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How could AI improve the NHS?
So how could AI improve the NHS as a whole?

Faster cancer screening test results, including mammograms, brain scans, eye scans and heart monitoring.

Better estimates for future needs of beds, drugs, devices, or operations.

Help identifying those most at risk of diseases such as heart disease or dementia, thereby diagnosing problems earlier.

Working out which patients can access treatment in the community instead of in hospital.

Automating some routine admin tasks, freeing up clinicians’ time as well as upskilling NHS staff so they can use AI systems for day-to-day tasks.

Building systems to detect people at risk of post-operative complications, infections or requiring a follow-up from clinicians.
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WeShareMD – Shared Medical Suites
Virtual Office - $150 - Virtual Office package comes with a physical address, onsite mail and package collection services
Bronze Clinic - $300 - 1 clinic(4 hr block)
Silver Clinic - $2,700 - 10 clinics
Gold Clinic - $4,800 - 20 clinics.
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Amazon Comprehend Medical
Unlocking this information from medical language makes a variety of common medical use cases easier and cost-effective, including: clinical decision support (e.g., getting a historical snapshot of a patient’s medical history), revenue cycle management (e.g., simplifying the time-intensive manual process of data entry), clinical trial management (e.g., by identifying and recruiting patients with certain attributes into clinical trials), building population health platforms, and helping address (PHI) requirements (e.g., for privacy and security assurance.)
“We’re able to completely, automatically look inside medical language and identify patient details,” including diagnoses, treatments, dosage and strengths, “with incredibly high accuracy,” said Matt Wood, general manager of artificial intelligence at Amazon Web Services.

During testing, the software performed on par or better than other published efforts, and can extract data on patients’ diseases, prescriptions, lab orders and procedures, said Taha Kass-Hout, a senior leader with Amazon’s health-care and artificial intelligence efforts.

Users upload health records to Amazon’s cloud service, where they can run the text-processing software. Amazon’s algorithms analyze text for specific types of data and return the results in an organized format, similar to a spreadsheet.
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