Steven Yeun Is Lighting Up the Screen
The thing that worked me, and helped me understand what was going on in my own body, was just I have to stop depending on others to confirm my worth. I'm here. I exist. And I don't need someone else to validate that for me. It's really on me. It's my choice whether I continue to thrive or not. That's really the mission statement: How do you get better every day and take a second to listen?

Kindness breeds safety and safety breeds confidence.

My favorite verse is Romans 12:2 and he says, "Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test God's good and perfect will.”

I remember being taught that in youth group as: “Only do Christian things, don't do secular things, and then you will be fine.” But that couldn't be further from what that text actually says. That's such a bummer to me that that's how I was brought up. But it's cool to find it now, to realize that it's all just about, don't conform. Just do the thing that you were put on this earth to do.
interviews  steven-yeun  chris-gayomali 
1 hour ago
Jamal Khashoggi: What the Arab world needs most is free expression
There was a time when journalists believed the Internet would liberate information from the censorship and control associated with print media. But these governments, whose very existence relies on the control of information, have aggressively blocked the Internet.

---Last article he wrote before being murdered in Turkey.
jamal-khashoggi  arab-world  freedom-of-press  free-expression  government  censorship  saudi-arabia  turkey 
4 hours ago
'Asian Bae' Of 'Insecure' Explains Why His Role Is Groundbreaking For Asian Guys | HuffPost
“I was ashamed of being Chinese as a kid, and would revel anytime I was confused for Polynesian, Hawaiian or Maori, because these other ethnicities had an exotic attraction and appeal that my [being] Chinese didn’t carry in a white society ― the irony being each of those ethnicities were at one time influenced by Chinese.”
insecure-tv  profiles  asian-men  black-women  diversity-in-hollywood  dating  interracial-relationships  kimberly-yam  alexander-hodge 
4 days ago
Commentary: Women's Friendships Hold Them Back in Careers | Fortune
I realized that despite the cultural moment female friendship is currently enjoying, the same strength, intensity, and deep connections being celebrated was also setting up a false dichotomy between personal relationships and the transactionality of business.

Women told me that when they asked a friend for business, they feared it would damage their personal relationships, took rejection personally, and became gun-shy about making another pitch. Even well-qualified women who had no qualms about asking (and were quite adept at it) were often met with avoidance, a brush-off, or no reply at all.

Women - who are able to successfully transact business with personal friends - do these things:

1. Ask how you can help (get specific, actionable responses) every time you meet with a woman—socially or professionally.
2. Recommend friends to friends (intentionally promoting each other as experts, leaders, and business resources).
3. Seek women out—don’t wait to be approached.
4. Take the meeting and play matchmaker. Even if you don’t have a pressing need, introduce her to a relevant contact in your network who does.
mallun-yen  friendship  career-advice  women-and-work 
8 days ago
Why female entrepreneurs should join business networks - SmartCompany
Some of the report’s other findings were that almost half of the women surveyed said connecting with other business people would greatly benefit their business; about a third are unsure where to go to find suitable groups or networks; and 31% said the current business environment is more conducive to male business leaders.

Joining the right business group can be an excellent way to fast-track your networking strategy.
entrepreneurship  female-entrepreneurs  networking  fi-bendall 
8 days ago
How I Stay Productive - Nat Eliason
Each month, I’ll pick three goals to focus on. These are the goals I think will make the biggest impact in my life, that I’ll be happiest if I get done this month. They’re also the things I think I’ll be unlikely to do if I don’t set a specific goal for them. I’ll always pull them from my annual goals and their next steps, to make sure that I’m staying on track for the bigger goals I’m aiming towards.
focus  productivity  organizing  time-management  to-do-lists 
11 days ago
The P.A.R.A. Method: A Universal System for Organizing Digital Information - Praxis
Projects require you to be laser-focused, to ruthlessly drive toward an outcome, to smash through or circumvent obstacles, to ignore distractions (i.e. people). Areas, on the other hand, require mindfulness, balance, flow, and human connection. This is the realm of habits, routines, rituals, and intentional communities. Areas require introspection and self-awareness, because determining whether or not you are meeting your standard is an intuitive exercise, not an analytical one.
focus  productivity  organizing  time-management  to-do-lists  tiago-forte 
11 days ago
The 200 Greatest Songs By 21st Century Women+ : NPR
This list is part of Turning the Tables, an ongoing project from NPR Music dedicated to recasting the popular music canon in more inclusive – and accurate – ways. This year, our list, selected by a panel of more than 70 women and non-binary writers, tackles history in the making, celebrating artists whose work is changing this century's sense of what popular music can be. The songs are by artists whose major musical contributions came on or after Jan. 1, 2000, and have shifted attitudes, defied categories and pushed sound in new directions since then.
music  women  artists 
14 days ago
Google launches accelerator to increase diversity in podcasting | TechCrunch
The accelerator aims to remove access barriers to podcasting and to increase the diversity of the podcast industry. {TechCrunch}
Offers free educational tools and will showcase their work.
“Training is a primary way to close the skills gap that keep many from being successful in podcasting"

Learned about through Eugene Leychenko (wrkprty).
As part of the program, which kicks off in January, 12 teams will receive seed funding, training and mentorship.  google  accelerators  podcasts  prx  megan-rose-dickey 
14 days ago
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Just Doing What White Women Do Best | GQ
She isn't being held captive; she's a captor. She is not swallowing her pride and her integrity for the party; the party is her pride and her integrity. You can not sell your soul if you don't possess one.
damon-young  sarah-huckabee-sanders  christine-blasey-ford  brett-kavanaugh  white-women  white-supremancy  politics  donald-trump 
15 days ago
[no title]
If something bad happens to a woman, and she has been drinking—any amount of alcohol will do—there is a good chance, the world will assume, that the thing is her fault.

Women cannot afford to assume that the world will keep them safe, or give them the benefit of the doubt. Nor can the many others who do not enjoy the protective embrace of a place invested in their futures: Trayvon Martin was posthumously denigrated, in the effort to defend George Zimmerman’s killing of him, for being that most common of things: a young man who experimented with weed.
double-standards  sexism  feminism  alcohol  christine-blasey-ford  brett-kavanaugh  megan-garber  trayvon-martin  george-zimmerman  botham-jean  amber-guyger  anger 
17 days ago
Opinion | Fury Is a Political Weapon. And Women Need to Wield It. - The New York Times
“We cry when we get angry,” Ms. Steinem said to me 45 years later. “I don’t think that’s uncommon, do you?” She continued, “I was greatly helped by a woman who was an executive someplace, who said she also cried when she got angry, but developed a technique which meant that when she got angry and started to cry, she’d say to the person she was talking to, ‘You may think I am sad because I am crying. No. I am angry.’ And then she just kept going. And I thought that was brilliant.”
feminism  rebecca-traister  christine-blasey-ford  anger  women  brett-kavanaugh  gloria-steinem 
17 days ago
Roxane Gay on Financial Independence: 'The Most Important Thing a Woman Can Do for Herself' | Wealthsimple
wish that when I was younger, I understood the value of savings. Because now I have savings — and I understand. What it gives me is peace of mind. If something horrible happens, I’m going to be OK for at least a year.
dodai-stewart  roxane-gay  money  interviews  financial-independence 
18 days ago
No, I Will Not Debate You
I’ve spent much of the past five years hearing out and attempting to debate people like Bannon, and in my experience it only emboldens and legitimizes them. As far as I am concerned, I am not interested in hearing those arguments again.

Bates: It is my belief that Steve Bannon meets this high standard, that his deeply racist, misogynistic, white nationalist views pose real threat and harm to a large number of people, and that it is therefore irresponsible and damaging to provide him with the legitimacy of such a highly respected mainstream platform as The Economist.

justification-suppression model. The theory is that bigots refrain from directly defending their own bigotry but get hugely riled up justifying the abstract right to express bigotry.

Focusing the conversation on the ethics of disseminating speech rather than the actual content of that speech is hugely useful for the far right for three reasons.

People rarely change their minds in the course of formal public debate. Not the people on stage, and very few of those in the audience. Years of robust debate in my capacity as a commentator and journalist have taught me that you don’t change minds simply by pointing out where someone is wrong. As a dear friend once told me, trying to bring someone over to your side by publicly demonstrating that their ideas are bad and that they should feel bad is like trying to teach a goat how to dance: the goat will not learn to dance, and you will make him angry. The ways people actually change their minds is by reading the mood of those around them and then going away and thinking about it, by being given permission to think what they were already thinking, or by being shamed into realizing how ignoble their assumptions always were.

Sunlight is neither literally nor figuratively the best disinfectant. Nor is sunlight what the ritual of formal debate offers. What it offers is a chance to build one’s brand.

the idea that politeness and civility is owed to anyone in a position of power is one of the great gotchas of liberal thought.

The far right doesn’t have a profound philosophy, it has a media strategy.

If we deny racists a platform, they feed off the appearance of censorship, but if we give them a platform, they’ve won by being respectfully invited into the mainstream. Either way, what matters to them is not debate, but attention. There is no perfect choice.  debate  fascism  politics  steve-bannon  new-yorker  the-economist  laurie-penny  laura-bates  ally-fogg  white-nationalist  justification-suppression-model  bigotry  free-speech 
27 days ago
Why the Confidence Gap Is a Myth - The Atlantic
According to another recent study, it’s most often a fear of this backlash, and not a lack of confidence, that prevents many women from self-promoting.

As with most misdiagnoses, the prescribed treatments for women’s supposed lack of confidence—practicing power poses, banishing vocal habits like “upspeak,” eliminating negative thoughts—don’t seem to have had any impact.

Smith, who has studied gender norms in the workplace, says that the strategies that make the biggest difference in women’s lack of self-promotion put the onus on companies, not the women who work in them. One simple tactic is for workplaces to normalize the practice of self-promotion, so that when women talk about their achievements, they are less likely to face the well-documented backlash.

Companies should also hold workshops that highlight for employees the research on the backlash that confident women often experience in the workplace, Smith adds. Not only would these trainings make people more aware of their deeply ingrained but often implicit gender biases, but they would also help otherwise-confident women understand why they might feel uncomfortable self-promoting.
stephanie-thomson  women-and-work  feminism  confidence-gap  career-advice  work-environment  culture 
28 days ago
Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian are good at performing their happy relationship online.
This gets to the heart of what’s fascinating about the two’s very public performance of marriage and parenthood: What exactly are they trying to prove? Williams has more money than she could ever need, and Ohanian has millions of his own. So why are they so intent on packaging their family life into social media–friendly morsels of content?  serena-williams  alexis-ohanian  heather-schwedel  social-media  relationships  marriage 
28 days ago
Making coworking space even more accessible: Workfrom WeWork – Silicon Florist
All it takes is signing up for a free Workfrom account. And then you can start buying day use credits at WeWork Pioneer Place for $19 a day. And here’s something even better.
portland  rick-turoczy  wework  coworking  workform 
4 weeks ago
Start-ups shouldn't try to be unicorns—they should be zebras — Quartz
This new movement demands a new symbol, so we’re claiming an animal of our own: the zebra.

Why zebras?

To state the obvious: unlike unicorns, zebras are real.
Zebra companies are both black and white: they are profitable and improve society. They won’t sacrifice one for the other.
Zebras are also mutualistic: by banding together in groups, they protect and preserve one another. Their individual input results in stronger collective output.
Zebra companies are built with peerless stamina and capital efficiency, as long as conditions allow them to survive.  entrepreneurship  vc-funding  unicorn-startups  zebra-startups  mara-zepeda 
4 weeks ago
How to Take a Full-Page Screenshot
Google Chrome includes a built-in screenshot tool, but it's a bit hidden. You'll first enter two sets of keyboard shortcuts, then enter a command to capture a full-page screenshot of any web page. Start by using the shortcut pairs below—enter the first shortcut, followed by the second—depending on your operating system:

On Mac
1. Alt + Command + I
2. Command + Shift + P  emily-irish  screenshots  google-chrome 
5 weeks ago
Arlan Hamilton, founder of Backstage Capital, brings diversity to VC
Hamilton’s vision that the Valley’s lack of diversity wasn’t a talent-pipeline problem as much as a resources problem: Diverse entrepreneurs needed money.

Matthews, for her part, cites the unique pressure of raising money as a black female founder: “Whenever you are a black face in a white space, your presence represents all black people. You don’t have the ability to be flawed. Any mistake you make, that will be the one data point to explain an entire people.”

Hamilton knows that feeling well. She recalls the fellow VC who once told her that for Backstage to be taken seriously, it needs to be an “outlier” in terms of its performance. “He said I need to be better than everyone in order to be seen as an equal,” she says. “It’s very unfair. But he can ship it to me; I’m not signing for it. I don’t feel the pressure.”
arlan-hamilton  backstage-capital  vc-funding  profiles  jessica-matthews 
5 weeks ago
'Black-ish' Creator Kenya Barris On ABC Exit, Netflix Plans [Interview]
By mid-August, it was all done: Barris had exited ABC Studios and entered into an agreement with Netflix, joining a roster of heavyweights like Ryan Murphy, Jenji Kohan and his mentor, Shonda Rhimes. The deal is said to be in the high eight figures.
lacey-rose  kenya-barris  blackish-tv  shonda-rhimes  ryan-murphy  netflix  abc-network  jenji-kohan  interviews 
5 weeks ago
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