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Tristan Walker on the Roman Empire and Selling a Start-Up to Procter & Gamble - The New York Times
I was a great student — 4.0 G.P.A., valedictorian, all that stuff. I learned to study and play to the test, play to the grade, get to the next step. Now I’m in a position where I can actually devour the content I always wanted to. I remember reading Ben Franklin’s autobiography and being so delighted by it. It gave me this real delight to pursue a path of more knowledge.
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Tristan Walker acquisition by Procter & Gamble
For Walker—who has journeyed from Stanford Business School to Twitter to Fourquare to Andreessen Horowitz to his startup HQ in Palo Alto, California—the move to Atlanta is much more nuanced. Symbolic, even. “When I think about my consumers, they are in the southeast, they are in Atlanta,” he says. “When I consider things like how my son is raised, I want him to be around a supporting network of aspiring, forward-looking black folks.” Walker points to figures like Arlan Hamilton, founder of Backstage Capital, and PlayVS founder and CEO Delane Parnell—as well as Code2040, which stays in San Fran—who, intentionally or not, will remain examples in the case against homogeneity in the tech industry.

“While I am thankful for what Silicon Valley has afforded me, this is the right move for the company, and on behalf of the people that we serve,” he says. “This is not about me.”
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Tristan Walker: The Beauty Of A Bad Idea | Masters of Scale podcast
"The most scalable ideas don’t have to tackle dramatic ideas, they have to tackle neglected problems."

(looking at something that existed for song long they no longer even recognized it was a problem).
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Code2040 raises $5.6 million as it fights tech diversity backlash
"For folks who are motivated by their own sense of conviction, that doesn't matter necessarily. But for folks looking at the way the wind is blowing, there is less inclination to prioritize this work," she said.
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The Tristan Walker Episode by Tax Season
The Bevel GAWD, Tristan Walker finally makes an appearance on his favorite podcast. Tax, Tristan and special co-host and comedian Danielle Mop talk being black in Silicon Valley, Nas investing in Walker & Co and why Queens dudes find love so young. The young OG Tristan is dropping so real jewels so sit back and press play.
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Why Walker & Company is about so much more than just CPG products
But as easy as it is to point to a group that represents more than 35% of the US population and recognize opportunity, there’s a reason that traditional CPG companies have proven unable to tap into this market opportunity. Only an entrepreneur and a brand with authentic empathy and insights for this community’s needs could establish the credibility and insight necessary to solve these long-standing problems. Thus creating compelling opportunity for a massive new business.
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Page 1, Chapter 1 — Walker & Company Brands — Medium
Today, we announce an additional $24 million of financing, led by IVP with participation from investors Andreessen Horowitz, Upfront Ventures, Daher Capital, Collaborative Fund, Google Ventures, Felicis Ventures, and Melo7 Tech Partners. Many thanks to these firms and to the amazing individual investors who also took part in the round. They include Earvin “Magic” Johnson, John Legend, King Bach, Ron Johnson, San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York and President Paraag Marathe, Ryan Leslie, Andre Iguodala, Harrison Barnes, Anre and Paula Williams, Charles King, and John Maeda.
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Bevel Creator Walker & Co Raises $24 Million, Inks Deal To Sell Razors In Target
As for raising the money, Walker says there’s no break to celebrate at his startup, which raised the money quietly some time ago before announcing it Monday. “We’re just getting to work.”
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Tristan Walker: The Visible Man
Walker's hustle and charisma aren't the only reasons for his fame. Walker is black. In Silicon Valley, even in 2014, a visible, successful African-American is big news. The technology industry's lack of minority representation is deplorable. Venture capitalists, startup founders, and big-time CEOs like to brag that the tech business is a color-blind meritocracy, but their boasts don't reflect the facts. "Racism, sexism, and other forms of exclusionary behavior are in and of themselves nuanced and multilayered," says Freada Kapor Klein. It was during these years that Walker would develop and hone something widely considered a requirement for the survival, and success, of young black professionals in a white-dominated environment: the ability to be, essentially, two people at once, allowing one's true self to coexist with an "other" self that is just authentic enough to be unthreatening and to avoid unwarranted stereotypes.
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