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this is a solid reverb for $50. clean and spacious. decay times up to 100s
studio  plugins  reverb 
september 2012 by yetanotherjosh
Flux:: Elixir peak limiter
This plugin retains a great degree of warmth and power in a mix when applying significant limiting. I'm impressed. Not sure why one would use their "Pure Limiter" over this, I found this one much nicer.
studio  plugin  limiter 
december 2011 by yetanotherjosh
Flux:: Pure Compressor II
this is one of the more "surgical" compressors i've tried. with it i was able to very cleanly and deliberately cut out harsh upper midrange attack transients on a dirty synth lead with some precise side chain EQ and very fast attack release. when i tried to the same with any other EQ (logic's native EQ, for instance) i simply couldn't do it. the A/R control on this EQ left the other in the dust
studio  plugin  compression 
december 2011 by yetanotherjosh
Flux:: Epure II eq
this EQ sounds top notch. comparing equivalent boosts to other EQs there is a very clear difference. somehow this one brings out just the "sweet" part of the boost range, leaving the mud, mess, and harshness alone whilst other EQs bring that junk along. at $470 this thing doesn't come cheap but I could see myself using it everywhere, all the time.
studio  plugin  eq 
december 2011 by yetanotherjosh
SRC Comparisons
sample rate conversion quality plots for various DAW software
studio  daw  viz 
may 2011 by yetanotherjosh
Tiptop Audio - Stackcable: Stackable 1/8" Jacks
stackable banana cables so you don't need dedicated multiples
studio  modular  cables 
may 2011 by yetanotherjosh
Expert Sleepers - ES-3 Lightpipe/CV Interface
using the silent way plugin to generate CV signals to your adat audio outputs, into this module
studio  modular 
may 2011 by yetanotherjosh
MIDI Patchbay @ Not A Hat
"MIDI patchbay lets you hook up your various pieces of MIDI software and hardware and pass MIDI data between them, applying assorted filters on the way. Things like key splits, MIDI channel remapping, transposition, etc. are simple."
studio  midi  osx  utils 
may 2011 by yetanotherjosh
Logic FAQ: Inserts, Sends, Busses and Aux objects
even after using logic for 10+ years, I still learned something from this FAQ
studio  daw  logic  faq 
april 2011 by yetanotherjosh
Cableguys - Audio Plugins
draw clock-synced looping volume/pan/filter envelope curves. $69
studio  au  plugins  gate  envelope  dynamics  filter 
january 2011 by yetanotherjosh
Dynamo - Sinevibes
programmable stepwise gate effect. why hasn't this existed before? how long have i wanted this?
studio  plugins  au  gate 
january 2011 by yetanotherjosh
elysia - software - niveau filter
this is a very useful and great sounding little plugin. useful in direct fx chain and also very, very useful as a parallel effect mixed back into the original to get great sounding, large magnitude shelving effects
studio  plugins  au  filter 
december 2010 by yetanotherjosh
a free, one trick pony reverb. but sometimes this one trick is the trick you want.
plugins  audiounit  studio  free 
october 2010 by yetanotherjosh
Martin Eastwood - Audio gubbins and other such stuff
author of the mverb free reverb vst which is often useful
studio  audiounit  plugins  free 
october 2010 by yetanotherjosh
Cymbal synthesis tutorial
pretty decent splash cymbals via filtered noise driving a set of resonators
studio  synth  tutorial  cymbal 
may 2010 by yetanotherjosh
Electronic Musician shows how to use Apple’s proprietary Apple Loops format in other audio software.
an intro with some detail to apple loops. what i found (not discussed here) that is not obvious is that when creating my own loops from a soft synth region in logic, it appears to only create a bounced audio .aif file in the ~/Library/Audio/Apple Loops/User Loops folder. however, that .aif file contains a ton of metadata which includes all the channel strip settings (the plugins and the plugin presets etc), which i discovered by actually inspecting the aif file via unix console commands.
studio  apple  loops  howto  article 
march 2010 by yetanotherjosh
Airwindows Audio Unit Plugins
check out "desk" and "energy" both of which claim to do magical things with hand-wavy explanations. worth a demo though, could actually be magic.
studio  plugins  au  eq  totry 
december 2009 by yetanotherjosh - Mixbus
daw app which markets itself specifically with respect to the quality of the summing bus operations. this is one of those areas of audio software that i've been curious about and would like to try doing a mixdown shootout in this app versus, say, logic pro or ableton live.
studio  audio  mixing  software  dsp  totry 
december 2009 by yetanotherjosh
Welcome to SPI - Specialty Products & Insulation Co.
wholesale distributor of insulation. in benicia,ca. this is where i'll get my owens corning 703 because that stuff is expensive to ship.
studio  acoustics  wholesale  fiberglass  insulation  owenscorning 
september 2009 by yetanotherjosh - Plugins - Sonic Transformer
one of those "try some settings and see what you get out of it" plugins, this seems to have some nice spatial delay/verb effecting going on.
studio  plugins  freeware  delay  reverb 
september 2009 by yetanotherjosh
"signals" vst pad synth
the audio demos remind me of boards of canada. oh and there is a kick synth. why in the world aren't there more kick synths out there, anyway?
studio  plugins  pads  totry 
september 2009 by yetanotherjosh
The Glue | Cytomic
one always needs more compressor plugins. the audio demos reveal this one to sound pretty darn good.
studio  plugins  compression  bump 
september 2009 by yetanotherjosh
Synchro Arts
makers of vocalign, software to automatically align the energy patterns in one signal to match another, i.e. match an original take and a dub/second take to the same timings.
studio  plugins  vocals  timing 
september 2009 by yetanotherjosh
Michael Norris: SoundMagic Spectral
fft-based frequency-domain effects in freeware audio unit plugin form
studio  plugins  au  fft 
september 2009 by yetanotherjosh
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