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How NYT Cooking Became the Best Comment Section on the Internet - The Ringer
This might be because Cooking’s comments aren’t comments at all—they’re notes, a distinction Times food editor Sam Sifton emphasizes several times over the course of our conversation. “We made the conscious decision not to call them comments,” Sifton tells me. “The call to action was to leave a note on the recipe that helps make it better. That’s very different from ‘Leave a comment on a recipe.’ And the comment might be ‘I hate you.’ ‘You’re an asshole.’ ‘This is bad.’ And that’s helpful to no one. I see that on other recipes, and I’m glad that we don’t have those comments, because we don’t have comments. We have notes.”
“I find the comments to be one of the most helpful parts of the product because they’re real people who have actually tried making these things in their real homes, as opposed to test kitchens,” she wrote me over email.
"Notes are “meant to serve as a resource for the readers,” senior staff editor Margaux Laskey says.“Which is why we’re so adamant about keeping them relevant, and why we don’t allow comments or notes from readers that appear as if they haven’t made the recipe.” To make it onto the site, a note has to have some trace of real-world insight, or at the very least pose a question with an eye toward applying potential answers in the kitchen.
Alexandra, for her part, thinks the design of Cooking, which has no full-fledged user profiles in the vein of a proper social network, encourages less self-aggrandizement and more actual assistance. “It’s kind of more like message boards,” she writes. “Like-minded people talking about a focused thing. You’re not trying to build a brand/profile since it doesn’t function that way, technically. It’s just folks tryna help other folks.”
Cooking allows for private notes only visible to the reader,
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