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How To Kill Your Tech Industry
In World War II, Britain invented the electronic computer. By the 1970s, its computing industry had collapsed—thanks to a labor shortage produced by sexism.
feminism  computing  computers  history  sexism 
september 2018 by yhancik
Retr0Bright - home
"Anyone who has dug their old computer or console out of the cupboard or loft for some retro gaming will probably have noticed that it maybe hasn’t worn too well with the test of time. The plastics these machines were made of is called ABS and to make it flame retardant the plastics manufacturers added chemicals that caused the plastic turn yellow or, even worse, brown over a long period of time" <- AND HOW TO CLEAN IT !
retro  howto  cleaning  yellow  white  ABS  computers  plastic 
july 2010 by yhancik
Doug Engelbart: The Demo
Doug Engelbart giving the "mother of all Demos" 1968
DougEngelbart  technology  inspiration  movie  video  history  computers 
april 2010 by yhancik
A desolate amusement; a smart impact
"The Joking Computer, a kiosk-based installation running software made by artificial intelligence researchers at the University of Aberdeen. The software uses phonetic information about English words and semantic information from WordNet to generate pun-based riddles"
language  computers  ai  wordnet 
january 2010 by yhancik
IBM Slides
It's 1975 And This Man Is About To Show You The Future
future  technology  1975  ibm  computers  retro  retrofuturism 
july 2008 by yhancik
Work and Play
The desk of famous Games Producers and Journalists. Interesting ;)
videogames  producers  journalists  office  desks  work  computers  kenlevine  sidmeier  gearbox  PeterMolyneux  RichardGarriott  XeniJardin  pennyarcade 
january 2008 by yhancik
"10. Whenever a character looks at a terminal, the image is so bright that it
projects itself onto his/her face."
movies  humour  funny  geek  computers  OS  cinema 
july 2007 by yhancik
TestDisk - CGSecurity
"TestDisk is a powerful free data recovery software! It was primarily designed to help recover lost partitions and/or make non-booting disks bootable again when these symptoms are caused by faulty software, certain types of viruses or human error"
recovery  software  disk  tools  windows  computers  crash  harddisk  sysadmin 
june 2007 by yhancik
often is the default IP address of a (domestic) router
router  ip  lan  computers 
september 2006 by yhancik
Nullsoft Beep
Nullsoft Beep is an application that makes your computer sound like computers sound in the movies.
freeware  customisation  sound  windows  fun  computers  software 
august 2006 by yhancik
X-Entertainment - Dr. Sbaitso, From Creative Labs.
an artificial intelligence program by Creative Labs. The program would "converse" with the user as if it was a psychologist. It was designed to showcase the digitized voices the cards were able to produce
creativelabs  ai  tts  psychologist  chatbot  sbaitso  computers 
june 2006 by yhancik

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