestant-owned mainstream papers in their coverage of the Klan, conspicuously avoiding giving the group unnecessary attention. The black press called this use of editorial discretion in the public interest “dignified silence”, and limited their reporting to KKK follies, such as canceled parades, rejected donations and resignations
extremism  journalism  interesting 
9 days ago
Chip Overclock®: We are all relying on GPS all the time whether we realize it or not.
But here's the thing: being off by 13.7 microseconds... that's 13700 nanoseconds (actually, it was 13696.03 nanoseconds, as it turns out). That's about a 13700 foot navigation error. That's over two and a half miles.
gps  navigation  infrastructure  whoops 
9 days ago
WhatsApp — there’s an API for that – Twilio Cloud Communications Blog
WhatsApp is currently gating the number of new applications going to production // odd detail. I can remember when they had a zillion users on the three BSD boxen and the record for the most TCP connections
whatsapp  scalability  twilio  unix  sme  ovum 
9 days ago
7 design lessons from Silicon Valley’s most important failure
“If you have a bunch of self-motivated and smart people and you put them together they’ll produce something incredible. But you can’t minimize the importance of management. It’s a dirty word. It’s prosaic. It’s not vision. It’s not dream. It’s not technological excellence. But unfortunately, it makes all the difference.” —Joanna Hoffman, part of the original Macintosh team, head of marketing at General Magic
business  history  generalmagic  psion  apple  gsm  sillyvalley  management  to_blog  ovum 
9 days ago
Motorola's 5G Moto Mod Explained (Phone Scoop)
Damn that's sporky. A physical monument to the 5G THIRST
5g  thirst  ovum  motorola  lenovo  verizon 
9 days ago
Britain proposes tougher foreign investment rules to protect national security
The decision to tighten the screening of foreign investment rules marks a further shift in policy for the world’s fifth-largest economy which has traditionally been one of the most open markets to global mergers and acquisitions // handy
investment  capital  globalization 
9 days ago
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