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Perpetual Ocean
A beautiful visualization of ocean currents
science  visualization 
march 2012 by xyzzyb
Snow Storm Buries the U.S. East Coast : Natural Hazards
A satellite view of the snow cover on the east coast of the United States following a heavy storm.
awesome  photography  space  nasa  satellite  science  snow 
december 2009 by xyzzyb
How aircraft emissions contribute to warming : Nature News
Not only do that have an effect, but in the arctic a seemingly significant one.
science  aviation  globalwarming 
december 2009 by xyzzyb
Single light wave flashes out from fibre laser
"A long-elusive goal of physics has been reached – producing a pulse of light so short that it contains just a single oscillation of a light wave."
physics  science  awesome 
december 2009 by xyzzyb
A new dimension for genome studies
"By revealing the 3-D structure of DNA, scientists explain how it manages to stay untangled. The findings could also help reveal how cells regulate their genes."
science  research  biology  dna  fractal  genome  structure  genetics 
october 2009 by xyzzyb
On Influenza A (H1N1) « bunnie's blog
"As port 25 maps to SMTP services on a computer, port H1 maps specifically to the windpipe region on a human."
programming  science  interesting  computerscience  biology  health  virus  h1n1  analysis  dna  flu  genetics  education  hacking  evolution  security  influenza 
september 2009 by xyzzyb
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