Mastodon Is Like Twitter Without Nazis, So Why Are We Not Using It? - Motherboard
"You aren't on Mastodon because your friends aren't on Mastodon. Your friends aren't on Mastodon because you're not on Mastodon. And I wouldn't be on Mastodon, either, if I hadn't promised my editor to write an article about it."
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14 days ago
“The News Is Dying, but Journalism Will Not”: How the Media Can Prevent 2020 from Becoming 2016
"Again, the idea of competing for eyeballs against Fortnite and Netflix and Audible probably strikes the Pulitzer crowd as a crass proposition, unfit for the noble journalist. How wrong they are."

"Unlike other forms of news, podcasts like these and others are portable, optimized for busy schedules and produced to maximize drama and retain attention. They satisfy a demand for depth in our era of ambient news."

"But it was absolutely journalism, reimagined in a slightly more engaging format, guided by a host who related to viewers in a different conversational way than most reporters do."
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14 days ago
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