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What Are The Most Exciting Trends In AI In 2019?
1. Maturation of the Tooling Ecosystem
2. Training Data
3. Explainability
4. Model Management, Performance and Monitoring
5. Privacy Preserving Machine Learning
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[1907.08584] CraftAssist: A Framework for Dialogue-enabled Interactive Agents

This paper describes an implementation of a bot assistant in Minecraft, and the tools and platform allowing players to interact with the bot and to record those interactions. The purpose of building such an assistant is to facilitate the study of agents that can complete tasks specified by dialogue, and eventually, to learn from dialogue interactions.
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3 Powerful Uses of Machine Learning in Marketing
Uncovering trends 
Targeting the right influencers
Analyzing campaigns
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yencarnacion/google-research: Google AI Research
Training Data:
# Prostate
# breast
The Camelyon16 dataset utilized to develop the deep learning algorithms used in this study is available from the Camelyon challenge8 ( The prostate dataset from TCGA that was used to develop the deep learning algorithms used in this study is available from the Genomic Data Commons portal (, which is based on data generated by the TCGA Research Network (
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How could AI improve the NHS?
So how could AI improve the NHS as a whole?

Faster cancer screening test results, including mammograms, brain scans, eye scans and heart monitoring.

Better estimates for future needs of beds, drugs, devices, or operations.

Help identifying those most at risk of diseases such as heart disease or dementia, thereby diagnosing problems earlier.

Working out which patients can access treatment in the community instead of in hospital.

Automating some routine admin tasks, freeing up clinicians’ time as well as upskilling NHS staff so they can use AI systems for day-to-day tasks.

Building systems to detect people at risk of post-operative complications, infections or requiring a follow-up from clinicians.
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Long short-term memory
Sepp Hochreiter; Jürgen Schmidhuber (1997). "Long short-term memory". Neural Computation. 9 (8): 1735–1780. doi:10.1162/neco.1997.9.8.1735. PMID 9377276.
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