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Two people have won both a Nobel and Ig Nobel Prize.
physics  nobel  prize  funny  science 
september 2018 by yig
Mas Subramanian's Quest for a Billion-Dollar Red
The story of a new blue pigment. If you've got Indium, speak up. They need it. via @bloomberg
science  chemistry  color  pigments  research  academic  university  ip 
april 2018 by yig
Visions of the Future
NASA space travel posters. They've got a great vintage look. @NASAJPL
posters  art  science  space  nasa  vintage  planets  future  fiction 
september 2016 by yig
The deconstructed Standard Model equation | symmetry magazine
A super brief introduction to the Standard Model of particle physics. Too brief for me!
science  physics  math  particles  particle  equation 
july 2016 by yig
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