Is There an Upside to New York City's L Train Shutdown? - CityLab
Parts of the New York City's L train will shut down for 15 months in April 2019 for long-overdue tunnel repairs, affecting an estimated 275,000 Brooklyn subway riders trying to cross the river into Manhattan.
new-york  public-transportation  l-train  catesby-holmes 
19 hours ago
Feminist Hypocrisy Is The New Trend In Startup Narratives
In the end, it's worth asking why we're so ready to lionize anyone — man, woman, or otherwise — just because they say all the right things. Certainly the stories about the hypocrisies of women like Amoruso, Agrawal, and Huffington feel even more deliciously ironic because of their founders' messaging. But the basic reason they treat employees badly, and the excuse they use when they're called out, is that they, like most business owners, want to be successful — that is, make money.
sheryl-sandberg  miki-agrawal  sophia-amoruso  arianna-huffington  feminism  female-empowerment  doree-shafrir 
20 hours ago
Can Glennon Doyle Convince White Women To Care About Racial Justice?
And while Doyle’s writing isn’t interspersed with intolerant jabs toward others, like Hollis’s, Doyle’s first two books (like so many in the self-help genre) do rely on similar language about bettering herself, despite life’s challenges, by looking within — rather than interrogating the cultural and structural forces that have caused her harm, let alone the damage done to those who aren’t beautiful, petite white ladies living in Naples, Florida.

“My realization when I started all this,” Doyle told me backstage at Together Live, “was I figured out I was actually the white moderate that Martin Luther King Jr. was talking about. I imagined myself a civil rights activist somehow — I literally did — but I wasn’t doing anything! I imagined that I would have been marching with MLK, except that I wasn’t marching now. So part of my work is to get white women to understand who they actually are in this moment, compared to who they imagine themselves to be.”

One of Doyle's white followers on Instagram...told me that she doesn’t believe Doyle’s pivot to racial justice activism.

“I hope that she is sincere in her methods,” she said, but “the consensus behind closed doors is that she ran out things to talk about re: herself & the brutiful routine was growing dim. She needed a rebrand & overhaul & what better way than to bury the sweet stay at home wife/mom ... & deciding to slip on an activist costume for persons of color?”

But Cristina found Doyle’s behavior around the webinar incident disappointing and “unacceptable.” She said that Doyle seems to believe that white women, “or her followers in particular, need to be coddled & learn ARW from her vs. the black femme educators who are already doing it.”
feminism  white-feminism  women-of-color  gennon-doyle  racial-justice  racism  rachel-hollis  shannon-keating 
21 hours ago
When My Mom Moved Into Her Car, We Learned To Survive Without Being Fine
My mother’s “situation” is unacceptable — to her, to me, to our family, just in general. She needs a roof. She needs access to a shower and a kitchen and a reliable heating system. She needs, ideally, a home to feel like herself in. But it turns out it’s easier than you’d think to accept the unacceptable. You push the bad thing to the periphery and learn to live with it inevitably creeping back into your line of vision, the fact of it obscuring all the rest.
alanda-bennett  homelessness 
4 days ago
Michelle Obama Tells a Secret: 'I Have Been at Every Powerful Table You Can Think of... They Are Not That Smart'
But Obama offered a "secret" to young women everywhere: "I have been at probably every powerful table that you can think of, I have worked at nonprofits, I have been at foundations, I have worked in corporations, served on corporate boards, I have been at G-summits, I have sat in at the U.N.: They are not that smart."
chantal-da-silva  michelle-obama  becoming-book  imposter-syndrome  career-advice 
5 days ago
New for Invoices! Accept ACH Payments - Harvest
with ACH payments, you can get paid fast without incurring those huge fees! If you use ACH payments, that same $10,000 invoice would have a fee of just $5—saving you $285! Stripe charges a 0.80% fee for ACH transactions, and fees are capped at $5 per transaction.

It can take up to 3-5 business days for ACH payments to be approved.  ach-payments  strip  harvest 
6 days ago
Ed school dean: Urban school reform is really about land development (not kids) - The Washington Post
As the nation’s inner cities are dotted with coffee shop chains, boutique furniture stores, and the skyline changes from public housing to high-rise condominium buildings, listen to the refrain about school reform sung by some intimidated elected officials and submissive superintendents. That refrain is really about exporting the urban poor, reclaiming inner city land, and using schools to recalculate urban land value. This kind of school reform is not about children, it’s about the business elite gaining access to the nearly $600 billion that supports the nation’s public schools. It’s about money.  education-inequality  charter-schools  valerie-strauss  capitalism  leslie-t-fenwick  howard-university  black-people  racism  systemic-racism 
10 days ago
Resolved: Debate is stupid | The Outline
Debate is not politics. It’s theater.

Real learning is hard. It’s a slow, confusing process where you sometimes have to read long books with dreadful covers, and look at footnotes and shit. It requires us to recognize and then overcome our biases as best we can. It can take years to learn what we really think and why, and then if we get a lingering feeling we might be wrong, it can take years to un-learn and start all over.
debate  politics  theatre  performance  aisling-mccrea 
11 days ago
Brookings Study on Black Neighborhood Home Values Shows Blacks at Economic Disadvantage
This is also white privilege.

Growing up in a white neighborhood means parents have the opportunity to pass down an economic asset to their children that is more valuable simply because it exists in a white space. They also have the home equity to take out second mortgages to pay for college educations at lower interest rates. Which means white children are more likely to finish college with less debt. Which means white children are more likely to go to graduate school or start their careers earlier in life. Which leads to higher wages and more years of earning, which leads to more savings and wealth. Savings means the children of white homeowners can purchase homes sooner and move into white neighborhoods and continue the cycle.
white-privilege  brookings-study  home-ownership  housing-segregation  michael-harriot 
11 days ago
How to Wean Yourself Off Amazon This Holiday Shopping Season
The obvious benefit of using a non-Amazon wish list option is that you aren’t restricted to Amazon. Shoptagr saves items from online shops across the web via a one-click browser extension, and also sends out alerts when they go on sale. Gift Hero and SaveList are also great alternatives; they allow for multiple lists and let you share them easily. And of course there are broader-use options like Pinterest or Wunderlist: Create a board or a list of items from shops across the web and make them public. (Both have one-click browser extension options as well.)  amazon-prime  shopping  capitalism  molly-mchugh  amazon 
13 days ago
Green Book Flopped. But Who Was It Supposed to Be For?
Green Book is a but also movie, a both sides movie, and in that, it extends a 50-year-plus tradition of movies that tell a story about American racism that has always been irresistibly appealing, on and offscreen, to that portion of white Americans who see themselves as mediators.

The film even has Don explain to Tony, “You only win when you maintain your dignity” — a word and idea everyone involved has to know has a stunningly loaded racial history, one that defined and constricted much of Poitier’s career.
green-book-movie  mark-harris  movie-reviews  racism  hollywood 
13 days ago
How Stacey Abrams turned heartbreak into a career plan — and romance novels - The Washington Post
When I began writing novels, I read Aristotle to learn how to perfect structure, Pearl Cleage to sustain tension and Nora Roberts for characterization. Good romantic suspense can never underestimate the audience, and the best political leaders know how to shape a compelling narrative that respects voters and paints a picture of what is to come.
nora-krug  stacey-abrams  writing  language 
19 days ago
'Green Book' Is 'Full of Lies': Dr. Don Shirley's Family Speaks Out
“The main issues for me with Green Book are that it centers a white man’s experience in what should have been, according to the title, a Black story; and it misrepresents the (Negro Motorist) Green Book and it misrepresents Dr. Shirley. So, whether audiences would enjoy the film should be secondary to questions of whether this film harms Dr. Shirley’s legacy, whether it harms his living family members, and whether it harms Black people as a whole."
green-book-movie  movie-reviews  tony-lip  don-shirley 
19 days ago
Ellen Pompeo, Growth and Performative White Allyship
Her pronouncements were performative in both execution and tone. It is performative because as she is trying to hold her fellow white people accountable for doing something, she fails to hold herself accountable in those same moments.
ellen-pompeo  performative-allyship  monique-judge 
19 days ago
Kate Fagan is leaving ESPN - The Washington Post
“I think I thought at one point that I wanted to do a show — and could do a show — that made women’s sports really cool,” she said. “I thought there could be a show on some of the tangential topics — LGBT issues and mental health. Five years ago I thought I could host a show that introduces new female characters to the women’s sports world. This isn’t ESPN’s fault, but I’m not that naive now.”
kate-fagan  espn  ben-strauss 
21 days ago
Demi Adejuyigbe, Screenwriter/Comedian/Podcaster - XOXO Festival (2018)
By day, Demi Adejuyigbe is a comedy writer, currently for the Late Late Show. By night, he’s a relentlessly creative and prolific creator of great internet, from his absurdist parodies of Childish Gambino and Will Smith to his co-hosting duties on the Punch Up the Jam and Gilmore Guys podcasts.

Follow Demi on Twitter:

His official site:
xoxo-festival  demi-adejuyigbe 
22 days ago
What Your “Liking Gap” Can Teach You About First Impressions
We tend to wrongly assume that new people won’t like us before we’ve even met them, and these mistaken beliefs only intensify afterward.

Research has shown that humans are notoriously poor judges of who we are and how we come across.
tasha-eurich  liking-gap  first-impressions  social-skills  research 
22 days ago
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia | Season 13 Ep. 10: Mac’s Dance Scene
From Mac Finds His Pride (S13E10)

The gang returns, mostly, in the next season of FXX’s comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The gang has its hands full as Charlie hopes to have a child, Mac explores his sexuality, Dee takes feminism to new heights, and Frank tries to experience the greatest moment in Philadelphia sports history.
its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia-tv  tv-scenes  videos  dance-performances  lgbt-issues  rob-mcelhenney  danny-devito  kylie-shea 
22 days ago
Regional Connector Transit Project
A 1.9-mile underground light-rail system connecting the Metro Gold Line to the 7th Street/Metro Center Station

Direct connection between Azusa and Long Beach and between East Los Angeles and Santa Monica
metro-la  public-transportation  los-angeles 
24 days ago
Work Remotely From Tulsa, OK, For One Year, Get $10,000 - CityLab
The program, called Tulsa Remote, is being fully funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, a Tulsa-based philanthropy, and was planned with the city’s cooperation.
sarah-holder  tulsa-remote  remote-work  tulsa  george-kaiser-family-foundation 
25 days ago
We need the romantic dramedy starring Dev Patel and Octavia Spencer pronto!
Yes, I know she’s 46 and he’s 26, so there’s literally a 20-year age difference, but that’s why this would be a romantic dramedy, wouldn’t it? The film would be all about this sensible 40-something woman with a stable job, a few good friends, but empty home life (maybe a divorcee, a widow, or perhaps just someone who thought she’d be an eternal bachelorette, unlucky in love) questioning herself for falling for someone she’d never think she’d fall for–a man in his 20s. The film would be all about her reckoning with societal standards, the opinions of her friends and family (both good and bad opinions), and finally with herself as she goes on the journey towards unlearning societal shame and going full-throttle with this man who, despite his age, has an old soul, clearly a soul that has been on Earth several times before.
dev-patel  octavia-spencer  monique-jones 
25 days ago
4 Laws That Could Stem the Rising Threat of Mass Shootings - Scientific American
1/ Require permits to purchase

2/ Ban individuals convicted of any violent crime from gun purchase

3/ Make all serious domestic violence offenders surrender firearms

4/ Temporarily ban active alcohol abusers from firearms
belinda-wenner-moyer  gun-control  gun-violence  gun-safety 
26 days ago
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