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Don’t forget these changes to the AP Stylebook - Columbia Journalism Review
Avoid using committed suicide except in direct quotations from authorities. Alternate phrases include killed himself, took her own life or died by suicide.

“Committed in that context suggests possibly an illegal act, but in fact, laws against suicide have been repealed in the US, at least in certain states, and many other places,” Minthorn said, “so we’re going to avoid using that term on our own, although it’s a term that authorities widely use and we will use it while quoting authorities.”
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Tim Ferriss Says You Need This Superpower to Achieve Mental Toughness (In Fact, It Saved His Life) | Inc.com
In this TED Talk, Ferriss speaks of what he calls the superpower that saved his life: stoicism. The philosophy of stoicism, founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium in the early 3rd century BC, asserts that virtues (such as wisdom) should be based on behavior, rather than words. And that we don't control and cannot rely on external events, only ourselves and our responses.
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Being Mary Jane: Latarsha Rose on shocking character death | EW.com
She, as a character, as with all the women on the show, feels that it’s important for them to protect their image and not seem like their a burden to anyone. >> I want her to be able to really get a sense of herself, outside of what everyone expects of her. I think that’s how she’ll be able to attract someone in her life who has value for her. She needs to strip away everything that gets in the way of her being herself so that she find out what it means to be her authentic self. That’s what life is all about.
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