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contains links and screenshots of images related to "Yes Yes No" segment that periodically runs on Reply All podcast.
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7 days ago
Gust Launch
Learned about at Grid110 BotBash on 12/5/2017.
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9 days ago
Breeze Suites | Santa Monica Living
Furnished studio apartments on 6th/Broadway near DTSM.
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9 days ago
Why Podcasting Matters to Marketing [Infographic]
In that regard, podcast ads work a lot like television or radio — you pay for the viewers you get. But unlike television or radio, you can get an excellent idea of a podcast's listeners just by looking at its name, category, and other data.
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10 days ago
Artist And Scholar Rebekah Modrak Calls Out The Cultural Appropriation Of Black Detroit In New Work 'Rethink Shinola' | BLAVITY
Finally she asks consumers to "rethink Shinola. Stop buying colonialist versions of Detroit and blackness. Do not buy Shinola products."

For more information on Rethink Shinola and to view Modrak's artwork, visit Note that the piece was designed to be viewed on a desktop or laptop rather than on a mobile device.
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11 days ago
‘Get Out’ Director Jordan Peele Explains ‘The Sunken Place’
What is the sunken place? Superficially, it’s a brainwashing technique. See, in “Get Out,” a young black man visits the family of his white girlfriend, experiencing an increasingly ominous series of microaggressions, until the reveal comes: He has been lured there to be kidnapped, sold into a form of slavery, and lobotomized so that his body can be hijacked by the white person who purchased him. Part of what makes it possible is a kind of hypnosis, which separates the consciousness of the victim from control of the body.
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11 days ago
Reutweeted on Twitter: "in the what garden
In response to this tweet:

Prince Harry and fiancée Meghan Markle pose for photographs in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace following the announcement of their engagement #RoyalWedding #RoyalEngagement
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11 days ago
Airbus Developer Sets Goal to Start 5 Hustles at Once
SEO & Reddit <Marketing Tips>

1/ Research keywords you want to rank for.
2/ Use those keywords in the title tags of your page.
3/ Make sure the content on that page is relevant and high quality.
4/ Promote those pages and get links.
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14 days ago
Rightspeed - The Speed Listening App on the App Store
Can listen to up to 10x speed. Learned about in Buzzfeed article about speed listeners.
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15 days ago
Tech Ethics Curriculum
Learned about from retweet by Anil Dash
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17 days ago
A Line-by-Line Response to the New York Times’ Response to the Backlash They Received for Publishing a Nazi Puff Piece
Of course, profiles on the people directly harmed by this hate speech and violence would be much more compelling. But that would require whiteness—white maleness, specifically—to be uncentered. And uncentering whiteness is harder than eating just one Lay’s potato chip, apparently.
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18 days ago
EXTENDED CUT #11: Lessons in Podcasting
Types of Podcast:
More Produced/Journalistic
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19 days ago
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