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What's it like to vividly remember every single day of your life?
Rebecca Sharrock has a rare condition known as Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (or HSAM) which gives her the ability to recall any memory in her life, all the back to when she was a baby. Since being diagnosed, Sharrock has been remarkably open about her life with HSAM.
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october 2017 by yolandaenoch
Troubleshoot the spinning beach ball
The most basic reason the beach ball appears is because your Mac's hardware can’t handle the software task at hand. It’s not unusual to see the occasional beach ball when you Mac is performing complex computing tasks. Even everyday activities—such as syncing with iTunes—can temporarily overtax the CPU.
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february 2016 by yolandaenoch
How To Improve Memory | Ron White
Spoke at James Malinchak's big money speaker event December 2011.
june 2014 by yolandaenoch

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