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NedGames | A game designer's look ahead
Edward Lerner's blog. Ned started his first business at age sixteen, selling bicycles to his friends. Since then he’s ridden a lot of bicycles and worked on over $5 billion of original, award winning games (and non-games) including Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Trainer (’87), Ultima Underworld (’91), F22 Interceptor (’92), John Madden Football ’93 (’93), System Shock (’94), Flight Unlimited (’97), FireTeam (‘98), Firetalk (’00), The Sims2 (’04) and over one hundred PlayStation games (’05-‘13), most recently the glorious Last of Us (’13).
january 2015 by xyzzyb interactive fiction (Photopia)
Have you played Photopia? A definitive piece of interactive fiction.
videogames  interactive_fiction 
november 2014 by xyzzyb
It's not vanilla Wolfenstein 3D, it's chocolate Wolfenstein 3D!
videogames  classic 
august 2014 by xyzzyb
Gamasutra: David D'Angelo's Blog - Breaking the NES for Shovel Knight
A fascinating look at how Shovel Knight couldn't actually run on an NES.
gamedev  games  programming  nes  videogames 
june 2014 by xyzzyb
iTunes - Books - Console Wars by Blake J. Harris
A mesmerizing, behind-the-scenes business thriller that chronicles how Sega, a small, scrappy gaming company led by an unlikely visionary and a team of rebels, took on the juggernaut Nintendo and revolutionized the videogame industry—in development as a feature film from Sony Pictures
june 2014 by xyzzyb
Best ending to any game
This is your periodic reminder that you can win at solitaire anytime you want.
videogames  solitare  javascript  ending 
june 2012 by xyzzyb
LEGO Universe allows kids to fight with their imagination
Could it be? An actual Lego videogame based on the fundamental property of Lego: being able to build things?
videogames  lego 
january 2010 by xyzzyb
Invent with Python
Learn Python by programming little computer games. Nice! It's like the BASIC programs that used to be in 3-2-1 Contact magazine.
videogames  programming  tutorials 
december 2009 by xyzzyb
The winner of Destructoid Game of the Year 2009
Uncharted 2 takes Destructoid's game of year spot. No surprise here. Uncharted 2 is to action adventure games as Half Life 2 was to first person shooters.
december 2009 by xyzzyb
Destructoid - Why 'Avatar' didn't change anything for gamers
I haven't seen it yet, but all signs indicate this will be my reaction.
videogames  movies 
december 2009 by xyzzyb
Destructoid - Cloak and snipe: Mass Effect 2's Infiltrator unveiled
Yes, double yes. Mass Effect 2 is going to have a stealth character class.
videogames  scifi  awesome 
december 2009 by xyzzyb
IT-HE Software
Wily solutions and hints for System Shock and the Ultima Games, Add-ons for DOOM, and of course Software Projects.
software  videogames  humor  funny  interesting  ultima 
august 2009 by xyzzyb
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