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How could AI improve the NHS?
So how could AI improve the NHS as a whole?

Faster cancer screening test results, including mammograms, brain scans, eye scans and heart monitoring.

Better estimates for future needs of beds, drugs, devices, or operations.

Help identifying those most at risk of diseases such as heart disease or dementia, thereby diagnosing problems earlier.

Working out which patients can access treatment in the community instead of in hospital.

Automating some routine admin tasks, freeing up clinicians’ time as well as upskilling NHS staff so they can use AI systems for day-to-day tasks.

Building systems to detect people at risk of post-operative complications, infections or requiring a follow-up from clinicians.
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Why Working from Home Is Better for Business
Also at
0;36 "As long as they can find good WI-FI, we don't care where they are."
1:11 "I believe that talent and intelligence are equally distributed throughout the world. But opportunity is not." Does [MacArthur award location at award]( ) confirm or rebut?.
Out of the Office: More People Are Working Remotely, Survey Finds
Feb. 15, 2017
A 2-Year Stanford Study Shows the Astonishing Productivity Boost of Working From Home
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What it means to be a data-driven enterprise and how to become one | LinkedIn
According to the McKinsey Global Institute report, data-driven organizations are 23 times greater likelihood of customer acquisition, 6 times as likely to retain those customers, and 19 times greater likelihood of profitability.
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Comparably - Transparent Compensation & Culture
Jason Nazar Co-founder and CEO of Comparably,
Website where employees publicly rate their employers and where they can see how much they are getting paid. Has solutions for companies to help them with the employer brand and recruitment marketing
Goal is to make workplaces more transparent
appeared on siriusxm business radio launchpad on 2018-10-17
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