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What are some of the ways women are discriminated against that men are often unaware of?
This partner, and my firm, just assumed I’m going to be the primary care giver and that to retain me, they needed to help me with that role. >> By assuming I’m going to be the primary care giver and by setting policies to support that assumption, society is forcing me to choose between having a brilliant career and having a kid. My husband does not have to make that choice. That is discrimination. (jump to comment: https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-of-the-ways-women-are-discriminated-against-that-men-are-often-unaware-of/answer/Ellen-Vrana?srid=xBpb)
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How Marissa Mayer's Maternity Decision Affects Young Women -- Whether She Likes It Or Not | Caroline Fairchild | LinkedIn
Do I think it’s fair that the decisions Mayer and other female CEOs make are scrutinized differently? Certainly not. But in 2015, this is the reality that we find ourselves in. It wasn’t until 1998 that young American women like myself had any female CEOs in the Fortune 1000 to look up to. Now, we have 51. Mayer, whether she likes it or not, is one of them. I am not advocating that she take more time off to appease the masses and I am certainly not encouraging her to hide her plans. What I am hoping is that she begins to understand that aspiring young career women like me are watching and taking copious notes. If she doesn’t, I fear the slow rise of women we have joining her in the C-Suite will continue along at this dismally slow rate.
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