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Rivers of Ankh-Morpork [Melannen]
The Faceless Man miscalculates, and Peter Grant falls into a river.

...well, more onto a river, really. He may have bounced.
Author:Melannen  Fic  WordCount:5-10k  RiversOfLondon  Gen  Discworld  Crossover  Humour  via:Brandysnaps 
january 2017 by yarngeek
Fic: Bless Your Heart, Kent Parson [bitty/jack, check please!]
"What did that poor boy ever do to Dicky?" Mrs. Bittle asked, equal parts concern and amusement in her voice.

"Hmm?" Jack asked. They were sitting at the table on the back patio of the Bittle residence in Georgia, the air still thick and hot at half-past eight. Jack was peeling potatoes to make potato salad for tomorrow's Fourth of July celebration. Bitty and Coach were across the way, discussing something sports-related with animation. Next year's Stanley Cup odds, he thought, vaguely hearing something about the Penguins' new goalie and the Aces' offensive line ("Kent Parson, bless his heart," Bitty had said a moment ago, Jack's attention still catching on that name despite himself and all the years.)
check.please!  pairing:eric.bittle/jack.zimmermann  author:melannen  (content:closeted.character)  (content:fourth.of.july)  (content:meet.the.parents)  [rating:pants]  (words:5001-10k)  via:midnightbex 
july 2016 by yarngeek
Modern Careers in the Information Sciences (and Other White Lies) [Melannen]
Any agent knows that the most important thing when planning an op is information. Luckily, there's a public library right across the street from Fort Meade.
Author:Melannen  Fic  CaptainAmerica  Gen  Coda  via:Brandysnaps 
may 2014 by yarngeek
Mammal Ethology And Small Group Dynamics [Melannen]
"If we're going with the whole pack dynamics thing, I nominate Pierce for omega," Abed said.
Author:Melannen  Fic  Community  Gen  Humour  AU  Trope:Werewolves  via:Brandysnaps 
september 2013 by yarngeek

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